Should the Warriors Take Curry Anyway?

It seems Stephen Curry won’t be working out with the Warriors because he wants to play for the Knicks. But I know for sure people whose opinion matter inside the Warriors organization think highly of Curry.
I’ve been told his basketball IQ is off the charts, he has better court vision than most expect of a shooter, and his athleticism is less of an issue than people think. And the Warriors certainly could use his stroke.
Should Golden State nix Curry’s suspected plans of playing for the Knicks and draft the star guard? (I certainly would and, at the very least, make the Knicks pay for him. Even if it’s a second-round pick.) If he’s the guy they want, should they let his desire to play elsewhere get in the way?

Marcus Thompson

  • Burke

    Yes, draft Curry! It became painfully obvious last year that they need somebody with some serious basketball IQ and court vision. I don’t know what to think about Hill but other than that, why not? What do you really learn from a workout that you don’t already know from scouting anyway?
    The question is, does someone drafting 2-6 think the same thing?

  • Wilson

    Yes. He’s my first PG choice after Rubio. Even assuming that the rumor is true, you don’t let a kid dictate where he’s going. My impression is that Curry is a high character kid who will be a good teammate wherever he’s selected.

  • JustPuked

    Unless Hill is still on the board…

  • OliverStone

    Havent seen him play a lot, but have been reading he has surprising strength & toughness for his size? Maybe he has some of that AR wiryness & cajones?!

    I would imagine the biggest attraction for NelsonRiley, would be Currys readiness to play right-away!

  • Kommon Senze

    I don’t know that they should draft Curry, but I’ve thought all along that he makes the most sense if on the board for the Warriors. Kawakami seemed to speculate that Curry’s absence from the Warrior short-list had to do with the Warriors not having interest, but I find that to be very questionable. Curry seems tailor-made to play Nellie-ball: He has the IQ to run an offense, he can shoot the lights out (D’Antoni joked that the Knicks couldn’t take him because Allan Houston didn’t want to be known as the “2nd best shooting Knick of all-time”), and he has three years of college (and an impossible run in the NCAA tourney) on his resume.

    He also tested out better athletically than people thought he would, and his 10 reps of the 185′ bar shows he’s stronger than he looks. He’s still probably too small to really play next to Ellis all the time, but (and this is the part I’m a little wary about, personally) if he shows that he’s competent enough to run the point and actually produce right away, he could give the Warriors an excuse to trade or package Ellis to get a player at a bigger need position.

    I really would rather not trade Ellis away, as I think building off the core of Ellis, Biedrins, Randolph, and Morrow should be the focus of the team. That largely assumes, though, that Ellis can become a PG or that the team can find a SG in the mold of a Brandan Roy/Joe Johnson to play alongside Ellis. Stephen Jackson, for all that he tries to do, is really not that level of a player.

    Should be interesting to see how things shake out.

    I wonder if the Knicks would try to make some kind of offer to move up even one spot in the draft if Curry is there at #7 and the Warriors indicate they will take him barring a trade.

  • Sparko Smellineli

    draft curry?

    instead of scoring 108 pts/gm we would score 118 pts/gm

    BUT…instead of allowing 110 pts/gm we would give up 125 pts/gm with a backcourt of ME8 and Curry

  • Sparko Smellineli

    package ME, AR, AM, and the 7th pick for CP3

  • some guy

    that same site already has an update where Curry is probably going 3-7 & is supposedly only behind Griffin & Thabeet.


  • zeelurker

    Yes they should draft him if they think he’s the best player. The last thing you want is a situation like the Todd Fuller / Kobe Bryant draft where they didn’t draft the best available player because Kobe’s agent said he would only play for the Lakers leaving the Warriors (and a few other teams) with wasted draft picks.

