Official Summer League Roster

Warriors just sent this out this morning. You already know about Anthony Randolph, Anthony Morrow, Jermareo Davidson, Acie Law and, of course, Stephen Curry

F/C Connor Atchley, Texas (6-10, 226 pounds)
F Lawrence Hill, Stanford (6-8, 220)
F Joe Ingles, Australia (6-8, 194)
G Jared Jordan, Marist (6-2, 185)
G/F Cartier Martin, Kansas State (6-7, 200)
F Quan Powell, Auburn (6-8, 215)
F Lawrence Roberts, Mississippi State (6-9, 240)
C Jamal Sampson, Cal (6-11, 235)

Again, the schedule:

Friday, July 10 vs. Houston, 1 pm
Saturday, July 11 vs. Sacramento, 5 pm
Monday, July 13 vs. Detroit, 7 pm
Tuesday, July 14 vs. Chicago, 5 pm
Thursday, July 16 vs. New Orleans, 5 pm (Thanks A’s in 2009)

Marcus Thompson

  • David


    So Rob Kurz isn’t playing for the Warriors’ summer league team?

    Do they think Sampson, has a chance to make the regular season roster?

  • JustPuked

    Local collegians Sampson and Hill taking a run at it, nice. Good luck to them, but I’m not expecting much.

    Any word on what Wright and Belinelli are up to this summer?

  • Guaranteed Joe Ingles takes Rob Kurz place on the roster. Not a totally bad thing since Nellie generally finds a place for decent shooting combo-forwards.

  • sillyyouare

    Lawrence Roberts was a force in the NCAA’s a few years ago – and he did well against the SEC. That said, he’s undersized and obviously older now. I think he could be a good end of the rotation guy on a non-Nellie team. He haD good touch down low and was a good rebounder for his size. Two things Nellie doesn’t seem to like in big men.

    It would be nice to see Sampson have some sort of reasonable career. Bad decision for him to leave Cal when he did. He wasn’t even a force when he was there.

  • curry=nash?

    Wow havent heard Lawrence Roberts name since college. I remember he had some game. Too bad there is no room for him here.

  • stash

    @1, marco playing for the italian nt this summer.

  • Ken

    Someone mentioned that there are streams of these games. Are they legit, and if so, where are they found? The Warriors site or somewhere else ?

  • Jack

    Ken, they are found on NBA.com

  • Petaluman

    Thanks for keeping us informed!

    Roberts, Sampson, and Jordan are all past 2nd round picks. Presumably, the first 2 of these have the best chance of actually sticking. They’re both bigs who’ve had some NBA experience, so they should at least have some idea what they needed to work on. Jordan is an excellent floor general, but lacks an NBA body. Plus, we’re suddenly well-stocked (if unproven) at PG.

    It doesn’t look likely that there will be any Anthony Morrow-type surprises out of this crew, though. The excitement is definitely all about the 5 regular roster players.

    Ingles actually measured out at 6’7.75 (no shoes), 209# at the NBA combine. Unfortunately, 3 bench presses and 10.1% body fat doesn’t sound like ‘bulked up’.

    What’s the story on Sampson? Has he done anything since being on the Nuggets roster in 2006-7?

  • A’s in 2009

    According to Warriors.com there’s 5 games

    you left out…
    Thursday, July 16, New Orleans Hornets, 5:00 p.m.

  • please please please….can’t something be done to remove the pic of Al Harrington on the site? it’s annoying to look at him…let the Knicks’ fans look at him…let him hang on somebody else’s rim and cost games…

    trade Buike and we boycott!

  • Taylor

    This needs to be the picture for the new banner…it’s been the desktop on my computer since the last month of the season…I suck at photoshop so someone with the knowhow should edit it up.

    The look on Morrow’s face is fantastic!


  • The wise

    Forget amare stoudamire. Keep beans and add lamar odom.(: Omg I was just thinking of what our team would be like if we added lamar to the mix…

    Curry/ law/watson
    ellis/morrow/ bellinelie
    jackson/ magette/ buike
    odom/ randolph/bw
    biedrins/ turiaf/ davidson

    we’d be deep. (: players would stay fresh and we wouldn’t miss a beat.

