Morrow Puts Exclamation Point on Summer League

You probably heard by now that Anthony Morrow went for 47 in the Warriors’ finale at summer league. One night after Anthony Randolph tied the summer-league record with 42 points, Morrow one-upped his boy by going crazy with his outside shot. I wasn’t there, but I heard the gym was going crazy as he, for stretches, wouldn’t miss.
He was 18-for-26 from the field (69.2 percent), 7-for-9 from 3-point range. He also had 7 rebounds and five turnovers. He had 17 points in the first quarter and 15 points in the fourth quarter.

Morrow: “I had a feeling I was going to get it. (Randolph) knew it. He kept telling me to get the record. Then when I had 32 in the third quarter, I started messing with him. I told him ‘I’m coming for you.'”

Morrow acknowledged he was looking to have a big game. He wanted to show how hard he’s been working, how he’s not satisfied with his surprisingly productive rookie season. He said he wanted to make a statement at, pretty much, the place where his career started.

Morrow: “Everybody kept asking me why am I playing summer league. It’s fun. It’s an opportunity to develop a bond (with my teammates) and work on some things. I wanted to play with Steph Curry and JD (Jermareo Davidson). This is where it all started. It’s just a blessing to be able to comeback and prove that I’m supposed to be here.”

Morrow is getting known for this huge break-out games, the most notable being his 37-point effort in his first career start in November at the Los Angeles Clippers. He said last season, he kept trying to live up the hype he created. Now, he brushes off his big game as just another day.

Morrow: “After what I went through last year, when I hit that 37, I can handle (expectations). I felt pressure back then. But now I don’t feel pressure. I know my role.”

Morrow, at some point, started going for the record, but he said it was also about working on some of his weaknesses. In his first two games, he was passive for the most part. One thing the coaches pointed out to him was that he was coming off screens and killing his dribble too quickly. They want Morrow to come off the screen ready to shoot or ready to drive.
So, this outburst was a product of Morrow taking heed to the coaching staff.

Morrow: “I just wasn’t being aggressive. Randolph was the hot man so I was looking to get him the ball. I knew Randolph was out. I knew Cartier wasn’t playing. So I wanted to be aggressive. My teammates kept feeding me. Sometimes it works like that.”

Marcus Thompson

  • hosni

    Well, it’s time to trade this guy.

  • Squall

    “He’s good” – Billy Madison

  • john

    Why is Harrington still at the top of the page?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Considering how GM Riley wants a veteran presence and I don’t think Boston has what it takes to get back to the Finals (notice Orlando and Cleveland loading up) how about a trade for Ray Allen?
    Maggette, Wright, Bellinelli and Claxton for Ray Allen.
    Celtics get Allen’s scoring in Maggette, his shooting (kind of) in Bellinelli and a young potential-laden PF in Wright, who can learn skills and aggression from both Garnett and Sheed. Claxton’s a money throw-in. They’d only be on the hook for Maggette after this year if they didn’t want Wright or Bellinelli back for some reason.
    Warriors get that veteran they need, a class act, a mentor to our young kids, a huge expiring contract and one of the best shooting guards of the past two decades, though definitley in his twilight.
    I would pay just to watch a game of horse between Curry, Morrow and Allen!
    Sign Drew Gooden and you’ve got your squad for this year.
    PG – Ellis/Curry/Law
    SG – Allen/Morrow
    SF – Jackson/Buike/Cartier Martin
    PF – Randolph/Gooden
    C – Biedrins/Turiaf/Davidson

  • Warrior Streak

    I’d like this squad. Strong bench.
    PG – Ellis/Curry/Law
    SG – Allen/Morrow
    SF – Jackson/Buike/Cartier Martin
    PF – Randolph/Gooden
    C – Biedrins/Turiaf/Davidson

  • OptimusPrime

    Its really nice to have such a deadly shooter coming off the bench. Morrow shows just how deep this team team is. Maybe one day this team will be ran by the Anthony’s.

    Also kudos to Riley and Nellie’s eye for talent: KA, CJ, AR and Morrow. Those guys clearly know how to evaluate skills. Hopefully they got it correct with Curry also.

