If you’ve been watching the Eastern Conference playoffs, especially last night’s Game 1 in Cleveland, you may have noticed No. 20 from Orlando.
Is it me or does Mickael Pietrus look pretty good?
He has been money on the offensive end, especially from 3-point range, and he’s yet to make the unforced turnovers we saw so much when he was with the Warriors. You know what he looks like? The veteran off the bench the Warriors need. He shoots the three. He defends. He’s versatile.
To be sure, Pietrus is playing on one of the best teams in the league, so his strengths are magnified and weaknesses covered up. Plus, he was so focused on becoming a star here. Leaving the Warriors, not getting the money he wanted, seeing what it takes to win big in the NBA, I think that stuff humbled him.
Still, for Warriors fans, it has to be tough to watch another former Warrior shine.

Marcus Thompson

  • J Canseco

    I think he hated Nellie’s system and having to play the 4. Do players like playing for Don Nelson?

  • Lufty455

    Another ex-warrior on a winning team… wow! Nellie- aka Dumbass 1 and Rowell aka Dumbass 2 should be looking at MP2 and glaring at him what could of been??? Now that the Clips have the number 1 pick that leaves the Kings and Warriors as the bottom dwellers.
    Fire Nellie now and save him trouble going to court for the rest of his 12 mill…oops I forgot Cohan is not like Cuban. He’s a wussie and he will just hand him the money anyway. Let’s let the other weennie bag “Dumbass 2” go as well because we know he is just looking for a losing product instead of making the team better.

  • I actually enjoy watching Pietrus play for the magic because every time he makes a mistake, a forced three or a turnover, I laugh and tell myself, that is why we got rid of him. He made a bunch of mistakes in the Boston series matched up with Pierce or Allen, and I could see how frustrated Van Gundy was when he made a mistake. He’s going into his prime now and how much better do you think he’ll get? But he did have a great game last night, even though he had to try and stop Lebron who went off for near 50.

  • m dub

    After seeing the box score at the start of the season, and seeing Air France’s stats, I already knew he would be another ex-Warrior shining after leaving our messed up franchise.

    For all of MP’s faults, clumsy fouls and turnovers, critical missed free throws. He was a fan favorite, respected the fans, athletic, and a good 3-point shooter. It was interesting seeing him match up with the King, but he took advantage when LeBron didn’t close-out the spot up treys.

    Maybe we should’ve kept Pietrus instead of throwing our money at Maggette…Given the same amount of playing time they put up the same numbers about 20 ppg, but Maggette gets to the line more…

  • Kyle

    Pietrus has looked pretty good, yet I haven’t missed him once. No tears will be shed for MP. Let’s not forget he’s one of the stupidest, lowest IQ basketball players we’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of watching. Let’s not forget all the silly turnovers and fouls. This guy was consistently frustrating. I wish him the best and I’m glad he’s not on the Warriors any more.

  • m dub

    In addition to Pietrus, Josh Powell is doing fairly well for the Lakers. He’s a rotation player, but he gives some hustle and comes up big sometimes for the Lakers.

    Again we drafted Powell, and Nelson didn’t like him and that was that. So two former rotation/bench Warriors playing in Conference finals games. I don’t think we should’ve kept Powell, but it sucks to see him contribute for another team, when we didn’t see any of that when he was a Warrior.

  • Brian F

    Couldn’t agree with you more Kyle. And don’t forget to mention he had the worse shot selection ever. Glad he’s doing well, but not glad he’s gone at all. Besides, the way Nellie used him, he was never going to flourish here anyway.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    I can think of another terrible IQ player that commits silly fouls at inopportune times and has MORE TURNOVERS THAN ASSISTS IN HIS CAREER that the Warriors signed for a massive contract over the summer…

  • Andrew R.

    Your point Marcus, about Pietrus humbled by free agency and not trying to be a star anymore is a good one. But let’s face it — the Warriors have tons of guys who replicate what MP does. In addition to Jackson, and Morrow as a better 3-point shooter, we have Azubuike, who is cheaper, more consistently focussed, better at creating his own shot, and appears to still be improving. So I agree with Kyle: I don’t miss MP one bit. (Even though I am glad to see MP filling the lane on the break for the Magic).

