Warriors’ PR Blunder

Wanted to get this up earlier but the little girl turned 2 today. Poor thing had a fever on her birthday! Crazy weekend for me. Daughter’s B-Day today. Memorial Day tomorrow (which has new meaning for me since my sis is an Iraq vet, her stories are heartrending) and my anniversary is on Tuesday (eight years, baby!). Plus I’m supposed to be taking some time off before the draft hype gets crazy. Nonetheless, this Warriors-official-taking-up-blogging story won’t die.

As it turns out, there were four comments made on my blog from the same IP address discovered on WarriorsWorld.net. Thanks to the excellent research of my colleague Tim Kawakami, we know that IP address is linked to Raymond Ridder, the Warriors executive PR director. Ridder, according to Kawakami (which Ridder reiterated to me), said he’s only posted like 10 comments. But with the 16 Kawakami found, plus the four I found, the total is up to 20.

But the posts on my blog — none of which used the handle “Flunkster Dude” he used on WW.net– reveals Ridder may very well be telling the truth. Why? Because one of the four comments by that IP address was made by me.

Here are the four comments posted on my blog under the same IP address found on WW.net:


We saw what happened with the 49ers rushed Alex Smith into the party. He fell flat on his face.

From Should Randolph be Playing? , 2008/11/04 at 10:16 AM


Tru Warier

It’s great to see that Jack has class to do some good for the community. Has there been other “works” that have not been covered by the media or that the general public doesn’t know about? i.e. Helping out a local charities without media coverage. Basicaly is this all for show? Thanks MTII.

From P.A.T. Bound , 2008/08/18 at 4:25 PM


Dub Sauce

At this point in his life, if he was given the choice to quit the NBA for 65 mil dollars or stay in the NBA for 3 mil/yr for the rest of his career, what would he choose?

From P.A.T. Bound , 2008/08/18 at 4:13 PM




Remember, the Warriors are working with an thin bench here. MP2, Azubuike, Barnes, Croshere, POB are all free agents and may not be back. Even with them, the Warriors bench was thin.

Randolph gives them more athleticism, a rebounder and shotblocker off the bench (which they didn’t have before) and options. Meanwhile, he gets time to develop while playing some.

Hibbert is a straight stiff. He can’t play in the Warriors system, and drafting him would mean getting rid of Biedrins, and I like Biedrins better. Speights might’ve been nice, because he can score. But as far as value, Randolph was the better pick. He was a top-10 projected pick who slipped to 14. Speights wasn’t expected to go that high, so the Warriors would’ve been jumping up a bit to get him.

Drafts are all about potential and value. No one on the board had more of either than Randolph

From It’s Randolph. , 2008/06/26 at 8:47 PM


So, the first one was a comment on my post about whether Randolph should be playing back in early November. The second is a comment about my post regarding Jackson’s school opening in Port Arthur. The third is a response to my request for questions for Stephen Jackson before I went to Port Arthur. That question was asked and answered. The fourth was me answering a question posted on my blog on draft night.
Every draft night, the Warriors have a viewing for the local media at their facility in downtown Oakland. After watching the draft on TV, the Warriors hold a press conference with the head decisions maker and conference calls with the draft pick. So I was definitely at the Warriors facility on that night.
Which means I was on their Wifi.
Which means … and I’m not too sure about this … that if you’re on their Wifi, you are under their IP address? (Feel free to correct me or explain better)
In my novice understanding of this subject, that means anyone using the Warriors Wifi and posting a comment would show up under the same IP address.
I glean two things from this:
1. I can believe Raymond is indeed telling the truth
“I have never, ever commented on a media site,” Ridder said Sunday night.

2. Raymond is not a rogue agent. Instead, the Warriors probably have a team of anonymous blog commenters infiltrating Warriors-related sites.

