Rowell: “The Golden State Warriors are Not For Sale”

Team president Robert Rowell said the reports about owner Chris Cohan looking to sell are inaccurate. He said there is no “For Sale” sign on the Warriors.
I asked him if the Warriors weren’t for sale because the price wasn’t right. He said “What price? There was no offer.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Squall

    I’d sell my left nut to get rid of Cohan and RR

  • A’s in 2009

    I blame Tim Kawakami.

  • ooooooh….just when i got my hopes up

  • Swopa

    The “Cohan is selling” story isn’t going to have any credibility until someone outside the Bay Area NG reports it. Tim K.’s cried wolf a few times too many (Nelson trying to get fired, Monta Ellis not playing for W’s again, Randolph signing with a Falk/Fegan-type agent, etc.)

    Tough albatross to have hanging around your neck, MT.

  • Squall….pretty generous…..as generous as the Warriors are when they spread talent around the league through stupid Rowell-engineered trades and turn us into….oh what good does it do to rail and yell at the heavens anymore? The Warriors are under as big a curse as the Red Sox since they sold the Babe or the Cubs and that goat…..we just make exciting teams to watch, teams that can’t get over the hump and win, and we overpay idiot executives like Bobby Rowell….I challenge him to a free throw contest in my driveway (or the mansion he owns) and the winner gets to run the team—-

  • Wander7

    Me think the snack is just saying the Warriors is not for sale because he is insecure about his job… He knows he’ll get canned if his best friend sells the team.

  • Wander7


  • earl Monroe

    Curry to Randolph for a dunk!!!!!

  • Justafan

    RR is a big fat lair would say anything to sell tickets …BOYCOTT

  • JustPuked

    You can tell when a snake is lying. If they say something, they’re lying.

  • Paul

    Please replace the Al Harrington/We Believe photo graphic on the Inside the Warriors banner at the top of this page. Please.
    At least use a photo of J-Rich if you’re going to continue harkening to the good ole days.
    The Way CC&RR have, for 13+ years, dismantled and then half-assedly rebuilt this franchise turns the firmest believers into hopeless romantics.
    Please replace photo with Monta, AR, or Curry …


  • nabeil mohamed

    LOL..awww is poor little baby Rowell scared…as soon as ellison buys the team your done you little punk…every body sing together now! Na na na na na na na na hey hey hey good bye! LOL..i love it!

  • Lufty455

    Rowell you suck!!! Go back to being a mop boy for a college team…