Superfan Wong Missed His Chance?

A Warriors source disputed some of the claims levied by superfan Paul Wong. The Warriors are usually hesitant to address these types of stories. The source re-iterated how much they appreciated Wong’s support and passion, but wanted to clear up some “inaccuracies.”

• The Warriors DID offer to re-imburse him for printing the placards during the 2007 playoff run. But Wong, who said he spent $5,500 during that playoff run, rejected the gesture.

• Wong does not own the rights to “We Believe.” The Warriors’ source said the team went through the proper channels to use “We Believe.” It is owned by a fan of the Boston Red Sox, who the Warriors paid before making it their official slogan. (I am checking this because the copyright laws allow flexibility as long as there is a noted difference. In other words, two people can own the rights in circumstances)

• Despite that he didn’t own the rights to the “We Believe” slogan, the source said Wong tried to sue the Warriors for using his slogan without permission. He was unsuccessful. (Needless to say, the lawsuit ended the Warriors efforts to “thank” Wong.)

So, in the end, the Warriors did say thank you in some form even if it wasn’t the thanks Wong was looking for in return.

Marcus Thompson

  • Sparko Smellineli

    its still, fire rowell!!!!

  • AirplaneRider

    Looks like Wong is truly classless and litigious. And that is your posterboy for fan discontent? You and TK just get more comical every week.

    Good ridance to all the bandwagoners. Why is it that fair weather fans are the most vocal and most demanding?

    I will say at least you posted this blurb that makes your previous blurb look stupid. So at least I’ll give you that.

  • Perry

    We all have been wronged by Warrior upper management and ownership…….it’s not just Paul Wong.

    I’m a die hard NBA fan as well, I know the game in and out……you guys could read my posts and know that……..

    Just boycott the product, best way to send a message.

    Not that it would make a difference,…..but there is no reason to get excited about our 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors yet.

    Bosh did not extend his deal with Toronto, so he will wait to test the free agent market in 2010……that means that now is a good time to offer some good young talent to Toronto so they don’t risk losing Bosh for nothing……..that organization seems to be making poorer and poorer decisions by the day…..even with Colangelo’s son running the ship…….$37 million to Jason Kapono?……the firing of Sam Vincent…..the Bargnani pick…….Get out of town!

  • Perry

    Anthony Randolph is a walking turnover……let’s package him, Jamal, and another small to medium size contract, maybe Turiaf and send them packing to Toronto for Chris Bosh.

    I like all of those guys, Turiaf, I like Jamal’s game and I like Randolph……but bold moves have to be made, look at Boston……look at Portland draft day deals………….look at the Gasol deal……look at our own Jackson/Harrington deal……..bold moves have to be made.

  • Perry

    It’s pertinent to keep 3 top level scorers while acquiring Bosh.

    Those scorers are: Corey Maggette, Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson……all 3 can average 20ppg or close, no problem.

    You keep the shooters like Belinelli and Morrow………I like Andris too much to get rid of him, so he fills a back-up role for Bosh…Brandan can stay….he will be the 4……

    Here it is:

    1. Monta Ellis
    2. Stephen Jackson
    3. Corey Maggette
    4. Brandan Wright
    5. Chris Bosh

    Or……if you want to go small, substitute Belinelli and Morrow in for Corey and Brandan and have Corey be the 6th man………you can inter-change pieces…..Belinelli is versatile…..Brandan, if given the opportunity and PT……. is a smart, young player and will produce……….

    Then, of course, you still have Kelenna and CJ for back-up backcourt roles………..

    50 wins and a playoff berth, ladies.

  • Thomas

    Haha! Airplane rider is Raymond Ridder! Perry, if you think Randolph will amount to nothing but turnovers, you’re insane. The walking turnover is Stephen Jackson, who is 30. AR is 19, and developed into a game changer at years end. He will be the man of this team for years to come if they allow him to be.

  • JustPuked

    Thanks for the update Marcus. This explains a lot. As I suspected, Wong’s involvement with Lawyers is the move that soured the relationship. No surprise. Suing is usually a bad way to endear yourself to folks.

    What’s up with a Boston Red Sox fan owning the rights to “We Believe”?