  • AptosBeng

    So, exactly what do we do with Monta if we draft Curry? they can’t play together…plus, I just got a Monta city jersey, you can not trade him now….and other than Randolph(if he gets a chance) his is the best draft pick of the last 15 years…come on MAN

  • AptosBeng

    Here…Wright, Marco and the 7th pick to Raptors for Bosh…Maggette to the Spurs for anything….Hope Crawford opts out, and then go from there..I know Bosh is a little overrated, but he would work great along with Randolph…Starting lineup…Monta pg/sg, Captn Jax pg/sg/ Randolph SF, Bosh PF, Andris C…Bench would be Morrow, Turiaf, Bukie and Kurz…that’s at least a playoff team

  • A’s in 2009

    I think you should write an article about how extremely high we are on Stephen Curry. :D Teams need to know they better trade ahead of us to get him. :D

    I loved the Jordan Hill article, btw. :D

  • OptimusPrime

    I like Curry. He is a good player, but we have enough shooters. We have so many shooters that we have two of the best pure shooters in the league comin off the bench. (Aza and Morrow)

    We need a banger, with some bulk that can play with his back to the basket. Somebody that we can dump down low to every now and then. Not sure that person is in this draft, but I hope that we can trade Crawford or Magette for a banger.

  • rcg

    Why not take Curry and trade him to the Knicks in a sign-and-trade for Lee? Then go after Andre Miller if we can manage to move Crawford or Maggette.

  • rcg

    On the other hand, if Hill falls to the seven spot we should take him and then look to move Wright for a seasoned point guard.

  • A’s in 2009

    Nellie doesn’t play rookie bigs.

  • Kommon Senze

    I think the most shocking thing that could happen this season is if the Warriors did take Hill and he ended up playing major minutes. Everything in the Nellie m.o. says that is a far-fetched reality. It does make me wonder, though, what all the people who consistently say “Nellie will never take a big if he has a small available and he’ll never play a rookie big” would say if he actually did both of those things?

    I don’t think I’ll have to wonder much; the whole Hill coming to the Warriors thing just seems like typical Nellie gamesmanship pre-draft.

  • OptimusPrime

    “Nellie doesn’t play rookie bigs.” – What about Anthony Randolph. He played a lot of mins last year.

  • Earl Monroe

    The Warriors need basketball players, what they currently have is lots of
    athletes, if you mix in a few players with the athletes then you start to have
    something. Curry fits the mold of a basketball player, not having him in
    for a workout will not keep the Warriors from drafting him, everyone has
    seen him play. Mullin personally scouted him for the Knicks when
    Davidson played St. Mary’s in Moraga. At worst with Curry you have a smart
    ballplayer who can shoot it like crazy. Hi skills will translate, the baby face
    makes him feel young and small, but he is a legitimate 6’3. That kind of shooting
    opens up the half court game, Monta will have more opportunities to drive.
    Not sure if he is the best player in the top 10 but no argument if the Warriors
    take him. If the Warriors really want a true point guard, Sessions fits the bill.
    Not many point guards who can get 10 assists a game if his minutes are prorated.

  • darkknight01

    If he is there….then they should take Curry, and then force teams to want to trade for him IF they really want him.

    The W’s should draft Curry, Hill or Evans…PERIOD!

  • The wise

    Yea I’d take curry anyway either and use him as trade bait and if we can’t trade him keep him. What he’s gonna play garbage just because he’s unhappy??? No because then he’s hurting no one but himself and teams will be disinterested baecause he’s a whiner and hasn’t proven he can play… That’s the whole point of a draft just because you don’t wanna go doesn’t mean your not going to get picked. Your getting paid millions regardless so why complain? If president obama chose to have a draft right now and we’re all screwed, and lives would be on the with us having no say so. So I’d pick him and tell em suck it up.lol

  • The wise

    If I were gm of the warriors I’d trade B wright, stphen jack, and magette for Bosh. draft curry and sign hedo.

    curry/ bellinelli
    ellis/ morrow

  • Perry

    I think Hedo is just a little bit better than Stephen……I thought about him too when I heard he opted out……….in “Wise”‘s scenario……..Hedo would take Stephen’s place both in the rotation and on the court.

    They have similar games with Hedo being a little more versatile in my opinion. I think Stephen relies on his perimeter game to get him going, ……so does Hedo to some extent……but Hedo is a little more controlled with the ball in his hands and can draw contact and position his body well.

    I like your outlook “Wise”…..I like Bosh being in there as well.

    I heard T-Macs name thrown about by a blogger……I;ve always pushed for T-Mac….I think this squad needs a go to guy down the stretch…plain and simple.

    We lost so many close games in 2008-2009……..the LeBron buzzer beater……..a home game against the Lakers where we lead through 3 quarters , then Ariza hit 2 3 pointers to start the 4th and that was that!

