Lots of Movement, None by Warriors

Ron Artest to the Lakers
Rasheed Wallace to the Celtics.
Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to the Pistons.
Zach Randolph to the Grizzlies.
Shaq to the Cavaliers.
There seems to be a lot of activity going on and none of it involving the Warriors. Is that good or bad? Should the Warriors have been involved for any of these players, or is it good that they are standing back and watching how things play out?
Not that they aren’t making phone calls, or even offers (the new regime is apparently as hush as the previous one about this stuff), but none of the current moves have seemed out of their jurisdiction. They certainly could have gotten Zach Randolph. They could have made an offer to Rasheed Wallace, who is getting the mid-level.
One would have to figure the players being talked about now are the best of what’s out there, considering they are getting the offers first. Since the Warriors aren’t likely going to get anything much better — Stoudemire talks have gone stale, Bosh is out as he plans to join LeBron in 2010, Boozer is staying in Utah — should they be looking to get any of these guys? Or is going for the Boguts of the league later on in the summer, or sticking with what they have, a better option than jumping in now?

Marcus Thompson

  • Warrior Kebt

    What ever happen to Nelson’s love affair with the Knicks FA David Lee?

  • AJ

    I say stick with what they have on their current roster. The entire roster was hurt last year. Monta missing nearly 50 games, BW hurting his shoulder, Marco out for a period of time, AR being young, and even the reliable Biedrens spent time on the bench. It’s not worth throwing a lot of money at these guys when they are not one player away. Let the young guys play nellie!

  • Dave

    Shawn Marion is an unrestricted free agent. He didn’t do “great” in Miami’s system… but he might become relevant, again, here in Oakland.

  • Perry

    Of course they should…….that’s what I was just telling my father…….”We’re standing pat, while other teams are making improvements.”

    Not exactly what I was hoping for.

    What about Trevor Ariza? Young, athletic, energetic, runs the floor, finishes beautifully on the break……your’e telling me he’s not better than half our roster?……I think he is……

    Excellent new thread “Marcus”……I was just saying the same thing…….all of these transactions and none involving the Warriors…..they’re just sitting back and waiting to chalk up another 50 loss season.

    There is no way we compete with the top 8 in the West with our current roster………no way in living Hell.

    We will get eaten alive.

    Even if everyone is healthy and there are no injuries and everything works out perfect, no behind the scenes dissention between players and ownership, no arguments between Nelson and the players…………even if all that shit happens…..you’re looking at a 38 win team max……and another losing season.

  • Curry4ROY

    ariza for the mid level would have been nice..a whole lot better than maggettes deal and i think an overall better and improving player than maggette. he plays defense and thats what we neeed.

  • CaliCuse

    Truth is I don’t like any of the players listed for the Warriors. I’d be more interested in Paul Milsap, Brandon Bass and David Lee.

    I heard Utah might be $20M over the luxury tax. How about shipping Claxton’s insurance paid contract to the Jazz for Milsap?

  • JustPuked

    What are you talking about!??! We picked up Speedy Claxton!

  • No difference maker type player is going to want to come play for the Clippers-North. They will have to continue to play the youth, and hope that fans can live with another 29 to 34 wins a year.

  • eric

    #1. I heard Toronto is pursuing David Lee aggressively and theyre willing to pay him much more than just what we would pay him (mid level)

    #4 rofl. i actually laughed out loud on that one.

  • A’s in 2009

    Varejao would be a decent replacement for Biedrins, you know… just in case Biedrins was involved in a trade or something. 😛

  • Burke

    None of the listed FA signings seem to be in areas of Dubs need — a big F/C who won’t be pushed around by other big F/Cs. Presumably it’ll be a veteran who won’t mind limited playing time behind Biedrins, Randolph, Wright and Turiaf.

    I don’t understand the urgency behind any FA signing — if Jackson is back to playing the 3 as Nelson has said, where will this FA play? It seems we are overloaded at the 3/4 right now with Jackson, Az, Maggette, and our forwards. It seems like addition by subtraction — trading away multiple of our many good players for a great one, would be a better way to go. That’s why I’m all for the Amare trade if it can be resurrected somehow without Curry.

