Jennings Certainly Has Swagger

Warriors fans should be especially acquainted with Los Angeles point guards, having Baron Davis and Marcus Williams on the team the last couple years. One thing SoCal PGs don’t lack is swagger. Jennings is no different.
With “Young Money” embroidered on his shoes and a confident smile painted on his face, Jennings proclaimed himself to be the man for the Warriors.

Jennings: “That’s what I’ve been hearing through the media – that they’re looking for a pure point guard, someone to run the team. I’m that guy, hopefully.”

According to some Warriors staff members who watched the workout, Jennings “is definitely a true point guard.” His athleticism and ball-handling and court vision was on display against a tough-nosed player in Jonny Flynn from Syracuse.
Jennings can’t shoot a lick, from what I was told, but he make plays. He said his experience overseas gives him an edge.

Jennings: “I’m more mature. I think more than the other guys because of the year I had in Europe, just not even playing. Going through that, tough times up and down, the challenges that I faced, so I think I have the upper hand against some of these guys.”

The question is going to become what the Warriors want most: a playmaker who can’t shoot (Jennings), an excellent shooter who isn’t really a true point (Stephan Curry), a shooting guard with some point guard skills (Evans), a prototype NBA point guard who needs a lot of development (Holiday), an undersized, hard-nosed PG (Flynn), or a veteran off another roster.

Jennings said he and Monta would pair well together, especially on defense, where he said they would be “scary.” Certainly, with his uptempo style of play, and the likes of Ellis, Anthony Randolph and Kelenna Azubuike running the break, Jennings could work. The Warriors are already committed to playing Nellie ball for years to come, per the brain trust, so you could see the thinking behind drafting Jennings and grooming him to run the show in three or four years.

The same could be sad for Curry, however, who can probably develop into a floor general as fast as Jennings can develop a shot. The same could be said for Holiday, who is exactly how the NBA likes his PGs, sizable, athletic, skilled and versatile.

Check out Jennings’ entire interview transcript on Matt Steinmetz’s blog.

Marcus Thompson

  • rudy

    Its the pick that makes the most sense, take Jennings if he’s there

  • Sparko Smellineli

    Jennings is too small, and didn’t really do anything in europe. Draft Holiday.

  • J Canseco

    He can’t shoot, and he’s too small to guard 2’s for Monta. Don’t see this happening.

  • JustPuked

    His game reminds me of a young Jamal Crawford.

  • Brian F

    To J Canseco:

    He can’t shoot? Neither could Tim Hardaway when we first got him. I seen the guy play in high school and I’m telling you he has Chris Paul type ability. I don’t know what direction (the Warriors) are going in(knowing them they’ll draft another swing) but if they do go poing guard then Jennings is the guy. You don’t pass up that type of talent for a couple of tall guards (Holiday, Evans) who are not true point guards and may or may not develop into one. We already have that in Ellis.

  • Perry

    I’m sorry, I just can’t get excited about the draft when I know our franchise is in complete disarray and we don’t have a legitimate “go to” option down the stretch.

    I mean just look at the 2009 playoffs…….we are so far behind all the playoff teams, even the ones that were eliminated in the 1st round like Utah and New Orleans………….those teams are still miles ahead of us in terms of coaching, offensive and defensive philosophy and having “go to” options.

    So, that means that we are worlds behind Denver, Houston and Los Angeles. We have 0 chance against these guys.

    Brandon Jennings isn’t gonna help shit.

    Either are our current players.

    We need to make a move for a great player that can take over in the 4th quarter……that’s it, plain and simple.

    Most Warrior fans seem to get excited about these little consolation prizes called Anthony Randolph and Anthony Morrow………….

    But these guys haven’t played in 1 meaningful NBA game yet.

    There is still so much uncertainty surrounding the personnel and the rotations.

    I will say it again…….package #7, Anthony Randolph, Jamal Crawford and maybe Turiaf to Toronto for Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon.

