Curry PG of the Future?

Nellie said Stephen Curry ain’t going anywhere. Curry was, to the Warriors, the second-best player in the draft behind Blake Griffin, so they aren’t parting with him.

Nellie: “No, I should be clear about that. He wasn’t drafted for somebody else. He is not going to be traded. He was drafted because we think he is going to be a terrific player, and he’s going to be right here. So he can unpack his bags, he can relax, go buy a house because he ain’t goin’ any place.”

Nellie also said that Curry will be the point guard. He said Curry is the best thing he’s seen since Steve Nash and that he thinks he will make a great point guard.

Nellie: “He’s a heck of a player. We drafted him because we think he’s going to be a great point guard. Maybe not his first year. It takes a while for point guards to mature and feel comfortable. I always saw Steve Nash in him, and he is the greatest player I’ve ever coached,” Nelson said. “I’ve been looking for another one for a long time and this is as close as I’ve ever seen in a young player. He has that same ability that Steve had. Shooting, passing, knowledge, just the natural things he’s done that he’s worked on his whole life.”

Check out his response when asked if Monta and Curry can co-exist.

Nellie: “That’ll be fine. Monta still has to work on his point guard skills as well and his passing skills. That was part of his program to get better at. This guy already has that. Monta has some work to do in that area but they’ll be fine together.”

After all that coddling and plotting based on Monta Ellis being the point guard, Nellie said Monta will (eventually) move to shooting guard and Jackson to small forward.
Remember, Monta has been deemed the point guard since late last season. They were so dialed into this Monta-at-point experiment that they traded away Jamal Crawford and flew to see Monta and “get on the same page” with him. Now, they may be back to the Baron days.

Nellie: “Yes, Jack is going back to 3. I emailed him that today, that ‘I moved you to 2 and you’re back to 3.’ We like Morrow very much, too, as a player in the backcourt. Jack said, ‘Wherever you want me, that’s where I’ll be.’”

Marcus Thompson

  • Thomas

    So, what’s the over under on Monta asking for a trade? 2 weeks?

  • The wise

    Thats what I wanna hear. yes! so its looking like were playing super small


    Just imagine if we could pull off a steal for amare and send maggette, buike, bellinelli and bw for amare? our starting 5 would be

    curry/ acie law
    ellis/ morrow
    jackson/ randolph
    biedrins/ turiaf

    Mann… that looks sweet.(:

  • LoL

    thank you Nelly for putting all these horrible trade rumors to rest, now just concentrate on getting Amar’e to the Dubs for AB, Wright, and Marco.

  • A’s in 2009

    I never believed Jackson was gonna be the 2 to begin with. How many 240lb shooting guards are there? lol

  • starburst

    Dude! Kawabunga. Surfs up.

  • Frank

    Yes! Great news, I knew it would end up like this. Curry, Ellis, Jackson, Randolph and Beans.

  • If Curry is half the player Nash is… keep Curry and see what kind of big Biedrins, B. Wright, Belinelli, and bench players can get – like Bosh, or hoping the Suns get desperate in dumping Stoudamire later in the year. Or perhaps a sign and trade with Utah for Milsap or the Sixers for Brand – of course, for much less. Too bad R. Wallace is 5 years too old – a younger R. Wallace would fit Nellie’s system nicely – he and Jackson would have set NBA records for technical fouls!!!

  • Livermore Joe

    I want to see what the Wariors can do with a starting five of Ellis, Curry, Stack Jack, Randolph and Biedrins. Maggette, Wright and Turiaf off the bench.

    Although I would rather see Morrow and Bellinelli play than Maggette.

  • Trevor

    I maintain that the best option for the Warriors is to move Claxton’s contract, Maggette, and a deal sweetener if needed (Belinelli, a future contitional pick, etc.) for Zach Randolph. This trade would have to wait until late August, since Claxton can’t be traded again until then. But, Zach Randolph would fill the needs of the Warriors just as well as Stoudemire, and they wouldn’t have to give up Biedrins to get him. Randolph is just as capable offensively in the half court game, and he’s a much better defensive rebounder.

    Zach Randolph may be a ball hog who isn’t interested in playing defense, but so is Stoudemire. Randolph also may be a toxic locker room presence, but I ask you this: If Randolph had played his entire career for the Suns, and Stoudemire had played for the Blazers, Knicks, and Clippers, who do you think we’d be talking about as the bigger headcase? My guess is that it’d be Stoudemire as well.

  • The wise

    Man i don’t like the amare trade… it’s too much. I wonder if we get rid of speedy and another trade magette to dallas on a money saving deal could we afford turkogolu? he’s 6-10 can shoot and handle the rock, like a slightly smaller dirk. Plus he’s clutch. curry, ellis, jackson, turkgolu, biedrins. Try to get rid of as less talent as possible.

