UPDATED: Randolph Robbed

First Anthony Randolph had his record-tying performance topped by teammate and friend Anthony Morrow. Now, he gets jobbed out of summer league MVP honors. Big deal? Not really. But it’s a dis nonetheless.

I just learned that Blake Griffin was named MVP of the Las Vegas summer League. I don’t know who chooses, but certainly they spent too much time at Margeritaville. Anthony Randolph shoulda been MVP.
Certainly, Griffin had more hype. He cemented himself as one of the most dominant rookies in summer league history and many expect him to have a stellar rookie season. And, no doubt, many of the voters, whoever they are, may not have seen much of Randolph since the Warriors played the first half of the schedule and most people came for the second half, when Griffin arrived. Randolph did miss his last game.
Still, a look at the stats would’ve been enough to crown Randolph the winner:

Randolph: 26.8 points, 60.9 FG%, 8.5 rebounds and 3.0 blocks.
Griffin: 19.2 points, 50.0 FG%, 10.8 rebounds and 0.4 blocks.

Though his 42-point outburst Tuesday was eclipsed by Morrow’s 47 on Thursday, Randolph still finished as the summer league scoring champ.
Also, Randolph shot 74 percent from the free throw line. Griffin shot 45.9 percent. Randolph totaled nine steals in four games. Griffin totaled five steals in five games. Randolph averaged 1.8 fewer minutes than Griffin, and 1.2 fewer turnovers.
Randolph’s Warriors went 4-1, outscoring their opponents by a total of 59 points. Griffin’s Clippers went 2-3, finishing -31 in scoring differential.

It ain’t all bad for Randolph, though. He has been extended an invitation to play in Team USA’s training camp this week in Las Vegas. Of course, Randolph has accepted this invite and will play. The official announcement comes Monday.


Here is the Team USA Minicamp roster

D.J. Augustin G 6-0 180 Charlotte Bobcats
Jerryd Bayless G 6-3 200 Portland Blazers
Ronnie Brewer G 6-7 227 Utah Jazz
Kevin Durant G 6-9 215 Oklahoma City Thunder
Eric Gordon G 6-3 222 Los Angeles Clippers
Rudy Gay F 6-8 222 Memphis Grizzlies
Danny Granger F/G 6-8 228 Indiana Pacers
Jeff Green F 6-9 235 Oklahoma City Thunder
Blake Griffin F 6-10 221 Los Angeles Clippers
Devin Harris G 6-3 185 New Jersey Nets
Andre Iguodala G/F 6-6 207 Philadelphia 76ers
Kyle Korver G 6-7 212 Utah Jazz
David Lee F/C 6-9 240 New York Knicks
Brook Lopez C 7-0 260 New Jersey Nets
Kevin Love F 6-10 260 Minnesota Timberwolves
O.J. Mayo G 6-4 210 Memphis Grizzlies
Paul Millsap F 6-8 250 Utah Jazz
Greg Oden C 7-0 285 Portland Trail Blazers
Anthony Randolph F 6-10 210 Golden State Warriors
Derrick Rose G 6-3 190 Chicago Bulls
Josh Smith F 6-9 240 Atlanta Hawks
Russell Westbrook G 6-3 187 Oklahoma City Thunder
Thaddeus Young F 6-8 220 Philadelphia 76ers

Mini-Camp Staff
Jay Triano, Toronto Raptors
Tyrone Corbin, Utah Jazz
Dave Cowens, Detroit Pistons
Kenny Gattison
Jerry Sichting, Minnesota Timberwolves
Athletic Trainer: Gregg Farnam, Minnesota Timberwolves
Athletic Trainer: Joe Sharpe, Oklahoma City Thunder

Marcus Thompson

  • “The Ricker”

    Man this is bullshit! Golden State gets no love (rightfully so) but still, Randolph is on the verge of becoming a star in the NBA.

  • A’s in 2009


    It sickens me.

  • Kyle

    I’d play the “no respect” card except Griffin plays for just about the only franchise less respected than the Warriors.

  • MountainJim

    It’s all about hyping the NBA. Top pick must be the MVP, right?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    I’m glad he didn’t get it. It will only serve as more motivation for the young fella. I can’t wait to see him matched up with Griffin in the regular season. My guess is that AR will be pumped for that one to show everyone that he, not Blake, is the man.
    Marcus, any word out there regarding the Warriors and ANY trades?

