You Like Stephen Curry? (If He Stays)

Dell Curry didn’t look happy at all that his son was going to the Warriors. But are you?
Riley said he was at the top of their list of players who might be there at No. 7. Riley said Curry would back-up Monta Ellis and play some at shooting guard (if he stays).

Curry: “I just spoke with Larry Riley and he didn’t mention (me going to Phoenix). I don’t know where I fit in. I hope I goo to sleep a Warrior. So right now I see myself as a Warrior.”

Marcus Thompson

  • scurry

    1st round

  • Frank

    Marcus, what are you hearing? Bucher says it’s only AB, BW and Belinelli. Are the Suns demanding Curry or can they do it without him.

  • blahblahblah

    That’s some bitter curry there Dell….

  • The wise

    Keep curry get rid if cap jack and bw and magette also.(:

  • A’s in 2009

    I’m just glad we passed on Jordan Hill. 😀

  • Curry4ROY

    love the pick…BPA..hope we’re able to keep him and get amare!

  • Squall

    Curry and Morrow are redundant

    Maggette and Azubuikee are redundant

    Anthony Randolph > Brandan Wright

    Amare > Biedrins

    Pull the trigger and lets figure out our next move

  • danikil49

    This is incredible, how many guards do the W’s need.

  • Tdubb

    The draft is about improving your options and Curry was wanted by several teams, so pick him and see what your offers look like. Now for the Dubb’s, Amare ain’t worth AB BW Marco and the pick. Hell “NO” He is not locker a room guy or a leader. AB BW Marco for him maybe. Amare will draw a double in the post which means bombs away Morrow, Curry, Jack and no weak side help for Monta on the drive to the basket. That’s the pro, the con, no shot blocker and a so so rebounder. That job will be for AR?

    Where is the defense? Sorry, forgot Nelly principle we score 120 you score 119 we win maybe.

    Lastly, the bench Watson, Morrow, Buke, Turiaf, Maggette,Davidson, Kurtz, Law. I need another big junk yard dog. Turiaf can’t do it alone. I’m not sure who’s going to be available in free agency.

    Find me Reggie Evans, Carlos Milsap or Larry Smith (that was for the OG Warrior fan’s)

  • The wise

    im baffled by that crawford trade. they traded him for peanuts.): Im disgusted even after the good pick in steph curry.

  • Tdubb

    I apologize for the typo, I a had Carlos Boozer and Paul Milsap on the brain,,,,Dejuan Blair?

  • ed

    it will be sad to see AB and BW go but to include KA and SC for amare is too much. i see the suns drafted clark at 14- arent the warriors interested in him too? perhaps amare and clark to the warriors? Leave curry out of the equation and maybe it’s a good deal.

  • PBoggs

    Nice pick for the Warriors. Steph Curry is tough minded, poised and mature; he’ll probably get some PT right away. The defense will probably suck, but Monta paired with Curry on the offensive end…WOW.

    As far as the Amare trade, the rumor was AB, BW, and Marco in the deal. Just don’t give up AB without an Amare extension, please…

  • Warriors 4 Life

    trade Maggette, not Buike. And I don’t wanna lose Biedrins for Amare. 🙁


    Good Pik….Amare is great (4 time all-star) but u dnt wnt to lose litteraly half of ur team for him….U herd Dick Vitale say That Stephen is goin to be the rookie of the year..

  • the Seer

    Tdubb your so right..Curry gives us multiple options..Besides Griffin, Curry is the most ready college player to adjust to the NBA game..Remember Nelly wants comtributors now, so its a natural Nelly pick..

    Lots of 125-122 games coming..

  • Perry

    Excellent pick for Larry Riley and the Warrior family……….not a lot of guards in the top 5, save for Rubio

    I have to say in my opinion, Curry was the best combo guard in this draft, because that’s what he is in my book, a combo guard.

    I thought Rubio was the best point.

