Gimmie Your Mock

By now, you’ve probably read a thousand mock drafts. You’ve heard all kinds of draft talk and criticized the opinions of everyone who disagrees with you. Now, it’s time to show your stuff.
The draft is tomorrow afternoon. You have until then to post your mock draft of the lottery. Let’s see which of you have the courage to put his or her name on a mock. Let’s see who really knows what they are talking about and who is just hatin’ on the rest.
(Of course, I’d venture to say that all of you will probably have a more accurate mock than me!)

Predict the selections for 1 through 14. If you are so bold as to predict a trade, that’s fine, too. But you will be credited when you correctly pick where the player is selected. The scoring will go like this: 1 point for correctly predicting the first pick; 2 points for correctly predicting the second pick on down to 14 points for correctly predicting the 14th pick.

1. Clippers – Blake Griffin, Oklahoma
2. Grizzlies –
3. Thunder –
4. Kings –
5. T’Wolves –
6. T’Wolves –
7. Warriors –
8. Knicks –
9. Raptors –
10. Bucks –
11. Nets –
12. Bobcats –
13. Pacers –
14. Suns –

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Marcus Thompson