Warriors Want Curry More Than Amare?

I talked with a Warriors insider and it seems the Warriors may be willing to walk away from the Amare Stoudemire deal if it means giving up Stephen Curry.
The press conference to introduce him to local medium is still going on at 2. There are reports that the deal is on hold. Originally, the No. 7 pick was part of the deal. Since it turned out to be Curry, who both teams love, the Warriors don’t want him as part of the deal. Phoenix does.
Why are they putting their foot down on Curry? My guess:
• they are already giving up enough
• Curry is the Monta Ellis insurance they need

Is this all a front, a Chris the Moneymaker type bluff to squeeze more out of the Suns? We will see

Marcus Thompson

  • Kyle

    What about getting Earl Clark back in return? He seems like a good player, potentially. He’s huge, very athletic, ovesized 3… A deal could look like this:

    -Amare Stoudemire
    -Earl Clark

    -Andris Biedrins
    -Stephon Curry
    -Marco Belinelli or Brandan Wright

    This is all a moot point, though, if we can’t get an extension from Amare. He might think of himself as a max contract player, but I don’t think he is, and I don’t think the Warriors think he is. Ultimately, that, not the Curry thing, seems like the biggest obstacle to getting the deal done.

    On another note, does anybody think Curry and Monta could both be on the court at the same time on the defensive end? I don’t see it. Who’s guarding the 2’s?

    I think, especially if we get rid of Curry but maybe even if we don’t, we should target a free agent PG. Can anybody say Andre Miller? The Sixers drafted a PG who’s big and athletic, Jrue Holiday, so they might not be willing to pay too much to keep Miller. I believe they’re also against the luxury tax and pretty much maxed out, but I’m not sure.

    Should be an interesting couple of months…

  • Burke

    Who else would want to give up a package equivalent to Biedrins, Wright and Belinelli? 3 former first round draft picks all with significant potential. Biedrins and Wright could start right away on the Suns. Despite being overtaken by Randolph, Wright has shown flashes and his stats are all great. If it wasn’t for his injury he would have had a lot of time on the court.

    The Suns shopped Amare before the eye injury and didn’t receive any offers close to this one even without Curry in the mix.

    I think it’s a good decision they are willing to put their foot down (if it really is so). After surveying other offers, the Suns would eventually come back to the table. I can’t see them sticking with Amare after all this, Curry or no Curry.

  • some guy

    I think it’s more of a case that the Warriors prefer Curry AND Andris over Amare. Before, the trade was essentially Andris for Amare.

  • Jerry

    I would do Biedrins, Belly and Wright for Amar’e no sweat? If Curry is involved, I would want something else too like Clark.

    But how on earth did Kelenna get involved? I know its a salary thing but he’s not a throw in. He’s a serious player, a key to the W’s. All five of those guys for stoudemire is a huge risk. Dude aint been healthy. Nit an even deal in my mind.

  • robo

    Keep Curry or trade him for Ricky Rubio if you can sign him. Pass on Amare – way too risky. Instead, trade Maggette for Al Horford, Evans, and Morris; waive Evans and Morris to go back to the Hawks.

    Stoudemire 6’10” 249 lbs. vs. Horford 6’10” 245 lbs.

    Ellis, Curry, Watson
    Jackson, Morrow, Belinelli
    Randolph, Azubuike
    Horford, Wright
    Biedrins, Turiaf

    3Pt% – Morrow .467, Azubuike .448, Watson .400, and add Curry .412 (College Avg.)

    Rebounds/Blocks – Biedrins 11.2/1.55, Turiaf 4.6/2.13, Randolph 5.8/1.17 and add Horford 5.8/0.67

    Jamal Crawford, Mike Bibby
    Joe Johnson, Flip Murray, Jeff Teague
    Josh Smith, Corey Maggette, Maurice Evans
    Marvin Williams, Solomon Jones
    Zaza Pachulia, Randolph Morris

  • Angel

    We would be giving up way too much if Curry is included. As it is, giving up Wright Biedrins and Bellinelli is too much for a player we probably won’t be able to resign.
    Curry was an excellent pick and I could see us better off with Ellis and Curry in the backcourt and Jackson at the three.
    Also, I think Anthony Randolph will be a Stoudamire type player without the injury issues.

  • Del The Funky Warrior

    That would mean Curry hasn’t even played a game for the Dubs and he’s already paying off! Keep the lad.

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii


    The Hawks would never go for that… Pachulia is mediocre at best… Horford is good and still young.

    @The article:

    I have to admit, Riley is lookin good so far. He is absolutely right to seek out Amare, and absolutely right to walk away if the Suns demand Curry.