  • Erik

    Thanks for all the summer league coverage, Marcus. I didn’t see any of the games, but based on the numbers, Curry’s performance looks atrocious. 33% shooting, basically a 1:1 assist to turnover ratio. I would think that if he’s putting up those numbers against the ragged summer league competition, there is no way he can play this year (and maybe ever) in the NBA. So my question is, am I right or is there something you saw in person that the numbers don’t show?

  • Marcus Thompson

    How about this backcourt in a couple of years: Steph Curry & Anthony Morrow

    Can they reasonably be the future? Is Morrow talented enough to be the starting two guard on a good team?

  • Perry

    “Optimus” …….can you kiss Riley’s and Nelson’s ass any more?

    Riley wasn’t even the GM when they brought it KA and matched his deal he was offered by the Clippers in 2008-2009, Riley wasn’t the GM when they got CJ out of the D-League, Riley wasn’t the GM when they brought Anthony Morrow to camp in 2008-2009 and Riley wasn’t the GM that drafted AR.

    Not sure what you mean by “eye for talent.”

    But, Chris Mullin was the GM for all those moves.

    I’m sure Nelson had a major hand in decision making as he always does, because he is an over-weight, heavy breathing, heavy drinking and over-bearing personality.

    But it’s not like Nelson was dying to play AR last year…..it took AR till after the All-Star break to even get any significant PT.

    Same with Morrow.

    The only guys Nelson probably had an “eye” for were KA and CJ because those guys are Nelson favorities, KA started at the beginning of 2008-20009 and CJ has a lot of Nelson’s trust as he gets a lot of 4th quarter PT.

    “Optimus”………..I don’t know what games you claim you’ve been watching for the last 5 years…..but Riley has not shown an “eye for talent” yet.

    His only moves have been the Curry pick and the Crawford dump.

  • Perry

    “Optimus”……..Kelenna has been here since the “We Believe” playoff push……….

    Larry Riley wasn’t even a bench coach then…….

    Where are you getting your facts from? JC Penny’s?

  • Perry

    By the way,…….the other past Team USA invites have been:

    Robin Lopez
    O.J. Mayo

    This year’s invites with Anthony Randolph are:

    Glen Davis
    David Lee

    I don’t necessarily think that Glen Davis is anything more than a high-energy role player……..not even as good as Turiaf……

    And most invites don’t make the final cut….

    Most of these guys serve as practice players for real players like Kobe Bryant and D. Wade…..

    I remember last year when O.J. Mayo couldn’t even get the ball past half court against Kobe Bryant, Kobe absolutely smothered him in practice in preparation for Beijing.

    Olympians are cut from a different mold.

    With Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, L. Aldridge, D. West, Al Jefferson and those types of players……..Anthony Randolph has very little chance to make the Team USA squad.

    Not to mention Carmello Anthony and Chris Bosh……..I wouldn’t include AR in that group, I would stick with Carmello, Chris Bosh and I would replace Boozer with Kevin Durant for Team USA………..Anthony will be fun to watch…….but he will not be part of the final squad……mark my words.

    If Lamar Odom and A’mare Stoudemire were part of the losing Team USA squad in 2004, there is no way in Hell that Anthony Randolph will be a part of the 2012 squad.

    This is how my 2012 Team USA would look:

    Chris Paul
    Derron Williams
    Derrick Rose/Devin Harris (will replace Jason Kidd from the 2008 squad)

    Kobe Bryant
    D. Wade
    B. Roy (will replace Michael Redd from the 2008 squad)

    Lebron James
    Kevin Durant

    Carmello Anthony
    Blake Griffin/Al Jefferson/ L. Aldridge/D. West (will replace Carlos Boozer from the 2008 squad)

    Dwight Howard
    Chris Bosh

    There is no way in Hell Anthony Randolph makes the squad……he certainly would not make my squad.

    My starting 5 is:

    1. Paul
    2. Bryant
    3. James
    4. Anthony
    5. Howard

    2nd unit:

    1. D. Williams
    2. D. Wade
    3. K. Durant
    4. B. Griffin
    5. Chris Bosh

    Then sub in B. Roy, Devin Harris or Derrick Rose and maybe Jefferson or Aldridge to sometimes play the 5.

  • OptimusPrime

    I said Riley AND Nellie you jerk off. Riley wasnt here when they got KA but Nellie was. Whats so complicated about that??

