Cohan is “Interested in Selling This Team”

UPDATE: I forgot to add the Amare trade is still possible. A team source said the reports of the deal overstated how close the sides were, meaning no deal was ever official, also meaning the Warriors never reneged on sending the No. 7. But I am told the deal is still possible. Yes, Curry is still off the table.
My guess is it will happen, if at all, towards the end of this month, maybe even August. Phoenix will realize this is the best offer it can get.

I have learned from a few of sources that owner Chris Cohan IS INDEED interested in selling the franchise, which TK first reported on Friday.
The unconnected sources confirmed Cohan was in negotiations with Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison recently. But Cohan and Ellison’s group couldn’t reach an agreement. Cohan is “still interested” in selling the team. One source said “he is tired of losing” and another said he is “looking to cash out.”

But he isn’t desperate. According to one of the sources, potential suitors have tried to buy the Warriors at a deal price, trying to take advantage of the Warriors cellar-status, Cohan’s reported money problems and the spiraling economy. One would think Cohan would be eager to strike a deal now, since many expect the economy to hit the NBA harder in the immediate future.
But Cohan isn’t just giving away the team, according to a source.

“If he gets the right offer,” one source said, “I think he would sell the team right now. But he’s not giving it away for pennies.”

Cohan’s interest is only the start of the process, which can take a while. If other potential suitors emerge — the minority owners could pull together and buyout Cohan — and an agreement is reached, the paper work alone would probably prevent the transition from happening before the coming season ends. The NBA would have to approve any sale.

Certainly, Cohan’s desire to sell the team will have an impact on the product, even if it’s just the possibility of major change looming over the franchise. It may make the Warriors more willing to take risks, to speed up the renovation and make this team a winner as fast as possible (a winning team sells better than a losing one). It may put the Warriors in cost-cutting mode (no use dumping money into something you are trying to get rid of). It will likely make for some nervous employees, considering a new owner likely means new brain trust.

Marcus Thompson

  • pdub


    please please please sell!

  • MCJ

    help us oh larry ellison. you’re our only hope.

  • Thomas

    Get rid of Cohan. Robert Rowell will follow. Larry Riley would join, and then Don Nelson. Can’t wait.

  • Lufty455

    We finally are getting rid of Rowell and soon Nellie to follow… We need a new regime to take of over ASAP.
    This will help calm things down with the players except for management.
    Where they will be seeing the unemployment line in the near future.
    Karma is coming to them soon.
    I can see Mullie now laughing at this situation.

  • Mopeddler

    I guarantee the NBA would approve just about any deal to get the team out of Cohan’s filthy pickers.

  • JustPuked

    Awesome news Marcus!

    The mere thought of Larry Ellison buying the Warriors has me in a permanent state of falling, minus the hitting the ground part.


    Please Happen!!!! And if anyone comes on here and says that the sale of the Dubs to new ownership is not a good thing then please drive off of a cliff.

  • Warriors Basketball: Wait ’til next year.

  • Reeechard

    Please sell please sell please sell! Is there somewhere we can go to ‘Vote for Ellison’???

  • earl Monroe

    Rowell is more the issue than Cohan, Cohan had to okay trying to bring Arenas back, okayed Monta and Biedrins deals, over payed Jackson and Maggs.
    Owners pay hardly do they make basketball decisions.

    Rowell on the other hand botched the Baron Davis thing, conspired with Nelson to remove Mullin (classless on both their parts), signed Jackson to a horrible contract,
    approved the Richardson trade, and although I like Brandan Wright it definitely lead to instability.

    If Ellison buys, I bet he tries to bring Mullie back as President of BB operations


    Earl drive off a cliff…lol, j/k


    Earl I just think that you have to understand that the 2 are linked regardless of RR making moves, Cohan still signs off on them. That doesn’t relieve the owner of their responsibility to make sure that these are players that they would like to invest in and make sure that a solid product is being put out on the court. I’m not saying that Cohan has to be a basketball junkie like Mark Cuban but at the same time he needs to understand his product since he is making the final decision.