I am predominantly an internet shopper. I would much rather purchase online than wrinkle up my Air Force 1s trekking around the mall. One of the things I’ve learned is that when buying items online, it is worthwhile to read the reviews.
It never fails that you click the review — whether it’s a hotel or a restaurant or a pair of shoes — and there are a handful of comments that are excessively complimentary. Especially if they are more positive than the other reviews, you just know that it’s a company rep hyping up a product.
In Ridder’s mind, that’s all he was doing, the same thing many other company reps do in other areas of business and commerce.
But here’s why he or any other Warriors rep can’t take part in such underhanded tactics:

* Because Warriors fans deserve better. They deserve more than deceit and propaganda. Want to make the conversation positive? PUT A BETTER TEAM ON THE COURT. Want to make the conversation positive? WIN.
Considering all of the loyalty, all of the money fans have pumped into the organization, the least the Warriors can do is be straight up and take the heat. Deal with the criticism. Swallow the negativity. Justified or no. Credible or not. Suck it up. After all, you did win 29 games and missed the playoffs for the 14th time in 15 seasons.

* Because the “Jedi Mind Trick” only works on Mr. T – and only when Eddie Murphy does it! (For those of you who haven’t seen Eddie Murphy Raw, Mr. T is a reference to the A-Team character, or Clubber Lang, not Mr. Thompson.)
The truth is, spitting lies on blogs simply DOES NOT WORK in changing the conversation. It is an ineffective method. How many people who came away with negative feelings from that STH Conference Call changed their mind after Ridder’s post?
If you go to Hotels.com and read the reviews on a hotel, and the average review is three stars but you see a post or two that give it five stars and call it the best hotel in the country, then you know the person who made that review is probably the one who’s going to answer the phone when you call to make a reservation.
Fans are smarter than that. They know when it’s a genuine fan and when it’s propaganda. Even if they don’t know for sure, they suspect. If you sound remotely too positive, you’ll be written off as an undercover employee. WHICH IS HOW THIS ALL HAPPENED ANYWAY! I wonder why the site managers at WW.net decided to check the IP address of that post? My guess is they were suspicious.

* Because you can’t play both sides of the fence. As I said before, you can’t shape the message and the reaction. That’s just unethical. You undermind the credibility of everything you say if you’re found out to be trying to play both sides of the fence. You want to shape the reaction, you become a fan, pay your hard earned money and invest your extra time into the team. Then and only then will you have earned the right to go on the fan’s side of the fence.
To me, that’s why the fact that it is Raymond Ridder, instead of the assistant GM of ticket sales or something, is so troubling. Ridder is responsible for shaping the message. He disseminates the information about the Warriors. He’s the gate-keeper of what information gets out and what stays in. He is in the meeting when they discuss how to spin stuff and what the talking points are.
He helped craft the whole “talk straight to the fans” mantra the Warriors are on.
He leads the execution of the push to “put the focus back on the players.”
He sets up interviews and pitch ideas to pump up who they want to pump up and get the team’s message out on a certain story.
If fans aren’t feeling the ploys, the answer is to go back to the drawing board, not to hop over the fence and manipulate the fans.

W’s president Robert Rowell, being the savvy business man, knows full well the good businesses, the ones with sustained success, are the businesses that have earned the trust of their clientele. Getting caught pulling stunts like this certainly don’t help the Warriors achieve that.

Marcus Thompson

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    AirplaneRider described Stephen Jackson at 35.
    You know, there are some scouts who are brutally loyal to the TeamSpeak, I’ve heard in these forums nobody reads.

    I’m no longer amazed at the effing stupidity of these people. No one said they had to be geniuses. But competent would be a nice change of pace.

    They’re completely deranged angry white men.

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan


    Everyone already knows you guys are trying the “let’s bag on ourselves” approach since yesterday or so.

    That one won’t work, either.

    Should have started a LOOOOOOOONG time ago.


  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    “It’s just entertainment.”


    No. No, it’s really not.