    Close games to San Antonino and Phoenix stand out in my mind.

    We just don’t have a go to option down the stretch.

    Joe Johnson, Michaal Redd, Paul Pierce, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Bosh……all great names that I think could fill roles with this squad.

    I heard the Josh Smith rumors swirling again……Anthony Randolph’s lines are very similar to Josh Smith…..both are 14ppg, 7rpg, 4bpg guys…….I think Josh is a bigger version (girth wise) than Anthony…..

    I love Josh Smith’s game……his defensive aggressiveness and athleticism would help this squad.

    Let’s be aggressive and make the right moves Larry and Don.

    This draft does not have any “world beater” backcourt players…….Jennings, the Syracuse kid, Stephen Curry………not difference makers. There are 0 Brandon Roys or Derrick Rosess in this draft.

    You can’t bank your future on anyone in this draft.

    Time to look around the league and acquire a star, veteran, established confident player that can take over in the 4th quarter and lead us to some god damn wins!

  • Perry

    Clarification in my last post……when I’m comparing Hedo to “Stephen”…..I’m referring to Stephen Jackson……but I;m sure you guys already knew that because all of you guys are GMs in the waiting, waiting take over for Larry Riley, right?

  • Perry

    Let’s also not forget about Trevor Ariza…….maybe you can sub in Ariza instead of Turkoglu in “Wise”‘s scenario.

    This acquisition proved very significant for the 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers in their World Championship run.

    They got him last year…..they dumped a “nobody” in Brian Cook and ended up with another versatile scorer who slipped right into the Phil Jackson rotation.

    Ariza is deadly in the 4th quarter, he can stretch the defense, he’s not scared to take big shots……he attacks the basket in the open court…..he’s aggressive in the 1/2 court…….Trevor Ariza is more NBA ready next year than Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright combined……….

    Of course, adding Ariza would not be the only move……I still think we need a star, go to player down the stretch……mix in Bosh or T-Mac, Joe Johnson, Michael Redd, Dirk or Paul Pierce…….and you’re looking at a 7th or 8th seed in 2009-2010.


    Sorry Optimus (#18) Nellie played AR outta necessity b/c of the injuries. If no one was injured this year I doubt AR would have gotten off of the bench. I do take into account that the Nellie/AR issues ended up ironing themselves out but I think if left to his own devices, nellie would not have played AR as much as he had too this year.

    Hey Perry, I do agree w/ you that Hedo is a little better than jack but I think that is only on the Offensive end. In terms of Defense, Hedo is a stiff and can’t really guard anyone one-on-one. Especially on this warriors team, I don’t think hedo would be the best fit b/c our guards already don’t play defense other than Jack so adding Hedo will not help in bolstering our defense.

    I do love me some Josh Smith though and think Nellie/Smith combo might be the perfect fit for the Dubs. It reminds me of when Baron lost favor in NO and excelled once he met up with nellie. This could be the same thing that happens with Smith but I just have no confidence in the FO to make this happen. PLus I don’t think we have the pieces to make that deal unless we go with maggs, ellis, crawford, bwright, etc… Some of those guys thrown in for a deal I could live with if we get smith. JUST DON”T THROW IN AR!!! Sorry perry…lol.PLus I can’t even imagine Smith’s fantasy stats on the DUbs…lol

  • deano

    Marcus: Why are draftees refusing to work out for the Warriors? Do they know something we do? Like, management is dysfunctional? Still, they have to play for whoever drafts and keeps them.

    I am not keen on Curry. This team does not need yet another a tweener, especially at point guard. We’ve got four there already, counting Belinelli and none of them has done a good job. We used to have a real point guard (Baron), and the team played comparatively well.

    Only a veteran point guard can help the Warriors in the near term; but for the future, we should draft only someone owho has already shown the ability to handle, drive, penetrate, dish and defend. Flynn, Holiday and Evans seem better options. We do not have to have a shooter, which is Curry’s primary skill.

  • Kommon Senze

    ugh. I don’t like to be the guy explaining why armchair GM ideas don’t work, but seems like I’m going to have to do that again.