    That’s why I feel like a new owner/ownership group that wants to win and understands that putting a winning product out on the floor will more then compensate them over the long term b/c just look at the support for the warriors even though they lose as compared to when they were winning for that 2 year stretch. Regardless the bay is going to support this team but if they put a winning product out on the floor they can definitely make their money back 10

    So any steps back a new ownership change would bring, I would be willing to deal with b/c it can’t be any worse than what all warrior fans have been experiencing for the last 15 years under current ownership…

  • alan9449

    Cohan hired RR, and therefore is responsible for his actions. PLEASE BUY THIS TEAM ELLISON, WE FANS URGE YOU TO BUY!

  • studkickass

    cohan needs to sell. his legacy is nothing but losing and those ugly uniforms. even if he doesn’t sell, change the damn uniforms back to any of the older versions!

  • jsl

    Ellison needs to be smart enough to tell Cohan NO DEAL if he trades Goose for a year of Rent-an-Amare (or Bosh). Cohan’s got to rein in the idiot Rowell before he does something this stupid.

    Amare’s poison for this team. And Goose is so good at 23 — and always getting better — it hurts even to think these Bozos could be that dumb. But this IS Cohan and Rowell we’re talking about.

  • sartre

    It’s true that the owner has to sign-off on the franchise’s trades but its understandable that he/she is inclined to trust the judgment of those appointed to advise him to make what are essentially basketball decisions. There do seem to be shortcomings in the front office but its not black and white – the Baron move was probably the right one under the circumstances (despite the short-term cost in terms of team performance). Overpaying Jax and Maggette (2 valuable contributors on the court) was admittedly not so smart though there were mitigating circumstances. And the Crawford move also seemed appealing given moped and the situation with Al.

    I suspect that whoever is the owner will be praised when the team is doing well and called an idiot when it is not.

  • jsl

    Sartre: Equanimity is nice in theory, but has no place on the Cohan-owned Warriors: it IS black and white with the Cohan-Rowell-Nelson crew. (Remember, Mully got us AR, BW, KA, Morrow, and Ellis; Curry fell to us like manna from heaven; the rest of the stuff is pure dreck from Cohan-Rowell-Nelson.)

    Haven’t you been watching?

  • the Seer

    The terrible news is if he couldn’t make a deal with Ellison who is one of the richest men in the country, then he is asking way to much for the team and isn’t that serious about selling..

    Think about it..

  • Teams are getting star players who have wore out their welcome for basically nothing. Look at Shawn Marion going to Dallas. (I’d love to have Marion on the Warriors.) Giving up Beidrens an up and coming very young center is too much to give up. Get Amare but do not give up Beidrens.

  • the Seer

    Larry we need you to make one of our bay area teams championship calibre and your the only one with the vision and bank account to do it..

    Whatever you need to do, get this team away from Cohan and Rowell the weasel..

    You will immediately become the bay area’s new favorite sports owner..

  • jscrilla

    Why are you and TK doing this to us…I gotta side with “the chron hack” on this you guys drum up this story or the bdiddy returning story just to keep us interested in your percieved “influence” in the franchise. Give such grand rumours a rest until sources can be actually “conected” toj the team.

  • Fraizer

    Earl Monroe

    What has JRich ever done except win the dunk contest?
    Did Charlotte make the play-offs with him?
    Did the Suns last year make the play-offs?
    Nice guy, once had great talent, but a limited player
    not a difference maker now past his prime. And overpaid, which is why they traded him.

  • The wise

    I hope whoever buys the team bring mullie back, and I’ll be fine.

  • lobo

    super news…but let’s not get too giddy…this putz is a businessman and like any of us, will wait for the best offer…it might take a whole lot longer than we want it to. continued bashing by the media will continue to aggrevate him and certainly the other three boobs know there days are numbered once the team goes. mullie will be back as president, riley can add another failure to his dull resume, nelson of course was the smartest…he held up the jerks for $6/yr will get paid off and off to hawaii…bing bang thank you mam…rowell’s payoff is a smashed ego…i hope. once the deck is cleared look for jerry west types, van gundy types to sniff around. it is a good deep young roster that really needs a little tweaking….it is not a nelson roster. the sooner the better but don’t hold your breath.

  • Jim in Clayton

    Just get rid of Rowell and Cohan and fast, then let Nelson go retire on
    the 12 million he’ll be stealing the next 2 years.
    Just plain awful management in every way possible.

  • Jimbo

    Suggestion: Let us start a website, a petition, if you will, in favor of the sell of the Warriors franchise (to anyone). Let us transform our uniform sentiment into actual concrete words. It will catch on fire. This would be analogous to what we did when we tried to keep Arenas in town. The time to act is at hand. The moons and the stars are aligned. Let it be so.

