Cohan Cashing Out?

My colleague is reporting that Warriors owner Chris Cohan is considering dumping his 80 percent stake and turning the Warriors over to another suitor.
There has been rumors of him selling for years, but Tim Kawakami’s source convinced him this time is legitimate, which leads me to believe something is there. It certainly makes sense for Cohan. He’s got IRS troubles, loot is dancing out the door like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, and their predicted success on the court is at-best futuristic. Now might be the time to cut his losses. It may take a long time to get more than he could get right now.
While his departure may cause a parade in the streets, the change of ownership is no small deal. It could potentially set things back. A new owner could mean new president, and maybe even new general manager and coach. And all that could mean new roster, new direction on the court.
Is it best that everybody just calms down, be still and see where this current thing is going? Or do you want him to sell, even if it means starting completely over?

Marcus Thompson


    Sorry steve, I appreciate your optimism but you do seem to have the rose colored glasses on a little tight. You are overlooking the fact that we have to OVERPAY any FA to come here at this point. PLus I wouldn’t say that re-signing Jack and getting Maggs were great siginings. The signing of those two pretty much locked up whatever cap space that we had to go and get another FA. Also i think your trying to put a lot more positive spin on the crawford situation then it actually was. Nellie alienated Crawford and I think Crawford, being the great pro that he was, just tried to put a positive spin on it to not cause as much drama and still be able to keep some of his options open with other teams.

    All I’m saying is this, you write as if the warriors won 45 games last year when they didn’t. I think they ended up with 29 wins and that should be nothing to praise. As a STH, I am not happy with that and want more from this team and this organization. I don’t just want to see exciting basketball, I want to see winning basketball and consistency. Your seem to be of the opinion that your happy with being competitive but really a lot of nights last year I knew going in the Dubs had no shot of winning. Yeah sure they had some close losses but should we all really be making that a selling point and be happy with that, I don’t think so. So i understand your opinion but I just think a lot of people are tired of having a losing team and want a team that competes for playoff positions and not just provideds exciting basketball.

    You seem to forget that in 15 years 1 playoff appearance and a follow up of a 48 win season. That is not enough to make people think that the warriors are going in the right direction, when the team that made the playoffs has essentially been blown up in favor of this current squad. I’m still a dubs fan but I am basically going to hope for the best and expect the worst until the FO makes winning a priority instead of just trying to sell tix and make it seem like we are a winning organization when we are not.

    Ohh and use the spacebar every once in a while to break up your paragraph. It’s kinda tedious to read when there are no breaks in your posting.

  • jim back from fishing

    “Last year’s Warriors team, while heavily flawed due to youth and injuries, still distinguished themselves as competitive, entertaining, and gutsy for the vast majority of their 82 games.” Steve, I also really disagree. After the previous years of credibility, I did not enjoy last year at all. And the Warriors always beat a few good teams and have had end runs even in the lean Dampier and/or Dunleavy years. I think your whole counter argument is very shallow, given the team I watched last year. And the whole youth “future” movement is a game of cards when a team acts the way the Warriors do (think letting the mid-level extension lapse in the 48 win season or letting go of JRich Pietrus, Barnes, Davis, Harrington go). I also suspect injuries would be more prevalent in an unorganized and rutterless team. So I’ll just stand by what I originally posted.

  • jim back from fishing

    Further Steve, did you see Bellinelli/Wright/Randoplh jerked out of games while Jackson, Crawford, Maggette pulled the same idiocies and non-defense game after game? And its not the loss to SA on Fan appreciation night but the players who didn’t show up that’s a real indication of the heart of this team. I really want to see things change and not have to be cheering for a poorly assembled team and a bizarro org. In the last post should be “rudderless.”

  • Perry

    Even the best teams improve their previous year’s win totals by 17 games max……..with the exception being the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics who made a tremendous turnaround following almost a complete rehaul of their entire roster.

    That being said, a 17 game win improvement in 2009-2010 for the Golden State Warriors means 46 wins and missing the playoffs for a 3rd consecutive season.

    This team is not good enough right now to make a 25 game win improvement over last year……not even close……..that’s not even normal…..like I said, most good teams improve by a maximum of 15-17 wins unless they experience a major overhaul of their roster.

    We haven’t changed our roster much from last year thus far. We started out with Al Harrinton last year, then traded him for Crawford, now Crawford is gone and we added Claxton and Law. Claxton will likely not play many minutes and may end up being a permanent fixture in street clothes on the sidelines while Law has yet to prove himself a worthy 25-30 mpg guy in the NBA.