    1) Maggette, Jackson, BWright isn’t going to net Bosh. It’s a lovely trade for the Warriors, but it’s sending a lot of excess salary to Toronto without giving them a potential #1 player. BWright is the closest, but his injury plagued short career isn’t going to make him that valuable an asset at this time.

    2) Josh Smith might be intriguing to us, but he’s not a SF (i.e., his ball-handling skills are probably no more polished than Randolph, who isn’t a SF, either), so he’d be blocking Randolph’s development based on the position he’d play. The $7.2 million trade kicker in his contract also make him a very difficult player to accomodate in a trade. Also, the combination you do NOT want is Josh Smith, a horrid 3-pt shooter, having carte blanche to chuck threes in Nellie’s system. If Randolph weren’t on the squad, Smith might be someone to consider. Since Randolph is on the roster, though, it should be a non-starter.

    3) Turkoglu is a guy who would flourish in Nellie’s system, but there’s just no way the Warriors will manage to sign him without working out a S&T with Orlando. Turkoglu just opted out of a deal paying him $7.5 million a year for the next couple seasons. The Warriors, without a S&T, cannot sign him for above the Mid-Level Exception, which starts at around $5.5 million. See the problem there? Why would Turkoglu take less money to go from a team that just played in the NBA Finals to a team that is considered by many to be amongst the worst run in the league? A sign & trade isn’t totally out of the question, especially if Hedo starts asking for crazy money, but then you have to ask yourself.. do you want to be paying Hedo $9-10 million a year and have to give up some potentially good players just to acquire him? I mean.. maybe Olando would go for Jackson, Wright, and a future 1st rounder, but that’d be a lot to give up to land a guy who will be on the wrong side of 30 as he starts this new deal.

    You guys are creative, I’ll give you that, but these ideas have about 0 chance of coming to fruition, and that’s not because Riley/Nelson don’t have the foresight to think of these deals.

    Don’t quit your day jobs. :P

  • Perry

    Crawford, # 7 and Anthony Randolph is enought to net Chris Bosh and I would make that deal any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    If you guys think the future of the Warriors is 14ppg and 7rpg a night, then Anthony Randolph will do fine.

    Anthony is not a difference maker, he is no future HOFer, he’s no KG, he’s no Chris Bosh…..he’s Hakim Warrick, Stromile Swift and Jemrio Moon combined.

    Package Crawford, # 7 and Randolph to Toronto for Bosh, maybe thrown in Marcus Banks or Roko Ukic……

    You keep your 3 best scorers: Ellis; Maggette and Jackson, Belinelli and Morrow wide open for 3 because of all the attention Bosh commands in the block, leaving shooters wide open from the perimeter………you still have Kelenna and CJ for back up back court duties and you’re looking at a 50 win team and a 7th or 8th seed.

  • Perry

    At the very least, all we’re asking from the Golden State Warriors is to be aggressive…..that’s all…we don’t expect a transformation overnight.

    This team is not winning any Championship for the next decade and as of right now, we are 5 years from being a playoff team.

    Time to make a move……be aggressive…..these ideas that we provide, some may work, some may not…….but the point is, you have to think about ways to improve your team……….

    We lost 3 out of 4 to Memphis in 2008-2009, we got blown out by Minnesota at Target Center,……we lost to Sacramento and OKC as well……….

    Next year, if we don’t make a move…..the Memphis Grizzlies with their fantastic young nucleus of real NBA players: O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol and Hakim Warrick as their 6ht man……..would run circles around our squad……..they have better young talent than we do…….face the facts…….don’t lie to yourself.

    Now’s the time to improve our squad….the only teams worse than us are Sacramento, Milwaukee, Indiana, L.A. Clippers……….even OKC with young Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Michael Westbrook is nothing to scoff at……they found their coach in Scottie Brooks…..they have a direction and they know where they’re going.

    What about us? ……….We don’t have any of that shit.

  • Kommon Senze

    You throw around names like Jeff Green and Marc Gasol as if they are high-level talents, but there are many GMs and much more knowledgeable basketball scouts than you (a fan) that would never trade Randolph for any of these guys, let along Andris Biedrins. You do realize that Biedrins is a full year younger than Gasol, right? Gasol has more polish on offense, but Biedrins by most measurements had more impact, even on this team that didn’t make the best use of his talents all the time.