  • flago

    What do you mean “new” brain trust. Do they have one now?

  • earl Monroe

    Who would you rather have Maggs at 10m per or Artest at 5.7 or Marion at 5.7?

  • MountainJim

    re 16: if you think that’s how it works you’ve never dealt with Larry Ellison.

  • Mickster

    Why not let minority owners Marks and Silver Lake partners take a shot at a majority stake?

  • dubsfan

    Warrior Fans Unite! Finish off Cohan!!
    Help to rid the GSW organization of the curse of the worst owner in NBA history.

    Boycott all Warrior games until there is a sale. Cohan is on the brink of selling the team, but is holding out for a price he wants. He is deep in financial problems and can’t afford to take a huge hit on ticket sales. We can help Larry Ellison get the price he wants by boycotting games and backing Cohan to the point he must sell.

    I know call for boycotts have been made before, but now we have Cohan on the ropes. Don’t attend any games until a deal is done. Players aren’t the only ones that can hold out.

  • Here come the Ellison bashers from the team PR department…. First the Warriors leak the news, then they rip the interlocutors.

    Every single time.

    Conspiracy to get the minority owners to up their buyout.

  • Kommon Senze

    ..and here comes the village idiot piping in with nonsensical bashing of anyone who doesn’t parrot ‘his’ party line.

    Bang the drum slowly, CC. Because no one is marching to your dissonant beat.

    I think it’s fair to say that both Ellison and Cohan have reputations for being hard-bargainers, so if they’ve been dancing around a deal as reported, it’s unlikely they’re just going to arrive at a figure right away and handshake an ownership change so readily.

    Cohan has been pretty reluctant about and resistant to the idea of giving up ownership, and we all know how he’s been so money focused that he’s put business above lifelong friendships on many occasions. Ellison didn’t climb his way to the top of the DB mountain by being a pushover. He’s beaten down competitors like Informix and Sybase, and has been pretty ruthless in his competition with Microsoft, as well. I admire Ellison for his fight, and think he’d be a welcome change in ownership because he’s a competitor and is not likely to be entering the sports franchise owning business purely for the income potential.

    That doesn’t mean he can’t be a jack@ss when it comes to negotiations. MountainJim has got it right when he implies that he’s going to be trying to take advantage of Cohan’s vulnerability at this point and not just hand over whatever it takes to join the prestigious club of major league franchise owners.

    Should be interesting to see how this story plays out. Just because a deal hasn’t happened or neither side is commenting publically does not mean there is nothing going on. Ellison has long been rumored to be interested in owning a team, so this seems like a very plausible scenario being vetted at the moment.

  • Perry

    Obviously something to get excited about given the detrimental situation this organization is in…..

    As Warrior fans, we’re just dying for good news every waking morning of our lives………we’re anxious for hope, promise and something to look forward to.

    I remember when the O’Malley family sold the Los Angeles Dodgers to billionaire Rupert Murdoch and the Fox Group about a decade or so ago.

    I am a Dodger fan and you guys all know that I am a Laker/Warriors fan. The Dodgers are a different franchise obviously than our young Golden State Warriors……I don’t even need to get into that dichotomy…….it’s obvious.

    The Dodgers are sexy, they have history and everyone dreams of playing for them just like the Lakers……….the Warriors are “gutter” trash, even though I love them.

    Here is the only thing about this whole situation……Murdoch and the Fox Group struggled to field a consistent winning team……they did manage to attract big name free agents like Gary Sheffield and Kevin Brown, many times, throwing the house at those guys.

    He did attract a big-name manager in Davey Johnson, but he also brought in “no name” managers like Glenn Hoffman, a guy that was in way over his head.

    All of this ended with early Division Series playoff exits to teams like St. Louis and even some losing seasons.

    My point is, Murdoch didn’t know shit about baseball……he was a media mogule, a billionaire, a man who made his mark by providing a West Coast media outlet (Fox) that rivaled the traditional East Coast Atlanta-based Turner outlets like CNN and Connecticut’s own, ESPN.

    Murdoch was all “West Coast”……which I loved……but he knew nothing about running a baseball franchise.

    This Ellison deal is in it’s infancy……..even billionaires calculate their every move before making it……..he will weigh everything before making his decision and once he does…..let’s hope that his focus will be on basketball and winning.

