Want Odom?

Just finished watching the Game 3. I can’t help but wonder how good Odom could be in the Warriors system. I would like him at small forward instead of power forward, but that only works of Nellie sticks to the Jax-at-two plan. Unless, and this is unlikely, he accepts a bench role. He would be the perfect sub because of his versatility.

Odom is a free agent, so it would take a sign and trade. Unlikely Odom accepts the midlevel. He will probably cash in on a championship run and sign a big contract with some desperate franchise of take less to stay in LA. But if it could be worked out, I think he’d be a great fit with the Warriors.

Marcus Thompson

  • Odom would be able to play alongside his idol, Anthony Randolph.

    Two forwards and a SG (Jackson) that pass well can take the pressure off Monta at PG. I’d love Odom, but it’s probably going to cost us too much and push us dangerously close to the luxury tax. Gotta make some moves to make it happen. Damn you whoever is responsible for the Maggette signing! DAMN YOU!!!!

  • Perry

    Dallas is after the # 5 pick for Josh Howard………how about giving them the #7 and Jamal Crawford for Josh Howard and J.J. Barrea?

    I didn’t like how Howard fell flat on his face in the 1st round against Houston…….but losing a scorer like Jamal, we would need another one.

    Plus, Dallas gets a scorer in Crawford who is less attitude prone and less of a trouble maker.

    We get JJ Barrea at PG.

  • JustPuked

    Odom is maddeningly inconsistent. Without Kobe & Jackson playing bad cop, good cop with him, how could we hope to get anything close to the same ROI with Candyman? I think he’s maxed out with the Lakers and we’d be stuck with an underperforming player. You can’t cash in fool’s gold, Gummy Bear’s alluring upside is a mirage. If we’re looking at players, I like Adam Lauridsen recent Fantasy GM take on rebuilding the team.

  • Bill

    Shoeboxhead Odom can stay in La…..let’s build a new team, not just reassemble from castoff parts elsewhere…and anybody who suggests bringing Josh Howard to the Warriors forgets what an embarrassing person he is off the court….he can go play AAU ball somewhere and never be heard of again….let’s have a team with some class….next we’ll be bringing in Michael Vick at point with a slew of pit bulls he can drown at halftime for an encore….

  • Perry

    We’ve come full circle once again with this franchise….back to square “fucking” 1.

    Didn’t we already begin rebuilding 3 seasons ago when we had young players like Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins, Mikael Pietrus and Jason Richardson playing key roles in our 1st round defeat of Dallas in 06-07?

    Didn’t we already start rebuilding when we got rid of 2 tired under-achievers in Dunleavy and Murphy and brought in 2 legitimate NBA players in Harrington and Jackson?

    Didn’t we start re-building when we got rid of Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis and brought in BD?

    The answers to those questions are “Yes.”

    The problem is that we don’t know how to rebuild. All we do is rebuild, then destroy. That’s the way this organization operates.

    With Larry Riley calling the personnel shots and Nelson poking and prodding in the background, I find it hard pressed to believe that this organization is poised for rebuilding.

    We wasted our chances to rebuild, we are now regressing and diminishing……..and it’s all too familiar to us Warrior fans.

    All we do is “rebuild”…….when the fuck are we going to “win” for god’s sakes.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    No to Odom. We don’t need a more expensive, less athletic Anthony Randolph on the team. If they decide AR is the 3, then get a real PF. If they decide AR is the 4, then get a PG and put Jack at the 3. Simple as that.

  • Hugo Bossy

    Umm.. Negative! Odom is soft and works best being the 4th option. The warriors need STAR power. Why move some average players for another average player. Odom has a slim to none chance of being an All Star in the west during the duration of his career.

    I am an all or nothing type guy the Warriors need to package a few of the current guards and get a legit All Star calliber player. Stop teasing me every yr with insignificant moves.