  • Twinkie defense

    I knew that experiment was not gonna last!

  • Livermore Joe

    I’d give that Zach Randolph trade some thought. He’s got two years left on his deal. If he doesn’t work out this year, he’s great trade bait the year after.

  • some guy

    #10 no, just no. Amare’s offense >>>>> Zach’s offense

    Amare’s career TS% (true shooting %) is 60.4%
    Zach’s is 52.0% WORSE THAN STEPHEN JACKSON (52.4%).

  • Oregonguy

    To Trevor at #10: Zach Randolph is a black hole and is slow. How is that Warrior’s basketball? There is a reason he keeps getting traded. Case in point, Portland’s first move in their recent resurrection was dumping him and his 20 ppg and look where they are now. Please.

  • Cohen_Hater

    I hope we lose Maghetti

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Those who want Zach Randolph…


    Do you really want that?

  • Driveninhifi

    Stoudamire is a player, but he’s also a malcontent who is coming off a detached retina (plus his knees). Not sure I’d take that chance if you have to give up Curry or Biedrins.

    Z-bo is a bum. In the spirit of the previous clip:


  • earl Monroe

    For those writers who believe that Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry have the same type of game I suggest they start watching tape of these two players. (Ray Ratto, Bruce Jenkins)
    Both are very special in their own ways, as long as Monta gets the ball enough from Curry there will be no problem, Monta has the Mid range jumper that is so rare these days, and the jumping ability and speed to finish at the hoop.
    Curry is an excellent passer with great deep range on his jumper. Wether they can co-exist is really up to Monta.
    The basketball IQ has definitely gone up.
    I cannot wait to see Curry in a scenario where he is not being double or triple teamed. If the Warriors can add another 10 points to their scoring average they may not need to play anything but average defense.
    This may potentially be a more exciting team than the one from 2-3 years ago.

  • Steve

    I’ve said all along, let these guys show what they can do together, all healthy, from the start of training camp in October. Now you add another very talented young player to the mix (Curry) who can shoot the lights out, and this will be one hell of an exciting team to watch play. And eventually, IMO, one hell of a good team. Forget about Stoudemire. From his knees to his eye injury (he’ll be wearing goggles for the rest of his career), he’s definitely not worth that kind of monetary investment. He’ll be traded somewhere, but I sure wouldn’t be the team that helped to bail out Steve Kerr. Phoenix will be spiraling downward in the west, soon to be joined by other over-hyped western conference “powers”. Yao Ming’s bones keep breaking, New Orleans was ripped on NBA TV for not taking Sam Young with their 1st round pick (who’s scary on that team besides Paul and David West?), and Utah will probably lose one of their better players (Boozer?) in free agency. The Warriors are headed in the right direction. If you don’t believe me, just ask Laurel (Monte Poole) and Hardy (Ray Ratto). LOL

  • MountainJim

    LMAO at the suggestion that they got rid of Crawford in order to make Monta the PG. They got rid of Crawford because he was a horrible, expensive mistake who was no more of a PG than Monta will be, which is not at all.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Neither Bosh nor Stoudemire would stay after 2010, so let’s go in another direction.
    In late August, when these trades can take place:
    Monta for Atlanta’s Josh Smith, who complements Randolph’s game.
    Jackson, Maggette, Bellinelli and Speedy for McGrady (whose contract is up after season)
    2009-2010 Dubs:
    PG – Curry/Law/Watson
    SG – McGrady/Morrow
    SF – Smith/Buike
    PF – Randolph/Wright/Kurz
    C – Biedrins/Turiaf/Davidson
    Result: Great young, lefty front line (Beans, AR and JS), shedding of two bad contracts (Maggs and SJ), and more financial flexibility in the nearer future.

  • danikil49

    The Warriors lineup should be;


    Did you notice no Jax,Stoudemire of Maggette. But I would gladly insert Bosh somewhere, Amare is not the player he used to be.The Warriors should be patient, they already have the best player (it won’t be long) in the NBA, Randolph, let him and the team grow like Portland is doing…just a thought.

  • Dave

    Marcus, if the Warriors do make a trade with Phoenix for Amare, won’t losing Biedrins and Wright leave them woefully short up front? If Amare got hurt again, they would only have Randolph, Turiaf, and then no real depth with Davidson, and D-League Kurz. Of course I am sure Nelson would insert Maggette and Jackson at the 4 again, but here we go with a shrimp ball rerun.

  • Livermore Joe

    I think there are other trades that can be made that would help the Warriors at a lower cost. What about Maggette and Claxton’s contract for Camby? Provides defense and rebounding and is in the last year of his deal. Also, he’s good trade bait for a contender come the trade deadline.

