Summer League: Day 4

* The Warriors had the full roster tonight and they smashed on Detroit handily, by 28 points. Stephen Curry, Anthony Randolph and Anthony Morrow combined for 61 points on 21-for-44 shooting (47.7 percent). The Pistons finished with 69 points on 24-for-66 shooting (36.4 percent).
Curry’s looking like a volume shooter. He was 7-for-19, which isn’t bad, but isn’t exactly efficient. He’s still missing some good looks. Morrow is no doubt the better shooter right now, in my opinion. Curry may have more range and be better at making shots with a high degree of difficulty, however.

* Randolph had a fat gash under his left eye. He sat out the entire fourth quarter. Am I the only one thinking he probably needs to shut it down? In three games, he’s totaled 65 points, 31 rebounds, 9 blocks and 5 steals. Is he benefitting from this?

* After the game, Curry met with Warriors owner Chris Cohan and president Robert Rowell behind the closed curtains in the makeshift locker rooms

* Cartier Martin continued to ball. He may not be available for the Warriors, who don’t have a roster spot open at this point. All the Warriors have is a training camp invite, but Martin might get a contract.

* Speaking of contracts, Jermareo Davidson may be playing himself outta one. His deal is only partially guaranteed. He only played 2:50 Monday, which probably means they are down on him right now.

* I keep hearing Drew Gooden’s name linked to the Warriors. Not from the Warriors end yet, so I wouldn’t put much stock in it.

Marcus Thompson

  • Gooden would be a great addition but not if it costs Biedrins. Why aren’t the summer league games on TV like last year?

  • Big Rebounder

    Guys like Cartier Martin and Azubuike continue to prove the utter stupidity of the Maggette signing.

  • Thanks Marcus,
    Cohan and Rowell talking to Curry behind closed curtains… yuck! C’mon management, don’t crush his dreams just yet, he’s only a rookie!

  • Tdubb


    I told you Davidson was done after game one but here’s the question, Are they going to keep Sampson? He’s played early in each half of the last two games then he does not return. He is definitely a big, no offense but he moves folks in the paint.

    Gooden a Warrior? You’ll have Richmond in the house!

    They’ve gotta keep Martin, he can play. I looked at the salaries, where is the issue? He would get a minimum contract, right? He would make a trade more likely too.

  • OliverStone

    Rowell was explaining the pick & roll…but Rowell doesn’t get involved in the basketball side!!!!!!!!!!

  • Petaluman

    My synopsis of the SL thus far:

    1) Curry is still learning that he doesn’t have to do it all himself anymore. He has great instincts on the court, and as he gets more practice time, he should be able to convert some of those low percentage shots he’s forcing up now into assists.

    2) Randolph is really learning to play within the offense. Last year, we just gave him the ball and got out of the way. It worked a lot better in SL than regular season. This year, he’s looking much better off the ball, and his jumper looks good out to 20′. His perimeter man defense is still spotty. I didn’t see the last game, but Houston was able to get him in the air easily and repeatedly by faking the shot first.

    3) Davidson has been the most disappointing player so far. However, he’s recovering from a broken foot. His shot has been off, but he looked decent last year. He could still make the roster as a 5/4, as he’s more athletic than Connor Atchley. However, if we sign a veteran big, he’s in trouble.

    4) Martin has stepped up to be our 3rd scoring threat in Morrow’s absence, but he’s a victim of numbers on our roster. We need someone bigger.

    5) Law needs to show that he can score at least in SL level play. The rest of his game seems pretty solid, but CJ is looking like a much better shooter.

  • Petaluman

    Drew Gooden could help this team, but he would be 3rd string at center and competing with Randolph & Wright for minutes at PF. I’m sure he’s hoping someone will give him more $ and minutes than we will. I don’t see us offering him more than 2-3M/year for 2 years. If he’s not signed by the time all the elite teams have set their rosters, he could end up here.

