Warriors Get Curry; Keeping Him?

So the Warriors get the PG I know they have loved for quite some time. I’ve been hearing his name from Warriors brass for a while. I know they love his shooting stroke, who doesn’t, but they think he’s a better passer and floor general than people think.
I was talking with Anthony Morrow earlier, who is at the facility, he was like “wow” at the thought of Curry on the roster. He said Curry is his friend and he loves Curry’s game. Imagine those two in the backcourt!
But, I was told Phoenix loves Curry, even call him the Black Steve Nash. Drafting him doesn’t mean the Stoudemire deal is off. If Phoenix really does love Curry, they might be even happier to do the deal.
The question is, as it will be for any big name they want to get, can they reach an extension agreement?

Marcus Thompson

  • white men can’t jump

    I’ll take Biedrins and Curry over Stoudemire. Please don’t make that deal!!!!!

  • P

    KEEP Curry…he is the missing piece…not Amare…we got the beast Randolph…Keep him…

  • Thomas

    I would rather just add Curry to this roster than trade all of those players for Stoudemire. That is a steep price to pay. I’m afraid Curry would light us up for years to come.

  • Kweezy

    Curry’s offensive strengths are undeniable..But how is Monta and Curry going to work defensively? I wonder what Monta is thinking right about now..As far as the Amare trade, I wouldn’t do it if it costs us Biedrens. Amare is a great player, but I question his defensive desire and passion overall. More importantly, he is a FA after this year..what are the chances he’ll stay a Warrior? Which star player would want to sign with the Warriors right now?

  • Kyle

    Wright doesn’t play for Nellie. Biedrins has absolutely no offensive ability at all, though I like the guy. Buike is both great and overrated, not a good perimiter defender despite his size and effort. Curry is totally unproven.

    Amare is a legit All-Star.

    You have to make that deal. I’d just hope we’d get back their later pick in return.

  • Frank

    I agree. That’s alot to give up for a guy coming off micro and retina surgey. Keep Curry!

  • Burke

    Black Steve Nash. Ha Ha. That’s priceless.
    But could the Black and White Steve Nash coexist on the same team? Wouldn’t that be like matter and antimatter?
    To prevent world annihilation, I vote we keep the black one a Dub.

  • petaluman

    We could also trade Curry for Hill and the 29th pick, which NY just bought from the Lakers.

  • Rush

    “But, I was told Phoenix loves Curry, even call him the Black Steve Nash”

    Don’t you mean the half black Steve Nash? At least his mother thinks so.

  • Juiced

    Love the Curry pick just because it pissed off the Knicks fans at the Garden. I say trade Curry for Hill, make the Knicks toss in Al Harrington. 😉

  • Livermore Joe

    This would be a terrible trade. Shortsighted as hell. Keep Curry!!!

  • Fairfax

    This trade sucks….

  • darkknight01

    Good wise pick!

    Provides trade flexibility if need be!

  • Hard not to salivate at the thought of the Warriors trotting out Amare but Beans, Buike, B-Wright, Bellinelli AND Curry is a mighty steep price … Not to mention then having to pony up for a max extension.

    Al Harrington’s picture seems like an odd choice for the Inside the Warriors banner, no? Update the darn thing already … Replace it with an Acie Law / Speedy Claxton collage – that’s what Harrington eventually turned into …

  • pboss

    What’s w/ the love affair for Curry? Or anyone in this draft for that matter. If there is more than one or two all stars in this draft, I would be shocked.

    Go get the proven guy! enough of the rebuilding!

  • warriorsdumb

    did you guys here the latest? fanhouse is saying randolph has gained an inch to 7 feet and added 20 pounds, maannn he is gonna be top 5 in the nba, hes only 20! lol, we hit a home run with that cat yall

  • dontmakeadeal

    Kyle Says:
    June 25th, 2009 at 5:35 pm :
    WTF??..do you even watch warriors bbal?

    buike cant defend?..beidrins has no offence?

    you’re spewing crap homie…

  • The wise

    No wouldn’t get rid of him. Amare would only stay here for a year so why get rid of the future??? Keep curry and train him to play pg.

  • ECJ

    I like this trade for Amar’e, but only for Biedrins, Marco and BWright. Any more, and we’re getting hosed. Curry might be a star; he has that moxy and confidence that other stars had coming in. He reminds me of Ray Allen. I think Monta and Curry could definitely coexist in the Backcourt, SJack at the 3, Randolph at PF and Amar’e at the 5. Thats a pretty solid team, with Morrow, Maggs, Buke and Rony off the bench.

    I just hope the W’s don’t give away too much for Amar’e. He’s a great player, and a big the W’s need. But, giving away Curry or Buke is too much; Phoenix NEEDS to dump Amar’e, they’ll take less for him.

  • niner

    ditto ECJ #19. But i still want to get rid of Maggette( and his salary)to open us up for the future.