    My Bad….I’ll write much more simpler for you from now on.

    Mullin was a failure as a GM. His few smart moves coincidently came when Nellie came on board. We finally got rid of Murphy and Dunleavy and started adding some nice talent.

    Dont be fooled Riley has been running this team long B4 he was ‘officially’ named GM. Mullin checked out a long time ago.

    Nellie benched AR, but even he admits that it was the best thing for him and helped him develop the right work ethic. Its now paying off.

  • Perry

    You sure have a lot of credibility, so I’ll be sure to take into account everything you say “Optimus”

    All your posts have been a joke…..

    You said in the Day 5 and 6 Summer League thread that:

    “Sure we lost some games”

    SOME games? “Optimus”…….we lost 53 games….we lost more than 1/2 our games…….

    The Lakers lost SOME games……the Nuggets lost SOME games……the Cavs lost SOME games……the Magic lost SOME games..

    The Golden State Warriors of 2008-2009 lost MOST of their games………

    Try: “Sure, we lost more than 1/2 our games”

    Anyone who reads your posts will see that you have absolutely 0 idea of what you’re talking about…….you have 0 credibility.

    Why should I believe you that Riley was running the show since 2006-2007……..

  • OptimusPrime


    There is always room for a shooter in the NBA. Marksmen always have very long careers. Its even more impressive that he has been shooting like this without much of an open look. Its not like we have D. Howard commanding double teams down low and kickin it out. Morrow’s pretty much getting these shots on his own.

  • Perry

    Riley had nothing to do with any of the moves you mentioned…..unless you know for sure.

    The correct way to write that is to leave Riley’s name out of your stupid statement about “eye for talent”

    And the only way you would know for sure is if you are 1 of the following:

    1. An employee of the Golden State Warriors
    2. An insider (i.e. a reporter; scout)
    3. A member of the press

    “Optimus”………go answer calls on KNBR with your Irish friend, Bob Fitzgerald.

  • jscrilla

    This team can shoot all it wants…it can’t rebound and it can’t defend againts any team in the Western Conference…lets see how Fitz spins that FACT. Rod…wheres Rick Berry?

  • OptimusPrime


    Who else was running the team?? Mullin checked out as soon as Rowell over ruled him over the Moped incident. Dude became M.I.A. and completely disappeared from all interviews.

    BTW, who gives a shit if AR makes the USA team or not…just him practicing with those guys will go a long way in his development.

  • Perry

    “Optimus”…….you keep dodging the point….

    You said that Riley and Nelson sure have an eye for talent and named of you named off:


    as examples………

    Riley had nothing to do with any of those moves…….

    Are you telling me that Riley was making decisions since the “We Believe” playoff push..

    Mullin’s fingerprints were all over the 2006-2007 playoff run……he orchestrated the Jackson, Harrington deal…….he was the guy who ESPN and TNT had the camera on, standing in the aisles and sitting in his Suite with Mitch Richmond watching his young Golden State Warriors send the Dallas Mavericks back to Fortworth with Tony Romo.

  • OptimusPrime

    Dude…that Warriors PR incident have you guys really paranoid. Im not Rod Brooks; Im really Don Nelson. No seriously Im really Cohan and Im trying to drive up the price of the team. Hopefully Ellison is checking this website…LMAO!!!

    jscrilla: We cant rebound or defend and thats why we need to add Amare an even worse defender and rebounder. That makes a whole lot of sense.

  • Tony Hicks

    What the hell team has Optimus been watching (and nice try attempting to cover yourself with the “hey, I’ll keep it simple for you morons because you’re just too dumb to understand me.”)
    You’re dead wrong about Mullin. He built a team and was in the process of making it better when Rowell stepped in and goat-screwed the whole thing. Please, give us some examples of Riley’s competence when he was previously part of a front office – the Grizzlies, was it? Guys wanted to come here and play for Mullin. I don’t see anyone beating down the door now. Even Curry wouldn’t work out for us.
    I don’t see how this backcourt, with two guys 6-3 and 177, works without Bellineli getting lots of minutes guarding the other team’s best guard. How nice would it be if Morrow and his size could step up as a defender? If Curry works out as a half-decent scoring point, maybe they could shop Monta. He’s going to be unhappy and go into the tank at some point.