    We would still keep 3 fantastic scorers in: Maggette, Ellis and Jackson, we would still keep a young PF in B. Wright and we will still have perimeter options for open 3s in Belinelli and Morrow and we would still have CJ and Kelenna for back-up backcourt roles……….I think you would have to start Calderon at PG.

    50 wins and a better team than any of you can think of.


    Sorry Perry but No DOUGH on that one…

  • Perry

    No Dough?…….I didn’t check the trade machine to see if contracts match up,…but Turiaf is $17 million, Crawford has a big deal………

    You dump a lot of salary with that and pick up Calderon’s decent size contract and Bosh’s.

    I think it’s a great deal!

  • Perry

    You guys are just “too sold” on Anthony Randolph.

    Anthony Randolph is a combination of Hakim Warrick, Stromile Swift and Jermario Moon all in one…..he is no KG.

    Lamar Odom was being humble and nice when he said that Randolph is “10 times more athletic than he was as a rookie.”

    Some local Bay Area reporter asked Lamar the question after the last meeting last year…….and Lamar, being a more humble, soft-spoken and quiet guy, answered by saying, “Yes, Anthony’s a nice player.”

    And all the Bay Area people took that to mean that Lamar gave Anthony his “seal of approval.”

    Come on, guys…….NBA players compliment each other all the time. It’s part of the orientation program rookies go throough when they enter the league that teach them how to be humble and classy players and respect their peers, that’s all.

    Lamar was just being classy…….Lamar knows that he is much smoother than Anthony at getting to the rim.

    In last night’s game, there were at least 4 Lamar Odom takes to the basket that Anthony would have blown for sure……he would have either turned the ball over or thrown up some wild shot.

    Lamar is better.

  • Sparko Smellineli

    haha, i thought rowell was the worst person that could run the warriors, I was wrong thankfully perry is not our VP

  • DW

    Why the Jennings piece? Is this the guy you would pick out of the bunch? This draft doesn’t wow me for some reason but I do hope we play whoever it is we pick.

  • Kommon Senze

    You can say it all you want, Perry, but it still doesn’t make the trade you propose even a remote possibility. As MRFJG_SON notes, it doesn’t work financially, so there is strike one.

    Crawford + Turiaf + Randolph = $16.2 million in 2009-10 salary

    Bosh + Calderon = $24 million in 2009-10 salary

    The value coming in has to be withing 125% + $100,000 of the value going out. The Warriors could not accept more than $20.3 million in the deal. FAIL.

    Also, there is no way the Raptors are going to trade Calderon. You add him into the deal like he’s a throw-away, but they traded away TJ Ford so they could keep Calderon. Why? Because he’s a very good replica of Steve Nash (excellent court vision, high-percentage shooter, high assist-to-TO ratio), which is the exact type of PG Bryan Colangelo wants running his team. They just gave him a fat extension, and now you think they’ll just throw their second best player into a trade with their best for a package of role players and a 19 year old who may become a great player someday? Not happening. Not even close again. FAIL x2.

    It’s a great deal for the Warriors, sure, but the Raptors would hang up the phone laughing in hysterics if that was offered.

  • Perry

    Calderon is a fantastic PG…….I never implied him being a “throw in.”

    I want him because he’s good.

    Teams trade players they extended recently all the time…….remember Jason Richardson? Troy Murphy? Derek Fisher? Mike Dunleavy?

    Didn’t we extend those guys then let them go.

    Point being, sometimes teams realize they made mistakes and try to reverse them.

    Not saying the extension to Calderon was a mistake……….he’s a tremendous player….but Toronto is a desperate team right now with no direction.

    Also, the Toronto Raptors extended Jason Kapono then turned around and dealt him to Philadelphia 2 days ago.

    The money not matching fine……I dind’t check it….I’m just throwing out ideas……..but teams extend players all the time, then turn around and get rid of them.

  • Kommon Senze

    Perry.. you’re just throwing things against a wall hoping they stick, and, sorry to be frank, but they aren’t very well thought out ideas.