  • theshadow

    Griffin vs. Randolph.Sounds like the start of a great rivalry!I cant wait to watch them face off!At 250 Griffin aint no weak link!A.R looks stronger but he is a long way from 250!

  • CrustyRim

    Another Chip on Randolphs shoulder. Cannot wait till regular season. I thought Randolph looked out of control most of the time last year, but in summer he looked very much under control.

    Whatever happened to the Kerilinko rumor to the Warriors. I was thinking if the Jazz would take on Maggette for Andrei the Warriors would be in good shape.

    Monta, Jackson, Kerilinko, Randolph, Biedrins.

    That is a big athletic front line. Screw Amare, if he does not want to come, I do not want him here.

  • brass

    Wow, they might set a record for block shots with that front court + Ronny and BW off the bench.

  • Wrigged

    Anyone who watched that Memphis-Knicks Vegas SL game on TV should have noticed that Walt Frazier, the TV commentator was booing Don Nelson when the camera got Nelsons face on the screen.

    That’s enough to explain the unpopularity of this Warriors team has.

  • petaluman

    Congrats to AR on the Team USA invite, and props to him for accepting. Even after our uninspiring showings in past international competition, there are plenty of NBA players who can’t be bothered with representing our country.

  • Summer league honors should be for the first year guys. Its nice Randolph tore them a new one and all but lets keep our sights higher then summer league mvp.

  • Marcus Thompson

    Xavier Henry,

    I think I am going to have to agree with you

  • M.squared

    I doubt AR is too worried about the Summer League MVP honors right now. His mission for this summer was accomplished. It’s a shame that Brandon Wright did not get out there to work on his game too….

  • Perry

    “Marcus”……..you’re right….it’s not a big deal that Randolph didn’t get SL MVP honors…..

    I’m sure you, the fan base, the Golden State Warriors and Anthony Randolph will agree that if he comes out in 2009-2010 and averages 20ppg and 10rpg……..then the SL MVP will pretty much be a moot point…….and we would be looking at “Most Improved Player” honors…..I’m sure that award will be a much more valubable recognition.

    Problem is that the NBA is a very competitive league with so much great talent…….

    Anthony is going to have to separate himself as a great player………that can only be done with his production during the regular season.

    He is hard-working, I feel that he is determined to be a great player…….

    But in the regular season, in a real game situation, when all the team’s best players are on the court……it’s just different than Summer League.

    You see players talk about how “game speed” is always different than “practice speed”……or “you can never completely be ready for a game just by practicing.”

    Anthony showed some growth in his talent in SL………his mid-range shot was falling, he was seeing the court, distributing the ball…….but in the regular season, the ball will not be in his hands for decision-making purposes……….the only time he would be controlling the ball would be when he gets a rebound and pushes it up-court himself…….

    Let’s just hope he builds on this and becomes a great player for our sake as fans………we deserve a winning product……I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

    However, unfortunately, we have not improved our team that greatly from last year while other Western Conference teams have significantly improved themselves.

    Funny how a shitty team like the Warriors would already be so close to the Cap, that they can’t make any legitimate offers to any “difference maker” players.

    Yet, good teams like Dallas, Portland and San Antonio, have plenty of room left over to make offers at good players…..

    It would seem to me that a shitty team would try to make better decisions and position themselves financially to be able to make a push for great players……..but then again, that’s why they ARE a shitty team…..because our management and ownership are terrible.

    That being said, I just can’t see this current Golden State roster winning more than 38 games…….a 9 game improvement over last year…..

    We need to figure out how to put ourselves in position to beat the teams we SHOULD beat and be over .500 at home at the very least……….that would make us somewhat competitive.

    But winning and playoffs are a far off dream for the 2009-2010 Golden State Warriors.

    We are about 3 years away from a playoff spot….7 years away from being a deep playoff team…….and about 17 years away from an NBA Championship……..but it sure will be fun scoring 109ppg and losing 50 games, right, Warrior fans?

  • cracker

    you are right on the money except they could be .500…

    Next time can you please sugar coat their situation so I feel a little better about breaking out the checking account for my season tickets?

  • John Starks

    What did you expect? Blake Griffin is the crowned prince of the NBA and Randolph plays for Golden State. Golden State has NEVER gotten any love from the nation, from the NBA, from the refs, from other players, from the broadcasters… This is just further proof of bias against the Warriors on just about every level. I’d love to hear the justification why Griffin was selected over Randolph.

