Summer League: Day 5 & 6

Anthony Randolph should quit right now. He should turn in his summer league jersey and take a seat in the stands. He doesn’t belong in summer league.
It’s not that he got 42, but how he got it – doing whatever he wanted. I lost count, but he had several dunks. None better than his throw down over some dude name Zeller, with the foul.
Steph Curry: “I’m definitely watching SportsCenter tonight.”
I really wished the Warriors played the Clippers. I want to see him and Blake go at it.
Nice perspective from Keith Smart afterward:

“He won’t come close to scoring 42 points when the regular season starts. … His bread and butter will still be rebounding, blocking shots and energy.”
He’s probably right. Anyway Monta or Jack or Corey let’s Randolph get up enough shots?


I’m thinking Jamal Sampson might have a chance. But it is unlikely. I think the Warriors are more interested in snatching up a veteran journeyman who can actually contribute. Someone like Matt Barnes a couple of years ago. I think come September, they will survey who is on the market, who is looking for a team and invite them to camp.
There isn’t much in this year’s summer league, on any team. The people who are worth bringing in, the teams they are on won’t be letting them loose.


Of course, there is one exception. Mr. Cartier Martin. I was told the Warriors could feasibly sign him to a non-guaranteed contact, or even a guaranteed one. They can have as many as 20 people on their roster, as long as they trim down to 15 when the season begins. Is he worth giving a contract to?


Acie Law is running out of opportunities. I was asking around about him. Nobody had good things to say. He needs to come to camp in shape and with a better attitude, I was told on several occasions.


Day 5

I am finally back at home. The Warriors did not practice. Stephen Curry Media Tour continued with Jim Rome and KNBR today. He may be done for summer league. The Warriors are certainly taking advantage of his popularity

Marcus Thompson

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Marcus, thanks for the Vegas updates! Any trade rumors swirling? Do you still think we’ll trade for Amare? Any chance that Roy becomes so disenchanted with Portland not immediately ponying up a max contract that he wants to be traded?
    1) Trade Acie Law, Marco Bellinelli to the Nets for Eduardo Najera and OUR 2010 first round pick.
    2) Trade Curry, Wright and that 2010 first rounder (unprotected) to Portland for Brandon Roy.
    3) Trade Maggette, Jackson and Claxton for McGrady.
    4) Re-sign CJ Watson
    5) Sign Drew Gooden.
    6) Sign Cartier Martin.
    Warriors line-up:
    1st team:
    Ellis, Roy, Buike (until McGrady returns from IR), Randolph, Biedrins
    2nd team:
    Watson, Morrow, Buike/Martin, Gooden, Turiaf
    Najera’s a good guy in practice and occasionally a 4/5 in games.
    In 2010, make a push for Joe Johnson with the money created by McGrady’s departure.

  • OptimusPrime

    SummerLeague is on Sportscenter? I didn’t realize that. Let’s roll the dice w this team and see wat happens worstcase scenario it wll b incredibly entertaining

  • wileyschmitt

    I’m really excited about this year and I have no idea how Harp’s Dubs thinks any of those moves he suggests could actually work. You must not want the Warriors to win if you want to trade Jax, Maggette, ACie, Curry, Belinelli, and Wright for garbage. I think the team is great the way it is. We are stacked top to bottom, and if there is a move to be made it could be made to free up room on the roster and move players who might be expendable this year(Wright, Azubuike, and Belinelli) to free up cap room, get certain players more minutes, and aquire future draft picks. I really don’t think we need to make the Amare trade to compete this year, plus I think Biedrins has done very well in the starting lineup the past 2 years and is young and getting better.

  • Thanks Marcus,
    No worries Marcus – we’ll hopefully enjoy the Blake versus Randolph matchup for many years to come!!!

    Harp’s Dubs – McGrady??? He’ll ruin our franchise – Houston won despite McGrady – unless we’re looking at an expiring contract, then I’m all game!

    RE: Trade #2 – I’d love that trade too but can’t ever see the Blazers making that trade unless Steve Kerr becomes their new GM!!! Roy is a young all-star player who can take over and win games by himself. Curry, Wright, and an unknown draft pick are still big question marks right now IMHO. If I’m the Blazers GM, I don’t do any deal regarding Roy with the W’s unless I get one of these players: Ellis, Randolph, or Beans – and probably still would want something else (say Curry or a draft pick) thrown in as well! The Blazers will no doubt keep Roy as he’s their franchise player… Owner Paul Allen is one of the richest men in the U.S.