  • JustPuked

    @Stash Thanks for the tip on Belinelli.

    Seriously, what the hell is Wright up to? Why aren’t we hearing “good PR” stories about him bulking up by 20 pounds and working out like Randolph? I know the kid is a permanent resident in Nellie’s house but we’ve all seen the flashes. It’s like he’s disappeared since the end of the season. Marcus, any chance we get an update on the kid?

  • gkingus

    Adding Odom would just prolong Randolph’s development. I’d like to see Randolph play 30+ mins this upcoming season.

  • gkingus

    I believe we only have the MLE to offer any free agent. I don’t think Odom will take that. Maybe B. Bass though.

  • Perry

    You’re right about Wright “JP”…….both he and Belinelli are NBA players and can play already……no question about that.

    Belinelli can be a floor leader, he facilitates the offense, he’s comfortable and confident on the floor, he hits open perimeter shots, he’s a European player so that means he is an excellent free throw shooter, he has good court vision, he distributes the ball well……he just needs the PT, that’s all……he would be a better PG back-up than CJ Watson any day of the week…..I love CJ, namely because he is not afraid to shoot in the 4th quarter…where as, a lot of Warriors are scared to shoot in the 4th quarter (that’s why we need a real “go to” 4th quarter option, not a bunch of 2nd and 3rd options who are only scorers).

    “JP”, you and me are probably the only Belinelli and Wright fans on this blog…we both know our basketball……….these guys just need an opportunity to play…….and a few less injuries.

    There is no question that Wright is an excellent defender, a better shot blocker than Randolph and a smarter overall player than Randolph…….Wright just needs opportunities to score in the block……maybe be a little more aggressive in demaning the ball.

    But also guys……..Don Nelson picks on these guys and they always feel like they have a target on their backs when they get in the game. If this organization plans to keep these 2 players, they need to start incorporating them into the rotation so they get a little more confidence and don’t play nervously when they’re on the floor.

    That way, Brandan will run the floor with a lot of effort, he will chase after loose balls, he will go after rebounds……..and Marco, will be confident, distribute the ball, see the court and hit open perimeter shots.

    “JP”……hopefully you like Corey Maggette as much as I do too………everyone else seems to hate his guts……but in 51 games last year, 1/2 of those games as a 6th man…….Corey still managed to average 18+ppg. If that is someone to hate……well, then I guess I’m wrong. All the guy has done his entire career is score 20+ppg when he’s been a starter and never complain about being yanked from the starting line-up, been professional, worked out and in shape and never out of shape. How could any NBA fan, let alone a Warrior fan, not like that.

  • Paul

    I haven’t seen Ingles … but, after correctly predicting here last year that Morrow would make the roster, I believe Atchley will emerge as the most likely candidate from this pool.
    More of a 4 than a 5 b/c of his build, but he’s a classic pick-and-pop guy offensively who has a great feel for the game. He’s active around the glass and a hustler, and we could use all those things.

  • Petaluman

    Odom is out of the question, and Bass also has plenty of suitors. One player I wouldn’t mind adding would be Matt Barnes. We could use a tough guy that can play some 3 and 4, and the Suns are not spending.

  • Mark

    Why not try for Milsap or Brandon Bass? They’re not expensive and they give the W’s an inside force.

  • JustPuked


    Love your enthusiasm. Wright is an interesting case. On the one hand, he scores effortlessly in the paint, he’s a natural as a finisher and he’s shown improvement with his jumper (although he’s not consistent enough yet). He’s in the top 50 of Hollinger’s PER index and he’s a willing shot-blocker.

    On the other hand, due to injuries his durability is questionable, he gets pushed around at both ends, often gets caught in no man’s land on defense (not sure to help or stay), and often fails to run the floor. While his motor isn’t as bad as O’Bryant’s, one has to wonder…what’s the problem? Nelson, despite his idiosyncrasies, has a pretty good track record at accessing talent. Nellie’s reluctance to play Wright is worrisome.

