What if Curry & Hill are gone?

Coming out of the gaggle with Larry Riley, I am even more convinced that it is out of Stephen Curry & Jordan Hill. But what should the Warriors do if both are gone?

I know Warriors’ talent people love Curry and have for a while. Riley confirmed such with his glowing review of Curry, concluding that Curry is more of a point guard than a two guard.

RILEY: “Most people feel he’s a 2-1. Quite candidly, I feel he’s a 1-2. I think his passing skills are really pretty good. It’s sometimes hard to evaluate a guy who… I’ve got to be careful how I say this because I don’t want to disrespect the Davidson team… but he didn’t have a lot of help on that team this year. The team before, that did so well in the NCAAs, was a little bit better team. And he played more 2 on that team. I saw him pass the ball, put it on the money. He made long passes, he made short passes and obviously make shots. I do see him as more of a 1-2. But I’ll bet that I’m in the minority on that. I’ll bet if you talk to most people, they’d say he’s a 2-1.”

But Hill is likely the best big man available and a replacement for Brandan Wright — who I don’t think Nellie is high on and the Warriors wouldn’t mind starting Randolph and moving Wright — which would allow the Warriors to go out and fill their point guard need on the market.
This might be the most sensible move. The Warriors need two things: a veteran presence on the bench (and not a locker room guy, but someone with experience who produces on the court) and a true point guard. It would be ideal if they could get both in one player, and they can’t do that in the draft.
There are certainly a ton of options: Andre Miller, Jason Kidd, Kirk Hinrich, Raymond Felton, and Rafer Alston.
This way, Nellie won’t have to spew canned lines nobody believes like:

“I feel we’re committed to our youth and to growth with them. I think the feeling of our team is to move forward with our young guys and get better as we go along and most of them are young, anyway, so what’s another young guy? If the guy’s good, I don’t think that matters as much to me, because they’re all going to be young, anyway. But I think the skill level and our opinion of the guy has to be high.”

But if both are gone, what is left? Tim Kawakami explains exactly why I am scared to pass up DeRozan. He just might be the best player available. Similar things can be said about Tyreke Evans.
But should the Warriors go for need and take Brandon Jennings, slap up a project like Jrue Holiday, who could be the best player in the long run? Or should they reach down for a James Johnson, taking the hit early for a risky pick and hoping to look like a genius later?
In my opinion, they can’t draft a Jonny Flynn or Terrance Williams or any center. So the options are few.
Trading the pick is probably out, Riley said, because he didn’t like the offers he was hearing. The Warriors don’t want a second pick because they already have enough players. I think the only way they move the pick if it’s part of big deal for someone like Chris Bosh.

Marcus Thompson