  • OptimusPrime

    “Are you telling me that Riley was making decisions since the “We Believe” playoff push..”

    No, but I do think it was Nellie NOT Mullie. If Nelson didnt come back we’d probably still be watching Troy Murphy and Dumbleavy….just typing their names makes me feel disgusting.

    As soon as Nellie came he said that Dunleavy was a disaster and soon him and Murph was shipped out for Harrington and Jax. Thus creating the ‘We Believe” you honestly think Mully made that call. Hes the one that signed them both to long term contracts in the first place.

  • Fierce South

    >>Also kudos to Riley and Nellie’s eye for talent: KA, CJ, AR and Morrow. Those guys clearly know how to evaluate skills. Hopefully they got it correct with Curry also.

    Sounds like revisionist history.

    Azubuike and CJ Watson were signed by Chris Mullin, not Larry Riley or Don Nelson. Mullin was assisted by team scouts as well as his number 1, former Assistant GM Pete D’Allessandro..at least D’Alessandro was Assistant GM during the Watson signing, but Larry Riley certainly wasn’t involved. Former Special Assistant, Mitch Richmond, had scouting duties when Watson and Azubuike were signed.

    There’s also an article on SF Gate in which Don Nelson said he was informed by Mullin that Mullin signed Azubuike out of the D-League.

    Riley became Assistant GM in November 2008 after the Azubuike and CJ Watson call-ups.

    This revisionist history sounds awfully familiar. During yesterday’s Warrior summer league game, Robert Rowell also credited Larry Riley for past D League player acquisitions.

    When the subject of Anthony Morrow came up and that he was a good find last year, Rowell said, “Our scouting staff AND RILEY seem to find a nugget here every year”.

    Crediting Riley was False and Rowell knew it. Again, Riley only moved up to Assistant GM in November 2008 after Morrow was already signed. Why credit Riley? Of course, Rowell would rather lie than give credit where credit is due (i.e. Mullin and possibly D’Alessandro and Mitch Richmond).

  • OptimusPrime

    Who the hell wanted to come here and play with Mully?? Derick Fischer. U Cant be serious.

  • OptimusPrime

    Why do you feel that Monta is going to tank?? He has said nothing but the right things since he came back from his injury.

    Have you heard something else?

  • Perry

    Nice spelling of “Derek Fisher” “Optimus” (Rod)
    ……..it’s that LSU education or whatever your Alma Mater is….AR’s LSU Tigers……

    My spelling errors are not because I can’t spell, but because I type quickly and I don’t care all that much.

    But your deliberate misspelling of Derek Fisher…….a 4 time Champion who has had a lot of exposure since he come in the league….just shows that you have 0 idea of how to spell. It’s like you really think that his name is spelled, “Derick Fischer”……I think your’re thinking of Antwoine Fischer……that movie with Cuba Gooding, Jr.

    It’s not the same as other spelling errors that occur in haste……..that one seems like you really think that it is genuinely spelled that way.

    It seems like if you were in a spelling bee and were asked to spell Derek Fisher…….you would spell it exactly how you wrote it above…….

    I always thought Baron Davis wanted to come play under Mullin………from all accounts, I think Mullin was the only guy he addressed on his way out

    And your close friend, Monta Ellis……this guy was getting ready to create a problem and dissention in this organization last year with the Moped incident, the arguments with Nelson and the trade demands.

    I think the only reason why he was willing to give it a chance was because Mullin was still in the fold…..he was always Mullin’s guy…….

    The only Dereks who spell their names even close to that are Derrick Rose, that’s it………Derek Jeter is spelled the normal way I think……..Derek Harper the same.

  • jsl

    Morrow is the sweetest shooter we’ve had since Mully, maybe even since Purvis Short. He’s just Dead-Eye in my book. And, he’s learning new things all the time: he’s now pretty close to being able to shoot off the dribble, something Mully never really mastered.

    We’re in for a lot of fun with this kid, as long as Nelson and the FO don’t screw it up.

  • Perry

    If Morrow is going to be a starting 2 in this league and play 35 mpg+ and go against the likes of #24, B. Roy, D. Wade……the 3 best 2s in the league,

    Then, he has to take it to the basket more often.