    Perry, you sound a lot like FITZ, hey wait a second maybe your are fitz posing as Perry. Reveal YOURSELF FITZ…lol.

    Perry I don’t agree w/ you on AR being a walking turnover. I mean look at the situation AR was in the entire season. First part of the season he sees no playing time. From all the articles it seemed like a combination of youth, expected privelege,work ethic,energy that was supposedly holding him back. So I really feel all those things led to him turning the ball over early in the season. He played as if he was looking over his shoulder at nellie b/c any little mistake would get him pulled. Even when he didn’t commit a mistake he would get pulled so the constant yo-yoing did not help the situation.

    Once AR started seeing extended minutes and did not have to look over his shoulder and began working more efficiently and taking his time he played infinitely better. Also the fact that he could get that time due to all the injuries was a blessing b/c it forced Nellie to play him.

    I just think that the way he plays and the fire and intensity that you see in his eyes when he is out there (when he is not making a sad face…lol)cannot be taught. I feel that we have the makings of a KG 2.0 and to get rid of that talent when we can easily move B.wright instead would be just dumb.

  • ECJ


    Thank God you’re just some delusional “fan” and not a decision-maker in the W’s organization. You don’t know the game at all if you think the W’s should trade Randolph for Bosh. Randolph IS Bosh, a few years earlier. Only Randolph plays with heart and desire.. which will make him better than Bosh before its all over.

    I do agree that fans should boycott the Warriors.. I have been a long-time supporter, but this organization is the worst in professional sports. Its an embarrassment for Bay Area fans, and we need to let our displeasure be known. Unfortunately, writing in to blog sites isn’t enough; we need to hit the team in the pocket book.

    That said, renting Bosh for one year would be disaster for this organization and its fans.


  • Perry

    You guys are right about AR…..look nobody wants to see the guy succeed, more than me….I love this squad too and I would love for this guy to be KG 2.0, there would be nothing better than that in the world.

    But here is what I’m looking at guys……usually, players that come out of school early, if they are not the elite level of high-school players or O.J. Mayo 1 year college players…..usually lack maturity and development in their game.

    Anthony is hard-working, energetic, he plays hard, no question, I like his game…….but generally speaking, players who make bad on court decisions usually don’t grow out of that.

    I feel that the reason teams passed on Anthony was because he makes bad on-court decisions, turns the ball over….he’s over-zealous on D………..instead of timing his jump or just playing on the ball or off the ball once in a while……you can’t block every single shot…..he even tries to block jump shooters 20 feet from the basket……that’s going to get him in foul trouble and it may last his whole career.

    Pick and choose your spots, that’s all I’m saying……smart players know how to do that……certain players don’t…….

    He definitely improved as the season wore on and no question Don Nelson’s coaching and his manipulation of PT and rotations definitely gave Anthony the feeling like he had a target on his back every time he got in the game………….same can be said for Marco Belinelli, he’s insecure when he’s on the court too…..but you see how the guy plays when he’s comfortable and confident……Belinelli is a smart player……that’s the difference.

    We have another guy like that, Stephen Jackson, 10 years in the league and still turns the ball over 4-6 times a game…..don’t get me wrong……I like Anthony…….

    I say keep Stephen instead because at this point, in both their careers, Stephen is a more consistent scorer, plain and simple. You can count on the guy for at least 18 ppg a night.

    Randolph, right now, you don’t know…..is he a 20ppg, 10 rpg guy like KG?…..Or is he a 15ppg, 7 rpg guy like a bunch of other NBA players?

    I just think that Randolph could be Jamario Moon…..athletic and talented……but no real NBA intelligence to back it up.

  • Kommon Senze

    There was a film made about Red Sox faithful in 2003 called “Still, We Believe”, which was a year before their run to their WS title. I’m under the impression that the ‘We Believe’ slogan came from that (and may have been used during/after their epic return from being down 3-0 in the ALCS against the Yankees). That was, of course, 3 full years before the Warrior run.

  • Kommon Senze


    You need only look at the improvements Randolph made in season in terms of his efficiency to realize that the ‘mistakes’ you are emphasizing are over-exaggerated. For example, he averaged 1.8 TO per 36 mpg over the final two months of the year, which is significantly lower than the 2.6 TO per 36 mpg he averaged for the season. Compare that to Bosh, who at 19, averaged 1.5 TO per 36 mpg. Note, also, that Bosh has averaged 2.2 TO per 36 mpg since his rookie year, which reflects the greater amount of ball-handling responsibilities he’s had, as well.