    All that being said, I love Biedrins, he moves well without the ball and because he doesn’t have a low post game and he’s unable to score with his back to the basket, he moves well without the ball, getting open for Guards. He plays pick and roll with guards very well and he’s a top 10 rebounder in the NBA.

    I love Marco’s game, I think he is very confident on the floor when give the PT, he’s an offensive facilitator and can hit open perimeter shots.

    Brandan Wright is a smart defender, excellent weak side shot blocker and his low post game, with his back to the basket, is better than any other player on our ssquad.

    Kelenna is one of the more efficient role scorers in the NBA. I don’t think there’s a GM in the league that wouldn’t like a player like Azubuike hanging his jersey in their locker room. He was 2nd in 3 point FGP in 2008-2009 and the Clippers offered him a deal last year…….there are teams in the NBA that like Kelenna as a player.

    All that being said, …….what exactly have we accomplished over the last 2, 3, 4 years with these guys?

    Only Kelenna and Andres were on the 2006-2007 “We Believe” playoff squad.

    A’mare is, when healthy, at the top of his game, one of the best 4s in the league….no question about that.

    Yes he can score, he shoots free throws well, he draws defensive attention and he gets to he line. I think he’s up there with guys like Maggette and D-Wade in getting to the line, might be top 10 in getting to the free throw line, when he’s on top of his game.

    The only thing that worries me is the injuries. Let’s say Stoudemire showcases himself for the 2009-2010 Warriors to get a elite level 3 year deal.

    What happens after that?

    Are we looking at the Elton Brand situation?

    Baron Davis?

    Gilbert Arenas?

    Sign a big contract, feel comfortable and chalk up 42 DNPs (“Did not play”) in the season.

    He might never play if we extend him……….but also, you never know, he might……..

    All that being said, I’m pretty torn.

    Regarding the Curry pick, Curry will be a better scorer in the NBA than Monta in 3 years..I say that largely because I think Curry can hit the NBA 3 pointer.

    Not as athletic as Monta, not a true PG, but a good guard, just like Monta.

    He’s a better pick than I imagined the Warriors would make,………..if we do end up dealing him in that package, ………can we pick up Phoenix’s 1st round pick?……Or did they deal that pick to Milwaukee or somebody? I can’ t remember, it might have been Earl Clark or somebody…..can’t remember and don’t care.

    I think Curry’s the best pure scorer in this draft, Blake Griffin is the best pure “NBA” player and Rubio the best “pure” point guard.

    I’ve always loved Stoudemire’s game.

    We know who he is when he’s healthy and when he’s ready.

  • Perry

    Best case scenario for all those involved………

    Stoudemire returns to form in 2009-2010 and averages 20+ppg and 10rpg.

    Stephen Curry is Devin Harris in 2 years.

    You look at a team like New Orleans, for example, ……..they’re able to squeak out 50 wins a season, consistently, largely because they have a very good PF in David West and a great PG.

    Doesn’t matter if you surround those guys with injury prone players like Stojakovic, Morris Peterson and Tyson Chandler.

    Just because they have a consistent 20ppg and 10 rpg option at the 4 and a consistent 16 ppg 10 apg guy at the 1 in Paul.

  • ECJ

    Steph Curry is going to be a leader in the NBA.. the guy who takes the last shot with the game on the line. Monta is like JRich.. an amazing talent, but not a leader. Pair Curry with Monta, with Amar’e and SJack, and the Warriors are a top 4 team in 3 years.

    Any time the organization needs to ask a player to be more of a leader, he’s not a leader. Monta is not a leader. He’s an amazing player, and he’s going to be crucial to the W’s success. But Curry will be to the W’s what Ray Allen has been to his teams. The closer.


  • Sparko Smellineli

    keep stephen curry!!!!

  • Marcus, Riley actually made the right pick in the draft. Yes, they should keep Curry, I just hope they can sign him since this team has a lousy reputation right now, and Dell Curry’s reaction said a lot about how outside people feel about Warrior management. Agree that Biedrins, Wright, Marco, and Buike would make a good trade for Amare, with the extension signed. Not sure how Curry/Ellis combination would work though.

