Speedy, Law not the Answer

So the Jamal Crawford camp is elated about his being traded to Atlanta. I’m told by team sources the Warriors have agreed in principle. The deal can’t be completed until the 2009-10 season begins on July 1. Crawford gets to play point guard on a playoff team. Plus, his son lives in Atlanta with his mom.

The Warriors are elated, too. In essence, they are trading $19 million over the next two years for about $4 million. Speedy Claxton’s $5.2 million will likely be covered mostly by insurance (I think 80 percent) as the injured point guard isn’t expected to play. Law is scheduled to make $2.2 million next season.
I’ve been told by Warriors insiders that neither Claxton nor Law is the Warriors’ answer to their point guard solutions. They are still in the market for a PG, so this trade does not rule out them drafting a point guard.

Marcus Thompson

  • Burke

    Why can’t this deal be completed, if the Minnesota deal was? Etan Thomas just had to sign a document declaring he wouldn’t opt out. Can’t Crawford sign the same thing?

    Good news about the Warriors position on Acie Law. Although I wonder if this implies nobody in the draft would be the solution. How much better is Curry than Acie Law? Neither of them would displace Ellis from that PG experiment.

    Not that that’s a bad thing. Let’s give the guy a chance. Monte seemed very interested in proving himself as a passer in his radio interview. He’s shown that he can improve a lot from season to season already — why not as passer too?

  • A’s in 2009

    Nice to hear we still want a PG!!

  • zeelurker

    Harrington for Crawford for salary cap relief.

    Rowell is doing a great job continuing 15 years of tradition!

  • pboss

    Acie Law will be this years Marcus Williams. Keep that bench warm buddy!

  • realtalk

    Acie is a lot better and more importantly more atheletic than Marcus Williams

  • Pboss, your an idiot, Law is on a completely different level than marcus williams. This guy can play basketball, a true point guard. Now if we can somehow draft another Law is Lawson, we will have plenty of depth at guard. Any other pg other than lawson in this draft with be a monumental mistake.

  • This doesn’t have to wait till July

    The trade can actually happen anytime before July 1 if Jamal Crawford signs a document that rescinds his opt-out clause. Etan Thomas just did something similar to this today in the Wiz/Wolves deal.

  • This doesn’t have to wait till July

    The trade can happen anytime if Jamal signs a paper rescinding his opt-out clause, Etan Thomas just did this in the Wiz/Wolves trade

  • Bill

    Crawford will come back to haunt us…..all ex-Warriors do…

  • jb

    Could this mean that CJ Watson might be out of the picture?

  • Steve

    If the Warriors do draft a PG I’d like to see them take Jonny Flynn. http://realgm.com/src_feature_pieces/774/20090514/draft_report_jonny_flynn_of_syracuse/ GSW would be a blur for 48 minutes with Lawson so I wouldn’t complain there, either. I’ve been watching a lot of the interviews with the projected higher picks and Flynn has impressed me the most. This kid is very smart. As important as athleticism is, I LOVE smart players.

  • E

    So doesn’t that leave us cap room? If so, are we going after Andre Miller or a package deal for Bosh???? Please tell me there is a bigger plan in the works than this mess…I mean they didn’t even get a second round draft pick??? Puleeeeze tell me there’s more???!!!!

  • benedict john

    nice to hear i’m a die hard hawks’ fan.. i love this one.. finally the hawks found an answer for the posibility of not resigning mike bibby

  • Patrick

    Somebody should explain me why the warriors want to take Hill with the 7th pick. There is no reason to do this..they got AR at the 4 and also BR as backup.
    Please draft a PG!

  • Jaime M.

    Warriors have a habit of making BoZo decisions, but I like this one. The Warriors have an abundance of Crawford-like players, they need a new mold of player. Now we need to get rid of Maggette, Bellineli, & use Brandon Wright as the trade bait to make the Maggette trade happen.

    Until the Warriors get new ownership & management/coach, we the fans, will be stuck in the purgatory known as the post-webber era. For F’s sake, Nelson is the same coach who played Mikel Pietrus at Power Forward.

    Warriors please make a move, how many more times can you repackage the same crappy product and give it a different name ?

  • MountainJim

    Re 8, no it doesn’t leave cap room, but maybe it allows a mid-level exception free agent signing.

    Re No. 6, yeah remember how Brian Cardinal just smoked us after he got away?

  • justafan

    omg RR at it again ……..Boycott

  • petaluman

    The Warriors will save a bit this year vs. the cap, since Claxton & Law will make 7.4M vs Crawford 9.4M. The insurance compensation for Speedy saves the team $, but doesn’t come off the cap.

    However, next year we’ll see significant reduction in our cap $, with Claxton off the books, and Law as well if we don’t pick up his option. What we won’t have is a $10.1M expiring contract, which could prove to be very useful.

    I’m a little surprised that we seem set that Law is not a solution at PG. I’m not saying he is – but he’s still very young, and came out of the NCAA as well-regarded (#11 pick in 2007) as most of the PGs being mooted about in the current draft. He’s bigger than all but Evans and Holiday. He needs to work on his shooting – but so do most of the draft prospects. Someone with more upside could fall to us draft night, but if we want more PG hep this year, it might have to come from a veteran signing or trade.

  • petaluman

    The unmentioned plus in this deal – Claxton’s contract is extremely desirable for a team trying to cut payroll, as it’s expiring and mostly paid this year. Could you ask the FO if they’re actively interested in flipping Speedy for a usable player?

  • darkknight01

    Lets hope this waste of a deal just to save money by dumping Crawford is part of a bigger plan to sign Andre Miller or trade for Bosh!

    Otherwise….the pick today will end up being between Hill, Curry, Clark or Flynn.

  • Lufty455

    Great work Dubs. The Nellie/Riley – Dumb and Dumber show premiers tonight.
    The Rowell show needs to be cancelled along with Nellie and Riley.
    Let’s hope for a good draft night tonight…

  • Strictly a salary dump by Rowell/Nelson, and Crawford will probably come back and drop 50 on the Warriors and Nelson this season. Sure hope they have another trade in place than just trying to draft Hill, who will be a dog house bench warmer for Nelson. What a mess this management team is!

  • Marcus Thompson

    Crawford is signing the document today. It’ll be a done deal by the start of the draft at least

  • Ken

    It’s pretty funny when people call Nelson “dumb”. As if he won all those basketball games by being dumb.
    It’s even funniner when an excellent move is called “dumb” – lowering the salary bill, while acquiring the top rated point guard in the 2007 Draft.
    There are proven NBA point guards like Paul and Parker, and then there are unproven prospects. Law did not get much of an opportunity at Atlanta, but at least he is through being a rookie, so he might be able to show his stuff on Game 1 – I hope he gets a chance. There is no concrete reason to think that any PG in the 2009 Draft will be any better – they are all a dice roll, just like Law.