    Toronto is not trading Calderon. You may think they have no direction, but that’s primarily based on the uncertainty surrounding Bosh. Calderon is their second best player, period, and he was kept over TJ Ford. Kapono was not extended; he was signed as a FA in 2007, but Colangelo quickly realized that Kapono can do only one thing well, shoot, while he is so bad defensively that he cannot earn minutes on the floor. Kapono was like the 7th or 8th guy in the rotation (at the end of the year, Joey Graham had passed him), which is why he was expendable.

    There’s a difference between moving players who are ballast and moving players who are core.

    And if they are desperate, as you claim, again.. please explain why they would offer up Calderon and Bosh for a package centered around Jamal Crawford and Turiaf? They could get a lot more for Calderon on his own, let alone paired with their best player. You, yourself, are saying Randolph is a nothing at this point, so how is it that he makes that deal better for Toronto?

    Throwing ideas out is fine, but don’t expect people to just accept your ideas as gold.

  • Fitz

    gotta love when people bash Jennings for not doing anything in pro leagues then say draft Holiday who put up similar numbers at the college level.


    Sorry perry gotta agree wit Kommon, Colangelo has said in interviews that Calderon is not going anywhere. He has even said Barnigini (not sure on the spelling) is off the table. More to the point, it is just a ridiculous trade in terms of talent and contracts.

    As for AR, the reason I am sold on him is because he has 10x the fire and intensity of Odom and is only 19!!! Once again he is only 19, which means he will get better. Plus you cannot teach that type of passion and once AR learns how to harness it ala KG he will move to the next level. Didn’t Odom come out of High School and it took him a couple of years to develop into the player he is now. This is not to say that I don’t like Odom’s game but I just don’t think he will be worth the money. I think I said it in the Odom thread, but I can’t rely on this guy b/c he gets lost in the flow of the game and can be influenced by gummi bears and candy…lol.

    Don’t know about you but I would rather not have that tpe of player. I still don’t agree with your opinion about him being a #1 option either. Obviously its your opinion but I just don’t subscribe to it because you talk of Odom as if he is a star in the league and at best I think he is a Really good player with All-star potential if he decides to put it together for a year.

    Whereas even after playing half a year full time, AR has showed that he has the potential to be a perennial all-star and a super star in the league. Now you’ll probably ask how I can make that assumption? I would just say look at the way he plays and the fact that he wants to get better and is already putting in work during the off-season to do so. To compare AR to Stromile Swift or Hakim Warrick is just ridiculous. How many years have both of those guys been in the league and have they ever shown a want or desire to get better? No, instead they just rely on their athleticism to get by and don’t work on their game.

    Moon is another story b/c Moon came out of nowhere and was not a highly touted draft pick. He worked hard and came out of the D-League. So if anything Moon may have the same type of drive to be good like AR but AR is way more talented.

    So sorry Perry, can’t agree with you on your call to give away the farm for 2 players that A.)don’t match salaries B.)Only one is under contract while the other will be a free agent in 2010.

  • Keep Ellis, Randolph, Biedrins, Morrow.

    Find someone (stupider than us) to take Maggette and Crawford off the books and go from there.

    Forget Chris Bosh, he is not the answer.

  • J Canseco

    Warriors should use Biedrins to package one of the “bad” contracts and pick up a dominant PF. Turiaf, who is cheaper and better than AB, will be the team’s starting center.

  • Kommon Senze

    Quick correction:

    Odom played a year at Rhode Island, so he was not a HS-to-NBA player. Odom also has always been a more refined ball-handler, but I agree.. Randolph has more passion; plays with a much bigger chip on his shoulder.

    As for Turiaf as the team’s starting C. No way. He’s perfect as a backup C and occasional PF, but he doesn’t rebound well enough to be a full time C. Turiaf goes for the block too much, and doesn’t have the height or athleticism to make up for that tactical decision to get enough rebounds. Having a dominant PF may off-set that a bit, but Randolph’s future is as a PF, anyway, so why block his path?

    Biedrins should be kept unless a better C can be attained (and there really aren’t many who are better that would be available).

  • A’s in 2009

    Stephen Curry is shutting down workouts, he obviously only wants to be a Knick. So cross him off the list.