    Granted, Bosh played a lot more as a rookie than Randolph, but comparably, Randolph is not as erratic and mistake prone as you describe him to be. He’s about as erratic as you might expect a 19 year old to be, and I think, contrary to what TK and even MT2 have said, Nelson’s decision to sit him and make him earn more time on the floor probably paid dividends in curbing some of his bad habits.

    While the sample size is still small, his late season performance against some pretty good competition definitely should place him off limits for almost anybody but a few obvious exceptions. Bosh for a potential 1-year only rental is not one of those exceptions, or at least shouldn’t be.

    Whether Nelson/Riley subscribe to the same philosophy is unknown. If they do trade him for a Bosh, they better ensure Bosh is under contract for the long haul, because if the Warriors lose both Bosh and Randolph after 1 year, and Randolph does emerge as a Bosh type player, they will have pretty much surpassed the worst franchises in history in terms of botched player personnel decisions.

    Rowell can make every excuse he wants about Mullin not delivering, but if they allow such a deal to go down and it doesn’t pan out, then he should lose his job 3 times over.

    Sadly, they haven’t let hypocrisy stand in the way of their thinking in the past, so, who knows if they even know how to hold themselves truly accountable.

  • A’s in 2009

    I feel dumber having read some of the comments here recently! UGH


  • Perry

    This organization got rid of all my favorite players from the last few years with B D topping the list, Al Harrington, Jason Richardson to name a few…….love the Maggette pick-up…….love C.J.’s guts in the 4th quarter, like Kelenna’s efficient game, like B. Wright, Marco, the 2 Anthonys, love Andris and Roni.

    Stephen, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with………I also am a Laker fan…I’m from L.A. but I love basketball and I love the NBA so I adopted the Warriors from Run TMC till now. Stephen was on some of the Spurs teams that my Lakers played against……….so I’ve always looked at him questionably.

    But I like his game……I don’t like the turnovers…..I don’t like the 3 on 1 open court 3’s………he can’t dribble and he can’t penetrate but he can score 18-20 night in his sleep.

    I’m just so frustrated……..all I want is a competitive playoff team……..that’s it……..is that too much to ask?

    I mean in 2008-2009 with BD, we would go into home games against teams like Memphis, Oklahoma City (still Seattle at that time), Clippers, Portland, Sacramento, Milwaukee, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia………..Indiana…… the games we SHOULD win………….and you would get the feeling that we had a great chance to win.

    But now……..it’s so “up in the air”……I mean we don’t know who to go to down the stretch……..we need a stable presence, an offensive attention-getter, a role that can only be filled by a super-star type, All-Star player….

  • Perry

    Correction on year in last post……2007-2008….not 2008-2009

  • Sparko Smellineli


    lay down that pipe

  • Thanks Marcus for continuing to offer the weasely management a convenient platform to “correct” the fans. Time and again.

    What’s YOUR handle in the forums?

  • Woyuz Phan

    Wong has no credibility. Positions himself as a superfan, but really just wants his ego stroked. Really pathetic. Don’t waste any more “ink” on this nutcase.

  • David

    how bout some draft coverage? Seems like the only thing out of warrior land these days is depressing, lets get over the front office drama/pitiful record and look at what they are doing to fix it…which starts with the draft and offseason!!

  • David

    and to everyone out there slamming the organization and writers: get over yourselves, i watch warriors basketball for FUN and to give me something else to be interested in other than school and work. Its like you people think the GSW organization loses on purpose! Big deal, try looking at the bright spots and you will find everything more enjoyable

  • Kyle

    I was gonna rag on “Perry” for a truly stupid post but it looks like others have beaten me to it.

    Anthony Randolph is the future of the Warriors – keep him at (almost) all costs.

  • David, how much are Club 200 fun packs this year?

  • darkknight01

    Hey puppet Larry Riley!

    Be aggressive and make these critical moves IF you and Nelson and you puppetmaster Rowell really are SERIOUS about competing for the playoffs next year….