  • KennySeagle, Emperor of the North

    bee eff dee

    lot more things 2 get PO’ed about… its not MVP of the finals or ASG

    our 2 amfenys were stellar….randolphs name was on a lotta lips there

    & griffin was terrific in the SL

    y’all want some thing real 2 get pist about???? jax’s extension

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    Hopefully getting snubbed will push AR to work even harder……not that he lacks motivation.

    Im definitely excited to see AR next year. I dont see why the Warriors want to add PF. Randolph with B. Wright backing him up should be a nice rotation.

  • Perry

    PF rotation is fantastic with AR and BW……..same with the 5 with Biedrins and Turiaf………..

    Our issues will be whether or not Monta and Curry will be able to become distributors and facilitators…..by all accounts, both Curry and Ellis are scorers…..not necessarily prototypical offensive distributors……

    But it can still work, ….remember, Phil Jackson has never really had a prototypical PG: B.J. Armstrong; John Paxson; Ron Harper; Derek Fisher……but again, Phil Jackson has a definitive offensive philosophy and he has coached the best players in NBA history.

    The 2 is ok with Jackson and Morrow and the 3 with Maggette and Azubuike.

    The problem will still be the 4th quarter and no “go to” option…….we will again have a bunch of scorers who are scared to shoot in the 4th quarter combined with defensive collapses.

    We are ok…….we are not great…….and you have to have some great players to win games…….

    Hopefully we can get a player like that……it will take a long time for Randolph, Morrow, Curry, Ellis, Biedrins and Wright to become a playoff nucleus and it will take a long time before we figure out if anyone of those guys will be a true 4th quarter “super star” “go to” player.

    It’s just time to do what we always do as Warrior fans……..be patient and cross our fingers.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    I cant believe Perry and I agree. Interesting point, I believe Monta can be that go to guy in the 4th qtr. He can pretty much get any shot he wants when he wants. Hopefully he worked on his ball handling skills this off season.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    The Warriors are certainly not the best team in the league, but we are definitely one of the deepest.

  • Perry

    “A’s in 2009″…….what sickens me more than a stupid SL MVP award is the fact that we’ve only had 2 winning seasons and 1 playoff appearance in the last 10 years.

    We get no respect because we don’t deserve respect.

    Also, “Optimus,” in relation to your starting 5 in the previous thread, I would rather start Corey Maggette at the 3 instead of Azubuike…….both are efficient scorers….but I can’t see how you can keep a guy like Maggette out of your starting rotation…..

    He did a good job as 6th man last year……..but him, Jason Terry and Lamar Odom are all guys that played a 6th man role last year that are good enough to be productive starters. I think Josh Smith played a 6th man role for Atlanta last year too……..another guy who I think should be starting.

    Here is what I’m looking at for 2009-2010:

    1. Ellis
    2. Jackson
    3. Maggette
    4. Randolph
    5. Biedrins

    2nd unit:

    1. Curry
    2. Morrow
    3. Azubuike
    4. Wright
    5. Turiaf

    Belinelli should be the insurance policy for Curry and Jermario Davidson should be the insurance policy for Brandan Wright……..we still don’t know if CJ is going to Orlando, has that deal been finalized? I may be wrong.

    The only guy that I think will be snubbed out of a significant role on this team is Marco Belinelli and that is unfortunate considering that he is very productive and confident player when he gets the PT…….he is too good not to be a part of the rotation if he’s healthy and ready…….but we just have too many players at the same position.

  • Fierce South

    >>Wow, they might set a record for block shots with that front court + Ronny and BW off the bench.

    They’ll definitely get a lot of opportunities given the poor perimiter defense

  • Perry

    “Cracker”…….you’re a good man…..

    You will still have fun at the games…..there is nothing better than NBA basketball……..

    It will be enjoyable none the less………I’m sure there will be some exciting games, we have a lot of young talent……

    I hope I’m wrong and we end up 52 and 30……

    Keep up your support and if we hold pat at Oracle, then we will still be pretty exciting…….

    I think we will be over .500 at Oracle in 2009-2010…….so you will see more wins than losses at the 41 games that you will attend.

    It’s the road trips that concern me……

    But you should be in for an exciting season……

    Enjoy the games!!

  • Perry

    “M Squared”………..good points, short, concise and to the point.