    Also, Ellison is only 1 potential suitor and the only suitor that people are talking about thus far……it may not even end up being him……or, Cohan may not even end up selling, ……..who knows?

    But for sake of conversation, let’s stick with talking about the Ellison deal because that’s all we know.

    We are still a looooooooooooooong way from turning this franchise around……let’s keep things in perspective.

  • ECJ

    @JSL, Richard:

    You guys are CRAZY.. and too tied to hometown talent to be objective. Andris Beidrins is a good player, and thats all he’ll ever be. He wont ever develop a shot.. He wont develop a post game. He’ll rebound, play marginal defense, have great hands, and execute the pick-and-roll.

    Amar’e Stoudemire is a perennial all-star. He’s only 26. He is WAY better than Beidrins, and the Warriors would be nuts not to take him. He WILL sign an extension, and he will instantly make the Warriors a perennial playoff contender. He’ll be at a top level for at least 5 more seasons.

    With the drafting of Curry, the growth of Randolph, and the consistent contributions of Jackson and Maggs, the Warriors will be better than they’ve been in 15 years.

    How could anybody argue with this deal? Wright and Bellinelli don’t even play for this team! Its basically Goose for Amar’e. Thats a no-brainer.


  • D W

    All of Nor Cal is still a hot basketball commodity. I believe that the last straw has been pulled by David Stern. Let’s hope that Stern & Ellison are cordial enough to make it happen. If Stern can handle Cuban, why not bring in Ellison?

  • Vic

    OMG, please make it so!!!

  • Perry

    My father is against giving up young, growing and improving talent like AB in the Stoudemire deal…….

    I have always said I’m torn, but I have justified both sides of the argument.

    I have always been pushing for a star caliber “go to” 4th quarter option……something we absolutely DO NOT have on this squad right now……..AR, Monta are all 2nd and 3rd options on a team like the Lakers or the Nuggets……….

    I am leaning more and more toward the Stoudemire deal at all costs………

    I always touted the pursuit of players like CB4 (Bosh) and the Stoudemire proposal definitely caught my interest.

    Big changes are needed “ladies and gentlemen”…….again, what exactly have we accomplished with our current group of players over the past 3 seasons?

    The last 2 seasons have been losing seasons and we won a “wopping” 48 games in 2007-2008, ……big “f-in” deal……….48 wins…….wow, let’s call in the parade.

    But let’s be honest with ourselves, we were all “jerking off” over our 48 win 2007-2008 season.

    48 wins is fine if you are the Golden State Warriors……..but if you go to a Laker executive or a Spurs executive and tell them, “Hey, look at us, we won 48 games in 2007-2008”, they would laugh at your face and kick you out of the Staples Center or the SBC Center, onto the street, without your shoes on and into a homeless shelter.

    48 wins is a joke in today’s NBA.

    We need to start thinking 50+.

  • jsl

    ECG: Start paying some attention here.

    1. If all you see in Goose is a “good player,” I’m wondering what you’ve been watching. The kid’s fast, got great hands, plays well above the basket, is the ONLY Warrior who plays consistent low post D, has developed a nice, right-handed up-and-under, is a terrific rebounder, outlets with the best of ’em, plays terrific position — even moving other guys around, and is only 23 years old. He lacks a face-up shot — something Bill Russell never had either, yet he turned out pretty well and didn’t even play in the NBA till he was about AB’s age.

    2. Amare’s poison — and has never worked well with any NBA coach, including the easy-going D’Antoni, who has no interest in trading for him. Can you imagine the fireworks when Nelson tells him to play the five? Or weren’t you around when he tried that with CWebb in ’94?

    3. Amare neither defends (at all) nor rebounds with much effect: he ranks 60th — yes, 60th — in the league on a 40 minute basis. That means there’re on average two guys on every NBA team who rebound better. (His rebound totals decline almost every year, too.)

    4. While Amare’s a low-post presence on O, he’s no longer the force he was before his surgeries. But you’ll get a lot of face up shots from the five with him, which seems to be your big goal here.

    5. Both of Amare’s knees are bad — and one has had microfracture surgery. Can you name one NBAS player who was as good three years after that surgery? Kidd’s about as close as you get — and he’s not what he once was. Anyone else?