  • Perry

    Correction on my 2nd to last post…….I said that there weren’t a lot of guards taken in the top 5…..but actually, there were…….my fault.

    What I meant was that the smaller, combo guards were not taken in the top 5…….the SGs like Harden were.

  • Perry

    Steve Kerr should be hung in a public square in the middle of Yuma, Arizona.

    His track record as a GM stinks.

    Just goes to show that just because you hit big 3 pointers for Championship teams………..doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to make personnel decisions.

  • Ben

    i like curry alot 2nd favite player in college next to griffin. He will be a great player in a couple years so lets keep him around and win us a championship.Like Perry Said im torn but i want a championship to oakland and i think we keep curry and get amare

  • Ben

    like i said im very torn love Ab but want a championship and its hard to leave it up to the warriors managment who have made a couple stupid moves ie pat obryant thats all i gotta say

  • Burke

    Try and get Amare, but keep Stephen Curry!

  • Tdubb


    You get it. It’s funny because I’ve read a number of postings that ask how Monta and Curry would play together. Does anyone remember a backcourt of Isiah Thomas 6’1″ and Joe Dumars 6’3″ with Vinny Johnson”The Microwave”6’2″

    Sounds like Ellis, Curry and Morrow to me.
    Dumars played the 1 when Isiah sat down.

    Ok, with that said add Amare in the post and AR at the 4. You can compete in the West. I am not saying NBA Finals or even Conference Finals but playoff’s yes.

    The key is if Curry can lead and the others follow because that’s not Monta’s character. The team has to play with the passion of Turiaf, AR and Morrow.

    I will say it over and over again, chemistry & defense with talent wins championships. This group gotta find the first two. However they would be fun to watch anyway.

    With this roster:


    (And one more big Junk Yard Dog)

    AB, BW and Marco…..Thanks for the memories!

  • Rudy LaRussa

    Anyone else hear the rumor that AR grew a full inch and gained 20 pounds in the last year? He is young enough I could believe him still growing taller. 20 pounds isn’t much given where he started – probably needs another 20 of muscle.


    I think that curry will fit in to the tempo that GS plays with Nellie as head coach.monta and curry will be one of the most dominant 1,2 punches in the league. not just with all the talent but with the versatility it will give to the warriors offense.

    this is my line up to stretch out the floor and keep the D on their toes!


    *might take a couple of years.


    I forgot about Amares health! warriors need to keep AB and work with the young talent we have. no way we should give up our 20pts 10reb avrg big man for a dude with weak knees.


  • Burke

    I think AB, BW and Marco is enough for Amare, given his locker room questions, defensive reputation, and injury history. Obviously the Suns don’t think so. The Arizona newspaper, azcentral has a bunch of pictures of Curry up on their page, talking about “the future”. They hope one day Curry’s number will “hang from the rafters”.

    Funny stuff. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

    The Dubs can’t just go out and get a veteran PG to replace him either. They’ve committed to give Monte a chance at the PG position. Curry is perfect there as a backup until they conclude that Monte does or doesn’t work there.

  • I am good with the Curry draft.

    I would not trade for Amare, no disrespect, but my feeling is that the W’s have so much young talent to trade with that getting a big time rebounding four would be relatively easy.
    Amare has too many unknowns, physically and emotionally, he is inconsistent; it seems difficult to keep him engaged.

    If Monta and Curry can play together they could be devastating. If not there is always a market for either of them.

    We have not seen this Warriors team yet. Last year all the injuries may have been a blessing in disguise as we got to see the development of some of the younger players. But with the players on the roster now this can be a dangerous team. I never hear mention that Capn’ Jack has been playing hurt the past two years, now he has been working out and is going to have a monster year. Ant is getting BIG in the upper body and will be more experienced. Morrow will make significant forward strides. Monta will be significantly better and if he has not been alienated by Nelson and Riley.
    B. Wright, J. Davidson, R. Kurz, playing Nellie’s style would seem to indicate a need for depth as well.