    I think AR feels he DID accomplish what he set out to accomplish……he is definitely not “above” the Summer League, he needed to continue to work on his game and he did so……….. he did a fantastic job and I think he is content……you’re right.

    Also, another good point about BW…….he needed this SL as much as anybody……..BW is a UNC guy, a disciplined guy, a coachable guy……I hope it’s not Don Nelson who is ruining that relationship…..I hope it’s not Nelson who is making BW disenchanted with the organization.

    Let’s face it, good old Don Nelson has a track record for pissing off coachable players:

    1. Tyrone Hill
    2. Al Harrington

    It’s a shame, because I think BW wants to succeed just as much as anybody and I hope he comes out this year and proves to me what I already know about the guy……..that he can play in the NBA.

    Also, a quick side story……I saw BW coming out of the practice facility in Downtown Oakland, he was in the car next to me………a 5 series or 7 series BMW…….he got on the freeway at Broadway and exited at the Coliseum/Oracle exit.

    I honked my horn as he was exiting and gestured from my car……he acknowledged and nodded his head.

    No big deal……..but I like the guy.

  • Perry

    Looking at that Team USA invite roster………

    Here are the guys who I think should make the 2012 squad:

    1. Kevin Durant
    2. Devin Harris
    3. Derrick Rose
    4. Blake Griffin

    Here are the guys that will come close and should be looked at closely:

    1. Danny Granger
    2. Rudy Gay
    3. Brook Lopez
    4. Josh Smith
    5. Paul Millsap
    6. Anthony Randolph

    Team USA is chalk full of stars……..C. Anthony, Bryant, D. Wade, James……tough to picture some of the names on that invite list even being named in the same sentence.

    I don’t know how in the world Greg Oden will even stand a chance……..Oden is absolutely a below average basketball player……he has no offensive game…….no low post moves…….cannot move without the ball……..the only thing he can do is jump straight up right next to the basket and dunk……that’s it…….

    He will turn out to be the biggest bust of all time.

    I’m done for today, guys………..sorry for flooding the thread.

  • petaluman

    The Warriors have 2 centers – Biedrins and Turiaf, and 2 PFs – Randolph and Wright, with guaranteed contracts. In case of foul trouble or injury, the only other big we have on roster is Davidson, who’s coming off a broken foot and was not effective in SL.

    I don’t think we’re looking for a big minutes FA. They’re mostly gone now, anyway. It sounds like we’re fishing for a replacement for Jermareo, giving us more experience off the bench.

    JD is from Wright’s draft class, and has played fewer NBA minutes than either BW or AR. It’s hard to tell from that sample how much he can give us this year. I thought he looked OK in backup minutes last year, but no more than that.

  • Perry

    Not sure which one of my posts you’re responding to, “Petaluman?”…….

    I did mention that we are fantastic at PF with Randolph and Wright and also at the 5 with Biedrins and Turiaf……..please see posts # 20 and # 23.

    You may be responding to my post # 14 where I question why we were so irresponsible with our contract extensions that we left ourselves in this hole, unable to attain even more talent.

    I’m not saying we should definitely pursue a FA, all I’m saying is that up until now………the players we have on our roster (largely the same as 2008-2009) have not yet led us to the promise land.

    Then, I went further on to say that we may have that super star player in our Morrow, Ellis, Biedrins, Wright, and Randolph core……..and that we just have to be patient………

    A replacement for Davidson would be fine……..Josh Powell in L.A. comes to mind……..we had him for the “We Believe” playoff push.

  • A’s in 2009

    Our guys get disrespected year after year and it has nothing to do with them as players. It’s our sucky management and ownership, internal turmoil that leaves a bad image for our team on the rest of the league. We have guys deserving of recognition but they don’t get. Monta Ellis is only 23 and 100 times more talented than Bayless or Augustin yet he gets left off the Olympic mini-camp. Baron deserved to be an All-Star two years ago. Anthony Morrow deserved to be in the 3-pt contest last year, and the rookie game. Anthony Randolph DOMINATED summer league and they give the MVP to Griffin solely because he was the #1 pick and it would make a “nice story”. I’m honestly sick of these “I hope he plays with a chip on his shoulder” takes year after year, this is getting old. I’d rather have our guys get some recognition for once.

  • Tdubb

    Davidson is terrible! He looked like a high school freshman who was just happy to run up and down the court with Varsity. I

    would take Jamal Sampson from the SL squad over Davidson any day. Sampson won’t give you much offense but the Western “Bigs” won’t push him out of the way.
    My concern is that Nellie won’t like him because he’s not the outside shooting “Big”.