    Also what I hate most about the Warriors front office is not their mistakes but their arrogance and lies. I would respect them if Rowell just said you know what I tried to screw Baron on an extension but boy did he stick it to me. I am sorry fans. Nba Teams make dumb moves all the time its a gamble. Heck Adam Morrison was the 3rd overall pick. Greg Oden is Joel Pryzbilla back up, sometimes things dont pan out just be honest. You can’t subject me as a fan to Demarcus Nelson starting the season as the starting pg after Baron and not appologize!

  • Dubbadown

    Odom has said publicly he will only play where he can live on the beach so hopefully he wouldn’t mind the commute from Santa Cruz. 880 turns into 17 so it would be a straight shot. And I don’t think the beaches off the SF Bay would be what LO had in mind.

  • jsl

    Not sure what Odom brings to THIS table, Marcus. As JP noted he IS maddeningly inconsistent — probably the up-down sugar rush from his idiotic candy fixation. Adding him would be like adding Maggette, or Jamal, or Jack. These are the kind of guys we should be shedding, not adding. We’ve got too much puke as it is.

    Plus, has anyone EVER seen this guy move to his right? (He actually surprised me last night with a counter-clockwise spin move under the hoop, but ended up shooting with his left anyway.) Probably one of the easier guys in the league to defend: just close off his left and he’s helpless.

  • A’s in 2009

    Pass on Lamar O’Dumb.

  • “The Ricker”

    We already have an Odom…his real name is Anthony Randolph.

  • commish

    Reading Adam’s blog on deconstructing the team and front office with a true vision about building a new team for the future, while depriving Nelson of getting another vet who will bring nothing to helping us build for the future, then of course pass on Odom. If we go for a vet, it should be Jason Kidd or sign Sessions to a mid-level exception.

  • Perry

    Jason Kidd is damaged goods…………

    The guy can barely keep a player in front of him on D.

    Jason Kidd of the New Jersey Nets is what we need……not Jason Kidd of the Dallas Mavericks.

    I’d rather have a younger, more eager PG that is ready to start fresh with a new team………Jose Calderon, Devin Harris and JJ Barrea come to mind………Kirk Hinrich a possiblity as well.


    Sorry Bill(#4), we already dont have class as an organization and I don’t think bringing in Howard would make us less classy… If anything he would just give us a younger scorer but Warriors and Class should never be in the same sentence.


    I like Odom but like a couple of people have mentioned his is way to inconsistent for the money that he is going to be asking for. Plus I don’t think we can bring him off the bench b/c we already have the best 6th man in the NBA, Corey (I gets my numbers ) Maggette…(Dripping with sarcasm)

    hey if you talk to fitz everyone wants a guy who gets you 20 off the bench but it is funny how he never brings up the injury issue w/ maggs but he is always willing to bring it up with not re-signing Baron.

  • alan t.

    He’s already said he will never live away from the beach. When did Oakland get itself a beach? I looked on Google Earth, I didn’t see one. Maybe their software just hasn’t been updated.

  • Perry

    Anthony Randolph is close to Lamar Odom as far as skill set, lean, slender body and athleticism is concerned……..but he doesn’t get to the basket and finish with both hands as well as Lamar. Lamar gets all the way to the basket, Anthony, right now, is not as consistent in getting to the basket.

    Both can handle the ball, I even think Lamar is a little bit better in handling than Anthony…….not much that Anthony has that Lamar does not.

    Not saying we should pick him up, but I like Lamar’s game a little more…….Anthony is more of an “above the rim” player obviouslly at this point in his career.

    But don’t forget, Lamar Odom of the L.A. Clippers and the Miami Heat as the # 1 offensive option, …. was a 22+ppg scorer and an All-Star……I don’t if Anthony is there yet!

  • Perry

    It’s difficult to get a gauge of a player in a “Phil Jackson” system.

    Phil uses players how he wants to use players…..similar to Nelson in that regard and only that regard.

    Radmanovic, for example, ……we all know that Vladimir was primarily a stand still 3 point shooter….but we also know that he can run the floor pretty well and can get to the basket if he wants too…….

