Mullin Is Out, Officially

The Warriors are set to announce they have signed Larry Riley as the general manager. They are announcing that Chris Mullin, Executive vice president of basketball operations, will not return. A Warriors official confirmed.
They aren’t firing Mullin, according to the official. But his contract will not be renewed. That means he is still on staff until July 1, when his contract expires. The Warriors will not find another executive vice president of basketball operations. Riley will be the head basketball honcho as the general manager, the post previously held by Rod Higgins under Mullin.

Though Mullin will be on staff, Riley will run the show on draft night. Mullin’s consultation can still be requested, since he is drawing a check.
Here is what is interesting to me. The Warriors have decided not to promote Riley to executive vice president. Instead, he is general manager, which is what Rod Higgins was when he was with the Warriors.
Executive VP is a powerful position on the Warriors’ staff. Only a few have such a title. And the Warriors chose not to give that ranking to the head basketball mind. Read what you will into that.
Also, the Warriors announced that Mullin is on his way out, but didn’t fire him. Is that odd? Why not just fire him?
This maybe a shrewd move, though. If Mullin’s on the payroll through the draft, which includes any draft-day trades, he can’t work for anyone else. I don’t think Mullin’s the vindictive type, but I wouldn’t want a high-up executive leaving and going to work for another team so close to the draft.
Press conference is tomorrow. Let’s see how many answers are revealed.

Marcus Thompson

  • Dubfansincethebegginning

    F the Front Office

  • “The Ricker”

    To the first post…Exactly!

    F the front office!

  • A’s in 2009

    MAN.. you know they’re gonna turn over the entire roster within the next two years. Bye Andris, bye Randolph.. 🙁

  • Dis Funkshun

    This franchise is a joke! They have absolutely no vision. They should really clean house in the front office. Get rid of Rowell. To see a franchise like the Lakers in the same division go to the playoffs year after year after year and always seem to have success, it is very frustrating to have to look at the Warriors.

  • Tom

    I am officially off the warriors fan wagon. They suck at life. F em in the a.

  • Frankel

    Chris Cohen is an idiot. Mullen is a scapegoat for Nellie’s failure as a coach. I used to support Nelson thinking that he was innovative, but he’s tired and doesn’t inspire the players or the fans anymore. Last year when Nellie benched Baron Davis and gave a feeble reason for the benching, I realized that the problem lies with Nelson and not Mullie. With a big time recession, fans will place their hard earned dollars elsewhere like me.

  • commish

    Probably not the responses you exactly expected, but i think we are all so burned, pissed and frustrated by what is virtually incomprehensable decision making by Rowell. This is just one more outrageous, horrible decision that continues to doom our franchise. Marcus, do you have any idea how ticket sales are going? Last year I think they sold 5000 lower bowl season tickets, or about 1/4 of the arena but probably 1/2 the lower bowl. Maybe I’m wrong; do you know the stats from last year and what is going on this year?

  • Don

    the warriors sucked, now they suck 100 times worse. Chris, you deserve better than this and you’ll get something better in the long run.

  • pboss

    Mullin being out is not even the big deal. Everyone knew that would happen. But to have Larry Riley as the GM? LARRY RILEY???????? Remember the last Warriors assistant coach under Nellie to get a GM gig? That’s right, we have ourselves the second coming of Garry St Jean. I’m sure Rowell and Cohan will keep this Duche around 4 years too long as well, just like Gary.

    The most frustrating thing is that this team has a lot of talent a trade pieces. A GM with some pull around the league and imagination could make this into one hell of a team with just a couple tweaks to the roster. I think it’s safe to say Larry St. Riley is not that guy.


  • the Seer

    This dysfunctional mess will always have this terrible karma, injuries, etc, when you have soulless front office people like Rowell and Cohan..The suits always ruin everything..Boycott the games until Rowell is gone..

  • Mike in Atl

    The first post said it best.

    Unless Monta turns into a super-beast next year, I won’t watch a single game.

  • The wise

    Yea this is ridiculus. Don nelson has broken this team down again. Mullin had this thing going in the right direction. He got us bd taylord the trade for al and stephen jack that got us into the playoffs and now nelly has tore that apart. I thought my grandfather was crazy when he said nelly was a joke but now I see. I love mully but his biggest mistake was bringing in nelly. I love bay area sports but what rowell and cohan and has done to mullin is a grave unjustice and I can’t back em on this one. Go cavs!!!

  • Bill

    Get us to love the players and then screw us over by handing the reins of the lost wagon train to idiots like Rowell….I’ve forgotten more basketball than Bobby Rowell ever knew…hire me …a million a year, cheap….and build something the greatest fans in the NBA can be proud of…..every year the same ridiculous soap opera and shuffling of the deck….Now I can look forward to bringing in some crybaby like Kirilenko, or losing Azubuike, or keeping Maggette? This is lunacy….Cohan, sell the team, and Rowell can move in with Nelson on Maui….