  • zeelurker

    Nice to hear MP2 is doing well, but I think it was a win-win situation letting him leave as a free agent. For whatever reason, he just wasn’t figuring things out. There was no improvement in his game and he was always making the same low BB-IQ mistakes.

    Also, if MP2 stayed, maybe Azubuike would have signed elsewhere or Morrow doesn’t make the team.

  • Ray

    He was the same player when he was a Warrior. Great guy to have off the bench: above average defender, hits those corner 3’s, but below average basketball IQ. The latter has to be made up for by good coaching. SVG is a better coach. MP wasn’t happy coming off the bench for what he was getting paid here in The Bay anyways.

  • Steve

    m dub #6, the Warriors didn’t draft Josh Powell. In fact, neither did any of the other NBA teams. Powell was undrafted and signed as a free agent with Dallas, who eventually traded him to Indiana, who eventually traded him to the Warriors (in the Jackson for Dunmurphy swap). He even played for the Clippers before going to the Lakers.

  • A ridder by any other name

    You guys should be more positive.

  • Realitybytes

    I’m happy for Pietrus. I think it’s more of a poor reflection of the Warriors than anything else. I hope the rest of the roster breaks free from Alcaltraz in order to prosper.

  • D W

    It’s tougher knowing that Pietrus is still vulnerable defensively. He should be thankful he has Howard up front and Lewis continuing to roll. Never mind that Cleveland continues to struggle with Orlando’s matchups. We’ll see if the 09 Cavs will join the 07 Mavs and 73 Celts or if they will end their city’s 45-year drought. (Amazing that LeBron – if Cleveland comes back – should he lead them to the top would match Jim Brown’s ring total.)

  • darkknight01

    The W’s need to sign a proven veteran leader at the point like Andre Miller and draft one of these players if they don’t trade down…..

    Tyreke Evans- tall, athletic big guard who can play the point, is excellant slasher, driving to basket and can play defense, needs to work on jumper. Potential to develop into a Derrick Rose type of player. Able to fit right in to W’s style of play. W’s need to see how he would fit handling the ball.

    Brandon Jennings- smallish PG will need a couple of years to develop and make an impact IMO. Plenty of talent there but needs to get stronger and play better defense…will he compliment the rest of the players or not help at all.

    Stephon Curry- the best pure shooter in this draft, who needs to get stronger, but some serious potential if he can play the PG in the NBA. Needs work on defense footwork. The W’s need to seriously consider him if they can get a grasp of his ability at the point position at the next level and if he would fit their style.

    Earl Clark- athletic 6-9 small forward along the lines of Wright and Randolph already though. Can cause matchup problems and can grab rebounds but needs to develop jumper and learn some more slashing moves.

    Deron Derozan- another athletic big small forward type who is a good offensive rebounder, and is more of big swingman who needs to develop a jumper.


  • White Hat

    Pietrus was a bench player with the Warriors and he’s still a bench player, getting very limited minutes in games.

    He doesn’t seem to screw up as much now, though, and, as you said, that’s probably due at least in part to the quality of the team. But it’s also a matter of coaching.

    How many reserves on Don Nelson’s teams have we seen come into games and play in a panic to make things happen? (Start with the early-season Anthony Randolph and work backward from there.) If your coach has a doghouse and plays favorites, the pressure’s on the reserves to prove oneself with every second on the court. But in a better-run team, someone like Pietrus can simply play his role, within the flow of the game and within his abilities – and not feel has has to look spectacular in the hopes of getting mor playing time.

    Watching Pietrus last night, I was struck by how comfortable he looked on court, even when defending perhaps the best player in the league.

  • Michael Pietrus – representing! The French Michael Jordan is reaching his potential on the sports’ grandest stage! I feel like a little piece of the W’s is up there with him!
    I would pay to have heard the word for word exchange between Pietrus and Gasol after last night’s last second push in the back.
    Oh, Motherf*&$ you, my friend!
    No, no, it is you who will motherf*%&, mon amie!
    I am motherf&*%? I? Not I am for the f*&$ing, senor! Not I!
    Ah, but, oui, oui monsieur, you are the f*&$ in this situation!
    Tu eres más feo que el culo de un mono
    Oh, get out of my visage!