    6. He’d cost the W’s $95MM just as the cap is shrinking — and even if he blew his knee out in Year One, we’d be on that hook for five years. Alternatively, if he’s just a rent-a-guy player for a year he’s just a pure waste.

    Talk anout a no-brainer. . . . .Sheesh! You’d have to be a complete idiot to make such a trade.

    Oh, and here’s a tip: get rid of the Fat Man as coach and you’ll see both BW and Marco get much better real fast. Has anyone in recent memory done a worse job of coaching, teaching, developing and communicating with players than Nelson did last year? Even Dunwoody?

  • Perry

    “JSL” …….you’re absolutely right about AB’s talent….I’ve always said it.

    He moves as well without the ball as any other Center in the league and “dives” to the basket off the pick and roll as well as any “big” in the league …….he plays a disciplined pick and roll game with backcourt players and can do it consistently all game long…….just a simple pick and roll play, 7 times a game between Monta and Andris, can net you 14 points right there.

    He does have fantastic hands, he’s a quick leaper and he’s fast…….and one of the best rebounders in the NBA…….no questions asked……I love AB.

    You’re also right about Wright and Marco…..if you guys have read my previous posts you guys all know that I had high hopes for these 2.

    BW is our best low-post scorer, at his best, he is LaMarcus Aldridge, he can even hit that 12 footer that LaMarcus hits…..and he’s an excellent free throw shooter….like LaMarcus. Pretty disciplined shot blocker as well…………instead of wildly leaping in the air like AR…….Wright actually times his jump and picks and chooses his spots…….thus, he gets in less foul trouble than AR.

    Marco is an offensive facilitator,….when given the playing time and when he’s confident and secure with the PT he’ll be receiving……..he can distribute the ball and run the offense, hit open perimeter shots, get to the basket himself and he has International experience, which makes him a disciplined player and a good free throw shooter.

    That’s why I’m so torn…….you’re right…….Don Nelson is just as big a problem as ownership………we’re just beating a dead horse…..we all know what the problems are…………it’s a tough decision to make regarding personnel moves because we want to be patient with our young core…….yet we still want to be a winning franchise.

    I will say this, …….teams like Portland did not take as much time as we have in building a winning organzation…..they started drafting players like Roy and Aldridge right around the same time we were drafting players like Marco, AB, Monta and the J-Rich for Wright deal………..

    Look at where Portland is and look at where we are…….

    Can we safely say that Aldridge, Roy and Outlaw are better than Ellis, Biedrins, Wright , Belinelli and Randolph?……….Yes, I think we can.


    I think Perry and JSL have good points but there are 2 things that I have a problem with. First AB is NO BILL RUSSELL. That is an unfair comparison( for Bill Russell) and I think incorrect one to use. First off Russell played for the celtics at a time when they were the BEST team in the League. He had All-star HOF talent surrounding him which obviously AB does not. PLus during that period of Basketball, all BRussell needed was an up and under move b/c physically no one could match up with him other than Wilt. So to say that only an Up and Under move can work for Ab b/c it worked for BRussell is a little preposterous. The game has changed so much and you need so many more skills to play in today’s NBA that just an up and under is not goin to cut it.

    I mean I love AB like everyone else but can anyone say that he is even in the top 25 players in the league currently? No, maybe on the bottom half of the top 50 whereas AMARE is a top 25 player when healthy. Like a lot of people I have gone back and forth in liking the deal but at this point the less we can give up to get Amare the better. Plus if everything that is coming thru the wire is true it just looks like if no deal is made Amare is gonna stay b/c if anything it will give PHX cap relief next year and he just doesn’t want to play here.

    So I’m just saying don’t compare Bruss to AB b/c it is not an accurate comparison and AB doesn’t even look like he will be able to develop at least a 12-15 footer. Which limits his offensive game immensely b/c any 5 can always stay home to guard him.

    2nd I just think comparing BW to Alridge is also not a fair comparison. I mean other than the obvious 35-40 lbs that Aldridge has on BW, they are not the same player. The only reason I say that is b/c Aldridge can bang down low and BW can’t. That would be my only thing about the comparison b/c Alrdige won’t get his shoulder dislocated going for a block on most 4 and 5’s. Obviously anyone can jam on someone and hurt em but b/c of BW’s build he is more likely to get hurt than LAldridge. On O, BW has got some sweet moves and can expand them but I think we can all agree that b/c of lack of playing time he is farther behind then where he should be. Plus just factor in heart, tenacity, and toughness and I think BW is just too nice and just doesn’t seem to have some of those qualities which I think Aldridge has been able to display so far.