    Mayo, Westbrook.. the hot new names last year, but are they really better than Monta Ellis? Time will tell.

    Point being, while there is a lot of problems with this team, being “aggressive” for the sake of being aggressive doesn’t necessarily solve anything. Proposing moves that have no chance of happening isn’t being aggressive, anyways. It’s being a fan who is not well-versed in the nuances of the CBA or the negotiating landscape of the NBA. It’s fantasy GMing. Fun, sure, but hardly realistic.

  • aa

    How about Orlando’s Alston to GSW?

  • Perry

    “Kommon” you’re willing to be too patient with this squad as it is………you are way too patient…..I think your a Golden State Warrior employee……you might be a right hand PR guy for Larry Riley…..I don’t know.

    But you are definitely blinded by something.

    I think you’ve gotten used to losing and you are allergic to winning like most Warrior fans………

    Staying put with the guys who have done nothing for us is being stupid and it’s going to allow other young, talented teams to surpass us in the future (Memphis; Minnesota and OKC)

    You are way too willing to stay “status quo” “Kommon”……..frankly, I think you misunderstood what I wrote.

    It’s not Jeff Green and Marc Gasol individually, it’s the collective young core that each of them play with…..they are worlds better than us……you can ask any GM in the league……….the combo of Gasol, Mayo and Gay, the combo of Foye, Love and Jefferson and the combo of Westbrook, Durant and Green is worlds better than Randolph, Wright and Morrow or Belinelli, Randolph and Wright or whatever combo of young players we have.

    Most of those guys I named were legitimate NCAA players with track records……we’re talking about D-League guys with the Golden State Warriors, ..walk-ons, Undrafted free agents and 2 players that came out of college before they were ready (Wright and Randolph).

    Other GMS did a fine job of judging Anthony Randolph in the 2008 draft because they passed on him. He fell to 14 with that athleticism and talent because he makes poor on-court decisions and he turns the ball over and he has an underdeveloped NBA game and GMs knew that.

    So other GMs knew that Anthony was just another athletic, exciting player that would never really amount to a smart NBA player.

    Yes, I think O.J. Mayo will be better than Monta, yes Rudy Gay is better than Randolph, yes, Marc Gasol will be one of the top 4 rebounding and defensive centers within 4 years.

    Read what I write “Kommon”…..you just quickly glanced at my post and responded……….your rhetorical abilities and ability to analyze what people write absolutetly fucking stinks.

  • Perry

    If you were a little less “over-zealous” and anxious to respond to other bloggers, “Kommon,”…..you would realize that in nowhere in my post did I call Marc Gasol or Jeff Green great players, stupid.

    If you look at what I wrote about OKC, I touched on their organization, their decision to stick with Scottie Brooks and named off Durant and Westbrook in addiition to Green to hammer in the point that this organization looks like it has direction, a purpose……….can you say that about the Golden State Warriors?

    After the embarassing organizational fiasco of 2008-2009…….we did’t even have the gall to fire Chris Mullin when we did’t want him around…..we just toiled him about and we made our organization look like a fucking Beer League, Pizza chain sponsored basketball team.

    Read what I write, when you attacked my Calderon/Bosh proposal, you said that I threw Calderon in like a “throw in”……..I never said that………fucking read what I write, you cock sucking Jew faggot.


    Perry, bro are you serious? No need for the name calling man. If anything Kommon does make good points and we are just rehashing the Bosh thing again. We can’t agree to disagree?

    Plus you shouldn’t be throwing out stuff like Kommon you work for the warriors, if anything I would say you lean more to the warriors FO side than Kommon does. It just seems like some of your posts read as if they are rehearsed and when you swear in them it is almost as if you are trying to make it sound like your an angry fan because RR is standing over your shoulder.

    Hey I don’t know if you or Kommon work for the Warriors but the fact that you resorted to name calling in ridiculous. No respect for your opinion anymore man. So I’m going get ignorant like you, Everything you say is stupid, your ignorant and your posts are never thought out, and You are stupid…SO There…lol

    Ohhh and Kommon I don;t believe you work for the Dubs, instead I am in the 90% range that perry does have an affiliation with the team… Oh and my bad for throwing those names out in a trade, didn’t mean for it to sound like that, I was working more along the lines of these players would have to be apart of some deal.