    Maybe Milsap, Bass, or Williams?

  • Steve

    Most of the early moves involve players going to teams that are ready to go deep into next season’s playoffs. The Warriors are obviously nowhere to be found in those types of conversations and evaluations around the league coming off a 29-win season, but GSW will be an attractive destination for players in the future if their fortunes on the court start changing for the better. If I were management I’d be looking for a bargain-type ($$$) free agent who could help their inside toughness and do a lot of the “dirty work” under the basket. In other words, if they can find the 2009-2010 version of Ronny Turiaf, fantabulous! Of the “bigger name” free agents, I’d probably talk to Shawn Marion to see where his head was at. Otherwise, forget about any trades before the February trade deadline and let’s see what this team can do, healthy for a change, over the first 3 1/2 months of the season. This roster is more talented, from top to bottom, than the team that won 48 games was 2 years ago. And if the Warriors slowly add the right pieces to the puzzle over the next 3-5 years it’s my opinion GSW will eventually become a perennial top 5 contender in the west. In the past, the Warriors have never had a group of young players that were truly worthy of the patience required to build and grow a young team. Finally, IMO, that has changed. And for me, it would be a big disappointment to see them start trading players away now. Next season? As is? Maybe 40-45 wins, and moving up in the west. P.S. This blog (especially the “perennial top 5 contender in the west” part) was written especially for Perry, future star GM of the NBA. LOL

  • Tdubb


    Take Al off the banner or is he being traded back? 🙂

    No movement is good right now. I agree with Steve, look who is being taken and what is being paid. We want to be in the 10-11 derby too.

    I would say, make a run at Milsap, Lee or Bass but remember they ain’t starters, maybe Lee, they are pieces. The Dub’s have scoring, they need rebounding and defense. Ariza would be niece but you gotta get rid of at least two guys for him. Buke, Maggette, Marco or Jack? He’s gotta have major minutes. So do you trade someone for future considerations to make room?

    Look at the roster as it stands



    Yes there is room for a steady big, probably two but I wouldn’t mortgage the farm for him. This group is young and we never saw them play together. Someone was always missing. I may have wishful thinking but hell I wanna see it before I just give it away. Plus, there is at least one hungry junk yard dog on that summer league squad check the stats on them.

    Remember Almundson last summer with the Dub’s, JYD, let go and played major minutes for the Suns. We kept Kurz, the smart ball player. The right guy for the right price is out there, that’s why you pay your scouts.

  • Chris

    Unfortunately, I think they are making their move, and it is still for Amare.Why do you think the talks have gotten “stale”? Because they are concluded. Goes down after July 8th, just like it always did. You have noticed that none of the pieces for the proposed deal has been moved, or even involved in any serious rumors.

    I say “unfortunately” because I think they are making a mistake.

    I’d rather use our highest priced player, the guard with no position, as bait to dump Maggs for an expiring, play the people we have all year, then go into the next off-season with our talent actually evaluated on the court, and cap sanity.

  • Ron

    It appears the price on Millsap and Lee,will go above what we can do with the MLE and what we might try in terms of a sign+trade either won’t fit those teams or would cost us too much

    Hopefully…the Amare deal is dead. I’d rather have Biedrins + Wright etc than pay Amare a maxed contract and have less depth and defense up front.

    Nick Collison could be a guy to trade for. I’d consider Sheldon Williams as a bargain addition. What has to be avoided is the urge to prematurely trade 2-3-4 players with a great future for one high priced mercenary who’s as good as he will get. The horde of GOOD young players here are the key,there is enough talent that even with the usual GSW inefficiency,progress is inevitable.

  • Lufty455

    No need to trade at this point. Let the young bucks grow as a team and we will see a winner, I hope.
    Maybe p/u a bruiser in middle but I think we should stick to these guys and see what happens.

  • Derek

    My fellow Warriors fans are jokes. The team has no all stars, therefore it’s virtually impossible to win in this league. The team hasn’t had an all star since Sprewell and they been a lousy team since then.

    BD was an injury prone superstar who brought the team alittle credibility and wins. Once he was dumped the team returned to its usual losing ways.