    If he wants to shoot off the dribble, he will be like Michael Redd and Ray Allen.

    If he wants to expand his game, he has to learn to penetrate once in a while, keep the defense honest, keep the defense on their toes and draw fouls as he gets to the rim.

    The succesful starting 2 guards in this league have all established their perimeter games through attacking the basket first.

    That way, defenders play you to attack AND to shoot the perimeter shot…..you will have more space to get your shot off and that’s how you average 25ppg+ in this league at the starting 2 like Kobe Bryant and D. Wade.

    Morrow is not even as good as J.R. Smith right now…..

    A more consistent shooter, yes, but he has to establish some “go to the basket” moves in his arsenal.

  • Perry

    It would be nice to see Morrow develop into a Reggie Miller type player………moving aggressively without the ball, scoring in the open court once in a while and hitting clutch, game winning shots for his Golden State Warriors.

    I’m not ready to call Morrow a future Reggie Miller just yet…..Reggie still ranks as one of my personal, all-time favorite players not only for his game but because he’s a West Coast guy as well.

  • jscrilla

    Optimus…i never wanted Amare…at least not for what we wanted to give up. When you’re done with your 12-3 slot let’s discuss….

  • Gizzm

    this guy is so pure with his shot and so dedicated with his love of the game.

    Too bad once the season starts, Jackson, Maggette, Buike, and Monta need to get their shots and Marrow is reduced to a footnote.


  • DW

    You asked about a starting back court with Curry and Morrow. Does that mean you’ve thrown in the towel on Monta as a long term Warrior? IMO the innocence was lost with him when he crashed the bike, I personally think it’s just a matter of time before he goes.

  • ECJ


    You’re a very strange person. I get the feeling you don’t get out of your house much.. if ever. I suspect that you still live with your parents. You talk about things that nobody cares about.

    Also, I think I read once that you’re a Laker and Warrior fan.. That would be virtually impossible for any self-respecting Warriors fan. I’ve been living in Socal for 15 years, and I have hated the Lakers the entire time. Being a Warriors / Lakers fan is like being a Giants / Dodger fan. Its not possible.

    * * * * * * * * *

    I see Morrow as a really good 6th man. I don’t think that a backcourt of Curry and Morrow would work, because Curry’s a little too slow to get himself to the rim on a regular basis. I like Monta and Curry, if Monta can fall in line. Morrow off the bench for shooting range, offensive spark.

    Oh, and I told you all: Randolph will be as good as Chris Bosh. Thats for all the boneheads that wanted to trade him for Bosh last spring.


  • Perry

    “ECJ”……..you suspect a lot of things, you’re wrong on all of them……..

    I’m an athletic guy, 32 years old, I work out and play basketball 4 times a week, I have a good job and I’m a homeowner, I’m close with my parents, but I don’t live with them….

    You, on the other hand, I suspect that you’re a transgender, “ECJ”…..I suspect that you suck dick in your spare time.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks


    Post #25 had me almost in tears. That was hillarious. I dont know if you are serious or not, but anyway thanks for the comic relief. I needed that laugh. Its been a long week.

    Your Friend Rod Brooks

  • AirplaneRider

    Perry is just a Warriors hater, ignore the clown.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    Lets start a new discussion:

    Based on the current roster who do you guys think should be starting and @ what position?

    Im thinking:


    I know Nellie wants to move Jac to the SF, but I like KA there because he is a much better rebounder. Also Magette was much more effective coming off the bench.

    It may be over optimistic to expect Curry to start from day 1. At one point I was convinced that Monta could not play PG but I think he actually looked pretty good at PG when he finally played. Although he does need to work on his ball handling.

    What do you guys think??

  • Perry

    Jumpin’ on board the “Hate Perry” campaign, huh, “Airplane Rider?”

  • A’s in 2009

    Magic close to signing CJ Watson.


    MT2, is this true?