    Remember we had Josh Powell and he played the same game here as he did for L.A. Not the role the Dub’s wanted him for. That bench needs a muscle “Big” not a jump shooter.

  • Justafan

    Till Cohan sells….Boycott


    hey Perry like the line-up but think that I would rather keep maggs as a 6th man and let buike start. Reason being Maggs just hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy over the entire season and seems to have found his niche as a 6th man (Whether he likes it or not). Plus it sucks to have a 6th man making as much as Maggs make but what can you expect with our FO’s track record. So unless something big happens before the start of the season I think our line-up is pretty much set but as fans we will all have to see what line-up nellie throws out there.

    I just hope Morrow doesn’t get lost in the mix b/c of all the hard work that he has put in during the off-season. Also does anyone not think that nellie is gonna jst run with the vets which could result in a slow start to the season? Or if he is finally gonna break his habit of doing that and start shuttling more of the rookies and young players in and out?

    What about keith Smart? Any feelings from anyone? Looks like he is developing a really good relationship with the young guys but does anyone think if he gets to chummy and stuff starts to hit the fan in the FO that he walks? It’s the pessimist in me that says that somehow once nellie is gone he gets over looked for a supposed name coach even though he has put in the work.

  • Perry

    “A’s in 2009″……….remember Monta Ellis got Most Improved player in 2006-2007 and Andris Biedrins came in 2nd in the voting……that was a nice honor.

    They got a lot of exposure during and after “We Believe”…….I remember they were even talking about Mullin as Executive of the Year.

    Baron Davis definitely got “jobbed” in the 2007-2008 All-Star game, no question about that……..Brandon Roy did not deserve to be there that year, any more than Baron Davis…..but they went with Roy.

    My take on that situation:

    Baron has always been a questionable character in the eyes of coaches and NBA people. He has argued with almost every single coach he has had from Byron Scott to Tim Floyd to Don Nelson to Mike Dunleavy, Sr.

    He only got along with Paul Silas.

    Because of his reputation as an uncoachable, injury prone player…….he was left off the squad.

    That’s just my take on the situation……but he absolutely deserved to be there.

    He was, without question, my favorite Warrior because he is a real NBA basketball player with tremendous talent and he is a 4th quarter “go to” option.

    My point is,………we will get the recognition when we consistently start becoming a winning team……

    Other awards have included pre-game recognitions for Kelenna Azubuike and CJ Watson as D-League players that have made a successful NBA career and some Community Awards for Stephen Jackson…….

    But to be honored among the greats of the game……..you have to start proving that you belong there by consistently winning and showing that you are a respectable franchise………..and I know you know that, “A’s in 2009″……..I know you understand that…………it’s just frustrating being a Warrior fan.

  • petaluman

    Our biggest roster hole is at 4, where we have only 2 young players, with ~2200 minutes total combined NBA experience. If you include Davidson, that’s 3 players with 2600+ total combined minutes.

    We only have 2 centers on the roster, with JD serving as 3rd string. AB and RT are both solid, but an injury to any of the guys I’ve mentioned so far leaves us desperately short of bigs.

    I don’t think we can hold JD’s performance in SL against him – it depends on where he is with his rehab. After all, a broken foot precludes just about any meaningful practice or conditioning activity. It just makes sense to add a vet who can contribute at 4 and 5, and mentor AR & BW.

    The FO is probably hoping this will come via trade to minimize the cost, with a vet’s minimum contract as the next most desirable option. The CJ Watson situation may impact this choice as well, with the result being either a bigger payroll or an extra roster spot.

  • deano

    Petaluman at #34: The big hole in the roster is at 1, where we have nada. None of the GSW players used at 1 last year was a point guard in college. Every quality NBA 1 was a star at the position in college. I had some hope for Acie Law, who was a good point guard in college, even though he did not do well at Atlanta. Unfortuneately, it seems that he did not shine in SL either.

  • petaluman

    Thanks for your response, Deano. I was commenting on the roster balance. We have plenty of people to play PG, although you are correct that we don’t have much experience there, either. The only solution at the 1 is trading, though. We just can’t keep adding small guys. Jackson is our 5th biggest player with a guaranteed contract.