  • JDM

    Why are so many people against the Stoudemire trade? What do you fans want? All we heard last year was we want a star here, any star. If we do this, we have probably the best power forward in the league playing the 5 for us which is where he thrived when he was in phoenix. Randolph at power forward with Amare is just scary. SO, make a decision fans. Figure out what you want. Are you satisfied with this roster or do you want to take some risks and get amare which will make us compete for the playoffs instantly. Everybody established that Wright and bellinelli were expendable at the end of the season, so why is everyone backing off that now? Those two are involved but we can’t give up azubuike and curry as well. That is simply too much. But one of those two must be in the trade for it to work. So what is the problem? We already have the best shooter in the league on our team. This is a deal that fans have been hoping for for awhile and now people say were giving up too much even though fans have said they would give up anyone but ellis and randolph. Now we got it! Make up your minds. This trade will do nothing but benefit us and we will extend stoudamire to build around him, ellis, and randolph. Thats a pretty damn good big three. And by the way, Amare’s two seasons after his surgery were the best of his career so get your facts right



    B/cuz ur losing like every one to get a moderate player

  • Bobby Filipino

    AB, BWright & Marco Belinelli for Amare is a must! Warriors need to make this trade happen. I love Beidrins and I would hate to see him go but, Amare is a proven Beast and All-Star. Wright and Belinelli are both nice but we have Randolph and Morrow who are both better. AB, Wright and Belinelli will do well in Phoenix. But Amare brings the toughness in the middle that the Warriors lacked for the best couple of seasons. Imagine this line up:

    1. Monta Ellis
    2. Steph Curry
    3. Capt. Jack
    4. Randolph
    5. Amare

    Bench players:

    This team would make the playoffs. We would still be deep in all positions so this trade needs to happen.

  • jonbgood


  • nb

    im tired of the mass assumption that the way out of a rebuilding faze is to either draft a new player or go get a guy like Stoudemire, we must grow the players we currently have on the squad. in the few games were b. wright and Randolph were on the floor together it was like watching two freaks of nature run up and down swatting everything the guards fed into them. my point is that we cant take last year seriously or base any judgments off last ear because not only is are team young but they were injured and never had a chance.
    sooo give this team a year before we start bitching for new players again please

  • warriors_fan

    I would like to see curry stay with the warriors.. i think the warriors would be stupid to give up 4 players to only get amare.. i think giving up biedrins, belinelli, and wright should be enough to get amare.. or add watson in the mix.. i mean the warriors have a TON of guards on their team.. if the warriors can get amare without giving up curry.. warriors would be a VERY good team next year.. curry, ellis, jackson, randolph, stoudamire.. dang thats a pretty good starting 5

  • warriors_fan

    and plus why trade curry (who might be rookie of the year.. or at least in the top 3) for amare who could only be on the warriors for a year?? curry is gonna be a big time scorer for the warriors.. I’d rather have him on the warriors than amare

  • warriors_fan

    and can someone also explain to me why we didn’t at least get a second round pick with the crawford trade??

  • Ben

    i agree with Nb we never were full manned and we have great young guns kepp curry let him evlve to be great. and wright and randolph are freaks of nature.Randolph n doubt is gonna be great and possibly top 5 this year in my opinion and im not being bias. i say no trade lets see what this squad can do

  • i would rather keep curry and still trade for amare..why cant they just offer andris, wright, belinelli,next years 1st round pick…if they truely believe they will be good next year because they should..that would be amazing if they could keep curry and trade for amare but i would rather see curry stay than see him dealt..too much potential to trade him…offer the trade i just mentioned RILEY

  • BAN

    we need to get rid of Biedrins. I love the guy but he has no offensive game. Yes, he scores but when do you see him make a move 1 on 1 and score? And he ALWAYS needs help on the defensive side. There aren’t that many people in the league that he can guard by himself.

    Stephen Curry is bound to be a star, yet I’m afraid playing for the Warriors might mess him up a little or give him a bad start. On top of that, Monta will not want to play with him. Neither are true point guards and theyre around the same size. Monta is not happy and has been bitching for awhile.

    The other side, Stoudemire… yes, he’s a great player no doubt and I would love to have him, but he just came off surgery and he hasnt really proven himself as a player with that passion to win or even play defense. Yes you can say WOW Randolph and Stoudemire! But you can’t expect Stoudemire to do a good job playing the 5 on defense. Main thing is, people need to get off the hype about having a star like Stoudemire. He’s not gonna carry the team to a championship. And honestly, going to the playoffs does not mean much if you know you can’t win the finals. All it does is raise hopes and disappoint.

    All in all, I don’t like the way the Warriors are thinking. They’ve set their minds on Stoudemire already and the only way I can see this deal not working is if the Suns ask for too much.. but as of now too much doesn’t seem that important to the Warriors as long as Randolph and Monta are safe. The Warriors almost had Kevin Garnett, but ended up with Brandon Wright. Celtics won took it all the way that year. Warriors may be seeing Stoudemire as the “Garnett” thinking that the young starters they currently have are capable of winning a championship sometime within the next couple years. Not going to happen.

  • GSWFan24

    One thing is for sure, the Warriors have several good players to offer in trades. Young players with upside who would command an All Star in return. They don’t have to sale the house to get Amare, just be patient. When the loses start piling up in Pheonix, they’ll be ready to deal by the All Star Break

  • al.maglan

    How does micro-fracture surgery and detach retina affect a star athlete? As good as Amare is, he is a damaged good who had seen his best days behind him–not the best deal for Golden State.

  • louie

    wtf r the warriors doing dont take the trade keep the team their young and they will get better ur dumb
    im a warrior fan and dont get amare keep everyone

  • ed

    i agree with B. Plip.-

    make the trade, but keep curry.