Point Guard Fodder

So, I talked to Speedy Claxton today. He has every intention of coming to training camp and trying to earn a spot. He said he is healthy and ready to go after playing just two games the last two years.
Why does this matter? The Warriors have to move someone now.

With Speedy injured, insurance would have covered 80 percent of the $5.2 million he’s due. Because of that, they certainly would have been content with stashing a guy on the roster.
But now that he is declaring himself healthy and ready to play, that is not an option. So that gives the Warriors five point guards – four under contract: Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry, Speedy Claxton, Acie Law and C.J. Watson, who is a restricted free agent.
Now, the Watson situation makes this super interesting. As Matt Steinmetz correctly pointed out, Orlando gave it’s last cap space to Matt Barnes because they were certain the Warriors would match the offer sheet they had ready for Watson.
So the only way Orlando can get Watson is via sign and trade (or sign C.J. to the minimum, which he won’t take). But, according to a source, the Warriors aren’t cooperating on the sign-and-trade. Here’s why, based on what I’ve heard: the Warriors would like to keep Watson at the right price. And it looks like they can.
I hadn’t heard the contract offer Steinmetz reported, but if it’s correct, which I don’t doubt, that is a good price for the Warriors. (UPDATE: I confirmed Warriors did offer Watson three years, $4.5M) Watson, at $1.5M a year, is more valuable to the Warriors on the roster. Claxton and Acie Law, who combined are nearly $7.5 million of expiring contracts, are more valuable to the Warriors on the trade market.
I think Watson would like to land 3 for $6M (and that may be match worthy from the Warriors’ standpoint). But anything less, I think the Warriors match and commit to moving Claxton and Law. With Watson in tow, they have a familiar option to turn to if Steph Curry needs time to develop.
If they sign-and-trade for Watson, then either Claxton or Law would be the leading candidate for the third point guard. Members of the organization I’ve talked to aren’t too keen on either option – Claxton because of his injury history and Law because they don’t think he’s any good.
If Watson – who I am sure doesn’t want to be the third point guard for any team – manages to land elsewhere, I think the Warriors still look to move Claxton and Law and bring in a different No. 3 PG.

Marcus Thompson

  • Jeff B

    Marcus, good info. thanks. Are there any time-pressures, specific dates tied to any of these possible events, or will we, the fans, maybe be suffering until summer’s end for resolution of the situation?

  • Sparko Smellineli

    watson is the best point gaurd we have on the roster

  • Wander7

    imagine if we didn’t have Jackson’s extension and Magg’s outrageous contract we could have landed Andre Miller… now Portland has him.

  • Wilson

    Didn’t Orlando sign Brandon Bass? I wonder if there’s any way to get him as part of a sign and trade involving C.J. and another Warrior or two, unless Orlando is in love with Bass.

  • A’s in 2009

    1. Sparko Smellineli Says:
    Watson is the 5TH best SHOOTING gaurd we have on the roster


  • Tdubb


    Don’t expect to see Law or Claxton, Watson is a better PG than either one. He shoots better than Law inside and outside. He knows and understands the system.

    With the current and projected 2010 salary cap somebody will take expiring contracts period. I’m not sure what Claxton’s insurance clauses are? How long does he need to be healthy for the Dub’s not to get the payout?

    At any rate, Watson may not want to be the third guy but that’s what camp is for, to win a job. The NBA season is a long one and somebody will get hurt or have a night when they need to be off. Your third guy steps up.

    It’s funny to read all these various postings about the PG need. This team was injured all last season so we never saw them. The prior season was a 48 win season and I think comparing the two rosters, this squad is better.

    07-08 09-10
    Ellis Ellis
    Biedrins Biedrins
    Jackson Jackson
    Belinelli Belinelli
    Azubuike Azubuike
    Wright Wright
    Watson Watson
    Baron Davis Curry
    Al Harrington Randolph
    Matt Barnes Turiaf
    Mickeal Pietrus Maggette
    Austin Croshere Morrow
    Patrick O’Bryant Law
    Chris Webber Claxton
    DJ Mbenga Summer League Squad
    Troy Hudson Jamal Sampson
    Kosta Perovic Cartier Martin
    Stephane Lasme Jemareo Davidson

    Other than BD, who would you take back from this 48 win roster and who would you replace. Remember you’ve got expiring contracts and probably carrying 14 players instead of 15 this year. All the 09-10 squad needs is a 4-5 who won’t get pushed around and gives energy under the boards. Moving two players will make this happen. Drew Gooden, Johan Petro or add Jamal Sampson from the SL squad? Put the ball in the hands of the youngsters! They can score. Will they defend? If healthy, 50 wins.