    We added Jermario Davidson from the D-League halfway through last year and we added Stephen Curry for 2009-2010.

    Where are the Kevin Garnetts? The Ray Allens? The Eddie Houses? The James Poseys? The Pau Gasols? The Trevor Arizas? Where are the kinds of players that made a difference for the teams they were shipped to and improved their teams’ previous year’s win totals?

    Before the Lakers acquired Gasol in 2007-2008, they were a good team, but they were lacking. Andrew was hurt, timid and under-developed and # 24 needed another star caliber player to shoulder some of the scoring burden, so Lamar wouldn’t feel like he has to score 19 ppg – 21 ppg a night.

    Only drastic changes will lead to a major win improvement for the 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors. Especially when you consider that we have the same stubborn coach, the same ownership group, a brand new General Manager and a young roster.

    Youth only wins in this league when they are exceptionally talented and ready for the NBA game.

    The players on that list are:

    1. Chris Paul
    2. Derron Williams
    3. Brandon Roy
    4. Lamarcus Aldridge

    These were the most recent group of young, immediate impact players that helped their teams blossom into legitimate, contending playoff teams within their first couple years (not necessarily their rookie years)…….but within their first FEW years.

    Also, the organizations that these young players are associated with are well-managed and have a clear direction and were already that way when they drafted these players.

    Portland had already begun its rebuilding process when we were “jerking off” over our 1st round defeat of Dallas in 2006-2007. They had already dumped a majority of their trouble-makers and had chosen to go in the direction of a tough-minded, young coach in Nate McMillan.

    Utah was an already established franchise with a HOF coach when they added Derron Williams. They already had a proven offensive philosophy in place and a group of proven role players.

    New Orleans was already beginning to rid itself of the hinderances that bogged them down when they drafted Paul. Who was the biggest problem for New Orleans? Well, it was our very own Baron Davis.

    They got rid of J.R. Smith, Chris Andersen, then began adding veteran pieces that still could contribute like Peja, Morris Peterson and Tyson Chandler.

    The 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors, I fear, do not have the same direction and clear objective that these other teams had when they added their “star” rookie players.

    Stephen Curry is walking into a situation of complete uncertainty. He will not be blessed with having a young, energetic and determined coach with a clear offensive and defensive philosophy, he will not be blessed with walking into a situation where his organization has already begun a rebuilding process, surrounding him with proven, winning, established NBA players. Instead he will be walking into a situation where he will have brand new people making personnel decisions for his organization in Larry Riley and his staff.

    That is not the way you turn around a losing season. There is absolutely nothing that tells me that the 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors are beginning to build themselves into a winning organization and that Stephen Curry was the only missing piece to that puzzle.

    We have many missing pieces, we better start addressing them if we want to live up to “Steve”‘s expecations.

    The Stoudemire deal, pursuing Bosh and other star caliber players are the kinds of moves that more and more are looking like the direction we need to go. I hate to lose our young, talented core that I like,….. but again, bold moves sometimes have to be made to turn around futility.

    I am still torn on the Stoudemire deal……but the more and more I think about it, the more and more I realize that we need players LIKE Stoudemire, not necessarily Stoudemire, but difference maker players that can take over a game at the most critical junctures.

    I’ve always said it, whether I’ve used the “Perry” handle or whatever handle I’ve used,…….we need a star caliber “go to” 4th quarter option, plain and simple, so we don’t end up giving away games in the 4th quarter that we should have won.

    “Steve”‘s examples of our nice wins in 2008-2009 speak just as much for our optimism as they do for our pessimism. Many of those games should never have even come down to the final buzzer………we would often play well through 3 quarters, then give the house away in the 4th quarter to Los Angeles, Cleveland, San Antonio, etc. on and on down the list……

  • deano

    Perry @ #54: That’s good review of the team’s dim prospects for reaching the playoffs next season. But I beleive, if I can still use that term, that substantial improvement can be made with just one move.

    All this squad really needs is a quality point guard. Look what the Billups trade did for Denver last year.

    Unfortuneately, it will be very hard for the Warriors to get the player they need. Unless there is a Bibby or Andre Miller trade on the horizon, our only hope for this next season is that either Curry or Law catches fire at the point during the Las Vegas Summer League. That might be enough to convince Nellie and Rowell to forget about trying to make Ellis a 1 and Jackson a 2.

  • Perry

    I agree with 1 move changes…….Billups is a great example……..absolutely.