  • alisgod

    At some point we fans have got to say enough is enough. As a franchise we are at our best in shipping off good players and people, only to see them flourish somewhere else. I am so sick of Cohan. It all starts with him. Nelly was fun for one year but sorry he looks like a broken record. I am done with these guys until they change ownership.

    Good luck Mully. You deserve better.

  • We will see soon, if the team gets better then who cares who is running the team…………..If the team gets worse then we will know who to blame………..

  • Cohen and Nellie’s ego 1, warriors fans 0

  • MountainJim

    I wish Mully well in his future endeavors. I’ve met him a few times and he’s a very nice guy. I’d say his tenure has had its hits and misses, but the team has treated him shabbily and made clear to the entire league that this is an organization you do not want to work for. Doesn’t bode well for the future.

    I’ve been a fan of this team since 1974. I think I enjoyed the JB Carroll era more than this past year’s dysfunctional soap opera.

  • lavalovers

    Do the Beans trade. beans and bwright for bosh—hell ya! I live and breath Warriors and its time to sell high on beidrins. please do that trade.

    The VP is open, that is huge,The loser Rowell needs to get a “name” in the position. how about bickerstaff or lets pay otis smith a ton of money to come back.

    How is Cohan so silent, we all rip him and RR in all the posts on all the blogs,they have to know………do they care???? i would hope any decent human would care, but who knows……..

  • jsl

    As bad as Nelson is — and there’s now no worse coach in the NBA (after the thrashing he got from rookie coaches this year bashing his brains in at his own game) — compared to the scum “running” the show (the incredibly stupid Cohan and his even dumber little martinet, Rowell), Nelson merely looks like an apish, drunken fool.

    Good luck, Chris. Too bad the loonies dropped you just as you were learning the craft. Now it’s back to Square -3 yet again.

  • Chris

    Spoelstra in Miami outcoached Nelson all season………Iavorone even got a win against us when he started with Memphis this year….he was then fired………..while their career wins may not be as much as Nelson’s………I think Adelman and George Karl would eat Nelson alive.

    Terrible, terrible, terrible………this team is going nowhere.

    We couldn’t even beat the teams that got their asses handed to them and wiped all over the flooir in the first round……Utah, New Orleans…how in the hell could we beat Denver, Houston or L.A.?

    No, for all you fans that think we are close…….we are even further than we were before…..this is going to end up like St. Jean/Carlesimo, St. Jean/Cowens………

  • Chris

    I know everyone’s going to attack me for this……but I wish we had the kind of GM that could pull the trigger on draft day deals……..like Portland has done.

    Ultimately, I wish we had Derrick Rose instead of Anthony Randolph. I would have traded AR, plus anybody else Paxson would have wanted to make that deal happen.

    D. Rose would have been perfect for us in 2008-2009 and into the future. What a fantastic NBA player he is going to become.

    He is indeed a difference maker.

    Anthony Randolph is a nice NBA player, but not a difference maker. He couldn’t lead the Warriors to playoff wins,……not in my book…….too many mistakes, too many turnovers, too sensitive, …..loses his confidence sometimes……….14 ppg, 7 rpg, and 3.2 bpg will be career numbers for Randolph……he will never be a 20ppg, 10 rpg guy.

    D. Rose meanwhile, will likely lead his Bulls team to a few post-season visits throughout his career.

  • jsl

    P.S. to MT: What was with that story in the CCTimes today? Reads almost like a Warriors press release. No analysis; only quotations come from Rowell; nothing from the players Mully drafted; nothing about what this means for the team and its fans.

    What was up with that? And can we expect something a little deeper tomorrow? Sure hope so, because TK and Cohn and Ratto have laid it out pretty well. (If it’s any consolation, Janny Hu’s story wasn’t much better; but why are the regular beats the weakest on this story?)

  • TrueWarrior

    I just think we don’t need to spend $66 m on Ellis, banish his contract give that money to Ben Gordan or Boozer hell maybe we can get Lamar Odom or save that money for 2010 to hit the jack pot. Monte is not going to be an All star as a point guard, he can’t guard the two is overpaid. We need a 4 and we need a true pass point guard and we should invest there.

  • Mal

    Well I guess we just have to hope for the best and that they DON’T start trading away young talent and starting over again. We have some good young players and just need a couple of moves to be competitive, maybe not playoff ready, but at least building toward that. Trading Crawford & Jackson will bring more pieces to the team that will get us closer. Someone mentioned trading Crawford for Blake & their backup center, that’s a good start.

