Jennings Certainly Has Swagger

Warriors fans should be especially acquainted with Los Angeles point guards, having Baron Davis and Marcus Williams on the team the last couple years. One thing SoCal PGs don’t lack is swagger. Jennings is no different.
With “Young Money” embroidered on his shoes and a confident smile painted on his face, Jennings proclaimed himself to be the man for the Warriors.

Jennings: “That’s what I’ve been hearing through the media – that they’re looking for a pure point guard, someone to run the team. I’m that guy, hopefully.”
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Morrow’s Ridiculous

The Warriors’ second-year Anthonys, Morrow and Randolph, have been working out together like crazy at the Warriors practice facility. Morrow has the staff gushing over his work ethic and development. His shooting ability still has members of the organization shaking their heads in disbelief.
Today, he was playing some form of horse with assistant coach Russell Turner. Morrow was shooting with his left hand, banking 17-footers with ease.

“I shoot better with my left than you,” Morrow shouted across the gym to Randolph, who is left-handed. He later challenged Randolph to a shooting competition. “I’ll shoot with my left hand and you shoot with your left hand.”

During shooting drills, Morrow made 98 of 114 from 3-point range. That’s 86 percent.

Randolph: “I can’t do that from midrange. Some people couldn’t do that shooting lay-ups.”


Want Odom?

Just finished watching the Game 3. I can’t help but wonder how good Odom could be in the Warriors system. I would like him at small forward instead of power forward, but that only works of Nellie sticks to the Jax-at-two plan. Unless, and this is unlikely, he accepts a bench role. He would be the perfect sub because of his versatility.

Odom is a free agent, so it would take a sign and trade. Unlikely Odom accepts the midlevel. He will probably cash in on a championship run and sign a big contract with some desperate franchise of take less to stay in LA. But if it could be worked out, I think he’d be a great fit with the Warriors.


Superfan Wong Missed His Chance?

A Warriors source disputed some of the claims levied by superfan Paul Wong. The Warriors are usually hesitant to address these types of stories. The source re-iterated how much they appreciated Wong’s support and passion, but wanted to clear up some “inaccuracies.”

• The Warriors DID offer to re-imburse him for printing the placards during the 2007 playoff run. But Wong, who said he spent $5,500 during that playoff run, rejected the gesture.

• Wong does not own the rights to “We Believe.” The Warriors’ source said the team went through the proper channels to use “We Believe.” It is owned by a fan of the Boston Red Sox, who the Warriors paid before making it their official slogan. (I am checking this because the copyright laws allow flexibility as long as there is a noted difference. In other words, two people can own the rights in circumstances)

• Despite that he didn’t own the rights to the “We Believe” slogan, the source said Wong tried to sue the Warriors for using his slogan without permission. He was unsuccessful. (Needless to say, the lawsuit ended the Warriors efforts to “thank” Wong.)

So, in the end, the Warriors did say thank you in some form even if it wasn’t the thanks Wong was looking for in return.


He No Longer Believes

Courtesy of Tony.PSD

I caught up with Paul Wong, the creator of the “We Believe” movement back in 2007. I was the first person to write about him, when he was brought to my attention by the Warriors back in 2007. Man, he sounds different. Like he’s had his heart ripped out or something.
He was soooooo zealous about the Warriors. It almost cost him dearly. So to hear him talking about washing his hands of the Warriors is a trip.

Wong: “I’m boycotting the Warriors business practices! They know that another fan will snatch up my seats in a heart beat and I truly believe that’s why people renew because they don’t want to lose their great seats, which has taken years for them to get. Warrior season ticket holders need to make a stand. I WILL NOT STEP ONE FOOT IN ORACLE ARENA , yet I will still be rooting for my beloved Warriors.”

His departure as a season-ticket holder (he said he’d been a STH for more than 10 years) is more symbolic than anything.

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