    Guys like Beidrens, Belinelli, and Wright are far from being difference makers, they might make good trade bait.

    The only untouchables should be Randolph and Morrow.

    Warrior fans are pathetically loyal to players, while the team sux annually. Fans hoping to make the playoffs while others are looking for their teams to win titles.

    Small expectations equal small results.

    The teams needs at least 2 super stars to be successful in this league

  • Livermore Joe

    This is a good group. I want to see them play together this season before any trades happen.

    Ariza looks like that guy who has a good playoff run, wins a ring, signs a big contract and then never lives up to it. He’s a nice player but 30 million for a guy who until last year kind of looked a lot like Matt Barnes?

    I think the Lakers knew what they were doing when they let him walk.


    I just don’t think people are considering the fact that Players do not want to play for golden state. I mean even AMARE said he doesn’t want to play for the dubs b/c A.) were giving up too much talent B.) are not title contenders. The culture of losing that the FO has fostered has made us non-factor in Free Agency. After the We Believe run, players started to see this as somewhere they might play but then when everything started to go downhill in the 48 win season you never heard of players wanting to come hear.

    As a fan base we need to understand that the DUbs more then likely won’t be a factor in 2010 b/c we don’t have cap space and players don’t really want to come here. Everyone keeps saying wait until 2010, we can sign a FA but who are we really going to be able to sign? I mean look at some of the suggestions that are being thrown out Collison, Sheldon Williams(WTF..he isn’t even better than his baby’s mama in the WNBA), Lee and Milsap are two very good players but not star players.

    It’s just hard being a dubs fan and seeing these other teams get a lot better while we aren’t really doing much and focusing on a player that doesn’t want to play with us and will probably opt out after one year. I like the nucleus of our team but at the same time am not in love with other parts of it and am willing to part with some of those pieces. Keep AR, Curry, AM, ME…Everyone else is expendable. I just think we are over-valuing some of the dubs talent b/c we as fans like them but you gotta give up something to get something and as long as it is not AR I would be good with that.

    It just seems as if the bridges have been burned to badly for players to even want to come and play here. Plus even if we do sign someone like Collison, what will that gives us maybe an extra 3-6 wins? So we will be at 35-38 wins next season…Ohhhhh I can’t wait.

    I just face the fact that we are not a good team and maybe in 3 years thru development we will be but isn’t that what we are always seeming to say. I mean how long can fitz use “We are the youngest team in the league”? Plus just as a sidenote how can we be the youngest team, when we only play our oldest guys and run them into the ground like Stack, Maggs, BD (when he was here)? Just look at what Nellie does with the vets, rides them into the ground and when the end of the season comes they got nothing left…Most notably the 48 win season when Nellie refused to play guys like BW & Belli, which cold at least given BD & stack a break even if for 2-5 minutes. His bench was at best 2 deep meaning only 7 guys play all of the minutes. Look at Portland, I would say they were younger b/c the only guy that is close to 30 on the starting 5 is Pryzbilla and everyone else is in their early 20’s to mid 20’s. Just something that has been bugging me.


    Good points Derek…When are people going to stop over-valuing our talent.

  • Oregonguy

    The negativity gets annoying after a while. Isn’t it noticable that the warriors are having a different kind of off-season? No bonehead knee-jerk moves like Marcus Williams? When good fortune drops in their laps (Curry) they re-evaluate? Sounds like some out there want to blow up things because they are used to the Warriors screwing up and can’t fathom anything different.

    For me, 12 Steve and 13 tdub have it right. In addition, the team’s best asset is it’s depth. And ironically the GS Warriors themselves provide the perfect example of how to utilize that kind of team for an NBA championship: The ’74 team that had one star, Rick Barry, a skinny rookie PF (Silk Wilks), an undersized front court (6’6″, 6’7″, 6’9″) 5 interchangible back court players who ran, ran, ran other teams right off the court by being 10 players deep. Better yet, that team was the one of the most entertaining ever.

    So far Rowell and Co. haven’t blown our opportunity to have a shot at the same kind of team again. Shelve the negativity until they do. Please.