    I know you’ve been touting Andre Miller all along “Deano” and I’ve always loved Andre’s game, he’s a West Coast guy from L.A., I’m from L.A. too, I like the West Coast guys a little bit more:

    P. Pierce
    G. Payton
    R. Miller
    B. Davis
    G. Arenas

    Always loved West Coast players…….

    I know that Miller is being pursued by Portland. I know he will command a pretty good contract.

    I think a Miller/Roy backcourt in Portland would be much deadlier than a Miller/Ellis backcourt. Roy is a better player than Monta, hands down. Roy is a difference maker and a 4th quarter killer.

    I think that Miller will choose to go to a team where he is just going to be the missing piece, Portland is an excellent fit.

    I don’t know if Miller, by himself, is enough for us. Billups came to a team with one of the top 10 best players in the NBA in my opinion in Carmello Anthony and an experienced, winning coach. The situation was perfect for him too.

    I think we would need Andre Miller and some more pieces to improve our team.

    The only 1 person moves that can improve our team to the level Billups improved Denver is the big names like D. Wade, Dirk Nowitzki and major, major star scorers and 4th quarter assassins like that…….Miller would be a nice addition, but him and Roy in Portland would be absolutely the right direction to go.

  • Perry

    Bibby just re-upped with Atlanta…..excellent move for them.

    Can we swing a deal that lands us Josh Smith and Joe Johnson together…….we would acquire defense, intenstiy, rebounding and athletic scoring with Smith and a legitimate 4th quarter option in Joe Johnson.

    A deal like that I think may even help us more than our Stoudemire proposal.

  • deano

    Perry: So, no Bibby no Miller. It’s on Stephen Curry and Acie Law. Curry has potential for greatness at the point (ask Bobby Knight), and Law has exhibited greatness at the point(though at A&M, and not thusfar in the NBA). Still, their prospects are far better than those of Ellis or Belinelli. Maybe CJ will improve his point skills over the summer.

    With Bibby and Miller off the table, I do not think that the Warriors should make any trades until they see how well their Las Vegas Summer League squad plays. It’s not just Curry and Law that need to be evaluated. The develpoment of Randolph, Morrow and Davidson needs to be mesaured as well, before the Warriors decide what they need and who is tradeable. If all of those players do well in the LVSL, we will not need any new talent at 4 or 5, and Ellis will become more tradeable.

  • jscrilla

    “It could potentially set things back. A new owner could mean new president, and maybe even new general manager and coach. And all that could mean new roster, new direction on the court.”

    Marcus, Im trying to figure out where the setback would be?

  • Steve

    The history of the Golden State Warriors to this point is 3 chapters in length. Chapter 1 is Rick Barry. Chapter 2 is best described as a potpourri of The Three Stooges, Ed Norton and Ralph Cramden, Abbott and Costello, and Laurel and Hardy. Chapter 3 is Don Nelson. On the positive side, a lot of exciting, winning basketball took place in Chapters 1 and 3, even an NBA Championship. On the negative side, Chapter 2 is the longest chapter in the book. Why am I so “rose-colored glasses” optimistic about the current Warriors? Because we are now in Chapter 3……..Don Nelson can’t or won’t coach defense. He’s too stubborn. He’s too tough on young players. He can’t coach “big men”. His system (run-and-gun) hasn’t won, and never will win, an NBA Championship. He’s too old. He drinks too much. He’s too fat. He smokes too many cigars. Have I forgotten anything? You wouldn’t think the Don Nelson chapter would be any good, except for the fact that the Golden State Warriors are a winning organization in Chapter 3. Nelson has coached 783 Warriors games, and won 396 times. They’ve had 6 winning seasons, which include multiple playoff series victories. I could care less about 1 playoff appearance in 15 years. That’s history and mostly a part of Chapter 2. When Nelson is here, for all his perceived weaknesses as a coach, the Warriors are exciting and they win more often than not. I wasn’t a fan of J-Rich, or Pietrus, or Barnes, or Dunleavy, or Murphy, or Harrington. I wasn’t a fan of Mullin as GM. I like AR. I like Monta. I like AB, and Morrow, and Belinelli, and Jackson, and Azubuike, and Turiaf, and Watson, and Wright. I like the drafting of Curry. I don’t CARE who the owner is. I don’t CARE who the President is. I think Riley is smart and will be better than Mullin as GM. I think the West is slowly changing, and within 5 years the “meek” will inherit the Western Conference. It’s not that I’m right, but these are all arguably rational reasons why I’m optimistic about the current state of GSW. Last season is over. And if history means anything, Don Nelson teams are never “down” for very long. This team is plenty young and plenty talented enough to quickly rebound and resume winning like 2 and 3 years ago. And like they’ve done throughout Chapter 3. The only real question remaining in my mind is what happens in Chapter 4? If it’s anything like what happened in Chapter’s 1 and 3, the Warriors will be in excellent shape for the future………….BTW, Perry, I like go-to-guys like everyone else does. One of the best parts about following teams and players is finding who’s clutch and who’s not. Mullin and J-Rich were 2 popular local players who were both horrible in the clutch. They put up numbers, but almost never when it really mattered. As a result, they were never personal favorites. Then you had Larry Bird, one of the greatest clutch players ever. While I could care less about the Celtics, I loved watching Bird do his thing. And Magic. And Jordan. And Kobe. The list goes on. With the Warriors, players like Monta and Randolph and Morrow are so young they really haven’t had a chance to show what they can do in the clutch. What about Curry? And Belinelli? The Warriors might already have their “go-to-guys”, they just need more time. Kobe Bryant was far from the player he is today after his first year in the league. That’s why, right or wrong, I’m preaching patience with this particular group.