  • DPLee

    Harp’s Dubs, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you might want to seriously reconsider yours. As a Nuggets fan as well I can’t help but like your idea of trading for Najera, he was a great player in Denver. That is about as much as we have in common as far as trades go. Curry and Wright for Roy? How can you possibly defend that? As an offensive team the Warriors are a perfect fit for Curry, giving them two guards that can score at will. Roy is a great player and not completely appreciated in Portland, but not worth two (possibly) emerging stars. All I can say about the McGrady idea is wow. Are you really a Warrior fan? Just kidding of course, but TMAC is by far the most overrated player in the league and we want nothing to do with that contract. He is injury ridden and is criticized for not doing his PT regularly, not a good sign as a veteran. Lets grab Gooden though.

  • commish

    Thanks Marcus. It was a tough job but someone had to do it. Five or six days in Vegas with NBA players.

    I’m not so worried about this season although I’m sure Cohan and crew are for ticket sales. I’m worried about the season after this and beyond because of the lowering cap and the horrendous decisions Rowell made regarding contracts and extensions. Therefore, this would be the year to make some rather drastic moves to move at least Maggette if not Maggette and Jackson, although the latter isn’t going to happen. But moving Maggette for an expiring is going to be hard without giving up some dear assets. Trading for McGrady is not a bad idea to clear alot of cap space. Probably a pipe dream, but still….

    Glad you are back home….

  • MountainJim

    I would give up Ellis and a pick in a heartbeat to get Roy, but I don’t see that working for the Blazers.

  • Perry

    Some good ideas on this thread……..”Harp”…..I like where your head is at……

    It looks like you haven’t let this organization’s losing turn you into a loser like so many other bloggers with “loser” mentatilites.

    You have to go out and get the players to improve your team, bottom line…….sitting on your hands and hoping young players are going to compete with the likes of #24, B. Roy, Duncan,, Ginobili, Parker, Jefferson, Nowitzki, Marion, C. Anthony, C. Billups is a “dream.”

    With the current roster, we are still about 3 years away from a playoff spot.

    Look at how aggressive the good teams have been this off-season:

    Portland offers Turkoglu and Millsap deals and touts the Hinrich idea……this was a team that won over 50 games last year and their still looking to improve.

    San Antonio, instead of sitting around and waiting to get even older…….go out and make a fantastic move by acquiring an athletic scorer like Jefferson who will, without question, make it very difficult for defenders to decide who to double-team……..you have so many options now on the offensive end in San Antonio.

    Dallas, insted of sitting around, hoping that they move up playoff spots…….goes out and adds another weapon in Marion who will team up with already potent scorers in Nowitzki, Terry and Howard……that is as best an offensive quartet as there is in the league.

    The point is, these were already good teams and they are still looking to get even better.

    We are a shitty team and we are not looking anywhere but the draft to get better?

    Come on, Warrior organization, wake up……we’re about to get run over with a train this year if we don’t add some established, proven, NBA players that can take over a game in the 4th quarter.

    Teams are still making a push for CB4……..Dallas is still after him.

    Just goes to show how weak our organization is……..

  • Perry

    Please, Warrior fans, do yourselves a favor and do not go out in public saying things like:

    “Let’s roll the dice with this team”


    “I like what we have”


    “Let’s just wait to let this young group develop”

    If you say anything like that to any experienced and knowledgable NBA fan in public……….you will absolutely embarras yourself.

    Anyone who thinks that our current roster can compete and win games should be taken outside and beaten within an inch of their lives in front of 17 witnesses. Then their bodies should be put on diplay in the rafters at Oracle.

    We will be an exciting team, yes, Steph Curry, Monta Ellis, Anthony Randolph, exciting, no question about that……we will score points, we have 3 guys in our starting 5 that can all average over 20 ppg:


    Anthony Randolph will average around 14ppg, 7 rpg and 3bpg this year…….nothing more than that,…..he should average about 2-3 turnovers a game and expect him to be in foul trouble in a lot of games.

