Gimmie Your Mock

By now, you’ve probably read a thousand mock drafts. You’ve heard all kinds of draft talk and criticized the opinions of everyone who disagrees with you. Now, it’s time to show your stuff.
The draft is tomorrow afternoon. You have until then to post your mock draft of the lottery. Let’s see which of you have the courage to put his or her name on a mock. Let’s see who really knows what they are talking about and who is just hatin’ on the rest.
(Of course, I’d venture to say that all of you will probably have a more accurate mock than me!)

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Speedy, Law not the Answer

So the Jamal Crawford camp is elated about his being traded to Atlanta. I’m told by team sources the Warriors have agreed in principle. The deal can’t be completed until the 2009-10 season begins on July 1. Crawford gets to play point guard on a playoff team. Plus, his son lives in Atlanta with his mom.

The Warriors are elated, too. In essence, they are trading $19 million over the next two years for about $4 million. Speedy Claxton’s $5.2 million will likely be covered mostly by insurance (I think 80 percent) as the injured point guard isn’t expected to play. Law is scheduled to make $2.2 million next season.
I’ve been told by Warriors insiders that neither Claxton nor Law is the Warriors’ answer to their point guard solutions. They are still in the market for a PG, so this trade does not rule out them drafting a point guard.


Warriors Summer League Schedule

The roster isn’t out yet, but Anthony Randolph and Anthony Morrow are sure to be on it.

Friday July 10
COX Pavilion
1 PM – Houston vs. Golden State

Saturday July 11th
COX Pavilion
5 PM – Golden State vs. Sacramento

Monday July 13th
COX Pavilion
7 PM – Detroit vs. Golden State

Tuesday July 14th
COX Pavilion
5 PM – Golden State vs. Chicago

Thursday July 16th
COX Pavilion
5 PM – New Orleans vs. Golden State


It’s a PG or PF

Just had our media availability with general manager Larry Riley. He said, pretty much, the Warriors are looking at taking a power forward or point guard. I will have more on this later, but I walked away feeling like it’s down to two people: Jordan Hill and Stephan Curry.


Should the Warriors Take Curry Anyway?

It seems Stephen Curry won’t be working out with the Warriors because he wants to play for the Knicks. But I know for sure people whose opinion matter inside the Warriors organization think highly of Curry.
I’ve been told his basketball IQ is off the charts, he has better court vision than most expect of a shooter, and his athleticism is less of an issue than people think. And the Warriors certainly could use his stroke.
Should Golden State nix Curry’s suspected plans of playing for the Knicks and draft the star guard? (I certainly would and, at the very least, make the Knicks pay for him. Even if it’s a second-round pick.) If he’s the guy they want, should they let his desire to play elsewhere get in the way?