    1. Sign Andre Miller

    2. Trade Crawford, Wright, and possibly Maggette and the #7 pick this year to Toronto for Chris Bosh and their 2nd Rounder this year.

    This allows the Warriors to get rid of dead money by dumping Crawford and freeing up salary space to possibly keep Bosh or using the money to sign another big free agent. With Bosh and Miller this upcoming year, the team will have a better shot at making the playoffs as well.

  • Kommon Senze

    Why in the world would Toronto take Crawford, Wright, Maggette, and #7 for Bosh? Do you honestly think that’s the best offer that any team could muster? Remember, it’s not about what the Warriors want, it’s about what the Raptors can get.

    As for that packages, Wright is coming off an injury plagued year and, unless he’s shown that he’s putting on some muscle onto his frame, will not likely be valued as highly as us Warrior fans value him. Maggette is going to be seen as 4 yrs, $40 million no matter how you try to gussy up his resume, and he’s also injury prone and viewed throughout the league as a black-hole on offense (i.e., can’t and won’t pass). Crawford has been ‘dumped’ a couple times in his career, and although he comes across as a really nice guy and even though he’s an expiring contract, he’s not a high-value guy in any trade, either. The Raptors could re-sign Anthony Parker for a lot less and get better proficiency and some defense to boot out of their SG.

    So, you’re left with trying to sell the Raptors on the #7 pick as the lynchpin to getting real ‘value’ for Bosh, and this despite the fact that they already have the #9 pick in the draft and are likely well aware of the talent (or the lack of ‘high quality’ talent) in this year’s draft.

    Given that Bryan Colangelo is their GM, and given that he’s not a guy who is going to hamstring his roster with ‘depth’ at the expense of quality (unless the depth specifically fits the style of play he’s trying to build for his team), this deal doesn’t look like it has a leg to stand on. If Colangelo takes on a long-term deal, it better be for a real difference maker.

    Ellis might be a guy they’d consider, but Ellis alone won’t be enough. Would they consider Ellis, Buike (a cheaper version of Maggette), Wright, and the #7? Maybe. Chicago, which is a team I would think will bid heavily on Bosh, could easily beat the Maggs, Crawford, Wright deal, but may not have the ammo to beat a deal built around Ellis. All depends on how Colangelo values Ellis vs. a player like, say, Ben Gordon, who isn’t as explosive but has better 3-pt range, which is important in the system the Raptors are trying to build.

  • mike

    I believe Mr Wong did admit that the Warriors offered to reimburse him, he said he didn’t want the money, he wanted some kind of recognition.
    So the Warriors still kicked him to the ground, it wasn’t about money it was about taking care of your fans and this ownership group will never understgand that. Chris Cohan and Robbie Rowell are just like Gordon Gecko in Wall st, they just strip off the good parts and discard the carcass.

  • Kommon Senze

    I agree that the Warrior organization is a mess up top, and Cohan and Rowell have a history of failures that make them impossible to absolve of any wrongdoing. However, Wong does come off like a whiner and a guy looking more for his 15 minutes than someone genuinely concerned about the fan base, as a whole.

    As I noted before, this seems like a case where neither side in the issue comes out smelling entirely rosy. Wong deserved some type of public acknowledgement, perhaps, and that’s yet another example of the failures of the Warrior top-brass, but he’s diminished his effectiveness as a spokesperson for the disgruntled nature of Warrior fans because he simply appears self-serving.

    Just like the blogger Cohan comes across like a self-serving/self-centered shmuck, and just like Kawakami, before his recent turn to doing more reporting and less opining, came across in some of his less stellar, bile-filed posts earlier this year.

  • Gswf8ful

    Please define self serving? A bit confused.


    Sorry Perry but you pretty much nullified your points by saying that you “Love the Maggette pick-up”… I was joking about you being fitz before, but now it is just getting ridiculous. MTII do an IP address check…lol


  • darkknight01

    kommon senze,

    who knows what Toronto would accept in a trade, but taking Crawford, Maggette and Wright plus the #7 pick would be better for them , then not getting ANYTHING in return for Bosh at all wouldn’t it?

    Wouldn’t a team consider trading for some added scorers and talent and added trade flexibility especially with the #7 pick added to their #9 pick?