    Yes, we will average over 109 ppg again in 2009-2010 and probably be 1st or 2nd in scoring along with the likes of the Lakers, Nuggets and Mavericks.

    But when it comes to the 4th quarter, when every basket counts 10 fold……when you have to make your free throws and make defensive plays…….when you have to look to a “go to” option to take over and score 12 -14 points in the quarter once in a while……..we will be “lost in the forests with our dicks hanging out”…………

  • Perry

    Do we want to be “entertaining” or do we want to be a “winner?”

    Let me ask you guys that.

    Seems most Warrior fans are happy with scoring 109 ppg, then hanging their heads and leaving Oracle with nothing but their ticket stubs in their hand and another loss to think about on their drive home.

    It’s been too long…….aren’t you guys tired of the losing?

    You guys want to be “entertained?”

    Go to Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus and watch the dancing elephants?

    You guys want a winning NBA franchise, stop being so damn content and start demanding a real, winning product.

  • Perry

    Please excuse my grammar in my previous posts…………..lot of spelling errors as well.

    The big one is the “?” I included after my Ringling Brothers comment……please remove that.

  • David

    Thanks for the updates Marcus. Wasn’t Acie Law and Speedy Claxton just salary dump throw-ins just to get Crawford off the team? I really did not think that Riley/Nelson thought of Law even making the team. Looks like Randolph can definitely kick butt in the SL, he might have a big year, too bad Nelson would rather play small with players like Martin.

  • jsl

    Good work, MT. It’s been a nice SL, what with our first look-see at Curry and AR’s coming out party.

    And despite the young uns’ furious calls for many — and, apparently, ANY (Tracy McGrady?) — W trades, I’d love to see these guys simply deal off Jack and Maggette and otherwise stand pat. (Jack and Maggette are hardly worthless, but they’re WAY overpaid and each has much too high an opinion of his real value to this team. If they’d agree to share the three — and Nelson started coaching (instead of gimmicking) — I’d keep ’em, but I doubt their egos would permit it.)

    There’s a terrific amount of talent here: AR just got his ticket to Team USA tryouts; Goose is one of the league’s best fives and getting better; Monta’s a huge offensive force — even with his major D liabilities; Morrow’s about as sweet a shooter as we’ve had since Mullin; KA does the dirty work; Ronny’s like a coach on the floor; and Curry’s got that “it” that AR showed last year before falling into the Nelson doghouse.

    If these guys were taught D and rotated freely, in two years we’d have a very good team capable of going deep into the playoffs — and it’s been 15 years since we could say that (i.e. before the ’94 Nelson-Webber implosion).

    What the “traders” either forget or simply don’t grasp is that — with VERY few exceptions (e.g. Celts two years ago) — the teams that are very good build thru the draft, and then tweak with trades. We’ve had some pretty good drafts now, so let’s let these guys put it together instead of simply spinning wheels contemplating numerous weird trades.

    In other words, let’s not blow it yet again.

  • John Starks

    No one ever accused a Don Nelson team of being defensive stalwarts. That said, the strategy is to outscore the other team the whole game and make them catch up. The W’s advantage is that they have a roster full of guys they can sub in and out who can score at a very high rate. With an effective facilitator at the point, the W’s will surprise a lot of people. Last year, the injury bug and some internal drama doomed the season from the beginning, but all of these guys are players. With the right situation, they will stun like the over-achievers who took out Dallas. Think of another team with the high-paced firepower of Golden State.

  • OptimusPrime

    I swear you guys are a bunch of chicken littles. The sky is fallen!! OMG!!! We are the worse team in professions sports!!! Blow up the entire team!!!
    Sound like a bunch of females. Nobody wants to trade Andris, Randolph and Curry for a broken as, one eyed Amare. Enuf already

    Did you guys even watch last year. Although the team was completed decimated by injuries they beat some really good teams and played some other good teams really close. Remember the Celtics game or the game Utah just had to have and we beat them with seven players. Take a deep breath and get a grip.

  • Perry

    “Optimus”…….I like your optimism…..but we lost some games we shouldn’t have lost in 2008-2009 as well:

    We lost the season series to the Memphis Grizzlies

    We lost to Sacramento and OKC twice each, we lost to Minnesota and Washington……..that’s absolutely deplorable.

