Trade the Pick?

The Warriors aren’t going to be able to move up without giving up someone good on the roster. So, who in this draft is worth infiltrating into this roster?
It seems the Warriors would do themselves a big favor by trading the pick. The only problem is that the draft happens before the real movement begins – July 1. So if they don’t pull off they trade they want (for Bosh) on draft day, they’d have to draft someone others will like and package him later.
How is another rookie going to work with Nellie, whose patience is dwindling by the day? Especially a point guard?

Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    Marcus, what’s the big need for Bosh? Isn’t Randolph worth a look as the team’s long-term starting PF?

  • Perry

    Marcus, in today’s article that you wrote about the draft lottery: “Warriors don’t beat odds…………”

    You said that Ricky Rubio is an Italian guard.

    That is incorrect, Ricky Rubio is a Spanish guard from Spain who played on the Spanish national team with the 2 Gasol’s.

    Surprised you made that mistake…….I think you were thinking of Marco Belinelli.

  • Burke

    How about making a play for Ramon Sessions? Would seem to be a good compromise. Not a rookie, but still has tremendous upside, and would seem to fit well. The Warriors could probably get him for the mid-level exception.

  • A’s in 2009

    Nellie is old, seriously he could DIE soon, why are we making moves based on what HE wants? Seriously. My worst fear is that we gut the entire roster for Bosh, and then he bolts next summer and signs with NYK or something leaving us with absolutely nothing.

  • David

    I don’t trust St. Jean, I mean Riley, to make a trade that makes sense for this team. Yes, this team could use a veteran to lead, but I just cannot see Nelson, I mean Riley, pulling strings to make a deal for anything other than another shooting guard, which seems to be the only type of player that Nelson wants on his roster. This franchise is a depressing mess.

  • Twinkie defense

    You make decisions based on what Nellie wants because he’s the coach… and more importantly, because he has a good eye for talent.

    We need to deal up for Rubio.

  • A’s in 2009

    Nellie told AR to tell his agent to look for a trade back in January. The Warriors offered Biedrins and Randolph for Bosh and THANKFULLY the Raptors turned us down. We are SO close to imploding this bad boy. Don’t let it happen!

  • Twinkie defense

    You mean it’s not already imploded? 😉 Get these guys – AR4, Monta, Biedrins, Turiaf – together and healthy, with a PG, and I think we will see some good things happen.

  • Just blow up the team- I’d rather have the John Starks Warriors than be taunted by Don Nelson

  • A’s in 2009

    We have more talent now than at any time during the drought years. This is NOT the time to blow it up.

  • commish

    It all seems like a crap shoot unless we could get Blake, which of course isn’t possible. The biggest problem starting last year with Mullin’s emasculation is the lack of any vision for the team. The team was so young yet the coach basically dismisses youth and wants to (over) play vets. It was very disjointed and of course led to a miserable year dominated by drama rather than basketball.

    If Riley had a vision he would be willing to share (and stick to), independent of being perceived as a lackey and stand in for Nelson, we might be able to decide whether to move up or not, who to trade or not, and so on. But none of that is likely to happen; so, as I said, it just isn’t possible to answer your question. I wish it were because like most of the fans, I’m feed up with this hopeless franchise. So until I see something different, I have to assume every move is a way to engage fans to buy tickets, not to win games–unless these two vectors happen to coincide. For some reason I’m not holding my breath.

  • justafan

    Or we could just ” Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!”

  • Lufty455

    Trade Nellie and Rowell for a six pack and a cigar… cuz that is how much those dumb asses are worth…

  • mydeadog

    what kind of cigar?

  • Earl

    Lefty, I’d pay money to get rid of Rowell.

  • Efren

    geez. Don Nelson has been longing to get fired and collect his $12million ASAP.

  • Andrew R.

    I don’t know how reliable we think Draft Express is, but according to this article, Rubio won’t go to Memphis. Maybe the Warriors have a chance to move up to get Rubio? That would be worth doing! But it might cost us Monta — or does anyone think that Memphis would go for the #7 plus Wright?

  • Andrew R.
  • Oregonwarriorfan

    Wouldn’t hurt my feelings in the least for them to trade the #7 for Chicago’s 16 and 26 and send the 26 to New Jersey to get the Marcus Williams mistake put to rest.

  • deano

    #19: Excellent idea. I also agree with # 1, 7: leave Bosh where he is, keep Beans and AR.

  • colonel

    Andrew, did you notice the story has Rubio willing to go to 2 California teams? He likes Cali, which should give the W’s a shot. Unfortunately, W’s and Clips are not on his list. Sacramento is rated higher than the W’s. = ouch.

    my vote = Trade the pick.
    Draft a 4 year player? Are you serious? Tell me Riley is being facetious.