    Unfortunately, it’s much easier to propose a trade than to make one happen. It would be great if we could make one that re-balanced our line-up and also improved our overall talent. That might not happen until mid-season, though, depending on who we are offering in exchange. The “other” team has to like the talent we’re giving up, or they’re just interested in our expirings.

    If we’re going to sign any FA (no trade), it’s probably going to be a bigger player.

  • petaluman
  • Optimus Prime

    I like Monta at the PG last year. I was one of the main ones saying that Monta couldnt hold down the 1, but he actually looked pretty good there when he finally got on the floor.

    We have enough players that can score from anywhere on the floor that we dont need a traditional distributing PG.

  • Perry

    Monta looked good because he is a 20 +ppg scorer……….you have to stick him somewhere…..in this case, we stick him at the 1.

    But in all actuality, Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry, Gilbert Arenas, Steve Francis and guys like that are all combo guards…….known mostly for their scoring, and they are all good guards…..with Gilbert being the best out of that group, then Francis, then Monta, then Curry.

    You don’t always need a traditional 1 to be a successful team. But, the only teams that have been successful without traditional 1s are Phil Jackson’s Bulls and Lakers who have started:

    B.J. Armstrong
    John Paxson
    Ron Harper
    Derek Fisher

    The only way you can be successful without a traditional 1 , is if you have “wordly” “world class” talent like # 24, Jordan, Shaq, etc……

    If you look at the recent Championship teams:

    1. Spurs (Parker; A. Johnson)
    2. Pistons (Billups)
    3. Rockets (Kenny Smith, Cassell, – can’t remember
    who played 1, I think Cassell)
    4. 80’s Lakers (“Magic”)
    5. 80’s Celtics (D. Johnson)

    Only Phil Jackson’s Bull and Lakers did not have a traditional distributor at the 1.

    The reason is because Phil Jackson’s triangle offense (whether you buy into it or not) makes it’s living by relying on guys to make open shots………so, Phil Jackson has always had great shooters at the 1…..Paxson, Harper, Fisher…….

    The triangle offense’s whole purpose when they create “triangles” on the floor through movement is to get players open shots, that’s it. No need for a traditional PG and especially when you have the greatest perimeter players of All-Time: # 24 and Jordan and 1 of the greatest Centers of All-Time: Shaq.

    Can the Golden State Warriors win without a traditionial PG?…….Yes, they can……a little bit,…….not enough, because the surrounding players are not yet great players……….

    Can the Golden State Warriors win an NBA Championship without a traditional 1? Absolutely not.

    I’ve never really been the type of person to call for a traditional PG for this Golden State team…….but I AM calling for a great player, a “difference maker”……….a guy who can take over in the 4th quarter, get to the line, put the pressure on the defense. Guys like:

    Paul Pierce
    Dirk Nowitzki

    The list goes on and on…….we need a star caliber player, whether at the 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, I don’t care……just get me a “go to” option so we stop giving away games in the 4th quarter and we start beating the teams we SHOULD beat:

    New Jersey
    New York

    These are teams we should destroy…….

    We play Sac 4 times a year, we play OKC and Memphis 3 times a year each , we play the Clippers 4 times a year , we play Minnesota 3 times a year, we play the Eastern teams 2 times a year……..

    Just imagine if we won all of those series’……..how much it would improve our win total………these are the important games………I just named off 25 games right there…….that’s over a 1/4 of our season.

    If we are able to beat the teams we SHOULD beat, that leaves us more of a margin of error when playing the Lakers, Spurs, Nuggets, Cavs, etc………

    Then, wins against elite teams become all the more exciting and rewarding.

    Good teams beat the teams they SHOULD beat, period.

  • deano

    Perry and Petaluman: Nice posts on the Warriors’ need for a PG that fits the team’s talent and style of play, i.e. a guard who is fast and excels in the open court, distributing the ball for transition and early-offense opportunities.

    That kind of point guard would be able to maximize our young talent: Randolph, Morrow, Ellis, Biedrins, Turiaf — all of whom can outrun and outmaneuver their defenders.

    I’m watching the reports on free agents Ramon Sessions and Andre Miller. As time goes by and both remain unsigned, I get more hopeful that we might be able to work a deal for one of them.

  • brass

    35. Deano. Monta didn’t even play college so of course he didn’t play point in college however he did play point in high school (yes I have a DVD of one of his games and he was the point). And Curry played the point last season for Davidson as well.