    Is Wright another flame-out or is Nellie really missing the boat on this guy? Unlike with O’Bryant, Hendrix, and Diogu, all of whom never seemed like more than bench warmers to me, Wright is the one guy Nellie’s benched that seems capable of blossoming into a real player. Granted his defense and rebounding are still sub-par, his ability to score in the low post is an element missing from the Warriors and unless we’re picking up a long term piece like Chris Bosh, it seems extremely short sighted to sell him off before we know what we have.

    When he was drafted, the concensus was, it would take 2-3 years for him to be a player. Year 3 is nigh. All we’ve seen are flashes. That doesn’t bode well. Nellie seems sure he’s another also-ran. If he’s right, he’s doing the correct thing trying to trade Brandan before everyone else figures out the flashes are false gold. I’m just not sure Nellie’s got this kids number. If he stays, let’s hope he finally blossoms. At the very least, a competitive Wright will only push Randolph to stardom that much faster.

  • Petaluman

    Reality check: BW averaged 18 mpg last year and started 2/3 of the games he appeared in. He is making progress, and no one is holding him back. However, his durability is a definite concern.

    Regardless, AR has definitely moved past him in the depth chart. Maybe Randolph does successfully move to SF. If not, Wright becomes expendable, and an attractive trade piece.

  • darkknight01



    18. I agree Atchley is intriguing…6’10” and plays good defense too, according to one write-up. Good call.

  • OptimusPrime

    I dont get the Rob Kurz release. He played really good last year. He has size and a really niceoutside shot. Do we have a 12th man that is better???

    They are trying to add a backup PF. We have a really good one already B. Wright. AR should start @ PF ad B. Wright should come off the bench. Whoever we add will be a hinderance if they take mins away from AR.

  • petaluman

    Rob wasn’t released. He was signed to a 1 year contract, which has expired. He signed a SL contract with Philadelphia, so he could still end up here for the regular season. However, it appears the Warriors like Jermareo Davidson better.

    BTW, Kurz is getting some love from Mike Moreau:


  • petaluman

    Could you please check on Jermareo Davidson’s status with the team? Does he have a guaranteed contract for next season? Thanks!

  • Perry

    All this off-season drafting and speculation is fun and exciting but I still hope we got more tricks up our sleeve………

    We better still have some bigger plans.

    Our roster is now good enough to win 38 games with everyone healthy. That should mean a 9th or 10th place finish and missing the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive year.

    Pinning your hopes on a 1st year player, a 2nd year player that works out 3 times a day, a brand new GM with no legitimate track record, an 80 year old, stubborn coach with no real defensive or offensive philosophy and an ownership group known for letting it’s fan base down is not exactly a recipe for success in the National Basketball Association and especially the grueling Western Conference.

    I mean there are still teams out there with 2 or 3 legitimate All-Star players……we’re not even on the same planet.

    L.A.: # 24; Gasol; Odom
    Denver: Anthony; Billups…..no more All-Stars but tough players like J.R. Smith, Nene……
    Houston: T-Mac, Ming’s out, Scola, Artest….this roster is injury prone and may change, but they are still a tough team and with Aaron Brooks with 1/2 year of starting PG experience under his belt,…they may have found their starting PG, although I don’t know if Brooks is a 42 minute a game player
    San Antonio: Duncan: Ginobili; Parker; Jefferson
    Dallas: Nowitzki; Kidd
    New Orleans: Paul; West
    Utah: Williams: Boozer,tough players like Okur…
    Portland: Roy; Aldridge…..great role players like Outlaw…….Oden is a below average player

    There’s 8 right there…….I didn’t even mention Phoenix, even with a dessimated roster, Phoenix is about 5 times better than us.

    Where does that leave us?

    Standing in the wind with our nutsack in our hands…that’s where….

    I always see “Steve” posting on this blog with statements like, “I like what we have,” or “Wait till we’re healthy.”………..

    We still have a lot of work to do, ladies…..don’t kid yourselves……we’re Warrior fans for Christ sake.

  • Perry

    Looks like Artest is headed to the Staples Center and Ariza is looking at going to the “lone star” state……..we’ll see what happens.

  • Arroyo

    Jamal Sampson? LOL

    1 year in college, and because he’s 7′ tall, he carves out a nice end-of-the-bench career in the NBA, and he’s done what? NOTHING.

    Is this a great country or what?