Warriors Get Curry; Keeping Him?

So the Warriors get the PG I know they have loved for quite some time. I’ve been hearing his name from Warriors brass for a while. I know they love his shooting stroke, who doesn’t, but they think he’s a better passer and floor general than people think.
I was talking with Anthony Morrow earlier, who is at the facility, he was like “wow” at the thought of Curry on the roster. He said Curry is his friend and he loves Curry’s game. Imagine those two in the backcourt!
But, I was told Phoenix loves Curry, even call him the Black Steve Nash. Drafting him doesn’t mean the Stoudemire deal is off. If Phoenix really does love Curry, they might be even happier to do the deal.
The question is, as it will be for any big name they want to get, can they reach an extension agreement?

Marcus Thompson