    So yes we don’t have a lot of experience at the point, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get the job done.

  • deano

    Brass: You are right, either Monta or Curry might develop into a point guard. But Monta did not show himself to be reliable distributor last year, and Curry had as many turnovers as assists against Summer League competition. Right now, the future at point guard does not look good.

    Without a quality, up-tempo point guard to run the team from the start of next season, the Warriors will have no shot at the Playoffs. They will also not be able to develop the young talent they have at the 2, 4 and 5 spots.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    What would a distributing PG do for us?? Its not like we need any help scoring. Are you looking for a more defensive minded PG?

    Perry: I think Monta can be that ‘go to’ player. Looks like Randolph may certaily be also (maybe not this year).

    Im just not a fan of the ‘Lebron James’ style. Give me the ball and everyone else get out the way style. We have a number of players that can all hit shots in the 4th. Why do we want to rely on just one?


    Perry, STEVE FRANCIS? That was a blast from the past don’t even know if I would put him in with monta, agent 0, and even curry. Francis had a good 2-4 yr run at best but once he got hurt he was never the same. Interesting choice of names cuz when I think combo guards Stevie “franchise” is the farthest from my mind.

    I get what your saying though about a PG and like you said the best we could end up being is a successful team with our type of line-up. No Championship or Extended Playoff runs but I guess being successful would be better than where we have been.

    Optimus, if we had Lebron James he could do whatever he wanted and I would be happy with it. May not win a title but that would be one guy that, if he was in a warriors uni, he could do no wrong. But I think perry has emphasized lately the need for a “go to” player in the 4th that can just get you easy buckets in extremely important. Like you said Ar is developing into that and there is a hope that Monta can be that but I don’t think anyone of us will know until midway through the season to see if Monta goes to the next level.

    But if I could move monta for a legit all star PG I would do it in a heartbeat b/c as we have all seen that Nellie’s system(Like it or Not)hinges on having a strong PG. Sure we can run the combo guards with that system but it just seems to flourish a lot more with a legit PG.

  • Perry

    Monta Ellis straight up for Tony Parker works well on the Trade Machine on ESPN.com……

    The nice thing about that deal is that Tony is still pretty young…..he came into the league at 19 and he still has at least 3-4 good years ahead of him. Acquiring Tony would still keep us in the hole with the salary cap but who cares when you can get a Championship, winning player who will make a difference.

    The Spurs would get even younger with Monta and add another scorer to the potent mix of Jefferson, Ginobili and Duncan…….

    That would make the Spurs a little more athletic, probably increase their points per………

    They Spurs would lose their traditional PG……but they are smart enough to figure out how to win without Tony with Popovich at the healm and experienced, discplined players like Duncan and Ginobili.

    Any thoughts on that deal?

    Less likely would be Monta Ellis straight up for Chauncey Billups……..that works well on the Trade Machine as well but Denver is unlikely to give him up after last year’s success.

    But if you add Monta to Carmello and J.R. Smith, you have a potent scoring trio that should keep their ppg totals right around 110.

    That would be a more efficent scoring trio than it was with Iverson, Anthony and Smith because Monta has a career FG% of 48% and Iverson has a career FG% of 42.5%. Monta takes less shots than Iverson, Monta is really not a volume scorer…..he is actually quite an efficient scorer.

    Plus Denver gets younger and Ellis gets a fresh start……he might break out and have a great season.

    And of course, the Golden State Warriors would get Billups and tout the following line-up:

    1. Billups
    2. Jackson
    3. Maggette/Azubuike
    4. Randolph
    5. Biedrins

    Can you imagine the easy baskets Randolph and Biedrins will get at the rim? Biedrins would probably average close to 12 ppg and Randolph would get a chance to develop with a legitimate All-Star PG.

    You mix in Jackson to complete a nice, experienced, veteran back-court……you can’t leave Chauncey or Jackson open from the perimeter………..

    And defensively, with Stephen guarding the other team’s best perimeter player and Chauncey sticking the other team’s PG………those are 2 very hard-nosed and tough defenders.

    That would cause some nightmares for opposing defenses.

    Plus, you bring in Curry and Morrow as the second back-court unit and automatically become younger. You give the opposing team’s defense a completely different look. It would give us 4 great perimeter shooters with: Billups; Jackson, Morrow and Curry.

    Just some thoughts……….