  • jerry

    Sign and trade idea:

    Watson and B Wright for Linas Kleiza?

  • earl Monroe

    Watson talking about playing defense was hilarious.
    I watched 95% o the games last year, and seldom did
    I see him exhibit the “love” for defense he is professing.
    (I did see a “love” for putting his head down and blinders on
    while going to the hoop though)

    I can also see the Warriors keeping Watson, and Don Nelson
    erroneously playing him ahead of Curry.

    If I see a season filled with Azubuke and Watson playing major
    minutes, its going to be painful.

    Stay tuned.

  • Burke

    Claxton and Law can’t be traded as part of a package for 60 days starting from when they were acquired. After that we may see more activity on that front.

    I’d like to see the Dubs put together a package of some of their extra guards for Kurt Thomas or somebody similar — a proven front court veteran who plays solid D on big 4s and 5s and can hit a 15 footer.

  • alan t.

    Wilson … huh?

    First, why in the world would Orlando sign Bass as a free agent. To trade him? Are you serious?

    Second, they can’t trade him even if they want to (which is crazy to begin with) until mid-December.

  • Road Orange


    Do you think they’ll give us Dwight Howard instead?
    Oh no, he’s too good. Maybe CJ for Rashard. Yeah, that could work.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    How about these moves?
    Sign and trade Watson to Orlando for Ryan Anderson? They’ll both be making about 1.5 mil this year.
    Maggette, Law and Bellinelli to Milwaukee for Sessions (signed at 5 mil/year), Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas.
    Monta to Memphis for Mayo and (gulp) Marko Jaric.
    Jackson, Wright and Speedy to Utah for Kirilenko.
    Sign Drew Gooden for a Turiaf-like deal.
    09-10 Warriors:
    PG – Sessions/Curry
    SG – Mayo/Morrow/Cartier Martin
    SF – Kirilenko/Azubuike/Bowen
    PF – Randolph/Gooden/Thomas
    C – Biedrins/Turiaf
    It gives us a ton of financial flexibility, four players that can show our young fellas how to play D (Bowen, Kirilenko, Gooden and Thomas), a team that will compete for the 7th/8th seed this year and a really good, young nucleus that needs just one more really dynamic player at small forward in the next few years in order to develop into a championship contender.

  • Oregonguy

    I liked Claxton when he was with the Warriors before. IF he’s healthy, he’s a nice piece. I like CJ, too. Acie Law in Summer League played kind of like he knew he wouldn’t be around.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Forgot to add Jaric at the 1/2 position and Anderson to that line-up at the 3/4 position.

  • longwayhome23

    We need a real point guard. Trade Ellis for Hinrich, or Magette and Curry for Hinrich.

  • lawrence P


    Nice info. Detroit is looking for a third pg….how about even swap maxiell for claxton?? would Golden state be interested??

  • TB

    RE: Harp’s Dubs

    Grow up, this isn’t a fantasy basketball league.

  • jsl

    Good report, Marcus; but I’d like to lose all three of them.

  • July 17: Cartier Martin – signed with Treviso (Italy)

    Martin played decently in Summer League for Golden State, doing a good job of getting to the free-throw line and not turning the ball over much, but he made only a quarter of his three-pointers, and needed one good game to get up to even that mark. Martin played for Iowa in the D-League last season, and since he can score, he should do well over in Italy.

    also, why would we trade our best players in stephen jackson? some of those trade ideas are bogus. what we need is a guy like drew gooden and/or a mid season trade….

  • Wrigged

    Anyone of these three wouldn’t be a Warrior for long. CJWatson have already made known his preference to play somewhere else. Speedy most likely be traded for a draft pick. Acie Law, who’s this guy?