  • OptimusPrime

    Do we really need another pg. We have Crawford, Monta and Watson. I thought Monta plaed well at the the one when he retrned.

    I saw an interview last week in which Nelson stated that Monta was his pg. He said he wants to play Randolph at SF. If thats the case then I think they will draft a PF. Hopefully Jordan Hill will slip.


    Thanks Kommon, wasn’t positive but thought that Odom had come outta high school.

    Totally agree with you on Turiaf being a great back up. Plus you forgot to mention that Ronny at least has a little 12 ft jump shot from the top of the key where Beans doesn’t have a perimeter game. Although Turiaf does protect the rim, by constantly going for the block he ends up a lot of times out of position for rebounds and which is why his REB #s aren’t as good.

    I think you and I are both in agreement that Perry’s proposal should not be going down. Sorry Perry, your mortgaging too much for short term gain and going a little against what you said earlier about the Warriors not knowing how to rebuild. This is the exact type of move that would show that they don’t know how to rebuild.

    Really, I think the only way the dubs are going to get Bosh is if they would have some expiring contracts to package with one of the vets. Since we don’t have any of those b/c the FO thought it was a great idea to re-up maggs, jack, and take on craw-daddy’s contracts the team was really left with almost no flexibility and thus a really slim, slim chance of even sniffing Bosh without mortgaging the future. At this point I would rather not mortgage the future just to not make the playoffs for next year and have Bosh be a FA in 2010.

    One thing that I would like to see if anyone knows what is going on with the CBA that is gonna be up and how that will affect players opting out and whether or not they are trying to sign under the old agreement or just waiting to see how the new one flys. From what it sounds like the players still think that mid-level players are going to be able to get max deals. While the owners are definitely going to be tightening up the purse strings and only a couple of the organizations have made the necessary fiscal moves to account for that. Does anyone know or have any new info on how negotiations are coming?

  • JustPuked

    #19 OptimusPrime

    “I saw an interview last week in which Nelson stated that Monta was his pg. He said he wants to play Randolph at SF.”

    I missed that last bit about Nellie wanting to play Randolph at the 3. Any chance you have a link to an article or interview clip confirming that? The part about Monta at PG as been around for awhile but this is the first I’ve heard Nellie, and not just fans talk about AR at small forward.

  • OptimusPrime

    Sorry I dont have a link, but I found that very interesting as well. It was the interview after the finals the other day. I’ll see if I can find it.

    It makes sense because AR has the handles and jump shot to play SF, but where does that leave Magette and Azubuke. Didnt they play mostly SF last year. Thats probably why Nelson keeps sayin he wants to add another rebounder.

  • A’s in 2009

    “Do we really need a PG”? LOL

    Oh we’re just fine with I’m really a 6’2″ SG Watson, Lame Duck Craw, and “I’m just a guard” Ellis. C’mon… Its funny seeing people convince themselves we don’t need a PG, are you kidding me?

  • Trey

    You clearly can’t build a team around Ellis. He can’t dribble, pass, or defend, and all of your personnel decisions are workarounds to cover his glaring deficiencies. Every damn mock draft is based on us finding someone who is tall, athletic, can dribble and pass like a PG and defend like a lockdown 2. The guys in the league right now that fit those criteria are Lebron, Wade, Deron Williams, Manu, Joe Johnson, or Brandon Roy. Good luck with finding that guy in this draft or in a trade for Crawford or Maggette.

    And while this draft is PG heavy, none of these guys are going to be a dominant, starting PG for at least two, maybe three years. So you better have a different strategy than expecting anyone in this draft coming in and helping you win 5 more games, much less the 15 needed to get into the playoffs. Add to this we are over the cap for the next 5 years, and guess what, we need a more drastic change than drafting the right 19yr old.

    Trade Maggette for Baron.
    Trade Ellis and Jackson for McGrady and picks.
    Draft Jennings (or whoever they think has franchise PG potential).
    Trade Wright and Belinelli for the pick to draft Terrance Williams (a younger, more athletic SJax glue guy).