    In the end, I think the Dubs just aren’t going to be able to lure any top-flight FA’s to play here until some FO movement takes place. So ultimately we will get to watch the starting line-up that we have now next year and will then see who was right or wrong in terms of development of certain players and how good this team ends up being. Just sucks cuz I would like to see a big move w/out getting rid of some players but u gotta give something to get something. I just hope that Riley can use the leverage that they have against the suns to the dubs advantage.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Monta, Maggette and Buike to Houston for Tracy McGrady. We must get rid of Magg’s contract and Monta is not a PG, though he’s fun to watch. Buike is there to make the salaries match. Ultimately, it clears $23 mil off the books for next summer.
    BWright, Rocky and Speedy to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace. Charlotte does is to gain financial flexibility next summer (when MJ is the majority owner and they get to look at UNC Wright next to Okafor.
    Re-sign both Watson and Davidson small, but guaranteed contracts for three years 1.25/year.
    Sign Drew Gooden to a 4 yr/24 mil deal, who can tutor AR for one year before becoming his back-up for the next three years.
    PG = Curry/Law/Watson
    SG = Jackson/Morrow
    SF = Wallace/TMac (when he returns)
    PF = Gooden/Randolph
    C = Biedrins/Turiaf/Davidson
    Summer of 2010, we make an all-out push for someone like Brandon Roy.

  • ECJ


    Wow. You’re evaluation of Biedrins is terrible. You have no objectivity whatsoever.

    I am a warriors fan, and I love the guys we have on this team, including AB. However, arguing that he is more valuable to the Warriors or any other team than Amar’e Stoudemire is ridiculous.

    First of all, Andris is fast, he does rebound well, and he has great hands. He has nice touch around the rim.

    He DOES NOT defend well at all. He fouls almost every time he’s guarding the post. Fouling is not defense. He is too thin, and gets pushed around. His idea of low post defense is putting his arms straight up and backing away from his opponent, hoping NOT to commit a foul, which he usually does anyway.

    Turiaf is the Warriors only consistent low-post defender.

    Also, Biedrins DOES NOT play “above the rim”. He scores with flip shots and lay-ups. He does not get up high and dunk the ball with authority. He’s a finesse big, not an above the rim, power player.

    Amar’e is not “poison”. He’s a premier big man in the NBA who is sometimes demanding. That’s how star players often are. Kobe is that way. LaBron is that way. Dwane Wade is that way. Star players are difficult. If you want a star on your squad, you deal with that. Period. D’Antoni doesn’t want Amar’e because he’s trying to lower payroll to make a run at LaBron in 2010, not because he didn’t enjoy having Amar’e on his team. Amar’e made D’Antoni teams relevant, along with Steve Nash.

    You say that Amar’e doesn’t “defend at all”.. well, lets evaluate that.

    First, NBA players play far less defense during the early regular season than they do when the games count more toward the end of the season or the playoffs. That’s true for ALL players, even guys like Kevin Garnett.

    Second, players tend to defend less on a fast paced, transition team like the Warriors / Suns, because playing hard D is very taxing physically, and when you’re constantly running to keep up with the offense, Bigs tend to slack on D. That’s part of playing fast paced.

    The key is having a player who is ABLE to defend. In playoff basketball, defense is necessary. Amar’e is ABLE to defend, he’s big enough to stand his ground inside, and he is an aggressive, physical player. Biedrins is NOT ABLE to defend due to his slight build and passive demeanor. He lacks footwork and knowledge of proper defensive technique.

    As for rebounding; Amar’e is not as good as AB, no doubt about that. But, Amar’e IS an effective rebounder, and has had several big, 20 reb games in his career. If his role on the W’s would require more rebounding, then he will rebound more. He’s not a poor rebounder by ANYONE’S standard, (except maybe yours).

    You say that Amar’e is “no longer the force he was before his surgeries”.. that’s just dumb. If you look at his numbers, you’ll see that you’re wrong, (again). He was perhaps the most dominant offensive force in the NBA in 2007-08, AFTER the micro-fracture surgery. He averaged 25 pts and 9 rebs, the second highest totals in his career. He played 79 games. The year before, after the surgery, he played all 82. Do your homework.

