Official Summer League Roster

Warriors just sent this out this morning. You already know about Anthony Randolph, Anthony Morrow, Jermareo Davidson, Acie Law and, of course, Stephen Curry

F/C Connor Atchley, Texas (6-10, 226 pounds)
F Lawrence Hill, Stanford (6-8, 220)
F Joe Ingles, Australia (6-8, 194)
G Jared Jordan, Marist (6-2, 185)
G/F Cartier Martin, Kansas State (6-7, 200)
F Quan Powell, Auburn (6-8, 215)
F Lawrence Roberts, Mississippi State (6-9, 240)
C Jamal Sampson, Cal (6-11, 235)

Again, the schedule:

Friday, July 10 vs. Houston, 1 pm
Saturday, July 11 vs. Sacramento, 5 pm
Monday, July 13 vs. Detroit, 7 pm
Tuesday, July 14 vs. Chicago, 5 pm
Thursday, July 16 vs. New Orleans, 5 pm (Thanks A’s in 2009)


Starting Five at Summer League

The Warriors will have a summer league team worth watching considering this potential starting lineup:

PG – Stephen Curry
SG – Anthony Morrow
SF – Anthony Randolph
PF – Rob Kurz
C – Jermareo Davidson

Note: PG C.J. Watson and PF Brandan Wright are not playing. I doubt if Marco Belinelli plays. It’s usually just for rookie and first-year players. They could if they wanted to (Patrick O’Bryant played three years, I think), but they have nothing more to prove.


Curry PG of the Future?

Nellie said Stephen Curry ain’t going anywhere. Curry was, to the Warriors, the second-best player in the draft behind Blake Griffin, so they aren’t parting with him.

Nellie: “No, I should be clear about that. He wasn’t drafted for somebody else. He is not going to be traded. He was drafted because we think he is going to be a terrific player, and he’s going to be right here. So he can unpack his bags, he can relax, go buy a house because he ain’t goin’ any place.”

Nellie also said that Curry will be the point guard. He said Curry is the best thing he’s seen since Steve Nash and that he thinks he will make a great point guard.

Nellie: “He’s a heck of a player. We drafted him because we think he’s going to be a great point guard. Maybe not his first year. It takes a while for point guards to mature and feel comfortable. I always saw Steve Nash in him, and he is the greatest player I’ve ever coached,” Nelson said. “I’ve been looking for another one for a long time and this is as close as I’ve ever seen in a young player. He has that same ability that Steve had. Shooting, passing, knowledge, just the natural things he’s done that he’s worked on his whole life.”

Check out his response when asked if Monta and Curry can co-exist.

Nellie: “That’ll be fine. Monta still has to work on his point guard skills as well and his passing skills. That was part of his program to get better at. This guy already has that. Monta has some work to do in that area but they’ll be fine together.”

After all that coddling and plotting based on Monta Ellis being the point guard, Nellie said Monta will (eventually) move to shooting guard and Jackson to small forward.
Remember, Monta has been deemed the point guard since late last season. They were so dialed into this Monta-at-point experiment that they traded away Jamal Crawford and flew to see Monta and “get on the same page” with him. Now, they may be back to the Baron days.

Nellie: “Yes, Jack is going back to 3. I emailed him that today, that ‘I moved you to 2 and you’re back to 3.’ We like Morrow very much, too, as a player in the backcourt. Jack said, ‘Wherever you want me, that’s where I’ll be.’”


Warriors Want Curry More Than Amare?

I talked with a Warriors insider and it seems the Warriors may be willing to walk away from the Amare Stoudemire deal if it means giving up Stephen Curry.
The press conference to introduce him to local medium is still going on at 2. There are reports that the deal is on hold. Originally, the No. 7 pick was part of the deal. Since it turned out to be Curry, who both teams love, the Warriors don’t want him as part of the deal. Phoenix does.
Why are they putting their foot down on Curry? My guess:
• they are already giving up enough
• Curry is the Monta Ellis insurance they need

Is this all a front, a Chris the Moneymaker type bluff to squeeze more out of the Suns? We will see


You Like Stephen Curry? (If He Stays)

Dell Curry didn’t look happy at all that his son was going to the Warriors. But are you?
Riley said he was at the top of their list of players who might be there at No. 7. Riley said Curry would back-up Monta Ellis and play some at shooting guard (if he stays).

Curry: “I just spoke with Larry Riley and he didn’t mention (me going to Phoenix). I don’t know where I fit in. I hope I goo to sleep a Warrior. So right now I see myself as a Warrior.”


Warriors Get Curry; Keeping Him?

So the Warriors get the PG I know they have loved for quite some time. I’ve been hearing his name from Warriors brass for a while. I know they love his shooting stroke, who doesn’t, but they think he’s a better passer and floor general than people think.
I was talking with Anthony Morrow earlier, who is at the facility, he was like “wow” at the thought of Curry on the roster. He said Curry is his friend and he loves Curry’s game. Imagine those two in the backcourt!
But, I was told Phoenix loves Curry, even call him the Black Steve Nash. Drafting him doesn’t mean the Stoudemire deal is off. If Phoenix really does love Curry, they might be even happier to do the deal.
The question is, as it will be for any big name they want to get, can they reach an extension agreement?


Warriors Close to Amare?

So I’m hearing Andris Biedrins, Brandan Wright, Marco Belinelli and Azubuike plus the No. 7 for Phoenix Star big man Amare Stoudemire. I heard they are ironing out a contract extension. Will post more info as I get it …

The numbers match perfectly. Biedrins ($9M), Buike ($3.1M), Wright ($2.6M) and Belinelli ($1.5M) is $16.2 for next seasons. Stoudemire is set for $16.4 …

By the way, as best as I can tell, the max extension for Stoudemire would be three years for $61.4M million, which is $95.5M over five years. …

Azubuike has veto power up until July 124, the one year anniversary of the deal. But they don’t need Azubuike. They’d still be within 25 percent without him …

Biedrins is a Base-year compensation player, which would really make this deal hard to pull off. But I at some point in July (not sure if it’s the 1st, the start of the new season, or 15th, the anniversary of the signing) the BYC status falls away. So they can only agree in principle for now. … Kawakami just found out it’s July 1 the BYC status drops off. …

But they could do the deal even with Biedrins being base year. That means his salary is worth $4.5 million instead of $9 million. So with Azubuike in tow, they still can come within 25 percent of Stoudemire’s salary, even if it takes one more player to throw in. Still, it would be more feasible to wait until July 1.