  • Burke

    Stoudemire would be great on this team, if we can swing a deal without Curry. I don’t understand the reluctance. The guy is a beast. You can only play 5 player at a time, so having 1 great player like Amare is much better than having 3 OK talents like Biedrins, Belinelli, and Wright, especially on the Dubs with all of their depth.

    If they can sign Amare to an extension, they can then go out and pick up some defensive-oriented players off the D-league or something to round out the roster. Everybody wins!

    There is only so many minutes in a game. To think that both Randolph and Wright can both get enough minutes on the same team at this point in their development doesn’t make sense.

  • GSWFan24

    Where’s Birdman? He’d be a good addition to this front line…

  • petaluman

    According to Amare’s agent, no team has spoken to him yet about an extension. Unless that has changed, I think you can count that trade rumor dead.

    I believe the Warriors can spend the MLE and stay under the luxury tax threshold, but I’m not sure they will. It’s quite likely that the best player out there for us would be via a trade of Speedy’s expiring 5.2M contract, possibly with 1 or more of our young prospects. Unfortunately, there are a lot of complicated CBA-related restrictions on how and when such a deal can be made.

    With his contract value so close to the MLE, we don’t want to sign a FA for that kind of money until we know who we can get in trade. Unless a screamingly good opportunity comes along (Hedo says he’d be a Warrior for free), we’re probably going to sit tight until it’s clear which teams are really willing to use all or most of the MLE on a single player.


    #21, I don’t want to be negative and would rather not be but until I see concrete evidence that the FO won’t mess things up, then the jury is still out for me. I’m just not gonna give the FO credit for essentially doing nothing. yeah they have had talks but has anything come of them? No, I’m just saying that they shouldn’t get a pass for not doing anything. I mean seriously is that what it has come to, i have to get excited that they had some talks? You can talk about ohhh the negativity gets old but really other than a 2 yr stretch has there been anything to cheer about over the last 15 years?

    I’m still willing to give Riley a shot b/c up until now he hasn’t done anything other than draft curry and trade away craw. But remember Craw was already told he was gonna be traded if he didn’t opt out and in return we get speedy back and law. I consider it a wash b/c of the cap relief but not a shrewd move. Riley has still got a shot and I like the fact that he or nelson didn’t just gift wrap curry to the suns. The fact that he looked to get AMARE was a step in the right direction but it looks like he might be dealing with things that are out of his control in terms of the dubs image in the league and needs to work to change that.

    So just like you have the right to be optimisstic, I can have the right to be a little pessimisstic about the FO moves until they solidly show that they are making an attempt to change the culture of the franchise and put a winning product out on the court. Personally I’m not just satisfied with watching exciting basketball, maybe you might be, but I would trade that in for winning basketball and a winning organization at the drop of a hat. Until then I’m still gonna hope for the best but expect the worst until proven otherwise.

    Ohh and remember Rick Barry was a HOF’r and one of the 50 greatest players ever to play, do we have one of those guys? No, maybe hopefully AR can be one but that is still a couple of years away if everything falls into place and he becomes the next KG or something like that. Obviously that is not guaranteed but I just don’t want you to throw that example out when that team was 10 times better than the current squad. Can you honestly say that this team can get on a run and win a title? I know what you were trying to say but at the same time we don’t have any players the caliber of barry on this current team that are Super Stars and can take this team to the next level. Yes some of our rookies might be able to in the future but it just gets frustrating always having to have this wait and see attitude while never having a truly solid and consistent winning product out on the court.

  • jsl

    Except for Gordon and villanueva, it’s mostly old guys moving to a new home with teams that (1) relate to players and (2) play better than .500 ball.

    We’ve got talent; let’s watch it develop.

  • Giizm

    Jesus Christ Man, you still have freakin’ Al Harrington on your top banner??

    For Pete’s sake, Crawford is not even on the team any more.

  • Oregonguy

    #25 Your points are well taken. (By the way, you need a better handle than ‘MRF…etc’, too hard to type. May I suggest ‘Loyalist’? or ‘Prove-it’?) I too have been disappointed in the constant screw-ups. However, in my optimism I’m seeing a difference this year. For some people negativity is just a mindset where they won’t be happy until their team wins the NBA and even then they will go hysterical at each lost game along the way and then be negative when their team eventually, inevitably falls short. Hell, my remaining time on this planet is too short to make that kind of BS important.