    Ya, he would cost 95 mil, to have him for five years. Thats how much star players cost. Especially star big men. We tried to pay Elton Brand 100 mil last year, and he got hurt and missed the entire season. Amar’e is WAY better than Elton Brand. Amar’e is one of the top 5 big men in the NBA. He’s worth the money.

    JSL, I’m not surprised you’re on the wrong side of this issue, you’re calling Don Nelson the “Fat Man”, and claiming that Wright and Belinelli would be better if he weren’t the coach. Well, the “Fat Man” is one of the best coaches in NBA history, and he’s won more games with less talent than any other coach. He’s the only good coach the Warriors have had in the past 20 years. As for Belinelli and Wright, I think they can be productive NBA players, but not for the Warriors. The W’s have Randolph and Morrow, who are each better versions of BWright and Belinelli, respectively. We don’t need em, thats why they don’t play.

    JSL, lets all just thank GOD you’re not making meaningful decisions for the Warriors.


  • jsl

    ECG: Your ignorance on basketball is superseded only by your inability to make a rational argument. Let’s take a closer look at your silly screed.

    1. You incorrectly claim Goose is a poor defender — when he’s about the ONLY guy on this team that does defend — and then you excuse Amare’s FAR WORSE defense (he’s no better in the playoffs than at any other time; if you’d watched this year, you’d know that) as the privilege of the talented “superstar”. (Funny that the other stars you name — Kobe, DWade, and of course, LBJ — are ALL good defenders; Amare is one of the worst, and he has no clue about positioning — which you should know, assuming you watch anything other than ESPN highlights.) BTW, Ronny’s a better shot blocker; not a better defender — altho his positioning was much improved by season’s end. The point? Goose and Ronny are about a perfect tandem for us at the five, and you’d screw the pooch to get an over-rated guy who is going downhill fast, is subject to injury (I didn’t even mention the detached retina, for which the fool doesn’t even wear protective lenses), doesn’t get along with coaches, and wants neither to be a Warrior nor play the five. You’re living in cloud-cuckoo-land.

    2. We are NOT a fast team as long as Jack and Maggette are major components; we’re nowhere near as fast as we were in We Believe (when we substituted freely). But, with either AR or BW in the game we DO play a lot faster. (And, of course, the game’s a LOT more fun to watch.) Monta’s fast, as is KA, Goose, and I expect Curry’s passing ability will also enhance our speed. And if our idiot coach — see below — had a sense of how to rotate, we’d be playing 9-10 guys, moving ’em in and out (like Smart did at season’s end — and he only had seven), and be able to run ALL THE GAME. Won’t happen with Amare, who goes fast only in very limited spurts — and takes entire quarters off (if you’ve paid any attention). And if Amare plays where he insists — at the four — where does that leave AR?

    3. I said Amare’s “poison” in one sense only, so pay attention: he doesn’t get along with his coaches — again, something the real superstars do. (By “real,” I mean the winners, not the whiners.) You foolishly characterize Nelson as “one of the best coaches in NBA history” (even tho his past two years have been about the worst in NBA history) when he can’t even communicate with his players, let alone teach them. (Oh, and he doesn’t coach defense, either — but you seem to love the “no defense” approach of guaranteed losers.) What DO you think would happen when the Fat Man tells Amare he’s playing the five? Don’t just ignore this: Address the point, if you can. Do you really want Webber II?

    4. As to microfracture surgery — you really think this guy’s as good as new? (You ducked the successful microfracture guys point, too, didn’t you? Third year’s the charm. Why do you think Phoenix wants to get rid of this “superstar” now?) Why do his RBs keep declining? Does eight really do it for you? What if it turns to six or seven? And when that knee — or the other one — goes, it’s over for Amare (if the eye doesn’t get him first). BTW, I didn’t call him a “poor” rebounder, I characterized him as mediocre: the 60th best in the league (he’s NEVER averaged 10) — and getting worse and worse.

    5. If Amare’s such an inside force, why is he playing away from the basket so much now? Hmmmm? Is THAT what you want from this guy at the five? Or do you want him to take time from AR at the four? Where DOES he play in YOUR mind?