    Just in terms of physical talent, ability and potential these Warriors don’t need much, if anything at all. I would like to see the Warriors keep most of the roster and again maybe add a veteran rebounder who can play with his back to the basket and pass out of there.

    I keep hearing that relations between Nelson/Riley and Monta are not good. If this is the case then all bets are off, without cohesion between Jack, Monta and the coaches this team will be awful. Otherwise I have to agree with Stephen, Monta, Morrow, Turiaf, and AR this can be a very, very dangerous team and I for one am looking forward to a full healthy roster playing together . . . oh yeah, this is going to be fun.

  • George Hayduke

    It only makes sense for him to stay if they don’t try and make a point guard out of him.

  • Victor A

    Love the pick. Curry could be that point we need with Monte staying at off guard. BUT, all this could be for nothing with one stupid trade. I would love to get Amare but the W’s are giving up way to much. I do not want to see Biedrins go. I have seen this guy get better and better each year. He puts up a double / double just about every night. Biedrins is one of the few centers that can play in the game. If there was a way to get Amare and not let Biedrins go then I’m all for it. Give up Crap Jack. Not sure way you W’s fans like this guy so much. Does it really matter??? As long as Don (no D) Nelly runs ths team the W’s will do nothing. But hey, I’t a great time out right???? LOL

  • Lufty455

    They finally did something right for once but I have a feeling that drunk Nellie will trade Curry for over worked/broken down Amare. I would take Amare 2 years ago but not now especially when they want the young core of AB, BW, Marco and Curry… way too much!!!
    But we all know what direction this franchise is going “downward” until they get rid of “drunk Nellie” and “basketball guru or he thinks he is Rowell”.

  • The wise

    Yea I agree with lufty I souldn’t trade the house for amare. I’d like to see him come don’t get me wrong but not for the price i’m hearing. The key of trades are to make your team better by adding talent not subtracting. Ife we trade for amare we gotta key our key players. Thats been the problem with the warriors since day one instead of adding to their team they get rid of the good players on thir team. I say find a deal that allows us to keep andris montae and curry and get amare. The suns are desperate to trade him and its obvious to see hes not interested in coming back to phoenix so they should be able to pull it off. I know mullin could do it but im not sure about riley. I’d like to see if they could pull it off by trading marco, buike, bw, and magette. The trade machine said it’d work but will phoenix take a deal like that? Throw in a next year 1st rounder and I think so.

  • The wise

    Amare isn’t a true center. beans is good I think if you pair them up it’d be vicious

  • funkeebunz

    mullin couldn’t pull this trade off. he failed getting garnett. i will give props to riley/nelson if they make the amare trade and also keep curry. but again, these are the warriors. it will never happen.

  • bstallion510

    I think that we’re giving up way too much for Amare. Keep Steph Curry! Our backcourt will be virtually ungaurdable with him and Monte in it. That would give us a slasher that can get into the lane and draw contact and can also finish plus we’ll have the long range snipers in Steph and Morrow to kick out to when the lane collapses. I would give up Beidrins. Amare draws the double team, Andris doesn’t. I like the guy but he has no post game. Thanks for all your hard work, loyalty and dedication but, you gotta go. Marco still has upside. I think in the right situation he could start to really blossom and who better to play with than Steve Nash. I like Wright as a back-up to Randolph but we can always find one in free agency. Having Amare and Randolph in the front court gives us something intimidating. Amare would have to agree to work out a long term deal before I would even consider entertaining this deal. Andris, BW, Belli for Amare sounds decent. But not with Steph Curry in the mix! Unless we get PHX’s #1 Earl Clark. I still would take Curry over Clark but Clark is no chump! And bringing Amare to the team along with Clark would give us a solid stable of athletic big men.