Morrow’s Ridiculous

The Warriors’ second-year Anthonys, Morrow and Randolph, have been working out together like crazy at the Warriors practice facility. Morrow has the staff gushing over his work ethic and development. His shooting ability still has members of the organization shaking their heads in disbelief.
Today, he was playing some form of horse with assistant coach Russell Turner. Morrow was shooting with his left hand, banking 17-footers with ease.

“I shoot better with my left than you,” Morrow shouted across the gym to Randolph, who is left-handed. He later challenged Randolph to a shooting competition. “I’ll shoot with my left hand and you shoot with your left hand.”

During shooting drills, Morrow made 98 of 114 from 3-point range. That’s 86 percent.

Randolph: “I can’t do that from midrange. Some people couldn’t do that shooting lay-ups.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Earl Monroe

    The future of the warriors hangin’ out at the gym………………..

  • Hopefully morrow gets some burn at the 2 or 3 next year, with Jackson and Buke playing those sports. Someone that can shoot like this needs to be on the court, hopefully he can get like 20 mins a game

  • Warrior Streak

    I agree, we need a nice shooter like Morrow on the floor. Like their dedication.

  • A’s in 2009

    The first beat writer to get a Workout schedule for Draftees gets a cookie!

  • jsl

    The Anthony’s made that last month of our lost season palatable — particularly good was their post-game interview laughing their heads off at a question about Nelson’s influence on their play.

    We surely saw the future in AR at the four (I’m still not sure why people want him to play three; he’s a natural at four and needs to spend time down low). But the real year end revelation for me was Dead-Eye Morrow.

    This kid is a pure shooter — already on a par with Mullin, the best we’ve had in the past generation. you really have to go back to Short to get a sweeter shooter. It’s no surprise that he’s hitting 85% of his trays in practice.

    But Morrow showed a lot more in that last month — when he finally got a chance under Smart to play key minutes. What did we see? Well, first the guy showed us he’s learned some D. Then, he started grabbing boards down low. (He should get 5-6 a game, if he gets the minutes he needs and deserves.) Then we saw more movement from him on offense, away from the ball. (He’s not a passer — yet — but he could be since he learns really well.) In short, he was improving in all aspects of the game, just like AR. (Funny how that happens when talented kids are allowed off the bench.)

    But the nicest thing I saw was that AM showed he wasn’t just catch-and-shoot; he could shoot for distance off the dribble by season’s end. That’s something impressive. And that’s something Mullin never mastered. (He could score down low off the dribble, because like Jack he changes speeds really well — both go from slow to slower better than almost anyone. But he couldn’t dribble and shoot a three off it. Morrow can, and he’ll only get better.)

    And it’s great to see that both Anthony’s are working their tails off this off-season, because they’re both dedicated guys. While I don’t see Morrow bulking up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see AR fill out a bit, tho he doesn’t need it as much as BW because he’s got that wonderful Worm-like ability to work down low that made Rodman such a force.

    The sky’s the limit for both of ’em, unless Nelson (or the FO) really goes out of his petulant way to screw things up. We know he can; we’ve just got to hope he won’t screw THAT pooch.

  • WarriorDeFunctus

    After the warrior staff writing positive stuff on the comment section, I don’t want to believe in ANYONE’s positive posts. See what you did you *freakin* ownership?

  • Big Mike

    Morrow is willing to work on his game. If he works on his ballhandling, play him at SG. Monta at PG, Morrow at SG, Jax at 3, Randolph 4, Biedrins 5. Off the bench, Mags, Wright, rookie PG, Marco, Rony.

  • Oregonwarriorfan

    You could market these guys to the techie types as ‘Anthony Squared’.

  • Perry

    Let’s all calm down until these guys actually do something………

    Let’s hold off on giving them nick names until Randolph learns how to stay out of foul trouble and not turn the ball over. And let’s wait and see if Anthony Morrow can consistently produce when given the minutes……

    It’s nice to get excited about young players……but the team still sucks and we finished 25 games under .500.

    Let’s hold off on crowning these guys as the 2nd coming of Christ until they actually contribute to a winning franchise……….

    It’s tough to judge young talent when they get spot duty and 22 minutes a game in meaningless games when their squad is 30 games out of 1st.

    Let’s see how they produce when we’re fighting for a playoff spot and playing in significant games……

  • JustPuked

    Remember when we were gushing over that other big/small duo Biedrins and Ellis? We all know Nellie can’t wait to trade for a “Veteran” presence on the team (as if we don’t have enough of that with Jackson, Maggette and Crawford). You know which players other GM’s want? Morrow and Randolph. Don’t hold your breath looking forward to watching all this youth grow with the team. Nellie’s in this for the short haul and he’ll trade any of these guys in a heart beat to get another veteran he can overplay until the guy falls apart.

    (deep sigh) Bygones.

    Wow, that sounds GREAT Marcus. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  • Perry

    Young players SHOULD be working hard……that’s why they’re in the NBA.

    Are we supposed to pat every NBA player on the back for doing their job, staying in shape and working on their games in the off-season.

    All young players do that……why don’t you go and ask Derrick Rose how hard he worked last year before the season to end up like the player he did……..

    These guys should continue to work hard at their games…..that”s their job.

    Look at Kobe, 31 years old, still waking up at 3AM to work out, then going to practice and shoot around later in the day, on a fucking game night for god’s sakes……….

    Great NBA players have to work hard at their game.

    Let’s not jump the gun on the 2 Anthony’s just yet……..they haven’t done shit yet!

  • blahblahblah

    Perry – you are a doosh

  • Perry

    “Blah” – you are a dildo

  • Jerry

    Marcus you made the point near the end of the season that forget about Jax, Mags, Monta, Buike, Crawford or whoever else is on the team getting shots, Mo needs his touches like crazy. What do you think the odds are of him starting along side Jax and Monta?

    Also Im pretty sure he is a free agent after next season. If he gets off to a good start, do you think the W’s will try to lock him up?

  • dubs4life

    alright first off all Perry needs to shut up and second off all he doesnt even sound like a warriors FAN…..so why don’t u go give ur B.S. “reasons” to someone else and leave this post to the true warriors fans.

  • These guys will be the best of friends for a long time.

    I remember after one game, someone asked Randolph I about the playing he and Morrow were finally getting and they both had grins ear-to-ear as if to say “Finally!” It was on YouTube. Forgot which game though.


  • Anthony Randolph is 6’11 and 220 now. 🙂