  • M.squared

    The Warriors SHOULD be linked to someone. They haven’t done a thing all summer since the draft.
    They let the Suns have Frye for $2M per year. Thats ridiculous. He has a ton of upside and could be very valuable if we blow out BWright in a trade. Gooden would be a great fit for the Dubs and is a huge upgrade over Davidson. He rebounds and makes his own offense on O-boards and has decent moves down low. From what I understand- he doesnt do well in complicated offenses, which makes this the ideal situation. He would get plenty of minutes behind AR. a 2 year deal for $6M would be ideal. If they are smart- they would blow out Claxton or Law and keep Martin. If they have to move Buike, Bellineli and some other swings in a deal, this guy would be a cheap replacement that appears to have a lot of upside.

  • M.squared

    In answer to what the braintrust was doing with Curry behind the corner: teaching him how to F-up a NBA franchise.

  • some guy

    maybe Rowell & Cohan mistook Curry for Ellis and decided to give him another stern talking to.

    one of these days, Curry’s going to have to develop a floater or a runner like Parker & Nash. and, so far, he tends to ‘playmake’ out of ball-screen and not so much on dribble drive.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Utah wants to sign Millsap, so needs to trade Boozer, but doesn’t want to take back salary, so…
    Let’s get OKC to help facilitate a three-way trade with the Jazz! We get Boozer, Thunder gets Maggette, Wright and Bellinelli and Utah gets trade exception money from the Thunder (only team under the cap enough to do it) to sign Millsap.
    Don’t know if OKC would take on Maggette, but would be very happy with Wright and Bellinelli, so might do it. Also, Maggette’s training regimen may rub off on Skinny Durant as it did on Randolph.
    Utah would do it in a heartbeat and the Dubs would be shedding Maggs’ albatross salary, while picking up a legit power forward next to Biedrins. Sure, he may leave after this next year, but then our only loss of consequence in this deal would be Brandan Wright, but we’d have salary cap flexibility.

  • Perry

    There are still a lot of unanswered questions around the league:

    1. Lamar Odom
    2. Bradon Roy
    3. Tracy McGrady
    4. Paul Millsap
    5. David Lee
    6. Carlos Boozer

    Why aren’t we making any efforts to take advantage of these situations?

    Most of these guys are unhappy with the way their negotations are going with their current organizations.

    Larry Riley owes it to the organization to put his stamp on his new GM role by making a transforming transaction.

    All of the players I mentioned on my list are better than 85% of our current roster including Anthony Randolph and Monta Ellis……..

    Why don’t we make a push for some of these guys?

    If we head into 2009-2010 with our current roster……..you better cash in your season tickets and call in the National Guard………because we’re headed for another 50 loss season.

    I don’t give a damn if AR scored 65 points in 3 summer league games………big fucking deal…..

    Belinelli lit up the 2007 Summer League with his play and how did that benefit us?

    These guys have to produce from game 1 to game 82 in the 2009-2010 season, that’s it….plain and simple.

    We’re headed for another disastrous season…….

    It’s nice to see eager, young players working hard, I’m happy to see that.

    But, …….saying Anthony Randolph is too good for Summer League is stupid.

    Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki still played Summer League together after one of their playoff push seasons under Don Nelson in Dallas.

    You still had Steve and Dirk running side by side with D-League losers, UFA’s and guys who couldn’t make the San Ramon Winter League……….playing like their careers depended on it.

    Don’t give me this “AR doesn’t need it” bullshit.

    Until we can count on AR to take over a game in the 4th quarter and be a super star caliber player……he not only needs Summer League, but he needs to continue to work at his game 12 months out of the year……..put that in your pipes and smoke it.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Amen, Perry!
    Lamar Odom – too old for the money he wants unless we could get rid of Maggette’s contract for his straight-up (doubtful).
    If Brandon Roy is available somehow, we MUST pursue. Give up Curry and Wright for him, then sign him to a max contract. Roy and Monta would be a devastating backcourt! I just don’t think Portland would be foolish enough to let him go.
    Tracy McGrady – ship Maggette, Jackson and Claxton there in a NY minute for some future flexibility.
    Millsap – already signed offer sheet with Portland, just waiting for Utah to match or not.
    David Lee – must be a sign and trade (Claxton, Belli and Wright would work). However, I believe Randolph is our PF of the future (unless folks believe he’s a center – yuck or a SF – can’t defend on the perimeter), so having Lee doesn’t make a ton of sense.
    The Dubs must get involved in trade talks outside of Amare now!

  • OptimusPrime

    I agree MT its time for AR to shut it down.