    Perry YOU SUCK!!!lol

  • Perry

    Yeah “MJRG_SON”……keep apologizing to “Kommon”……

    “Oh and my bad for throwing those names out in a trade, didn’t mean for it to sound like that”

    Are you fucking kidding me “MJRG”?

    What the fuck do you owe “Kommon?”

    You guys must be in bed together……you deserve each other.

  • Kommon Senze

    I think you’ve pretty much answered everyone’s questions and proven my point about your “ideas” being that of a less than knowledgeable fan. Using racists and offensive terms to describe me proved what, exactly, Perry? That you can’t handle criticism, perhaps?

    Your ideas are just those of somebody with way too much time on their hands and no idea of how the NBA works. The reason I keep questioning your statements is because, whether you intend what I’m inferring or not, your presentation of your ideas is so poor that it’s hard to really get what you’re trying to say.

    And then you throw out statements like “ask any GM around the league”.. as if you’ve asked every GM and polled them. I’ll tell you what. I’ll do you one better and let you know that David Thorpe, a professional scout who writes for ESPN, stated that Anthony Randolph developed over the course of the year far better than many suspected and that, if he continues to progress as he did (and I won’t go into the statistical breakdown of his progress, since it will clearly go over your head), he should end up being one of the top-5 players from this year’s deep draft.

    Try putting that in your pipe and smoking it, chief.

    Randolph is a long way from being that player, but it’s worth noting that he exceeded your projection of 14-7 during the final month of the year (when he was averaging 15-10), and his per36 stats were better than all but a handful of rookies for the entire season.

    You should also consider the fact that the Warriors front office is a mess and, if you’ve been following the rumor mill the past day, several players are refusing to work out for the Warriors. What makes you think that (a) they can attract top-tier FA when all they have is the mid-level exception, and (b) they can convince a player like Bosh, who will be an unrestricted FA after this year, to stay even if they did trade for him?

    So, instead of telling me to “read” what you write, which is an abomination to grammar and the written language in the first place, why don’t you learn how to “think” and use your head a bit. I’m not suggesting that this team just “do nothing” and “stand pat,” I’m just saying doing something just because Perry thinks they have to be aggressive is a perfect example of how to make a bad situation worse.


    LOL…wow, now i know you work for the dubs…lol..Hey just to piss you off Sorry kommon, sorry Kommon, sorry kommon… Don’t take it personal perry your just ignorant and I respect what kommon says cuz he makes way more sense than you.

    You on the other hand, lol, proof is in the pudding on you. Go back to the warrior handbook so you can figure out another way to suggest a dumb move that the warriors should make.

    Hey where are the anti-semitic remarks? Come on Perry your ignorance is better than that but I do like your new homosexual angle. You should go with that, it suits you.

    hahahaha…Perry what happend to you?…lol

  • jsl

    Two points:

    First, nice article in the CCT today, Marcus, on the Anthonys working out hard together. But though Nelson’s staff likes to credit the Fat Man with generating their interest, I’ve got to believe it was the real PT they got at years’ end, plus to chance to play — and grow — in Q4 time, when they proved they belonged on the floor: Simply, success breeds success.

    Second, is “Perry” in cloud-cuckoo-land? He’s far goofier than Feltbot ever was. And his loony, ad hominem attacks on KS — who at least offers REASONS for his opinions, instead of just laying them out there wholly unsupported — are, at best, laughable (as is Perry’s idea of throwing away both AR and our draft choice for a year of rent-a-Bosh, who’ll then jump this sinking ship as soon as he’s able; anyone who wants to dump AR after seeing what he can do is as nutty as a Nelson fruitcake).


    No way Jsl, Perry is totally on point…LOL, j/k.


    Oh and sorry to you to Jsl, no reason just thought it would be funny… lol


  • No More Perry!

    How about this for a trade.

    Lets Trade Perry from the GSW fanbase. This guy is a complete idiot!!!!! Please find a new sport to follow, you clearly have NO clue about basketball. Your ideas do not make sense on any level. Please, Please,Please stop ruining this forum and shut the F*CK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • darkknight01


    I understand that you don’t have the ability to offer any solutions yourself, but don’t you understand that the Toronto Raptors will be desperate to get anything in return for Bosh….since he will walk.