    Marcus, your asleep with your inserts [can’t even call them articles or stories] … no insight at all unless you get quotes or something from the players or someone from the organization.

  • ThinkTank

    Join The Boycott. Cohan must sell. Dozens have already cancelled season tix today. If you already gave 15% deposit, you can use it towards single game tix. But give them $0 more dollars.

    Watch next year from your couch, but DO NOT buy tickets.

    Cohan is a business man, not a basketball man. If he starts to lose money, he will sell.

    Speak with your wallet, it is our only hope for respect. Tell your friends. Yes, this is really happening (thank goodness).


  • B Ditty

    at this point i think the franchise has truly hit rock bottom. anyone with pride and integrity would avoid the Warriors like the swine flu.
    mullin has been criticized for handing out big contracts but at least he was trying to convey the message that the Warriors were legitimate players in the game. Big name free agents were at least considering the dubs because of the checkbook. then the team made a playoff run and gained 15 minutes of fame…and just when it looked like the Warriors had turned the corner, Cohan and Rowell plug the rug out from under us.

    in fact charlie brown and warriors fans have something in common, just when we commit to the team cohan and rowell jerk the ball away and we fall flat on our faces. i am sure lucy would be very proud of them.

    to lavalover at 16…cohan and rowell don’t have time to read bay area blogs because they are too busy counting all the money they make off of us suckers…
    i would love to see larry ellison step in and save this franchise. at least then it would have some character.

  • deano

    This is a sad day, although we have been well-prepared for it – from the moment Rowell went on-camara in September to disavow Mullin’s comment that Ellis had already suffered enough.

    I think that Rowell and Cohan decided that Mullin was too personally involved with the players, too concerned about their welfare, to be a business asset (i.e. cheap on salaries). So they undercut Mullin on his deal with Baron and his leniency with Ellis, and planned for his banishment.

    Rowell and Cohan have shamed the franchise with their treatment of one of the team’s very few All-Timers. I hope that Mullin knows that the fans all respect him and wish him well. A pox on our house.

  • jsl

    C’mon, Marcus. Let’s pay some attention here.

    Yesterday a number of us soured at your puff piece on the Warriors — limited to quotations from Rowell. Today it’s even worse.

    You quote Riley saying he’d make a “counter-decison” to Nelson, if necessary, but you FAIL TO ADD THE NEXT SENTENCE HE SAYS: “I don’t see that happening.” Sort of undercuts his first point, don’t you think?

    This isn’t just sloppy journalism — heck, even Janny Hu got it right, and her story yesterday was as weak as yours — it signals precisely the wrong thing: that you’re bought and paid for by the Warriors.

    Now, I know a lot of folks have thot that for a while. But I’d thot your running with the “Al hates Nelson” story was quieting those concerns. You developed a story there no one else could.

    This week, your stories have been just so much mush. Where’s the reporting? Where’s the J? Why not interview some players? Why not talk to others around the league? Where’s Mully?

    I don’t care who buys you lunch. Please don’t become a house organ for this bunch of total flakes running the Warriors deeper and deeper into the ground. You’re better than that, and we need more than that.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but you’ve really fallen down this week. Hope you can get back to some genuine reporting — and soon. Thanks.

  • Marcus Thompson


    Dude, I wrote two stories this week. One saying Mullin was out. The other a press conference news story. Calm down.

  • jsl

    Marcus — or Dude, as you prefer.

    As I explained in our rather extensive side correspondence yesterday, those weren’t news stories, and they certainly weren’t journalism; rather, they were glorified press releases. (You conceded you told your editors that PC was “bogus” — yet you played it up as real news.)

    Yesterday’s left out Riley’s key statement — that tho he’d stand up to Nelson, he didn’t see that happening (which you — or your editors — apparently found un-newsworthy, tho the competition picked up on it pretty well).

    BTW, I’m quite calm, but I do appreciate a good news story. Yours wasn’t even close. And most important, you failed to ask key questions at the PC.

    Tell you what, read Adam L’s blog entry yesterday to see what was lacking in your “news” story: he nailed it pretty well. (And if your editors won’t allow you to go out of the box in coverage, at least you could consider asking the kinds of questions Adam raised. They’d allow that, wouldn’t they?)

    You’ve got a lot of advantages here — and a bully pulpit. Don’t underplay what you can bring to the table. We need good coverage of the Warriors and — as with your Al story — you’ve shown you can provide it. How ’bout some more? Thanks.

  • BigGreen

    yeah guys we are in alot of trouble if you ask me, but I will forever be a fan.

  • {Читаю {ваш|этот|} блог, и понимаю, что {ничего|нифига} не понимаю. Все так запутано. 🙂