    Josh Smith should be another target. What if the situation in Atlanta gets worse? He could be available.

    And with the economy being what it is, there will be a team come the trade deadline that will be giving away a good player for ten cents on the dollar. I want the team to be flexible enough salary-wise to take advantage of a situation like that.

  • Ken

    The only Warrior PG who is ready to play PG on Day One is Law.
    If Curry eventually is the new Steve Nash, that would be great, but Nelson and Riley both said that is not this year.
    Nelson just said that Ellis does not yet have the skills to be PG, so the one who does is Law. Law has more than finished his requisite course of bench sitting, so it is time for the “best PG in the 2007 draft” to be the W PG.

  • Perry

    “Harp”……….like that starting squad boy!

  • hey guys diehard suns fan here to tell u that there is NO WAY the suns are making any kind of trade with the golden state warriors if the deal doesnt involve anthony randolph or stephen curry…. biedrins, belinelli,and buike are nice but are trash compared to amare stoudemire!

    It seems they are ‘untouchable’ so I guess the deal is dead fortunately for phoenix NOW GO GET DERRICK ROSE!!!

  • JustPuked

    @John Thankfully, Nellie is smart enough to keep Randolph, Curry, and Morrow in any proposed trade talk. We’re more than happy to walk away from Amar’e at those prices. Kind of like Amar’e’s going to walk away from Phoenix.

    Chasing Derrick Rose? Good luck with that.

  • WarriorCraig

    I’m laughing at all these proposed trades on here involving Maggette. Seriously guys, what team would trade for this guy? The guy has a TERRIBLE contract, and is a black-hole when it comes to the rock. Think about it, for the same reasons we want him gone are the same reasons teams won’t touch him. The only way we get rid of him, is to take on a similar bad contract and hope that player works out better for us.

    John aka Die Hard Suns Fan, you could only Dream we would give up Curry or Randolph in a Stoudemire deal. Face it, the Suns are desperate to get ANYTHING for him and should be jumping at a Biedrens and Wright offer, because there’s not a chance in Hell that he signs with you next year.

    Personally, I don’t want us to touch Amare with his eye problems and knee problems and a huge contract it would take to get him. I want us to try and get Bosh:-)

  • Gizzm

    I knew all along that Stack of Crap Jack wouldn’t be the starting “2” next year.
    Back to smallball and needless chucking.


  • I know the bulls will just hang up the phone but you cant blame a guy for wishing….sigh…. oh well I guess I can settle for Rajon Rando or even Ricky Rubio.

  • True Warrior

    Guys, relax a minute. I sense from Nellie saying,” This guy already has that” that he knows Monte can’t play the point and will never be a pass first point guard like Nash while Curry can be that. If I predict, it will be Monte Biedrins trade for Amare. For those who like Monte, keep this in mind we had Monte, Beidrins and Baron and all we did is win against Mavs and lose against Utah. Guys look at the West, Portland, houston, Lakers, Denver & San Ant all have big men to take us down. Skinny weak players ain’t can do it for us. We need Amare and I would keep Curry if we can trade Ellis and Beidrins. Ellis is not worth 66 m in this economy. Turgalo is better than Ellis and he would command $50 mill in todays market, I would take an all star Nelson over Ellis.

  • True Warrior

    This is the line up I would like to see.
    Jackson/Morrow or Rocky

    Assuming we trade only Ellis and Beidrins if we include Rocky than that is ok.

    Free agency, we need Brandon Bass or big baby for mid level exception, under our system both can put up double points and avg 8 rebs

  • Curry and Monta will be a great combo. Who will start at PG though? Curry would be a better fit and Monta would go back to the position he’s been playing and thriving.


  • uhhhhhhhh…

    @The Wise

    you’re not very high on randolph are you? i guess you missed the last 1/4 of the season. he’s gonna be our starting PF next year. maggette will continue to be the surge off the bench.

    we’re looking pretty deep, with or without amar’e if you ask me.

  • the Seer

    For the first half of the year, have Curry mostly feed the ball to the veterans and ease his way in..It will help make him the complete PG I know that he can be..It will also make him popular with his veteran teammates and its a win win situation..

    Of course I love his three point ability, so leave that alone..

    This kid has an unlimited basketball IQ and he wants to learn..He can be a great PG..He is also not a weak as he looks..He proved his strength
    with the weights pressing 180 lbs ten times when Monte couldn’t do it once..

    Don’t underestimate the babyface kid, he is a killer..

    Having first Randolph fall to us and then Curry, Warrior karma is turning around..

  • the Seer

    Forget Amare, he won’t play here, so enough talk about him and lets move on to Utah having Okur, Korver, and Boozer all coming back, so they have no money left for Millsap..

    He would look perfect on the boards and helping Beans defend the post..

    Get Millsap!!!