    Sorry I missed all of this today.
    You folks have totally lost your s–t.

  • petaluman

    Here’s an article about the Combine from the Sacramento Bee: http://www.sacbee.com/kings/story/1897512.html?mi_rss=Kings/NBA

    Are the Warriors there? Who are they interviewing? Any talk of them trying to pick up another pick (we have no 2nd rounder this year)?

  • darkknight01

    These are the players that the W’s need to target. If they don’t draft a PG, they need to sign ANDRE MILLER!

    Tyreke Evans- tall, athletic big guard who can play the point, is excellant slasher, driving to basket and can play defense, needs to work on jumper. Potential to develop into a Derrick Rose type of player. Able to fit right in to W’s style of play. W’s need to see how he would fit handling the ball.

    Brandon Jennings- smallish PG will need a couple of years to develop and make an impact IMO. Good passer and needs to be more patient when finding his shot. Plenty of talent there but needs to get stronger and play better defense…will he compliment the rest of the players or not help at all. Brings energy and likes to be the player that leads the team up and down the floor and be the extension of the coach.

    Jordan Hill- 6-10 power forward who is energetic, can run the floor is athletic, and is a solid rebounder. Can move laterally….not afraid to bang and has a soft touch around the rim. Physical and shot blocker who will get stronger and can finish with dunks around the basket can hit an 8 foot jumper but needs to develop a 10 footer.

    Earl Clark- athletic 6-9 small forward/power forward along the lines of Wright and Randolph already though. Can cause matchup problems and can grab rebounds but needs to develop jumper and learn some more slashing moves.

    Demar Derozan- another athletic big small forward type who is a good offensive rebounder, and is more of big swingman who needs to develop a jumper. Do the W’s need another swingman though?

  • Lufty455

    Hey airplaneridder,,, how much is the warriors paying you?? Are you related to Ridder?? Dude, you said you want to talk b-ball right?
    An injury filled season for the warriors,,, how about the Hornets (Chandler), Jazz (Boozer) just to name few teams that dealt with the injury bug this year and succeeded.
    The Warriors and Clippers organization, not the players share the same mentality. I like the players but they really need a coach who will command respect of the whole team not just captain jack.
    The fans deserve a winning product out there.

  • AirplaneRider

    To say that the injury situation on the Warriors was anything like the Jazz or Hornets is absurd. Neither of those teams were missing so many starters including their star player for most of the season.

    You are ignorant if you think every fan must march to the beat of TK and MT and join in their hate parade. When the Warriors have success again this coming season I just can’t wait to come on here and throw it in their faces and watch their careers spiral down the toilet as their moronic quotes come back to haunt them.

    At that point I’ll respectfully ask that you stay off the bandwagon and keep hating the Warriors. Thanks.

  • AirplaneRider

    LOL at “Chris Cohan” who thinks anyone who doesn’t hate the Warriors is on the payroll. You are almost as dumb as TK. Get a life dude you’re about to pop one of your angry white man veins (if you haven’t already).

  • petaluman

    We’re over cap, so can’t sign anyone for more than the MLE. Andre Miller probably deserves more than that, but if he has to settle for it, will look first for an elite team. We’d have to give up young talent to do a sign and trade, so he’s probably not coming here.

    We don’t have a lot of desireable trade assets other than the pick. Maybe we can trade it to a team under the cap for a useful player, especially if they’re trying to cut payroll?

    It would be great if Jordan Hill did last until #7, though!

  • Burke

    Why no love for Stephen Curry? He’s taller than Jennings, and has a better shot. He won’t solve any of the W’s defensive issues, but either will any other rookie. Draft Stephen Curry!

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    in case no 1 mention it…
    happy birthday 2 ur daughter
    kennys not in child biz yet
    but has niece/nephew 2 shop 4
    good excuse 2 check out toy store ‘ight????