  • J Canseco

    I want Curry more than Amare, and that’s what matters.

  • potential blah

    Potential Potential Potential… Im tired of waitng for potential. Why not take it. We dont know how Marco, Wright will turn out and AB has nothing to offer but being tall and taken up ALL the rebounds. You put him on another team that actually has a player that is taller than 6’7 and hell get 7 doubles at best. I know you say well Amare would get the same rebounds cause hes taller than everyon on the Ws. Well hey, he produces more on the scoring. Which is Ws basketball. No defense, who has defense on the team. I want a star that will change our franshise. Dont you guys think its about time to get one since feed your family Latrell Spreeeeewell. If we lose him can someone say more money more players fool.

  • Carney L

    Gm’s gotta know when to walk away. I hope Riley sticks to his guns.

    Beidrins for Amare, maybe. But not Beidrins/Curry/+XYZ for a one and done possibility in Amare.

    We’ll see where this goes though.

  • A’s in 2009

    Call TOR and see if they’re willing to take our offer(without Curry) for Bosh.

  • CrustyRim

    some good ideas guys.

    I am also happy the Warriors want to keep Curry. I see Curry coming off the bench early, if him and Monta are on the floor the Warriors could go zone. I have a feeling Randolph will be a defensive force for us next year.

    The Clippers are loaded with big men, why not try to trade Maggette and a Turiaf for Al Thorton or even Camby?

  • Dre is the 3rd best center in the league. Center is the hardest position to fill. We have a team of guys that are not winners that can easily go for 22/8, just like Amare. AR4 is going to be better than Amare, he defends and rebounds, and HE IS OUR 4!!!! We don’t need Amare, give up too much to get him, and he couldn’t win on a better team than ours. Don’t anger AR4 and try to get him to be a SF, you waste his talents for nothing. DON’T DO THIS TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least don’t give them Dre. Send them Maggette, he has to go anyways, dude is an anchor and I am not talking about his contract. Send them Maggette, Wright, and anything else but Dre or Anthony Randolph. Besides, Amare doesn’t get you a better offer than Dre, Wright, and a rookie? We don’t need this!!!!!!!!! Only thing we needed was a PG, let the kid play!!!

  • Jared

    I think the Dubs should forget all this Amare trade talk. He’s got a bad knee and a messed up eye. Also, I don’t think giving up all that for him is smart. Also, I’d prefer to keep Biedrins if we got Amare and trade Monta/BW/Claxton/etc. for Amare. I like curry, but I think we can acquire some talent from NY – especially since they want Curry bad.

    We should pursue something along the lines of:



    David Lee
    Wilson Chandler

    Resulting roster:


    NY would get the player they coveted, a young PF in Wright and cap space for 2010. We’d be deeper and commit to Monta. We either trade Monta for Amare, or just commit to him and stop playing with a mouse backcourt.

  • The wise

    curry, montae, and beans, should be untouchable.

  • zeelurker

    I’d feel better about hte trade if it were for Bosh. Even the Phoenix fans are tiring of Amare’s defensive effort which is supposed to be comparable to Jamal Crawford’s.

  • petaluman

    One of the things the Warriors did right last off-season was negotiating flat contracts with Andris and Monta. It’s possible that Amare is asking for the max (10.5% raise per year). The number of years could also be an issue. I’m definitely not sold on acquiring Amare, regardless of the pieces we send in return. He’s even more expensive than Baron Davis, not as good a player at his best, and not necessarily more reliable.

  • petaluman

    With the draft over, we should be putting the SL team together very soon. Any word on who’s going from the roster, and who we’re signing up? I’m guessing that we’ll start:


  • Laoren

    This has all the earmarks of another Nellie fiasco. Remember when he wanted Billie Owens, a disaster, then it was Weber, how did that work out? Then Richmond is gone for Wright, the answer according to Nellie, now he can’t get rid of him fast enough. Nellie has always been like that, he loves some other player but never his own, then he gets him and can’t wait to trade him.
    If Stoudamire gets hurt again, we are sunk for another 4 years. I have a suggestion, fire Nellie, and hire Smart.

  • Stoudamire will primarily play CENTER on this team. Instead of Marion, he’ll have A. Randolph at PF. Instead of Steve Nash, he’ll have Curry who Nellie says is the next Steve Nash.

    Stoudamire is worth Biedrins (who only plays 25 to 30 minutes per game), Belinelli (pine sitter), and B. Wright (pine sitter), and Azibuke (great role player).