    If the rumours of Ellis being unhappy with the W’s are true, then they should look to trade him.

    I guess you never heard of a team TRYING to make a deal?

    Plenty of pieces to work with on the W’s roster to make a deal.

    Ellis and B Wright for Bosh and a #1 if…..only if Bosh agrees to a sign and trade.

    Then the W’s can draft Curry or Evans, and then offer one of them and Crawford to the Clipps for B Davis.

    Potential Lineups….

    PG B Davis
    SG Azebuke
    SF Jackson
    PF Bosh
    C Biedrins


    PG B. Davis
    SG Jackson
    SF Randolph
    PF Bosh
    C Biedrins

  • darkknight01

    The W’s need to add solid vets at the PF or PG positions if they truly want to content for the playoffs.

    Getting Baron back or Andre Miller would work.

    and adding Bosh would be HUGE….but he would need to agree to sign and trade.

    Morrow, Maggette, Randolph, Azebuke, and Turiaf would come off the bench potentially depending on who does and who does not get traded.

  • Kommon Senze

    Gee, darkknight.. your brilliant use of the word douchebag has left me dumbfounded. What can I say? Mea culpa. You’re the winner.


    I never said that a deal for Bosh is not possible, and I’m more than capable of providing ideas. My point is that none of the ideas proposed are even remotely realistic. They smell like ideas that a ‘fan’ and not a NBA gm would come up with, especially when they DON’T WORK under the CBA rules.


    I think Bosh might be had for a package of Ellis, Wright, and a future pick from the Warrios (not the other way around), but my point has been.. what, exactly, do you think the Warriors have to offer Bosh that will make him want to sign long-term vs. potentially go to any number of teams next off-season? That’s the part of the equation all of you fantasy owners keep missing.

    Trading for one year of Bosh would be a classic Warrior move to make; trade away your young stars for a player that won’t be around long enough to make a difference. Bosh would be the best player they’ve ever acquired, so that would be a coup unto itself, but beyond that.. the Warriors would need to get assurances that he’ll sign a long-term deal, or else the risk is too great, imo.

    And B-Diddy coming back is highly unlikely, imo, unless Rowell and Cohan do an about face on their reasons for not signing him to an extension last summer. I appreciate Baron for all that he did while he was wearing blue and gold, but he looked fat, unmotivated, and utterly incapable of hitting a jump-shot last year. Is that really what you want to bring back?

    Fixing this team will require patience, and I think any idea that is not focused on building around the core youngsters (or players that are equal in ability and potential and that are under the Warriors control, contractually, for more than just a year) is a bad plan.

    Anthony Randolph, btw, has grown an inch and added 20 lbs, according to all the recent stories. He’s working out like a madman this summer, which is exactly what you want to see a 19 year old player do. Remember.. he’s 19. That’s the future of this team, and that future is going to be at PF.

    In other words.. I’m not against ideas, and I’m not against acquiring Bosh, but you all have to be realistic in what it will take to acquire him and what the risk is in doing so.

  • http://btabasketball.com/forums Jerrry

    No, we need Jennings. Forget undersized shooters.


    NO way Kommon that is a way to level headed and patient approach you should be ashamed of yourself…lol…j/k.


    Perry are there any anit-semitic or inflammatory remarks that you want to add? lol

  • Perry

    Yeah “JSL”………I really provide unsupported ideas with no reasons, stupid.

    Look at all my posts.

    My reasons for wanting the Warriors to be aggressive in acquiring serious talent revolves around the fact that this team sucks,…….we finished with half as many wins as the leader in our own division.

    We regressed from the previous 2 years.

    Those are my reasons, mother fucker.

    You guys all deserve a losing organzation like the Golden State Warriors……….

  • Perry

    I give reasons for all of my suggestions.

    My reason for getting rid of AR, because he is turnover prone and undeveloped.

    My reason for wanting Bosh, because he is a dominant low post presence that would attract the type of attention that would free up our shooters and slashers.

    My reason for responding to you when you’re a fucking “nobody” is to show you how stupid you sound and how obvious it is that you haven’t read anything I wrote, rather, you just decided to attack me and jumpon the “Hate Perry” campaign that your “tool” friends “Kommon” and “MJRG” started.