    For the life of me I cant figure out why we cut Kurz and kept Jermareo Davidson. Is it too late to call Kurz back?? He played pretty good for us last year.

  • OptimusPrime

    I really hope we bring back Watson, but I dont see what we are going to do 5 PGs.

  • Perry

    Watson is the epitome of a back-up PG in many ways.

    The only area he needs improvement on is getting all the way to the rim. Sometimes, he passes the ball to guys who have no business receiving the ball where they are at.

    By that I mean, I’ve seen him pass the ball to Andres in the back-court, only to have Andres give it right back because it is CJ’s job to handle the ball in the back-court. That will usually waste about 3 seconds off the shot clock as well as the 8 second clock to get it over 1/2 court……..not a smart PG move, he needs to establish the offense quicker.

    Also, he will do this once he crosses 1/2 court. He will pass the ball to Andres, who is preparing to set a pick, not preparing to receive the ball 26 feet away from the basket.

    He sometimes slows the pace down after crossing the 1/2 court line, he plays very cautious.

    I think experience will play a huge factor in his growth though, I’m willing to be patient with him, I like him.

    He is not afraid to shoot……..that is an attribute that few players have in the league.

    Too many guys are scared to shoot, we’re loaded with guys like that on the Golden State Warriors. That’s why we lose so many games in the 4th quarter.

    You look at other back-up PG’s in the league……..Anthony Johnson, Anthony Carter, Daniel Gibson, Jerryd Bayless, Jordan Farmar…….CJ is up there with a lot of those guys, not in terms of scoring with guys like Bayless, but overall productivity. But of course, Bayless can be considered a combo guard as well…..spelling Roy, espectially if they pick up a PG like Hinrich.

    CJ needs to work on distributing the ball a little more confidently and getting into the offense more quickly.

    Also, a couple of takes to the basket for some “And-One” opportunities won’t hurt……

    And it never hurts to be loved by Don Nelson……I think Nelson loves few players more than he loves CJ for some reason…….I like CJ’s toughness.

    Sorry for spending so much time on CJ Watson.

  • Town Business

    Perry – You are crazy if you think David Lee is better than Monta and AR

    I read alot of your post this was one of your better, but for some reason you seem to be really against AR. Im not saying he is baby KG or anything but he is a solid young prospect.

    If he was in the NBA draft this year hands down he would be the number 2 pick behind B. Griffin
    If teams believe in Thabeet and Jordan Hill how can you argue fans getting behind Randolph a guy thats the same age with much more upside than the two stiffs i just mentioned.

  • Kommon Senze

    I think CJ’s return may be contingent on two things.

    1) Acie Law’s performance in summer league/training camp.
    2) Marco Belinelli’s roster status (i.e., will he be traded?)

    As of now, it looks like the bulk of the SG/PG minutes will be split between Ellis/Morrow/Curry. They can slide Jackson or Azubuike down to SG on occasion, but I suspect that they’re more likely to get slid up to PF, knowing how Nellie loves his small-ball, than down.

    If you conservatively project that Ellis, Morrow, and Curry eat up about 85-90% of the available minutes at SG/PG for the season (factoring in missed games, etc.), you are looking at somewhere around 10-15 mpg for whoever is left on the bench.

    Law, at this point, doesn’t look like he’ll amount to much of anything, but he does cost the Warriors $2 million whether he plays or not. His value will likely come as an expiring contract to throw into a deal, should the Warriors decide they’re in the market for a player later this year.

    Belinelli was a player that looked good for a moment in December before getting hurt. If I had my druthers, I’d prefer to keep Belinelli over Watson, because he puts in effort on D and has a better sense of where to be on the court. Marco may have some trade value, though, so he may be seen as expendable. So long as Watson’s salary requirements aren’t absurd and Belinelli can be packaged into a bigger deal, I think the Warriors could see CJ as a more cost appropriate backup in the guard rotation.

  • Perry

    This is how it should be now:

    1. Ellis
    2. Jackson
    3. Maggette
    4. Randolph
    5. Biedrins

    2nd unit:

    1. Curry
    2. Morrow
    3. Azubuike
    4. Wright
    5. Turiaf

    Still doesn’t look like a playoff team to me,………..how about you guys?