    This team is NOT starting over, last year was a dip to their lowest level and if they DON’T SCREW UP they can spin some of the hardship from last year into gold (meaning the playing time garnered by those who couldn’t break into Nelson’s 7 man rotation.)

    I know having faith in the Warriors FO to not screw up is borderline ridiculous given their track record, but so far they are fooling me into thinking they are different this year. Front Office, keep it up!

  • ECJ

    I agree with Derek #17 and Burke #22–

    The Warriors do have depth, but they have no stars. Every team that wins in this league has stars. When a team has depth, but no stars, they package their depth to get a star. Thats what the W’s must do.

    Amar’e is perfect for the W’s. He’s big, he can score in the post, he can shoot, he gets to the line, and he’s at least as good a defender as Goose (who fouls every time). He rebounds and he’s a perennial all-star. He’s only 26.

    Imagine him with Ellis, Jax, Randolph and Magette. That team would compete with any in the league. Add Morrow, Azibuke, Rony and Curry off the bench, and you still have PLENTY of depth.

    Those of you who say the W’s should let this team develop, you’re the reason the W’s org has become so complacent — You’re always settling for “potential”. Its time to win.


  • sartre

    I’m for the Amare deal but it is risky tying up so much resource in the one player. Despite only being 26 he has already suffered significant injuries. We dodged bullets with the failed signings of Brand and Arenas. Will it prove third time lucky or third time loser? I’m feeling pretty optimistic even if it seems there will be no acquiring Amare or Bosh this time around. What can you do other than accept that any potential improved future is dependent upon developing the not insignificant young talent we have? In the meantime we’re going to be competitive so long as key contributors stay healthy, and the right affordable piece(s) are added. Given everything that conspired against the dubs last year (injury plagued, so many raw rookies and D-League graduates that took much of the season to become more consistent performers, and the overplaying of veterans when they weren’t injured – often out of position) it’s a wonder we even won 29. I’m encouraged that the dubs are talking about finding a veteran with defensive presence playing 3 or 4. Where are we going to get an athletic scoring big man with some low post presence among those we can afford or who are available? Only being satisfied when the team has a genuine chance to win the competition is a formula for endless misery. That the team is competitive and develops its current talent is a more realistic expectation. With luck, that talent will blossom into a team that in 2-3 years established stars (the difference makers) want to join because it’s a genuine contender.

  • Paco

    I really gotta agree ECJ on the need for a star. In Nellie’s system especially, the Warriors need someone, a star, who can consistently anchor their attack.

    They have enough depth that they will get contributions from many different players on different nights. Ellis and Jackson can each go for 30 when they catch fire, beidrins is solid for a double-double, Randolph and Morrow are on the way up, but none of that is really stable, nothing you can build on.

    What you need in order to get to the playoffs (and survive in the playoffs), is stability, consistency. Ever since Baron left (sore subject, I know), the warriors haven’t had someone who can consistently go out and anchor their powerful arsenal. It sucks he had to go, he really was what made the team work.

    I don’t think Amare was the answer though, because as good as he is, he simply isn’t the kind of player you run an offense through. He can pass, sure, but the warriors need a leader who can properly utilize all the weapons they got (Magette, Ellis, Jackson, Morrow are all gifted scorers).

    The warriors are really hedging their bets on this kid Curry, and we will see if he can be the one to command all the firepower on the warriors roster.

  • dantien

    Most of the comments sound like tired old Republicans stabbing at the President’s policies because they are on the sideline and not having to make the actual decisions. Worse, we don’t even have all the inside and vital information.

    The obsessiveness to win and to be the best gets tiresome when everyone knows only one team can rise to the top of the pinnacle. Just sit back, have a beer and enjoy a good game. Win or lose.

  • dantien


  • Perry

    The fans are not the ones breeding the “negativity” you idiots…….

    It’s our pathetic franchise that breeds “negativity” with their horrible decision-making and mediocre product.