  • T. Hicks

    Rowell, er, I mean Optimus: Baron Davis wanted to stay. Biedrens wanted to stay. Monta wanted to stay. All the guys that re-signed, whether they were good moves or not (Murphy and Dunleavy), wanted to be here because of Mullin. Because the team was getting better. It’s not like they didn’t have leverage to pplay elsewhere. Meanwhile, the Stoudamire deal died because he wanted nothing to do with the current version of the Warriors. You think Boozer wants to come here after playing for Jerry Sloan? Chris Bosh probably wouldn’t even negotiate the big extension the W’s say they need before trading for a one-and-done guy, and he’s stuck in frickin’ Toronto. As far as Mullin retreating this year, he was effectively fired when Rowell felt the need to beat his chest and go public about the W’s retaining the right to terminate Monta’s contract. What an idiot – Rowell knows nothing about the psyche of young NBA players. Mullin does. You’re delusional if you think Monta won’t get out at his first opportunity.

  • Marcus Thompson

    A’s in 2009,

    Yes. I am trying to get numbers and find out if the Warriors will match.

  • A’s in 2009

    Thanks. Orlando used most of their mid level on Bass, I can’t imagine the offer for CJ is very big.

  • Tdubb

    Marcus my not have been there for Morrow’s 47 but I was. First let me say, the Vegas Summer League is fun to watch if you are a basketball fan. You get to watch how those behind the scenes interact. Even though the coaches, GM’s and scouts sit together, they are in the bleachers with you.

    It was fun to watch Don Nelson get enjoyment watching Morrow as he got closer to 42 points. He even stood up when the crowd cheered at the record breaking shot. The Warriors have fan’s, short of a Laker game or two no other team packed the house the way the Dub’s did.

    I was sitting with some media people from various parts of the country and Europe, it was funny that many of them had not heard of Morrow. They kept saying “What college is he from? Why wasn’t he drafted? Did he play last year?”

    Morrow’s game still needs work but I am sure he will put in the work. His dribbling is suspect, especially if he gets trapped at the top with a double team. The coaches were right, he has to be aggressive and know where his outlet passing lanes with come from. He also seem’s to be very vocal now. When he’s not playing, he’s giving pointers to his teammates and like a vet working the ref’s for the next call.

    Curry need’s to practice with Morrow and Randolph. Curry’s shot is smooth but Morrow’s is pure.
    Curry looked winded. He’s not in Dub’s running shape yet. His shots were on the mark but he had no legs. He’s not ready for back to back nights at the NBA level.

    I know it’s summer league and most of these guys playing will never be elite pro’s so when our guys are playing head and shoulders above them, at least we know the Dub’s are heading in the right direction.

    Bring on the the regular season!

  • Anthony Morrow’s new nickname: Mr. Three. He pities the fools who doubted him!

  • Thanks Marcus,
    #27 JSL, #41 Hicks, and #44 Tdbb – Right on!!!

    #23 Fierce South – Thanks! When Rowell credited Riley at the GM introduction press conference for stuff Riley didn’t do – often belittling and demeaning W’s Franchise Son Chris Mullin, I actually cringed several times (couldn’t believe what I was hearing) and realized Rowell was a complete PRICK/JERK and ridiculous spin doctor. Of note was Rowell’s blaming of Mullin on missing the playoffs 4 of 5 years low blow. Rowell has shown us very poor character and absolute no class and symbolizes whats wrong with the W’s organization. Anyone hiring this moron Rowell to help run his organization for over a decade (with promotions) has to be a complete imbecile himself (Cohan).

    Mullin and Nellie have much to do about what’s good of this current roster. Once Nellie got here, his input influenced Mullin decisions – good and bad. It could be so much better if Rowell wasn’t involved. It would be awesome if Cohan were to sell… wake me up when I’m done dreaming…

  • Phil

    PeteyB, I completely agree about Rowell and selling the team. I’ve heard comments that selling might mean completely dismantling the team. I’m not sure that’s true. I’d love to see Larry Ellison and his money take over the W’s and dismantle the front office. Then they can get someone who knows what he’s doing to make some good decisions on personnel.

    The W’s need to hire a real respected basketball guy to earn some respect from players and teams around the league before they’ll be able to work out any decent trade. No player wants to come here right now, so we have to build from the top down.

    I like the young core of this team, but it’s obvious that the W’s need a star who can raise his game at crunch time. This team is basically a team with 12 6th men. Any one of them could contribute to any team similar to what Pietrus did with Orlando. But none of them can take over the game at crunch time.

    Once the front office is handled, we might be able to work out a 4 for 1 deal with someone who needs depth, but probably not until then.