  • jim back from fishing

    Reason for new management: The dismantling of the late 2006 through playoffs 2007 “We Believe” Warriors with NOTHING IN RETURN. 1)JRich for Wright–jury way out– and $10 Million exception –unused when really needed in 2008; 2) Pietrus, Barnes, and Baron let go; 3)Harrington for Crawford (now Law and Claxton). I know the kool-aid, we had to pay Andres; we had to pay Monte…but, we had to pay Magette (booby prize when we wanted Arenas or Brand)? Nelson and Jackson extended (gotta have some plug-in to the one glimpse of success in 15 years), but Mullins? Lots of potential young players to beat the drum; but the cold facts are 49 to 29 wins and a hard team to watch (selfish, defenseless, and unorganized, think late game inbound passes). Bottom-line with current 15 year aged management: the Warriors are a ticket-selling and not a playoff (let alone championship) priority driven team. Steve, I do appreciate your interest in young players, but I think the track record with this team is too negative to justify optimism.

  • jim back from fishing

    Should be 48 to 29 wins.

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan


    Fitz is back!!!!!

    Douche bag.
    How many handles does the team have, anyway?!?!

    I vote Rod Brooks is OptimusPrime.
    Rod’s a complete idiot and so is OP.


  • jim back from fishing

    TK has reported to his bored housewives that Stern would like to see a change in ownership! He wants active owners who’ll take advantage of the huge fan base in the Bay Area. Where does TK get off making this stuff up? Boy, Cohan and Rowell ought to find deserving fans, like Seattle! Then Seattle could ride the huge wave of youth that’s going to explode in the next few years after the current big dogs flame out with their free agent signings!

    “Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame…”

  • Perry

    Imagine a dinner party with the following attendees:

    1. Don Nelson
    2. George Karl
    3. Stan Van Gundy
    4. Andy Reid (The NFL Coach)
    5. Tony Gwynn (the HOF MLB hitter)
    6. Dennis Green (The NFL Coach)
    7. John Madden

    Possible Notables: Magic Johnson (My Favorite NBA player of all time, but he sure has let himself go over the past 5 years), Charlie Manuel (Phillies Manager), Mike Scioscia (Angels Manager)

    I don’t think there would be an empty plate left on the table………..these guys together, given 2-3 hours of dining…….should just about clean out every last bit of food left on the face of this planet.

  • Perry

    You guys all know that I’m a serious guy….I hardly ever make jokes……I just wanted to enjoy my day today and have some fun…….

    Please don’t disregard my credibility on my other posts, based solely on my last post……..I just thought it was funny.

    But I’m a serious guy……….

  • Lufty455

    #63- Too Funny… you are probably right.


    Steve i get what your saying, don’t necessarily agree with you but PLEASE break up your post. You literally only need to hit return twice and it would help soooooo much more when trying to read your NO BREAK novel posts. Just trying to help… I write some novels too but for the reader you gotta break em up into paragraphs.

  • Steve

    #68, I have one of the very first Web TV boxes that came out many moons ago. As a result, regardless of whether or not I type paragraphs, it all comes out jammed together, one sentence after another. Believe me, I’ve sent my blogs more than once with paragraphs only to see the end result the same as my latest posting. Sorry. Maybe one of these days I’ll join the 21st Century and buy a computer. Ciao


    LOL…that explains it, well if that is the case then I won’t give you such a hard time about it. But you should probably upgrade to an Apple II basic green screen comp just to get you going in the right direction…j/k, lol

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