    PG: Baron, Jennings, Watson
    SG: McGrady, Crawford, Williams
    SF: Buke, Morrow
    PF: Randolph, Davidson (and Turiaf)
    C: Biedrins, Turiaf

    The best thing about this is one, you clear a ton of long-term cap space. Two, you’ve got the depth to reduce Baron and McGrady’s minutes so they stay healthy. If McGrady can play 25 minutes and Baron 25 minutes they may stay healthy, this is already a much better team than last year.

    Morrow and Randolph can realistically contribute 20 minutes a game. Jennings and Williams 10 mins each. But most importantly, the young guys can be brought into situations that they can be successful, like playing against other backups at the end of the quarters, and not forced to start against the Lebrons, CP3, and Kobe.

    If the team plays well, everyone benefits. If not, you can blow the team up and trade Turiaf for a good young piece to a contender. He’s got real value. McGrady’s expiring contract will be worthwhile to someone so you could snag a good young player for that, or you let him expire and clear cap. If Baron plays well, he has trade value. If not, he’s still better than Maggette so we just eat it.

    Baron’s deal is not the greatest, but it’s going to take 3 years for Jennings to replace him, at which point Baron has a nice expiring contract. And unlike Monta, you can play Jennings and Baron together because Baron can guard either guard slot.

    No matter what our record, we enter the year dumping a ton of bad contracts with solid young pieces (and potential stars) at each position (Jennings, Williams, Buke/Morrow, Randolph, Biedrins), and with three really solid vets to lead the way (BD, McGrady, and Turiaf).

    The trade scenarios are plausible too.

  • GSWFan24

    Trey, I like where your going

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Trey, you clearly have this thought out – nice job! I’d go in a different direction, though.
    Trade Monta and BWright to Atlanta for Josh Smith and Acie Law. U
    se the #7 pick for Jennings, Flynn or Holiday.
    Trade Maggette and Law to the Clips for Baron.
    Trade Jackson and Crawford to Houston for McGrady.

    PG – Baron, Jennings/Holiday/Flynn, Watson
    SG – McGrady, Bellinelli, Buike
    SF – Randolph, Morrow
    PF – Smith, Davidson/Turiaf
    C – Biedrins, Turiaf/Davidson

  • Ron

    Trading Monta + Jackson for $23 mill worth of brokedown T Mac? Trading Wright AND Belinnelli to get Terrance Williams…to be another surplus SG? We need to be EVEN in rebounds….not minus 10 or 15. We can’t assume a guy like Jennings is different than Omar Cook or Mateen Cleaves or other PG’s who could pass but could not add SOME shooting.

    The Trade for Bosh stuff…It certainly fails if you also bring Baron back. Bosh is either a false shortcut,a 1 year rental who bolts..or he stays but at over $20 mill a year. Add Baron’s contract and that’s $35 mill a year. If Ellis-Jackson-Biedrins are still here…that’s $65 mill for 5 players and we’re nearing the lux tax with 9-10 spots left.

    What if……What if, like T-Mac,J O’Neal,Brand,Bosh has injuries and becomes damaged goods with a large mega contract? What if what we gave turns into 2-4 guys who ALL are damn good. Oops.

    Mostly,Bosh has said he intends to NOT sign now. Likely he wants a contender…and we have not been that for 3 decades. For sure he wants max $ and we have a lot of $10 mill contracts here.

    If….Nellie says he wants Monta at PG, AR at SF…and will take Hill if he lasts to 7…..Hoooray. Nellie
    is actually going to build off what’s here rather than have an annual thing of start all over.

    Having only 4 guys to play the PF/C jobs….and one of those playing some SF,means we are THIN up front.
    In the other sense…PF’s Randolph + Wright are THIN.
    We need a bit of BEEF and BANGER. Hill, Blair,Hansborough…whichever.

    Jennings and Holiday just had a season where they were
    Just okay as a college SG or a Backup Euro PG. If either is ELITE…I’d think they might have averaged at least 10 pt with some assts and a nice shooting %.