    Looks like 38 – 44 at the very best, that is with everyone on the same page, no coaching and management problems and no injuries, best case scenario 38 wins and missing the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive season.

  • Perry

    I agree “Kommon” that Belinelli is a much better back-up than CJ……..no question, Belinelli, with his Inernational experience and his ability to facilitate the offense, is much smoother and more confident than CJ. He’s long on defense as well, he has long, active arms and is pretty athletic defensively.

    I didn’t even put Belinelli in my line-ups above……it’s going to be so difficult to balance so many players that can play so many of the same positions.

    Leaving Belinelli and CJ out of my line-ups doesn’t even make sense to me……….but there are so many things up in the air right now………like you said, “Kommon”………the rotation is contingent on future transactions………it’s just so tough to say right now.

    I think I am just making the best case scenario line-ups……

    I figure that Belinelli and CJ at this point, are insurance policies for Curry………

    In case Curry struggles and doesn’t fit into the role of offensive facilitator and distributor……….Nelson will have no choice but to use CJ and Belinelli, if they are still on the roster.

    I don’t know if Law will earn any significant PT on this squad………..

  • clearwater

    Perry…. you seem like a real idiot. Oh yeh, I forgot about the fact that the Warriors have tons of cap room to go offer some of these Free Agents huge deals. God you are stupid.

    You are seriously blaming the Warriors organization for not bringing one of these guys in? Lets go down your “list”.

    Lamar Odom: we are a losing team and could only offer him MLE from my understanding. why in the hell would he come here?

    Brandon Roy: I really hope you are joking. He is the franchise player for the Blazers.

    T-Mac: You are advocating the warriors go pick up an aging, non-playoff winning, volume shooting, highly paid Tracy McGrady. Yeh, he would drastically improve our team…

    Millsap has been talked about, Warriors never had an opportunity to get him (we didn’t have the money to offer him).

    Lee: You want to have Lee come in here and supplant the role of Anthony Randolph? Lee, an under-sized PF with no shot? We are trying to move AWAY from mediocrity, not towards it.

    Boozer: The only way I would be ok with having Boozer here is if he was going to play the 4 and we played Randolph at the 5 (presumably trading Beans). Even still, Boozer is undersized and plays absolutely no defense.

  • Jerry

    MARCUS CHANGE THE BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JustPuked

    …and that’s why Randolph needs to keep playing. It’s not enough for him to shine in SL, he needs to experience what it’s like to dominate. He needs to get comfortable being a star if he’s going to blossom into one. Dominating SL does not directly translate to dominating in the regular season, especially for guards, but if your bigs can’t dominate, it doesn’t bode well at all (Thabeet anyone). Randolph’s performance isn’t a guarantee of anything, but it’s good to see him thirsting to dominate in the first place. After watching too many low intensity guys with low motors like Dunmurphy (yes I said it), Digou, POB and possibly Wright (I really hope it’s not the case with BW) it’s refreshing to see a bigger player like Randolph playing his heart out.

  • OptimusPrime

    Im happy for Randolph, but like you said it doesnt mean anything. Diogu went for 37 pts in SL and he sucks; Nate Robinson’s SL jersey is retired.

    Im just glad to see AR is trying to take his game to the next level. I saw a couple of nice new low posts moves and oh yea….that dunk was SICK!! You cant teach drive and he has a lot of it.

  • OptimusPrime

    I was actually more impressed with ARs post interview. Although he went for 42 he was dissapointed that he only had 3 Boards.

  • WFanInSeattle

    Just saw the article on last night’s summer league game. I have been in favor of grabbing a stud for some role players (which is basically all the W’s have other than their “core”).

    But here is a series of “if’s” for everyone.
    – If Randolf is that high on the learning curve as his all around play seems to be (granted it is against poor competition).
    – If Curry really does pass and shoot like he is proported to be able to do.
    – If Monta comes in healthy with a good attitude.

    Assuming these are true, then we would be looking at
    Monta, Curry and Jackson at guards, and Randolf and Beidrens down low. Even with Monta and Curry’s defensive deficiencies, Jackson can take on almost anyone outside, and apparently Randolf has worked hard on his defense and rebounding, so Beidrens wouldn’t be all alone under the basket.