  • petaluman

    Together, Jennings or Curry/Ellis is just too small. Neither combo is an improvement over Crawford/Ellis on either end of the court. That doesn’t mean they are of no potential use to us, but their minutes would likely always be limited by the need to keep Monta on the floor.

    I’m hoping for a big with a more NBA-ready body (Hill), or a trade for a solid vet. Most likely, we’ll be looking for better health and another year of growth to be the main catalysts of team development this year.

  • A’s in 2009

    Drafting “NBA ready” player is how you end up with Ike Diogu instead of Andrew Bynum, Todd Fuller instead of Kobe Bryant. Swing for the fences, swing for the fences. if he busts, so what.. we have a ton of young talent we can afford to do this.

  • zeelurker

    petaluman post #60
    Disagree. Crawford’s defensive effort is so lackadaisical, his height is essentially worthless on defense. Therefore, the result of pairing Monte with a small PG could actually be an improved defense.

    Chris Cohan posts #47-51
    Your inability to respond to multiple posts with just one post leads me to believe you are actually Raymond Ridder, since the two of you demonstrate the same level of computer illiteracy.

  • Burke

    I see your point Petalumam, but they do have one big improvement over crawford — their cost. I think Curry fills one of the big needs of the W’s — basketball IQ. The kid can pass. There is a video on youtube of Bobby Knight talking about Curry’s passing that is pretty entertaining. Who on the W’s has a big basketball IQ right now? Turiaf maybe? I think it is a big need.

  • jusafan

    Boycott the warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!!

  • Perry

    I love how “A’s in 2009″ is so free and loose in his General Manager role that he thinks we can just wheel and deal like the best of them in the NBA.

    Wheeling and dealing only works when you have a strong organization that makes good NBA management decisions……..not when you’re the Golden State Warriors.

    “A’s in 2009,” I understand your point that you’re making about NBA ready players,…..you just picked 2 high-schoolers and compared them to kids that came out of Division I schools after 4 years, in Fuller’s case Stanford and Diogu’s case ASU.

    But the players you picked to compare are not good choices.

    Any GM in their right mind should have known that even with 4 years of Stanford and 4 years of ASU, both Kobe Bryant out of Lower Merrion High School in Philadelphia and Andrew Bynum out of New Jersey were way more “NBA ready” than those guys.

    Even though they came right out of high-school and common logic may say that because they are high-schoolers, they are not “NBA ready,” any GM should know that Bynum with his size and his potential to be a low post threat is far more “NBA ready” than Diogu and Todd Fuller……..well…let’s not even make that comparison to # 24…….I would make myself vomit if I did.

    The problem there was the same problem we have now……..none of our General Mangers, scouts and ownership has the foresight to see a good thing coming. We have never been a good judge of talent from Twardzik, St. Jean, Mullin to Riley.

    Let’s look at some organizations with great foresight and sound decision making.

    1. Denver Nuggets – They had the foresight to see that Nene was a talented low post player and they comfortably let the aging and attitude prone Camby walk……great move……..they traded Iverson for Billups which essentially took them from a 7 seed in the West to the 2 seed. They were basically as good as Utah and Dallas with Iverson………..but they are now as good as the Lakers with Billups. Great coaching and the ability to retain key role players like Chris Anderson and Linus Kleiza,…..all of their players contribute from 1-12.

    2. Portland Trailblazers – The foresight to see the “NBA readiness” of Brandon Roy over Randy Foye and having the balls to pull the trigger on draft day deals. The ability to draft real young talent like Aldridge and Outlaw and the patience with a young coach who preaches an offensive and defensive philosophy.

    These are the teams we compete with in the Western Conference ladies and gentlemen…….I didn’t even mention the Lakers, what a move they made in 2007-2008 when they got rid of 2 worthless players in Kwame Brown and Javaris Crittendon for Pau Gasol. Or how about the Ariza deal………..get rid of an absolute nobody in Brian Cook and add another scorer to your already potent and deep rotation.

