Summer League: Day 5 & 6

Anthony Randolph should quit right now. He should turn in his summer league jersey and take a seat in the stands. He doesn’t belong in summer league.
It’s not that he got 42, but how he got it – doing whatever he wanted. I lost count, but he had several dunks. None better than his throw down over some dude name Zeller, with the foul.
Steph Curry: “I’m definitely watching SportsCenter tonight.”
I really wished the Warriors played the Clippers. I want to see him and Blake go at it.
Nice perspective from Keith Smart afterward:

“He won’t come close to scoring 42 points when the regular season starts. … His bread and butter will still be rebounding, blocking shots and energy.”
He’s probably right. Anyway Monta or Jack or Corey let’s Randolph get up enough shots?


I’m thinking Jamal Sampson might have a chance. But it is unlikely. I think the Warriors are more interested in snatching up a veteran journeyman who can actually contribute. Someone like Matt Barnes a couple of years ago. I think come September, they will survey who is on the market, who is looking for a team and invite them to camp.
There isn’t much in this year’s summer league, on any team. The people who are worth bringing in, the teams they are on won’t be letting them loose.


Of course, there is one exception. Mr. Cartier Martin. I was told the Warriors could feasibly sign him to a non-guaranteed contact, or even a guaranteed one. They can have as many as 20 people on their roster, as long as they trim down to 15 when the season begins. Is he worth giving a contract to?


Acie Law is running out of opportunities. I was asking around about him. Nobody had good things to say. He needs to come to camp in shape and with a better attitude, I was told on several occasions.


Day 5

I am finally back at home. The Warriors did not practice. Stephen Curry Media Tour continued with Jim Rome and KNBR today. He may be done for summer league. The Warriors are certainly taking advantage of his popularity

Marcus Thompson