Warriors Close to Amare?

So I’m hearing Andris Biedrins, Brandan Wright, Marco Belinelli and Azubuike plus the No. 7 for Phoenix Star big man Amare Stoudemire. I heard they are ironing out a contract extension. Will post more info as I get it …

The numbers match perfectly. Biedrins ($9M), Buike ($3.1M), Wright ($2.6M) and Belinelli ($1.5M) is $16.2 for next seasons. Stoudemire is set for $16.4 …

By the way, as best as I can tell, the max extension for Stoudemire would be three years for $61.4M million, which is $95.5M over five years. …

Azubuike has veto power up until July 124, the one year anniversary of the deal. But they don’t need Azubuike. They’d still be within 25 percent without him …

Biedrins is a Base-year compensation player, which would really make this deal hard to pull off. But I at some point in July (not sure if it’s the 1st, the start of the new season, or 15th, the anniversary of the signing) the BYC status falls away. So they can only agree in principle for now. … Kawakami just found out it’s July 1 the BYC status drops off. …

But they could do the deal even with Biedrins being base year. That means his salary is worth $4.5 million instead of $9 million. So with Azubuike in tow, they still can come within 25 percent of Stoudemire’s salary, even if it takes one more player to throw in. Still, it would be more feasible to wait until July 1.

Marcus Thompson

  • warriorsdumb

    what the hell???? all that for weak ole stoudemire!?
    maybe biedrins bellini, but buke and brandan and the number 7?? how lopsided is this!!

  • Kyle

    This could be good if we get that extension. post scoring, rebounding, etc. I wish we were getting back their first round pick, tho. Glad they’re not talking about giving up Randolph. I would shoot myself.

  • Vegas Bill

    Horrible trade. Biedrins is young and still getting better. Amare is not the player to take them to the Championship. Trade Wright, 7th pick, Marco, and cash, but do not get rid of Andris.

  • Burke

    Please don’t include curry!

  • Livermore Joe

    If that’s the deal then the Warriors are getting fleeced!

  • Kyle2

    When did the Warriors hire Brian Sabean as GM?? This trade and the re-sign will surpass the stupidity of trading Weber after one year. If the W’s are going to give up this much for Amare, they might as well add a little extra and get a guy like Bosh.

  • norcalr

    ESPN just mentioned this exact deal, but said it will have to wait till July. As much as I love those guys, if we can nab Amare…why the hell not?

  • E_CULB

    Not Curry!! Anybody but him, and maybe Monta. LOL

  • danikil49

    Anyone who has seen Stoudemire the last year and a half, knows what Phoenix knows….the Warriors are about to be fleeced…AGAIN!!!

  • DaFan

    Bad deal for the Warriors if Azubuike & Curry are involved

    He has some injury concerns

  • Hey guys! Im a diehard suns fan and am not really familiar with many players in golden state with the exception of monta ellis and stephen jackson. I can tell u this about amare a guy that will get his points and make the all star team but is not a guy to build your team around. No D, not a team player, not worth the max, below average rebounder etc. Can any of you guys give an insight on biedrins, wright, belinelli, or buike?

  • Oh good grief…..if we get rid of our core of Biedrins and throw in a tough dignified player like Azubuike, we’re idiots…oh, wait….warrior management is run by idiots…I forgot! Let’s give them the whole roster and just make do….it’s enough to make a bay area fan root for the Seattle Supersonics…oh wait I forgot! They’re in Oklahoma….let’s trade Morrow and Ellis too while we’re at it…Turiaf at point guard! That makes sense…what are you people smoking…check Nellie’s cigars!~

  • some guy

    if they do this trade, i may be done as a W’s fan… maybe the Kings? i did follow them some when i was up at Davis.

    Riley & company suck. Kerr has zero leverage and he’s still absolutely swindling Riley.

    Hell, is Amare even healed from the eye thing???? Rowell just wants to sell season tickets.

  • potty

    Get those knees checked he’s damaged goods!!!!!

  • mike

    Terrible, i would rather just keep the original roster. i think buike is really good. We are getting cheated if we make it and Kerr would look like a genious 🙁

  • Jaysohn

    Are you guys crazy? Name the last Warrior All Star? Now name 1 back to back playoff team that doesnt have an All Star? This is the NBA and you have to have a dominant player to be a consistent winner. I can’t believe you guys are moaning about losing a bunch of role players. Role players!!! The Warriors have played it safe for too long. If there’s a chance to grab a star player than do it. Your telling me you can’t get excited about a frontcourt of Stoudemire and Randolph? Are you serious? Your worried about losing Beans?? Its about time the Warriors for once just got for it. Stop playing it safe and take a chance to be something special.

  • Perry

    Hey “Some Guy”………do you want a medal or something for following the Kings when you were “up at Davis?”

  • Perry

    “John”…….just thank God you’re not a Warrior fan…..that’s all I can say about the players on our squad.

  • Ben

    this is stupid giving up all this soon to be talent for amare who has had like one or two good seasons. too many people given up by the warriors bad trade i love buike and beidrins. amare has had sub par rebounding and scoring. not even a championship caliber guy. and is he even healthy, i love the warriors throught the good and bad but i dont know if this trade goes through

  • baron davis had injury problems too and look what he did for our franchise..he single handingly won that play off serious..what they need to do is offer andris, belinelli, wright,and next years first round pick..they should be good so next years pick will be worthless..just think of that starting linuep…and dont forget amare is still young too..

    lets not forget about maggette and morrow on the bench..so who needs next years first round pick..i dont see why suns wouldnt do that

  • Perry… that was my exact thought when I heard this trade… Golden State??? who is even on that roster… My dream trade would be Derrick Rose for amare straight up!!

  • louie

    fuck that keep everyone

  • Perry

    D. Rose is a great player “John”……your head’s in the right place.

    He is a difference maker…..just look at what he did in the playoffs.

    Against our Golden State Warriors in the 1st meeting of 2008-2009, Rose dropped 17 points on us in the 4th and led his team to a victory on our home court.

    From that performance…..I already knew what kind of player he was going to be..

  • Exactly Perry!

    This kid is a stud!!!

    I know chicago is interested in amare but not willing to give up Rose and frankly there isnt anyone on that roster that “wows” me other than him.

    I would even throw in nash to make the deal work along with amare for rose, tyrus thomas, salmons, and maybe a pick…