    Those players would add both talent to their roster and provide them with some SERIOUS added trade flexibility. Granted Maggette would be a throw in but Wright would start right away and so would Crawford. Plus like I said, they would have add even more talent with the #7 and #9 picks, or they can work more deals with the players they would pick up from the W’s and work deals involving the two picks.

  • Perry

    “Dark Night” is right…….if there is ever a time to offer some young talent for a guy who can change your franchise……..now is the time to do it.

    Toronto is desperate, they don’t know what they are doing, they pick up J.O. and trade him along wtih Jermario Moon at the deadline, they fire Vincent, they give Kapono a $37 million deal for standing at the 3 point line…………they are in a complete state of confusion and desperation.

    Wright is not enough…….it has to be Randolph…..

    Randolph, Crawford and # 7 if not, Randolph, Crawford and Turiaf to see if we can maybe also get Marcus Banks or Roko Ukic….then we have a 3 headed PG with Ellis, Banks/Ukic and Watson…….

  • DW

    Hey Perry,

    Warrior Fans!


    Perry come on now bro, now you just sound crazy. 3 HEADED PG? Where reality do you live in where you think that Banks or Ukic, and Watson along with Ellis make a 3 headed point guard monster? Seriously do you think about what you are going to say beforehand or do you just follow the Warrior handbook on justifying crappiness.

    Rule#1: No Matter what, the FO never makes a mistake.

    Rule#2: Robert Rowell is never wrong and all crazy extensions are good extensions.

    Rule#3: Outbid everyone for players that no one wants.

    Rule#4: Get rid of your young talent because you are only a couple of mediocre players away from sucking just enough not to matter but still make money.

    Rule#5: Allow mouthpieces like Fitz aka Perry to go out and try and justify the semi-retarded moves made by the FO and make them seem only slightly less crappy because no one(STH’s & fans)are never allowed to question them.

    Rule#6: Never allow any warriors fans to question the moves being made on the radio because that would just make us look bad and fitz can only hang up on sooo many callers.

    Rule#7: When in doubt…Do nothing but make it appear like your doing something.

    Rule#8: Blame everything on the Media b/c god knows everyone else does.

    Sorry perry but you are way off base on this one and AR should be off the table while anyone else should be on it within reason. Trading AR is not within reason.

  • darkknight01

    Fitz and Brooks have no balls….they screen their calls very heavily and Fitz doesn’t want to talk about the discontent of Warrior fans with the ego maniac Rowell. Fitz doesn’t want to talk about the Ridder posing as a fan online stuff either.

    Those guys are condenscending A-Holes….

  • darkknight01

    Toronto is in desperation mode.

    Thats why Riley and Nellie need to see how they can snatch Bosh away from them before they lose him and get nothing in return.

    Riley and Nellie:


  • Perry

    “3 Headed PG” …Yes

    …….uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….not so sure “MFRJG_SON”.

    ……..never said they’d be a “monster”………just looking for the best case scenario, that’s all…….

    But I understand where your’e coming from………..since Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson aren’t available……I figured we can do with Marcus Banks and Roko Ukic……….they would basically be throw-ins………..insurance policy in case C.J. hits a wall….or in case, we desperately need a floor general who can get maybe 3.1 apg.

    The best part about my proposed deal is that we still keep our 3 best scorers, and they are: Monta Ellis; Stephen Jackson and Corey Maggette…….that’s 60 ppg a night right there……….throw in a guy who commands attention by drawing double teams (Bosh)……..and just sit back and ditribute the ball to shooters like Anthony Morrow and Marco Belinelli…
    you will be as good as the Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz and New Orleans Hornets..the bottom rung playoff teams.

    From what I know of Bob Fitgerald………he is a HUGE Anthony Randolph fan……..I cannot picure him writing my blogs……….he’s not a Laker fan, he would never write that……….and I also talk shit about the Warriors from time to time…….Bob would never do that.


    Darkknight, definitely would like to see andre Miller. If we can get rid of crawford and sign Miller to a midlevel or something I think the dubs can begin to move forward. Also look to get Bosh but don’t trade away AR… Yeah Fitz is almost unbearable now just because of all the crap that has gone down and his unwillingness to talk about it. I used to like him but i think he has fallen victim to the lure of RR and maybe has a FO job in the works.