    We wouldn’t be the Lakers, but we also wouldn’t be the Thunder/Clippers – somewhere in between? Maybe even up to 6th (???) in the west.

    Probably too optimistic – but if the brass can swing a 2 for 1 role player trade to upgrade the rotation, then we wouldn’t be as bad as last year, and would be looking up in the next few years as the guys mature.

  • Perry

    Marcus Banks another one who scored 42 in SL………

    I’m glad to see “Just Puked” and “Optimus” not too over-excited about this…..let’s keep things in perspective. Glad not to see an “overly-homeristic” response to Anthony’s 42 in SL by bloggers……

    Let’s see if Anthony Randolph can do this from November 2009 to April 2010………

    If he ends up playing the 4, which I think he will, let’s see if he can do this against T. Duncan, L. Aldridge, D. Nowitzki, Al Jefferson, D. West and A’mare Stoudemire.

    If he is able to perform that way under the circumstances I named above…….then yes…..we can start calling him a “star” in the making.

    Good job, Warrior fans, in keeping this in perspective and not getting over-excited and crowning Anthony Randolph the second coming of Christ just yet.

    Most guys in SL don’t even make an NBA regular season roster……those are the guys AR scored 42 on.

  • Perry

    “Clearwater”…………we can still trade some of our bigger contracts to clear space.

    The problem is that that would take shrewd management and that is something we don’t have; that’s why I’m blaming the organization.

    That’s about the extent of my response to you……

    The problems with this organization go far beyond this year’s cap space, stupid………..

    If I don’t blame the orgnanization, who else am I going to blame.

  • Perry

    “Clearwater”……let me ask you this…….

    Didn’t you get the feeling that this organization had a big plan in the works to go after 1 of the guys on my “list” or any other player that would command a big contract or a max contract when they dealt Crawford?

    Didn’t you get the feeling that the Crawford deal was just the beginning of something maybe bigger to come?

    I certainly felt that the Crawford deal was only step 1 to a bigger plan that may have included the dumping of more contracts to open up room to pursue some “difference maker” players.

    Now, I threw my list together in 10 minutes mainly to prove a point that if we had continued with a pre-season objective to deal our bigger contracts, then maybe we would have a chance to attract some big name players.

    Once again the Warrior organization dissapointed me and got my dick hard for no reason.

    I like a lot of the guys who make big money on this team….I think most of the contracts are well-deserved…….AB, Ellis, Turiaf at $17 million….I like all those guys……I even like Corey, I think he’s our best all-around scorer (I’ve already gotten into this before, not going to elaborate my reasons).

    But maybe we could have found a team that could have used a scorer like Maggette and a tough, energetic role player like Turiaf……..

    That’s the point I’m trying to make here……we have no plan, no objective and no foresight.

    It is going to take a step by step plan to get a big name to come here, no question about that.

    But we have to start somewhere,…….I’m not stupid, I know Odom won’t take an MLE to play for the Golden State Warriors, I know Millsap is commanding big money, I know T-Mac hasn’t made it out of the 1st round when he’s healthy, I know David Lee would hinder AR’s growth……….but it is the big picture that I’m trying to convey here.

    You have to start somewhere,………..

    Also, I know that there is no guarantee that anyone would want Corey Maggette and his contract…….

    But I also felt that way about Troy Murphy and his deal, J-Rich and his deal, Adonal Foyle and his deal, even Erick Dampier and his $52 million deal…….

    We made those deals though and in the case of the Murphy deal, got ourselves into the playoffs with the players we acquired.

    Not everyone one of those deals worked out great,…..but there are even stupider teams out there than us that would be willing to make desperate moves to try to improve.

  • Perry

    Regarding Brandon Roy,…….both his and Aldridge’s negotiations are not going as smoothly as thought……according to ESPN Inside.

    Roy wants a 5th year on his deal………

    Portland just made a big offer to Millsap…….doesn’t Millsap play the same position as their 2 young, talented players Aldridge and Outlaw?

    Doesn’t it seem like Portland is a little confused………sure does to me.

    The Hinrich talk, …..then it died down…..then the Millsap offer……then negotiation stalls with Aldridge and Roy.

    It could all end up working out in the end, it probably will…….but smart GMs recognize these situations and try to take advantage of them.

    Remember when we stole Baron Davis…then Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson…….