  • Justafan


  • Ken

    While the amount of time I have seen him is relatively small, nevertheless, IMHO, the only PG on the Ws who can actually pass the ball creatively, and also defend is Acie Law.
    His assists per minute in the Summer League were the highest for the W’s.
    I’d like to see him at least get a chance, especially since all the other guards on the Ws are shooting guards, including Curry (what kind of “point guard” has more FG attempts than any other player on the team ?).

  • Steve

    Here’s a recap of the Team USA scrimmage from Saturday night in Vegas. http://www.goldenstateofmind.com/2009/7/26/963560/team-usa-scrimmage-recap

  • jim back from fishing

    Jees, we’re pathetic. Other teams have gained major players, the Warriors are scheming around three middling point guards. Sad sack organization!

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    I like Watson. Im happy the Ws are trying to keep him. IMO, Curry will not be contributing right away this year. Very few players do. It took a while for Ellis, AR and AB. Hell, even Kobe didnt play much his first year. Considering that I think Watson is the perfect player to fill the backup PG role until Curry becomes aclimated. He also provides insurance just in case Curry is a bust.

    Granted, I havent seen Speedy in while, but he didnt excite me when he was healthy and I honestly dont know much about Law.

  • Petaluman

    Removing the potential insurance payout option will depress Speedy’s value as a trade piece. I think both Law and he need to show something on court before any team will see them as more than expiring contracts.

    In the short term, that may effectively remove us from the trading market. We could still pick up a cheap vet big FA and drop JD’s contract, or rescind the offer to CJ. Speedy and Acie might yet yield us a decent player in trade, but it’s more likely to happen near the trade deadline.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    Thanks for the link Steve. A good read sounds like AR was abusing Mcgee.

  • Perry

    With all this talk about CP3…………why not get in on the sweepstakes??

    Anything’s better than playing in that graveyard in front of 9,000 fans in New Orleans.

    Imagine how excited Paul would be playing in front of 18,000+ at Oracle every night and vice versa. If we picked him up…..imagine the excitement from the fan base………ticket sales would skyrocket like the 07-08 season.

    Here is what I’m looking at:

    3 way deal:

    Tyson Chandler to Charlotte for Emeka Okafor (they’re already talking about this anyway)

    Chris Paul to Golden State for Monta Ellis

    New Orleans adds a Center and PG in Okafor and Ellis…..

    Charlotte replaces Okafor with Chandler like they’re trying to do anyway, they still have a lot of cap room and can make a run at a legitimate player not only in 2010 but also 2011 when Chandler comes off the books.

    The Golden State Warriors add their star “go to” option.

    This works well on the ESPN trade machine.

    When you think about it theoretically, New Orleans loses 1 star and 1 good player and gains a pretty good player in Ellis and another good player in Okafor…….hard to see them displeased with that. Also, the writing is already on the wall with Paul being dsigruntled with Inglewood, California’s own, Byron Scott and ownership……..the guy just wants to play for an exciting team………..he goes from 1 small market to another, it’s not like he would be leaving the Lakers or anything………he’s leaving New Orleans.

    Charlotte gains Tyson Chandler who will help with their Larry Brown oriented defensive philosophy with players like Raja Bell and Gerald Wallace. That gives them a shot-blocking front line of Chandler and Wallace, just about as good as our duo of Wright and Randolph. Plus, Chandler only has 2 years left on his deal………while Okafor still has 5.

    Any thoughts on this scenario?

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Perry, as always, you’re thinking and I like that! I don’t see the Hornets parting with Paul, however. How about this?
    1) Monta (Mississippi kid – big name draw they need) and CJ (UT product) to the Grizz for Mayo and trade exception money ($8 mil).
    2) Three way trade: Warriors’ $8 mil trade exception and Rony Turiaf to the Jazz, Beasley and Mark Blount to the Warriors, Carlos Boozer to the Heat.
    Warriors get Beasley to pair alongside Randolph and Wright, Utah saves money and gets a defensive shot-blocker in Turiaf and the Heat gets Boozer to go with Wade, O’Neal and then, assuredly, Odom.
    3) Trade Jackson, Law and Bellinelli to the Bucks for Ramon Sessions @ $4 mil/year for four years and the wily old vets Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas (both expiring contracts, thus awesome February trade deadline bait).
    Milwaukee gets someone who can do a bit of everything in Jackson and someone that can put up 20/game – valuable, especially if Redd isn’t healthy. Bellinelli and Law are both expiring contracts and will have the opportunity to play, considering Jennings may not be entirely ready to run the club yet.
    Warriors get two guys that can teach our boys to play D and a young PG who can start this year until Steph is ready full-time to run the Warriors.