  • Perry

    Let Monta Ellis develop into a PG with another team is basically what I’m saying with my trades……..I like Monta Ellis……he is talented, he shoots a high % and can score in a variety of ways.

    But lately I’ve noticed his lack of aggression, he doesn’t get to the basket as much……maybe it was the ankle, I don’t know….but with that speed and quickness, he should attack more. Plus, his ball handling abilities are questionable…….and his passing abilities for a guard are sub-par. He doesn’t look to pass when the opportunities are there…….he’s always been that way.

    It can be a 2 on 1 situation with Monta controlling and a wing like Maggette running……and instead of lobbing it to Maggette or flipping a quick pass on the break…….Monta will usually, unsuccesfully force up a shot on the break.

    He did that with Pietrus a few times in 2007-2008, I remember specific 2 on 1 situations where Monta was controlling………and when you have an athletic wing like Pietrus or Maggette……all you really have to do is throw the pass in the air, somewhere close to the basket and those guys will catch and deliver for an alley-oop……..he doesn’t make other players better, he doesn’t make the game easier.

  • deano

    Perry: It takes a selfless player to be a point guard, a person who does not feel the need to score himself, a person whose primary skills are vision, court-savy, dribbling, passing and, hopefully, defense. Scoring needs to be a second option.

    This package of qualities must already exist when the player comes into the NBA, because it is almost never put together in the NBA. There is no one currently on the Warriors who has that package of skills and mentality. All of our “points” have always been scorers first, second and third.

    GSW is full of competent scorers. We need a point. I would have drafted Ty Lawson ahead of Curry. Even though Lawson was a lower-rated player, he would have impoved our team much more than Curry will because he has the whole point guard package of skills and mentality. We already have two “Curries” in Morrow and Ellis. Hopefully, somebody can be traded to get us a “Lawson”.

  • sad jose

    i read that headline and i keep thinking: damn, poor guy got robbed.

  • Fierce South

    Seems questionable whether Anthony Randolph will actually make Team USA. At least he was considered in the first place I guess.

    According to an article on ESPN, Kevin Durant was singled out for praise by Krzyzewski. He said Durant was at the “head of the list”.

    “Others who caught the coaches’ eyes included Rudy Gay, Derrick Rose, Eric Gordon and JaVale McGee, and several team insiders said they were surprised how spry Greg Oden looked.”

    Since Krzyzewski is returning as coach, I’d expect a lot of the previous Olympic team members to return, leaving only a few slots for new members.

  • Fierce South

    Found this article about Anthony Randolph’s experience so far at the Team USA mini camp.

    During the first of two practice days at Valley High during Team USA’s mini-camp, which will culminate in a Showcase scrimmage at the Thomas & Mack Center on Saturday night, he was spotty.

    The 20 players were divided into four units, in blue, white, red and yellow, for a series of drills. Randolph wore a yellow top over his blue No. 62 practice jersey.

    By the time he attempted his first shot, a mid-range jumper from the right side, he was winded. Not surprisingly, the jumper barely hit the front of the rim.

    Then again, Randolph wasn’t alone in spending a few seconds bent over, with his hands on his knees, in the first 10 minutes of the challenging conditioning regimen and competitive environment.

    New Jersey center Brook Lopez and Oklahoma City forward Jeff Green also needed to catch their breath with their hands on their knees.

    Randolph hit his next shot, a jumper along the right baseline. He clapped his hands, said “Yeah!” to himself and high-fived Utah Jazz guard Ronnie Brewer.

    Later, Portland center Greg Oden hounded Randolph in the low post and snatched the rebound; Randolph sank a 3-pointer from the right side and Washington post man JaVale McGee swatted another Randolph 3-point attempt.

    Seconds after that embarrassment, though, Randolph banged into McGee down low, demanded the ball and got it, and he flipped in a high hook over the extended, and startled, McGee.

    A jumper from the right side missed badly, then Randolph slipped in a 10-foot runner from the left side.

    At the start of an eight-minute blue-white scrimmage, Randolph, wearing white, was short on a jumper from the left side. He missed a right-handed hook shot but hit a soft jumper from the left side. The white squad won, 25-17.

    “I can’t even find the right words to describe how big it would be,” Randolph said of possibly representing the U.S. in next year’s World Championship in Turkey. “I’d be smiling ear to ear, every single day, like I am now. I’m just excited.”

  • Kevin

    change the headline! every time i read this i have flashes of antoine walker and eddy curry.