    Curry PG, (Watson?), Law
    Ellis SG, Morrow
    Jackson SF, Maggette
    Randolph PF, (Davidson/Kurz?)
    Stoudamire C, Turiaf

    Sure I’ll miss Biedrins, but Stoudamire will bring much more on offense (25 points, 55% FG, 80% FT, 8 boards, outside and inside scoring). Stoudamire is an all star player. All the W’s really lose is depth, which they have plenty of right now.

    All the W’s would need to do after this is sign a veteran/journeyman PF – some Josh Powell type – on the cheap to shore up the frontcourt. Stoudamire does get into foul trouble…

  • potential blah

    Trade anyone but curry, stack, randolph and morrow!

  • BAN

    this is really simple..

    Curry, Monta, or Randolph included in trade talk for Amare should be an automatic no.

    But yes, Amare is young which makes him immature in the sense where he doesn’t play defense and wont put in 100%. You could also say he’s not reliable and may have no interest in playing for any team and he may just be going for his money as long as he’s out of Phoenix….. but if things do work out well (which they should) Curry and Stoudemire will find themselves realizing how strong of a team the Warriors can be (if they’re starting with ellis, jackson, and randolph of course).

    And all the Biedrins lovers, yes I would hate to see him go but please don’t call him the 3rd best center or better than Stoudemire. Biedrins really has no offensive game 1 on 1 (no post game what so ever) and the guy obviously can’t defend anyone. He’s one of the skinniest guys in the NBA.. all the other 5 spots have POUNDS on him. And sure he’s a double double machine but so much of the credit goes to the team. He lacks the ability to do things independently.

    And honestly, I’m sure Riley knows the situation that the Suns are in right now. They’re desperate… they need to get rid of Stoudemire and they wont get any offers like the Warriors have put up that dont include Curry. So as long as theyre patient and wait things out, Amare will be in the bay along with Curry. I’d be surprised if they messed up again ( losing KG )

  • Mike C

    As a Clippers fan I’m laughing at all the Warrior fans overvaluing their junk. Guess what, nobody wants Maggette, not Atlanta, not Phoenix, not Toronto.

    You guys are trying to get something for absolutely nothing and that won’t work. You want proven All-Star’s, guys who can drop 40 or 50 points any given night, guys like Bosh and Amare, for a bunch of roleplayers?

    If the Warriors want any serious frontcourt addition to the team, it will cost them at least Biedrins and Curry. If they can’t comply, then you guys will be set up for another 30-35 win season without 7 or 8 guards on your roster. The opportunity to get a young All-Star power forward only comes so often.

    Biedrins is never going to be a guy who can score 30 a game, and he’s the only rebounded on the team while Stoudemire and Bosh both have had other double-digit rebounders around them.

    Curry is still an unproven rookie, undersized at best and 2 years from now, if he turns out to be a bust and this team is still in a hole, who will you blame then?

  • danikil49

    The people who are postive on this trade are probably the same people who wanted to trade Matt Cain. The Warriors should keep what they have unless someone is talking Bosh. Other than that trading Biedrens,Wright and Azubuike would be like trading Robert Parrish for whatever we got.

    But I am afraid that this deal will go down because the Warriors are as short sighted as a lot of the fans.

  • Chris

    While we are all fussing over whether Amare will go to the Warriors, I have a question. Why is Amare such a lousy rebounder?

    8 a game? Whoopie.

    He only pulled down 16% of the available defensive boards when he was on the court. Matt Barnes was better than that.

    Sure, the quality of team-mates affects that. But there were plenty of guys who were pulling down 25%+ on good rebounding teams or bad ones and everywhere in between.

    So if we are talking about a guy who wants max $$, and doesn’t play much defense, and has an injury history, don’t you want to see rebounds?

    Can you imagine getting Amare and being a worse rebounding team? Having a guy who can be overpowering in the paint will make them different. How will it make them better?

  • Arjay

    I say NO TRADE!!!
    Curry is too valuable to give up for
    even though he is an all-star type of player.
    We dont need to re-group every year.
    we need to get better is what we need to do.
    so i say noo!!

  • deano

    Amare and his max contract are not worth Biedrins alone, let alone Beans, Buke and Curry.

  • Lufty455

    You know what is weird about this whole scenario is that they are willing to trade the guys that played well for them last year. It is just like this team to trade the faithful and keep the disgruntled… I am really puzzled with this team and how Nellie and the rest of the yahoos will try to fix this problem. Save us the headache and fire Nellie and Rowell now. This feels like I’ve seen this during the CWEBB and Run TMC era…