Mullin Is Out, Officially

The Warriors are set to announce they have signed Larry Riley as the general manager. They are announcing that Chris Mullin, Executive vice president of basketball operations, will not return. A Warriors official confirmed.
They aren’t firing Mullin, according to the official. But his contract will not be renewed. That means he is still on staff until July 1, when his contract expires. The Warriors will not find another executive vice president of basketball operations. Riley will be the head basketball honcho as the general manager, the post previously held by Rod Higgins under Mullin.

Though Mullin will be on staff, Riley will run the show on draft night. Mullin’s consultation can still be requested, since he is drawing a check.
Here is what is interesting to me. The Warriors have decided not to promote Riley to executive vice president. Instead, he is general manager, which is what Rod Higgins was when he was with the Warriors.
Executive VP is a powerful position on the Warriors’ staff. Only a few have such a title. And the Warriors chose not to give that ranking to the head basketball mind. Read what you will into that.
Also, the Warriors announced that Mullin is on his way out, but didn’t fire him. Is that odd? Why not just fire him?
This maybe a shrewd move, though. If Mullin’s on the payroll through the draft, which includes any draft-day trades, he can’t work for anyone else. I don’t think Mullin’s the vindictive type, but I wouldn’t want a high-up executive leaving and going to work for another team so close to the draft.
Press conference is tomorrow. Let’s see how many answers are revealed.

Marcus Thompson