  • Perry

    “Dantien”………real wise comments you “hippy”

    You must have been into Haight Ashbury and LSD you tool.

    “Sit back and enjoy”

    Kind of hard to do when your team has had 2 winning seasons in 15 years…..

    You’re nothing but a whining liberal…..

  • deano

    All we need is a quality point guard to get wins out of the young talent we have in Randolph, Morrow, Ellis, Curry, Buke, Biedrins and Turiaf. Jack would benefit from giving up the leader role.

    Unfortuneately, good point guards are hard to come by; and they are not born in the NBA, as Nellie has been trying to do with Belinelli, Ellis, Crawford and now Curry. NBA point guards come from college as developed leaders, handlers and distributors.

    The only player who I think fit that bill in the last draft was Ty Lawson. Did you see who ended up with him? Denver. The team that traded for Chauncy Billups last season, and turned their franchise around. The smart get better. The Warriors? Not so much. Our best current hope is Acie Law. We’re in trouble.

  • petaluman

    Some possible (maybe even realistic) SF/PF FA targets for the Warriors:

    James Singleton: Good rebounder, Mavs a luxury tax team

    Matt Barnes: Could be cheap, knows his way around Oakland

    Linas Kleiza: RFA, but Nuggets are paying luxury tax

    Hakim Warrick: RFA, Memphis will probably match any reasonable offer

    Walter Herrmann: RFA on Pistons

    A couple of PF/C types:

    Shelden Williams: just a big body – but includes Candace Parker!

    Channing Frye: Can play 4 or 5 for us; getting interest from other teams

    Josh Powell: Another ex-Warrior; Lakers would like to keep

  • Perry

    Hakim Warrick and Linus Kleiza are both good suggestions…….Hakim’s game is similar to AR’s as far as athleticism.

    AR can handle the ball better but Hakim can absolutetly fly through the air and attack the basket, with no regard for human life….you should see some of his dunks where he attacks from the baseline…..it’s amazing…he did it to us a few times last year.

    Josh Powell quietly plays an efficient bench role no matter where he’s at……..he did it for us during the “We Believe” playoff push and he does it for Phil Jackson….the guy is a good free throw shooter and he always has a high FGP%, smart player, knows his role, can score and is always ready when his number is called.

    All good suggestions…….can we also get Rudy Gay with Hakim Warrick and really make a difference?

  • robo

    Trade Corey Maggette and Acie Law to Cleveland for Zydrunas Ilgauskas; finalize the deal in August.

  • petaluman

    Thanks for your response, Perry. Unfortunately, we’re over the cap. That means we can’t offer over the MLE to any player. I only listed players that I thought could be had for less.

    Riley said something to the effect of “we’re looking for a 4 who can play some 3”. Most true 4s can’t keep up on the perimeter, even the “under-sized” variety. For all the wings we have, only 1 is over 6’6, so I think we could use a tough 3/4. I looked for big 3s that can hold their own in the post.

    I think Jermareo Davidson is going to be given a chance to stick as a 4/5, but I’m not sure of his contract status. Even if he has some guaranteed $, he’d be cheap to cut if an upgrade presented itself. With Yao out and Shaq in the east, more beef in the middle is less of a priority, though.

    We saved 2M this year on the Crawford trade. Probably, most of the players I mentioned will sign for less than 3M.

  • Avila

    i believe that the Warrior’s fans are the reason they lose. they continue to show up to games to watch a losing team. how is it that a 29 win team sells out almost every home game?

    a team that scores 105 points is exciting, but we give up 110 or more. the team’s problem is defense and rebounding. the priority should be to get Amare.

  • Here’s where I think we’re replicated to the point we could spare one or the other of these guys;
    Azubuike – Corey Maggette
    Anthony Randolph – Brandan Wright
    Speedy Claxton – CJ Watson – Acie Law

    Then we got straight dead weight in Rob Kurz and Jermareo Davidson.
    So, let’s package some guys up with Captain Jack or Belinelli and get us a true power forward or a superstar 3, like Amare or Grant Hill or Matt Barnes back or Paul Milsap or make a run at Odom.


  • Eric

    only a few teams have made moves wallace is old chill out zach is to moody

  • Eric