    Flynn, Curry+ Lawson DID good things…look it up. I saw them, and they WERE dominant factors when on the floor. Holiday,was not.

    Wings, like T-Will or DeRozean or even Evans….we HAVE that. Azu and Morrow were 2 of the BEST pure shooters in the league…each is athletic,each has NBA…PRO…games of 30+points or 10+ rebounds.
    Meanwhile both WAIT for an opening to play more.

  • justafan

    Mag has to go Craw should go Baron must not come back, Jack should go to the mavs, Nellie must go. RR must go Chris Cohan MUST sell the team to someone that can create a winner and until then we (the Fans) should… Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team!!

  • Nerdball

    Justafen is pretty much on the money…
    Chris Cohen is screwing the warriors into oblivion.

    BWright and ARandolph are keepers just play them a bit and youll get a glimpse into the future…

    Andres Biedrins and Ronny T is the C combo you need to keep. Such a good combo and no-one notices them!

    Monta is a great scorer and will be solid for years but is sick of the Cohan/Nellie stupidity… trade him if you get a good deal.

    SJax got a championship in SanAntonio so he is Solid now you gave him an extension… he is an excellent defensive winner.

    Bring back Baron Davis and ship out Corey Mag ASAP!

    Pietrus is the example of what the warriors do…
    He is playing in the Finals and defending Kobe Bryant.

    Azibuke and Morrow are gonna do the same, bolt and thrive.

    So with Cohen/Nellie its like that… They all Bolt-N-thrive.

    Mullin was your only hope as a GM.

  • Cohen_Hater

    Justafen is pretty much on the money…
    Chris Cohen is screwing the warriors into oblivion.

    BWright and ARandolph are keepers just play them a bit and youll get a glimpse into the future…

    Andres Biedrins and Ronny T is the C combo you need to keep. Such a good combo and no-one notices them!

    Monta is a great scorer and will be solid for years but is sick of the Cohan/Nellie stupidity… trade him if you get a good deal.

    SJax got a championship in SanAntonio so he is Solid now you gave him an extension… he is an excellent defensive winner.

    Bring back Baron Davis and ship out Corey Mag ASAP!

    Pietrus is the example of what the warriors do…
    He is playing in the Finals and defending Kobe Bryant.

    Azibuke and Morrow are gonna do the same, bolt and thrive.

    So with Cohen/Nellie its like that… They all Bolt-N-thrive.

    Mullin was your only hope as a GM.

  • dubs4life

    I think the Warriors should draft Jennings…..just imagine him and Ellis running the floor and plus jennings is more of a true point guard then evans or curry……nobody would be able to stop monta and jennings….plus jennings said that his and monta’s defense would be scary so thats a good sign that they would be good on defense. I like Curry but now i wouldn’t draft him because his heart would not be in Oakland instead it would be in New York like A’s in 2009 said……I would also trade Maggette and maybe someone else for Baron Davis….having Baron bak would bring so much energy and would revive Golden State….in agreement with what someone else said about getting baron and putting jennings and him together….and how they said that barons contract would expire which would give jennings enough time to get som much better…..plus he looks like a guy who would be happy to be drafted to golden state

  • dubs4life

    but the only thing is what would happen to C.J. Watson because I really like him and he has soooooo much potential to be a great point guard and i dont wanna get rid of him. anyways cuz jamal’s not gunna be here next year unfortunately…..and it woule be just great to see baron/ jennings baron/ellis ellis/jennings running the floor completely unstoppable and plus baron is a great defender so that would help….any one of those combos would be superb.

  • Bill

    …maybe we should just trade the pick instead of overstocking at any one position….besides, we all know any rookie Nelson has on the bench isn’t going to get a chance ….I’m still puzzled about why we gave up a first round pick to get Marcus Williams so he could sit on the bench either in street clothes or fully dressed and ignored by Nelson until well after the deadline…prediction, he will latch on with some other team and come back to hurt the Warriors in at least one game next year….mark it down…

  • Bring this guy in. No one else should be looked at.

  • Chris

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