    Conspiracy theory: Fitz is the one that Told RR to put in the weight and performance clauses in Baron’s contract. Reason being is that Fitz always talks about how clubs don’t use performance clauses enough when they should in order to get creative with contracts.

    Also I’m not a giants fan, but think it is funny that Fitz has been pushing all whitesox players that the Giant’s should be looking at. Mainly Konerko for Cain or Sanchez for Dye…When did the homerism go to his head? I mean over the last 2 years he has increasingly become a homer and is starting to sound like the Whitesox announcers..lol. Screw NOtre Dame, Serra High School, and the Chicago Whitesox!!!

  • Kommon Senze

    Toronto isn’t behind the 8-ball yet, though, darknight. Your trade is purely one that suggests that the Warriors have the ability to trade from a position of strength. They don’t. Not at this stage. Part of that is simply that the door for negotiating a contract with Bosh hasn’t closed; part of that is that the Warriors aren’t exactly a favored destination of many players, and if Bosh hinted he wouldn’t want to be traded here, that could lessen the Warriors leverage; and part of it is simply that there are almost certainly going to be several other teams that make a run at Bosh if he becomes available. Given that the package you offered is pretty weak and flush with potential cap issues for Toronto (as I said before – 4 yr, $40 millin for Maggette is going to be a tough pill for anyone to swallow), I don’t think it would be hard for a team like Chicago to make a better offer.

    Eventually, it could be “something or nothing” as you say, but your suggestion is low-ball for the time being.

  • darkknight01

    kommon senze,

    Only way to find out is to TRY!

    Crawford is a scorer, Wright would start in place of Bosh, and instead of offering Maggette, then how about Morrow? He can start or come off the bench and is a shooter or maybe offer Bellinelli instead? Sinc they were supposedly close to trading him there anyway. Then they have the #7 and #9 picks to use to keep or use as more TRADE BAIT and make more moves.

  • Perry

    The sad thing is that Jamal and Corey are 2 of our best scorers and eveyone hates their guts for some reason…………

    Most reasons for the hatred revolve around their big contracts.

    But remember guys, the reason why we went out and got Maggette before 2008-2009 was because we needed a 20ppg+ scorer to replace the void left by Richardson’s departure. We needed a scorer, plain and simple.

    He basically took Jason’s place as far as scoring.

    Imagine if we didn’t have Corey………who the fuck would score for us beside Monta, Stephen or Jamal?……….Do any of the geniuses blogging here have any idea about where we would get scoring?

    You guys would be bitching about the fact that we need to go out and get another scorer if Corey or Jamal left.

    Or are you guys just saying stupid shit and trying to get rid of our best players?

    Some people on here are so fucking stupid.

  • darkknight01

    Will this organizatuion make a substantial and REASONED effort to turn the franchise into a winning one for the long term?

    I don’t see the contract extension given to Nellie, the signing of Maggette, the firing of Mullin, or the not resigning of Baron as any of that. You could say my passion, at least a little bit, for the warriors left with J-rich (the heart of our team a few years ago). Trying not to live in the past and move on, but where exactly are the warriors moving on to? Just more of the same dysfunction it seems….

  • Hugo Bossy

    WOW! I am reading everyones comments. I hate to beat this guy up but Perry you must be on drugs!

    When you said the Warriors got rid of some of your favorite players and named Al Harrington. If that wasn’t enough foolishness you said you loved the Magette deal! To top it off you said you prefer Captain Jack over Anthony Randolph! Someone please get this guy a straight jacket. No direspect to you as a human but as a Warriors fan you are clearly watching a different team.

    Here is what I think the warriors should do.
    1.Get Crawford to opt out.
    2. Sign Andre Miller or Mike Bibby
    3. Work a sign and trade with Toronto not for Bosh, but for Shawn Marion. Marion is an athletic wing who could help the warriors on the boards.
    4. Draft a pg of the future gamble and pick B.Jennings.

    09-10 Line up
    pg. Miller or Bibby
    sg. Monta Ellis
    sf. Shawn Marion
    pf. A. Randolph
    C. Biedris

    Captain Jack

  • blahblahblah

    Perry – you are a doosh