    Again……….all of these examples just frustrate me as a Warrior fan………..we have no hope with competing against these guys with the type of ownership and management that we have.

    We are a sub 30 win team in 2009-2010.

    We are regressing, while other Western Conference teams are progressing,……and we picked the worst time to do it.

  • Petaluman

    NBA-ready players are almost non-existent in the draft these days. We’re getting them from the NBDL now. I said NBA-ready body… I just meant guys like Griffin and Hill are more filled out than Wright and Randolph. It would allow us to give a different look.

    I agree that Crawford is expensive. We can’t wish him away, though. He’s on the roster until he opts out, is traded, bought out, or plays 2 more years.

    Thanks all, I appreciate your opinions. I don’t follow college BB much, outside of the Pac 10, so I know my opinion is pretty worthless! I just try to be realistic. The reality is that usually only a handful of rookies make a real impact their 1st year. Personally, I think a good trade would be more likely to help us, but our bait is not that good.

    The measurements are coming out of the Combine:


    Blair is only 1.25″ taller than Tyreke Evans. Austin Daye is this year’s Wright/Randolph clone at 6’9.75″ (no shoes) and 192 lbs.

  • Petaluman


    His only chance to control where he goes is to opt out. Of course, he has 19M reasons to try to win here for the next 2 years.

  • Perry

    “Petaluman”…..you’re absolutely right….very few rookies make an impact right away unless their names are Earvin “Magic” Johnson or Lebron James.

    Recent examples may be Chris Paul, Brandon Roy, Dwight Howard,…..less recently…Kevin Garnett……but these are super elite players and are few and far between.

    “Petaluman”….I too am not a big NCAA guy. I see that a lot of guys on this blog know more about college basketball than they do about the NBA.

    You won’t catch me salivating over a gay draft and making a stupid list of rookies that could possibly help us.

    That’s why I hope this Chris Bosh deal goes through…….if we keeep nobody else I hope we keep Anthony Morrow, Marco Belinelli, Corey Maggette, Monta Ellis and Stephen Jackson…….you add Chris Bosh to that and here is what happens:

    Dominant low post presence in Chris Bosh to command double teams………Morrow, Belinelli and Jackson wide open for 3……….Corey and Monta taking it to the basket and getting to the line……..50 wins………guaranteed ……playoffs, maybe 7 or 8 seed guaranteed……..forget these rookies……..let’s get somebody who can make a difference.

  • Lufty455

    Hey airplanerider…. I’ve been watching the dubs for a mighty long time since days of JBC and Short… run TMC and rest of the no names afterwards… I’m OG from the hood homes… since you know the warrior I give you your props homes… good luck in thinking they will succeed with this bunch of misguided homies.
    Get rid of Nellie and Rowell and you will have a better team all in all… that you can take to the bank!!!!

  • Burke

    Here’s the knight-curry thing.

    I know he’s no immediate help, but he has 3 years of college, and a ton of experience given his role at Davidson.

    But in terms of depth, where would a rookie play, given the current personnel? Nelson has said he prefers a 9-man rotation, so barring injury:

    That doesn’t even include CJ, Crawford or Bellineli.Barring a 2 or 3 for 1 trade, (or crawford opting out) there are going to be a lot of people on the bench next year.

  • Perry

    “A’s in 2009,”…..since you’re a big “stat” guy, let’s go back to you calling me out about calling Corey Maggette our best offensive threat.

    You actually picked a pretty good player to compare him to in Kelenna Azubuike. I like Azubuike, I always have. 2 offensive minded scorers, both can take it to the basket, both can draw contact when attacking the basket, in Azubuike’s case, he was # 2 in 3 pt FGP% in 2008-2009, we all know that when Corey gets hot, he can stroke it too.

    Kelenna had a fantastic season, he was efficient as always, ready to play and offensively you know what you’re getting.

    You’re right, Corey does have those inexplicable DNPs (Did Not Play) during the season, he’s always been like that.

