UPDATED: Randolph Robbed

First Anthony Randolph had his record-tying performance topped by teammate and friend Anthony Morrow. Now, he gets jobbed out of summer league MVP honors. Big deal? Not really. But it’s a dis nonetheless.

I just learned that Blake Griffin was named MVP of the Las Vegas summer League. I don’t know who chooses, but certainly they spent too much time at Margeritaville. Anthony Randolph shoulda been MVP.
Certainly, Griffin had more hype. He cemented himself as one of the most dominant rookies in summer league history and many expect him to have a stellar rookie season. And, no doubt, many of the voters, whoever they are, may not have seen much of Randolph since the Warriors played the first half of the schedule and most people came for the second half, when Griffin arrived. Randolph did miss his last game.
Still, a look at the stats would’ve been enough to crown Randolph the winner:

Randolph: 26.8 points, 60.9 FG%, 8.5 rebounds and 3.0 blocks.
Griffin: 19.2 points, 50.0 FG%, 10.8 rebounds and 0.4 blocks.

Though his 42-point outburst Tuesday was eclipsed by Morrow’s 47 on Thursday, Randolph still finished as the summer league scoring champ.
Also, Randolph shot 74 percent from the free throw line. Griffin shot 45.9 percent. Randolph totaled nine steals in four games. Griffin totaled five steals in five games. Randolph averaged 1.8 fewer minutes than Griffin, and 1.2 fewer turnovers.
Randolph’s Warriors went 4-1, outscoring their opponents by a total of 59 points. Griffin’s Clippers went 2-3, finishing -31 in scoring differential.

It ain’t all bad for Randolph, though. He has been extended an invitation to play in Team USA’s training camp this week in Las Vegas. Of course, Randolph has accepted this invite and will play. The official announcement comes Monday.


Here is the Team USA Minicamp roster

D.J. Augustin G 6-0 180 Charlotte Bobcats
Jerryd Bayless G 6-3 200 Portland Blazers
Ronnie Brewer G 6-7 227 Utah Jazz
Kevin Durant G 6-9 215 Oklahoma City Thunder
Eric Gordon G 6-3 222 Los Angeles Clippers
Rudy Gay F 6-8 222 Memphis Grizzlies
Danny Granger F/G 6-8 228 Indiana Pacers
Jeff Green F 6-9 235 Oklahoma City Thunder
Blake Griffin F 6-10 221 Los Angeles Clippers
Devin Harris G 6-3 185 New Jersey Nets
Andre Iguodala G/F 6-6 207 Philadelphia 76ers
Kyle Korver G 6-7 212 Utah Jazz
David Lee F/C 6-9 240 New York Knicks
Brook Lopez C 7-0 260 New Jersey Nets
Kevin Love F 6-10 260 Minnesota Timberwolves
O.J. Mayo G 6-4 210 Memphis Grizzlies
Paul Millsap F 6-8 250 Utah Jazz
Greg Oden C 7-0 285 Portland Trail Blazers
Anthony Randolph F 6-10 210 Golden State Warriors
Derrick Rose G 6-3 190 Chicago Bulls
Josh Smith F 6-9 240 Atlanta Hawks
Russell Westbrook G 6-3 187 Oklahoma City Thunder
Thaddeus Young F 6-8 220 Philadelphia 76ers

Mini-Camp Staff
Jay Triano, Toronto Raptors
Tyrone Corbin, Utah Jazz
Dave Cowens, Detroit Pistons
Kenny Gattison
Jerry Sichting, Minnesota Timberwolves
Athletic Trainer: Gregg Farnam, Minnesota Timberwolves
Athletic Trainer: Joe Sharpe, Oklahoma City Thunder

Marcus Thompson

  • Fierce South

    Seems questionable whether Anthony Randolph will actually make Team USA. At least he was considered in the first place I guess.

    According to an article on ESPN, Kevin Durant was singled out for praise by Krzyzewski. He said Durant was at the “head of the list”.

    “Others who caught the coaches’ eyes included Rudy Gay, Derrick Rose, Eric Gordon and JaVale McGee, and several team insiders said they were surprised how spry Greg Oden looked.”

    Since Krzyzewski is returning as coach, I’d expect a lot of the previous Olympic team members to return, leaving only a few slots for new members.

  • Fierce South

    Found this article about Anthony Randolph’s experience so far at the Team USA mini camp.

    During the first of two practice days at Valley High during Team USA’s mini-camp, which will culminate in a Showcase scrimmage at the Thomas & Mack Center on Saturday night, he was spotty.

    The 20 players were divided into four units, in blue, white, red and yellow, for a series of drills. Randolph wore a yellow top over his blue No. 62 practice jersey.

    By the time he attempted his first shot, a mid-range jumper from the right side, he was winded. Not surprisingly, the jumper barely hit the front of the rim.

    Then again, Randolph wasn’t alone in spending a few seconds bent over, with his hands on his knees, in the first 10 minutes of the challenging conditioning regimen and competitive environment.

    New Jersey center Brook Lopez and Oklahoma City forward Jeff Green also needed to catch their breath with their hands on their knees.

    Randolph hit his next shot, a jumper along the right baseline. He clapped his hands, said “Yeah!” to himself and high-fived Utah Jazz guard Ronnie Brewer.

    Later, Portland center Greg Oden hounded Randolph in the low post and snatched the rebound; Randolph sank a 3-pointer from the right side and Washington post man JaVale McGee swatted another Randolph 3-point attempt.

    Seconds after that embarrassment, though, Randolph banged into McGee down low, demanded the ball and got it, and he flipped in a high hook over the extended, and startled, McGee.

    A jumper from the right side missed badly, then Randolph slipped in a 10-foot runner from the left side.

    At the start of an eight-minute blue-white scrimmage, Randolph, wearing white, was short on a jumper from the left side. He missed a right-handed hook shot but hit a soft jumper from the left side. The white squad won, 25-17.

    “I can’t even find the right words to describe how big it would be,” Randolph said of possibly representing the U.S. in next year’s World Championship in Turkey. “I’d be smiling ear to ear, every single day, like I am now. I’m just excited.”

  • Kevin

    change the headline! every time i read this i have flashes of antoine walker and eddy curry.