    Phil used him in spot situations where he needed another perimeter shooter……….when he was hot…it was great…..when he was cold…..Phil verbally abused him.

    Similar relationship that Nelson had with Al Harrington. Nelson wanted Harrington to be a stand still 3 point shooter, that’s it. ….but that suffocated his game and it caused dissention between the 2. Then, he goes to New York and averages 25 ppg for the rest of the season.

    If Phil Jackson wants you to play 17 minutes a game…….you play 17 minutes a game.

    If Phil Jackson wants you to stand at the 3 point line and shoot open shots…….you stand at the 3 point line and shoot open shots.

    If Phil Jackson wants you to defer to # 24 down the stretch……you defer to # 24 down the stretch.

    I think Lamar can handle being the # 1 option on an average to good team…………..I think he can average 21 ppg + if he is the # 1 option on a decent team.

    Imagine Lamar Odom, Corey Maggette, Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis……….I think that would give us as much offensive fire power as the Denver Nuggets, but without the good coaching, decent defense and real “go to” option (Carmello Anthony).

  • Perry

    ESPN Inside reporting that Manu Ginobilii is on the trading block……..Washington is named as a possilbe destination……..you have to imagine a deal like that woul probably include Antawn Jamison.

    Why not jump in on the Ginobilli sweepstakes?…..One of the best offensive and most competitive players in the league…..if you don’t believe me……just ask Kobe Bryant.

    Manu is well-respected by Kobe Bryant. Bryant calls him “One of the most competitive players he’s played against.”………..Damon Stoudemire confirmed that Manu was one of the most competitive players in the league during his stint with San Antonio.

    We all know what this Argentinian can do…….he would be absolutely fantastic for this team……

    If we don’ get him, maybe we can jump in on a 3 way deal with Washington, San Antonio and us, ending up with Antawn, worst case scenario.

  • Lufty455

    No chance of Odom going here for sure if the Lakers win the championship. Better luck next time Warriors.

  • Perry

    “Warriors and class should never be in the same sentence”………..love it “MRFJG_SON”,………… fucking love it……..

    You’re absolutely right, “MRFJG_SON”,………..the black-listing, subsequent firing of Chris Mullin and the way they dragged that whole fiasco out…… was probably one of the most low class moves in their franchise history.


    Thanks perry, although I’m not quite sure you mean it, lol… I liked your breakdown of Jackson’s offense but I don’t agree with you on Odom being a #1 option. I think at best Odom is a 3rd scoring option. The only reason I say that is because of his inconsistent play and how sometimes he gets lost in the flow of the game. Plus the fact that he only wants to live near a beach (even though the bay area can provide him with one) and the fact that candy can affect his game play is a little questionable.

    Obviously he is the prototypical nellie forward but I just don’t see Odom puttng forth the effort day in and day out. Plus like someone already said if the Fake show wins he is gonna re-sign with em, probably not for the money he wants but he will re-sign.

    I love Manu but he has a lot of miles on his body and don’t think it would be the best thing to pay for a guy who is gonna break down in 2 years or so. Plus I think manu is more effective because a team has to deal with parker and duncan constantly which leaves manu in alot of one on one situations. Whereas here, I am not quite sure how he would fit into a nellie system. Maybe i’m wrong but I don’t think it would be the best move to make. Plus where are we going to get the money from to sign someone like him?

    Perry your not as bad as I originally thought, although I still think you might be Fitz in disguise…lol..I will withhold judgement though until I come across some hard evidence…lol

  • deano

    I agree with those above who say pass on Odom, because we already have a good 4 in Randolph; and use our trade assets to acquire a veteran 1, because we currently have squat at that position. Kidd played well last season; so did Steve Nash and Andre Miller. Any of them would be great acquision, especially if we can dump Maggette and/or Crawford in the process. Nelson will cede floor control of the Warriors only to a point guard of that stature. We should still draft a point guard, for the future. You know that Nellie would never let a rookie run the team.