    “Optimus” go to Warriors.com and look at the 2008-2009 game archive and eat your words.

    We couldn’t beat the teams we SHOULD have beaten…….that speaks more to the inferiority of the team than beating teams that we SHOULD NOT have beaten speaks to how good we were. By that I mean, losing games we should have won is a bigger problem than winning games we shouldn’t have won is a positive reinforcement……..if you follow what I’m saying.

    That game against Utah was toward the end of the season….and granted, while Utah needed to win that game to maintain their playoff spot and stave away Dallas and Phoenix……..we absolutely had nothing to lose in that game…..we played with our “dicks” out and ran around without a care in the world and we got lucky………

    I’m more worried about the games we lost than the few nice victories. We also gave away some games we should have won.

    In the 2006-2007 season and the 2007-2008 48 win season ……..we beat the teams we SHOULD have beat……that’s the difference….

    We lost to Cleveland on the James buzzer beater…..the 2nd to the last meeting against the Lakers at Oracle……we played great for the first 3 quarters….then absolutely dismantled ourselves in the 4th quarter after the back to back Ariza 3s.

    The question is, “Did YOU even watch last year?” “Optimus”

    You and “Steve” should get together with Tony Robbins and teach people about how to put a positive spin on a detrimental situation…………you guys would be great at it.

    That is, “Optimus,”….if you’re willing to leave your afternoon slot with Bob Fitzgerald on KNBR because everyone knows that you are Rod Brooks.

  • OptimusPrime

    Perry I havent missed a single game in 5 years.

    Sure we lost some games but how many games did we have a full squad. Hell…how many did we atleast have the starters. All of those injuries, I was suprised that we won as many games as we did. Was Magette healthy at all last season?

    You are honestly complain about losin to Lebron ‘Frickin’ James to a buzzer beater…. R.U. Serious!!?? They had one of the best records in the league last year. According 2 U we are so horrible how did we not get blown out, by one of the best teams in the league. You are contradicting yourself.

    You caught me bro. I am really Rod Brooks…LMAO!!!

  • OptimusPrime

    I agree JSL whole heartedly except the part about Jack. I think he is a deal considering how well he played last year.

    I havet made up my mind on Magette yet. He had a pretty good year even though he was never really healthy all season. Also I like his versatility. He was playing PF at one point.

  • Dave in LA

    To all above who want to package the majority of our “unproven” youth…it should be noted that virtually all of the trades noted by Perry (#8) above were made by teams with established veteran cores who simply added talent via trade to maintain their already competitive position. The W’s are nowhere near the point of merely needing to “add” to their core. We’re not one player away from a 4th seed…Relax everybody…we need to grow an actual “Core” before we think about trading away assets for veteran talent.

  • sartre

    I know you don’t rate Law, Marcus. But with CJ potentially leaving the franchise he’s the closest thing we have to a true PG. I thought in the last game he showed something by creating opportunities for his and others shots through taking the ball up the court with speed and guile. At times too the team in general seemed to function more smoothly and efficiently when he was running it. He doesn’t have the younger man’s upside and some of his present strengths but Law might fill a useful role while Curry is still finding his feet and developing.

  • Tdubb

    I saw Law live twice, he is not the guy from Texas everyone was so high on. His offensive game disappeared with his confidence. He’s not aggressive anymore. If CJ Watson is out of here and by all accounts he’s on his way to Orlando, give me Earl Watson from the OKC. He’s been released and at 30 year’s old I’m sure he would love Nelson’s system.

    He’s a tough minded vet and he would be a good mentor for Curry. Not sure what the money looks like but I know whenever he played Baron, he gave him fits.

  • Phil

    Everyone seems to think CJ is out of here. He’s a restricted free agent, so the W’s can match Orlando if they make an offer. The question is whether Nellie likes him enough to match the offer.

    I haven’t seen anything from Law to think he’s close to CJ. Also many times last year CJ came in and really picked up the pace of the game. Curry will have lots of growing pains this year, so pairing him with CJ while Curry develops is the best option for the W’s.

    If Nellie is serious about keeping Monta at 2, then the W’s need to match any offer for CJ.