    I look at pure NBA talent, Corey was a lottery pick, Azubuike was out of the D-League. Both went to Div 1 schools in Duke for Corey and Kentucky for Kelenna…..both are good players.

    But since your so into stats, let’s look at the 1 stat that you left off in your comparison…..”Games Played” in 2008-2009.

    Now, that would also add merit to your point about Corey being oft-injured, something I agreed with you on. But, by the same token, it should explain some of the variances and margins especially in Points scored.

    Corey played 51 games in 2008-2009, Kelenna played in 74. In General, I think Don Nelson, would rather keep Kelenna as more of a rotation guy than Corey, I think Nelson likes Corey and he used him well last year…..but all in all, I think Nelson is more of a Kelenna guy.

    At any rate, I still think that Corey is an offensively talented player and he’s proven it evey year he’s been in the league.

    My suggestion is to go and look at some of the 2008-2009 Golden State Warrior highlights and watch some of Corey’s dunks finishing in the Open Floor or taking it to the basket, ………he also caught a couple of gorgeous lob passes at the rim for finishes…….he is an explosive finisher, the best on our team………

  • Petaluman

    This SF Chron article lists the players coming to the two-day, multi-team workout for draft prospects at the W’s Oakland facility June 1-2.


    Marcus, will you be able to cover this? Unfortunately, the prime candidates for the #7 spot in the draft won’t be there. They’re all avoiding competitive workouts. However, some of these players could be of immediate interest if we acquire a later pick.

  • Petaluman
  • A’s in 2009

    Tyreke Evans is a freak of nature. BIG guard, long, big time stats in college, young, AND is NBA ready? The perfect pick at #7. No brainer.

  • jsl

    Looks like more and more pours forth re RidderGate. Now TK’s blog suggests our ol’ friend, Fitz, may have been similarly posting pro-Cohan/Warriors crap anonymously. It never ends with that bunch.

    But don’t worry, you certainly won’t read about this in the CCT — it’s bought and paid for by badly-needed Warrior adds, so nothing real seems to get covered in print. Nor are you likely to see it in The Chron, for the same reasons.

    Don’t ya just love the integrity of all these buffooons? At least there’s still real news on the blogs.

  • darkknight01

    A’s in 2009 Says:
    May 29th, 2009 at 6:23 pm
    Tyreke Evans is a freak of nature. BIG guard, long, big time stats in college, young, AND is NBA ready? The perfect pick at #7. No brainer.

    I think Tyreke Evans should be the pick at #7…he is big, long arms and wingspan….is getting stronger, is an excellent slasher and ball handler and once he was moved to the point at Memphis….the team did extremely well. He likes to run the point and the Warriors need a player with his height, strength and size to develop at the point. He can also guard PG’s and big SG’s. He just needs to work on the jumper and I think lateral quickness will be fine on defense.

  • darkknight01

    Stephen Curry would be a good pick to develop as a PG….he already has the jumper and can shoot !

  • darkknight01

    Tyreke Evans wingspan is the same as Blake Griffins for cryin out loud and he is 5 inches shorter! Evans also was a solid 6’5 with shoes and weighed at 221.

    TYREKE EVANS should be the Warriors pick at 7….so far!

    Unless they sign a free agent PG like Andre Miller.

  • darkknight01

    jsl Says:
    May 30th, 2009 at 12:59 pm
    Looks like more and more pours forth re RidderGate. Now TK’s blog suggests our ol’ friend, Fitz, may have been similarly posting pro-Cohan/Warriors crap anonymously. It never ends with that bunch.

    But don’t worry, you certainly won’t read about this in the CCT — it’s bought and paid for by badly-needed Warrior adds, so nothing real seems to get covered in print. Nor are you likely to see it in The Chron, for the same reasons.

    Don’t ya just love the integrity of all these buffooons? At least there’s still real news on the blogs.