    2009-2010 Warriors:
    PG – Sessions/Curry/Claxton
    SG – Mayo/Morrow/Azubuike
    SF – Beasley/Maggette/Bowen
    PF – Randolph/Wright/Davidson
    C – Biedrins/Thomas/Blount

    4 big expiring contracts in Blount ($8 mil), Claxton ($5 mil), Bowen ($4 mil), Thomas ($3.8 mil) for a total of almost $21 million to extend contracts of our young studs and to get some good free-agent help on the front line to back up our youngsters!
    “Tasty twosome (Curry and Mayo) and the lefty brigade (Beasley, Randolph and Biedrins)” for years to come!

  • Perry

    “Jim Back from Fishing”………..you’re absolutely right………

    I’ve said it all along…….just look at the players other teams have acquired while all we’ve done is add another promising rookie and dump some salary:

    1. Shawn Marion
    2. Andre Miller
    3. Richard Jefferson

    Not to mention……teams have been active as well in trying to add pieces:

    Portland makes a push for Turkoglu and Millsap

    All this movement and here we are sitting as the team that lost 53 games last year…………….53 games for Christ’s Sakes.

    “Just a Fan” and “Jim Back” are both right, everyone else is just a “homer.” All these “homers” should jump in bed with all the other “homers” in the Bay Area:

    1. Mike Krukow
    2. Duane Kuiper
    3. Greg Papa
    4. Bob Fitzgerald
    5. Rod Brooks
    6. Ray Fosse

    Let’s make a push at CP3 and do everyone a favor.

  • Perry

    Good suggestions, “Harp”………………..

    Fitz checks in from jacka$$ purgatory, mocks fans- sounds about right!

  • Wait a minute now…. Optimus Prime really is that d-bag KNBR tool, or what’s going on here?!?!?!?!?!

    Disclosure fomr the hacks appreciated, but only knocks the BS coming from those handles even further down the road.

  • Petaluman

    Rumors are flying around that Jermareo Davidson has been waived. Can you please confirm? Was this just a response to a contract date, or is there a deal going down?

  • The earlier incarnation of Optimus Prime was a snarking, insulting pro-team-at-all costs d-bag. The new version is even more insulting, as such.

    That’s saying something.

  • The team confirmed on its own, Petaluman.
    Great timing.


    Oh, Rusty… you incomparable stooge.

  • No link apparently, Petaluman, but sfgate and the team site should both have the release up.

    Rusty Simmons… stooge.

  • HennyHulk

    i like where Perry was going.

    i was thinking the same 3 teams:

    CP3 to the Warriors for Monta/Davidson: Hornets would get a cheap back up for d.west. Monta would run their PG. & like what Perry said, we would get our “go to” guy.

    G. Wallace to the Warriors for KA/Belinelli/BW: Bobcats would get a solid replacement for g.wallace in BW and gives the Bobcots 3 expiring contracts they can use for the Free Agency Race of 2010. & we would get a good veteran that Nelson would like.

  • HennyHulk

    then of course Chandler for Okafur

  • Marcus, why would Riley dump Crawford for 2 point guards in the first place? Wasn’t he looking to “add beef” to the front line and assuming so, why didn’t he just ask for a forward instead of 2 more guards who they had no intention of playing anyway? It looks like Riley doesn’t know what he is doing either, another classic Warrior leader to go with Nelson, Rowell and Cohan.

  • Perry

    Riley is the 2nd coming of Garry St. Jean….

    It’s gonna be like it was with St. Jean at the healm…….hoping and praying for 35 wins….

    Remember when we used to start:

    1. Sura
    2. Hughes
    3. Jamison
    4. Fortson
    5. Foyle

    This should be just as bad as that…..there are 0 “difference makers” on our current roster.

    AR is a nice, young player but I don’t think he has the “balls” to become a “go to” guy……too emotional and too timid….. he can’t even score like Jamison……anyone want to challenge me on that?