    6. Saying this guy’s worth $95MM by just assuming his greatness is pure lunacy (and horrible “reasoning”; where’s Spock when you need him?). If Amare’s so great, why is Kerr trying like Hell to dump him? If he’s so great, why are the Warriors — and a handful of “highlight watching” Oracle-type fans — the only ones who appear to really want him at such a horrible cost? Is there ANYONE else who wants to pay so much for this guy? Or is this just the next Maggette-type deal, where we outbid ourselves even tho no one else is in the game? Perfect logic there.

    7. I love the Nelson butt-kissers: they’re all living off the 80s and 90s — because this guy’s been death since the first Warrior fiasco 15 years ago. (If you’re old enough, you know that for 15-20 years, the Fat Man actually WAS a good defensive coach, but he gave that half of the game up long, long ago.) Does he coach? Does he teach? Does he communicate? And is there a worse fourth quarter coach in the NBA — at least on the basis of last year’s play, when he kept doing the same stupid things over and over, regularly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? Do you really love a coach that won’t defend the in bounds pass? Or keeps Jamal in and on the opposition’s best shooter at the end? The guy’s a fat, drunken travesty of a coach — and his butt-lickers still think he walks on water. Truly weird. Because no one can articulate anything positive Nelson did as a coach ALL last year. Anything. (And cutting and running out on the team in the last few weeks — tho it made for better BBall because we finally got to see what the Anthony’s could do — doesn’t count.)

    8. Finally, would you REALLY have a problem if we (1) kept the guys we have now — except for Jack and Maggette (we can blame Rowell for those lunacies) — (2) got a real coach (pick almost any college coach in the Big East for starters — they play defense, as do ALL good teams), and (3) watched these guys grow together?

    That’s my hope — and the Warriors’ REAL hope, too, at least in a world of basketball sanity.

    (P.S. Tho it wasn’t your point, I never said Goose was as good as Bill Russell. In responding to your major criticism of AB — that he didn’t have a face-up shot — I simply noted that the biggest winner, and perhaps the best five of all time (if winning’s the measure) lacked any face-up shot as well.

    But, I will ask you this: What real NBA five would you rather have than the 23-year old Goose, other than Dwight Howard? I’d love to see your list — and explanations.)

  • earl Monroe

    Get out the $15.00 bucks fellas, its game time

  • Perry

    Marion, Nowitzki, Terry and Howard is not a bad scoring quartet…………

    Anthony, J.R. Smith, C. Billups is not a bad trio…….the Dhantay Jones loss to Indiana may hurt a little bit…..he was a pretty dependable scorer for them.

    Jefferson, Ginobili, Duncan and Parker……..just about as good as they come.

    Roy, Aldridge, Outlaw and Hinrich (if the deal happens)………nothing to scoff at. Hinrich is a substantial upgrade from Steve Blake.

    Paul, West……….nothing to take lightly.

    Williams, Millsap, Okur, T. Thomas (if the deal happens)….with a HOF, established coach is pretty tough as well.

    T-Mac, Scola, Ariza, Brooks……..too bad no Ming…I love his game……..but still, another successful year in the making for Houston.

    And of course, the creme de la creme of all teams and organizations in the history of mankind, my beloved Los Angeles Lakers, checking in with the following:

    # 24
    Odom (if he stays, probably will)

    Doesn’t get any better than that anywhere in the league, East or West…….

    There are your 8 playoff teams in 2009-2010, in no order, here are my predictions as far as order:

    1. Lakers
    2. San Antonio
    3. Dallas
    4. Denver
    5. Houston
    6. Portland
    7. Utah
    8. New Orleans

    I think Dallas has a very tough group now, you throw in JJ Barrea’s tough play over the last few years and he is a perfect uptempo compliment to Kidd’s, now 1/2 court game.

    San Antonio should be back up there.

    I look for Denver to drop a little bit because I think that they have lost a little bit with the D. Jones loss……I think he was more valuable to their Offense than they think. If J.R. Smith nosedives and struggles, there is really no other 2 to step up for them. But Carmello and Chauncey are both All-Stars and should be able to make up the difference.

    But I like San Antonio and Dallas to follow L.A. this year. I look for that Southwest Division to be better than the Northwest division this year……..

    Not much room up there for our Golden State Warriors.

    We have our work cut out for us.

  • Perry

    Amazing how Dallas pulled off that deal with no Howard or Terry………fantastic move……just shows what smart management and shrewd ownership will get you.

    We should take notes.