  • deano

    To follow up on #78, the Chron and a big article on Larry Riley today which said exactly squat. The guy has been an excutive and scout in the NBA for many years; and with the Warriors future in his hands, the Chron doesn’t identify any players he’s lauded, panned, drafted or traded. Nothing about where or how he’s ever built a team. Why write the story at all?

  • Petaluman

    The Bee has a little about the group workouts happening in Oakland right now: http://www.sacbee.com/static/weblogs/sports/kings/archives/022640.html

  • JustPuked

    2,000 steals for Terrance Williams? By all means draft him!

  • A’s in 2009

    LOL, you’re talking about the article right? 2000 steals… That’s like 15 steals per game. haha

  • A’s in 2009

    BTW, PLEASE PASS ON TERRENCE WILLIAMS. I’m PRAYING this is some smokescreen.

  • Perry

    Terence Williams, Tyreke Evans……..doesn’t matter….

    I mean do you guys really think that these guys can turn the tides for our 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors?

    Do you really think these guys are difference makers?

    Are they winners? Finishers? Closers? Champions?

    No, No, No and No.

    Forget these rookies, here is the only list of players that can help our team, nobody else:

    1. # 24
    2. LeBron James
    3. D-Wade
    4. Carmello Anthony
    5. Dirk Nowitzki
    5. T-Mac
    6. Y. Ming
    7. B. Roy
    8. C. Paul
    9. C. Bosh
    10. M. Redd
    11. J. Johnson
    12. A. Stoudemire

    Guys, we are known around the league for our 4th quarter offensive meltdowns.

    There were 2 games in particular in 2008-2009 that stand out in my mind. Road game against Phoenix and Home Game against San Antonio.

    We went through 5:00 scoring droughts in both games in the 4th quarter and still had a chance to win the game. Obviously, San Antonio and Phoenix are now bottom feeder playoff teams in the West…..giving way to the Denvers, Houstons and Portlands. But still, it would have been nice to win those games.

    My point is, that in the 4th quarter, we never know who to turn to. Should it be Jamal, taking to the basket for a teardrop or a floater? Should it be Corey attacking and getting to the line? Should it be Stephen and his 3 on 1 3 pointers in the Open Court?

    Who should it be?

    We don’t know, neither does our coach.

    That is why we need an established, NBA difference maker like the guys on my list or similar type players.

    Until then, we’re just stroking our cocks.

  • JustPuked

    We should just hire Leroy Smith and let him work his motivational magic on the Warriors.

  • darkknight01

    1. Sign Andre Miller

    2. Trade Crawford, Wright and this years #7 or next years #1 pick to Raptors for Chris Bosh!

    3. Draft Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, or trade down and target Williams, Clark or Derozan

  • Perry

    Is Cam Inman of the Bay Area News Group serious about his stupid “Beat L.A.” article?

    Has it stooped so far down that we are concerned so much about our rival’s post-season success?

    You got Greg Popa on Comcast Sports Net, Chronicle Live covering more Manny Ramirez and Dodger baseball than Giant baseball.

    During the 2003 playoffs, Lakers vs. Kings, you should have heard Grant Napier of Ticket 1040 predicting wins against L.A…………unbelievable.

    Look Cam, Dwight Howard is not beating L.A.

    People in L.A. could care less about their rivals up here. They don’t spend air time talking about the Warriors and the Giants…………….

    We, here in the Bay Area are way too obsessed with that “Beat L.A.” mentality.

    I was going to call this guy (Cam Inman) out when he wrote the bad-mouth Chris Mullin article……….who is Cam Inman anway?…………….How the hell is he a jouralist?

    Cam, take the Al Harrington banner off and replace it with Marcus Williams, in street clothes, on the bench, mouth open, with that stupid look on his face………that should be your job at the paper.

  • Perry

    Correction on my last post please…….that homer, Grant Napier works for 1140, not 1040……..my fault

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