    In the regular season, there is no way AR averages more that 14ppg……Jamison was a 20+ ppg scorer, he’s not even in the same league, scoring wise as Jamison. Maybe more exciting and athletic, but not the scorer Jamison is, mark my words.

    Monta has to prove that he has gained his explosiveness back and attack the rim more instead of pulling the string on mid range jumpers.

    All that being said…….with great teams like the Lakers, established veteran teams like the Spurs and “up and comers” like Portland, …………you should expect a 10th place finish in the Western Conference for the 09-10 Warriors……..

    38 wins max……..

  • A’s in 2009

    Atlanta was probably the only team in the league willing to give expiring contracts for Crawford. Riley took it and ran, I’m glad he did.

  • earl Monroe

    The Jamal Crawford deal was purely based on Don Nelson’s ego and personality clash with Crawford, when a player rubs Nelson the wrong way, its pretty much over, and since he controls the front office now, he had the juice to get Crawford out of here, he had very little resistance from Rowell since the contract was huge. I don’t think they expected Acie Law to be in such bad shape either, so now they are stuck trying to keep Watson, also the two country boys did not account for the possibility of Curry being available, so now we have a huge backup at the guard position, I would have kept Crawford, this may not be a popular stance, but he should have gotten another season, last year was a waste and an impossible one to use for judging a veteran player with mostly rookies playing .
    Egg on Nelson’s face for trying to force Crawford to opt out, in this economy how many players opted out of $10 million dollars a year?

  • Have you read the transcripts from the Cuban-Nelson arbitration? Robert Rowell a sniveling little doofus. Totally played by Nellie and his attorney. Mullin brought Nellie back, Nellie milked Rowell the money guy.

    Classic, classic Warriors incometence. Now we’re stuck with Nellie all over agian. He smoked COhan and co. AGAIN.

  • Lufty455

    Earl Monroe is right. I hope Crawford averages 20+ point a game and gets 50 points against the Dubs.
    Nellie and Rowell can’t run S..T here.
    One is robber and a lush the other one is just a mop boy living a dream he was over 5’7 and can play with the big boys.
    I wonder if we can trade Nellie and Rowell for a bag of peanuts and a soda.
    That would be asking too much.

  • Petaluman

    “Follow the money”
    I think it’s much more likely the Warriors did the JC trade because it saved them 12M, not some made-up personality conflict. Jamal strikes me as too nice a guy to have one with, anyway. Cohan and Rowell are the money men.

    I’d also have preferred that we kept him. We’re woefully short on PG experience without him, and he would have been a nice 10M expiring contract next year.

  • Perry


    Always quick to lash back responses to other posts……

    A lot of “nice” guys have had personality conflicts with Don Nelson throughout his coaching career:

    1. Tyrone Hill – generally regarded as a quiet, hard-working, humble and coachable player, Result: Badgered and black-listed by Nelson in the 90s and becomes an All-Star in Cleveland.

    2. Al Harrington – quiet, unassuming, accepted his 6th man role or whatever role was handed out to him, never complained about being made into a stand still 3 point shooter and yanked out of the game if he wasn’t “hot”……never complained about the constant abuse by Nelson, Result: Traded to Knicks for Jamal Crawford, then went on to average 20+ppg for the Knicks for the balance of the season.

    You can even include Jason Richardson and B.Wright in that mix……both guys coachable and nice guys………

    Sorry to say, “Petaluman”……but Nelson’s credibility as well as ownership’s is worse than Jerry Springer.

    I would never give the Golden State ownership group or Don Nelson the “benefit of the doubt”……never, ever, ever……….it’s a loser organization.

  • deano

    Losing Crawford did not affect the point guard situation one way or the other. Crawford is a shooting guard who was asked to play point guard, as were Ellis, CJ, Belinelli and now Curry. None had success. Right now, the only experienced point guards on the roster are the two guys from Atlanta, Law and Claxton, and they are pretty bad. So, with or without Crawford, we still do not have a competent point guard.

  • Bustinelli gone!

  • petaluman

    Thanks for your response, but I’m not “lashing out”. If you don’t think $12M is important to Warriors ownership, that’s fine. Sounds like a lot of money to me…

    Since you also indicated a lack of trust in the team ownership, though, you might want to consider their reasons for making the trade. Ultimately, Chris Cohan has more influence on the organization than Don Nelson, if he chooses to wield it.