Belinelli Traded to Toronto

The Warriors cleared up some of the gluttony in the backcourt. I just confirmed through a team source that Marco Belinelli has indeed been traded to Toronto for swingman Devean George, as Yahoo Sports reported earlier.

The Warriors severed ties with their first-round pick from 2007 (No. 18 overall). This doesn’t appear to be a cost-cutting move, as Belinelli is set to make $1.5M this season and Devean George is set to make $1.6M. The Warriors, however, would have had to make a tough decision come the end of this offseason. The Warriors had until Oct. 31 to pick-up their option on Belinelli’s fourth season for $2.38M. They avoided that decision, and any backlash, by shipping Belinelli – a fan favorite – now for George. If they didn’t pick up his option, Belinelli certainly would’ve been unhappy all season, increasing the potential for distraction and potentially hurting team chemistry.
The Warriors did pick up a veteran swingman who can stick a 3-pointer. George is no Pietrus, but he could (if he has anything left) give them some veteran help off the bench, something GM Larry Riley has said he wanted to add this offseason.
The Warriors cap figure stands at $57.66M, and that includes the team options for Brandan Wright ($3.4M), Acie Law ($2.9M) and Anthony Randolph ($1.9M).
Belinelli was rendered a luxury by the addition of guard Stephen Curry and the continued progress of shooting guard Anthony Morrow. Though he was one of the team’s better shooters and their best option at defending point guards, Belinelli had clearly fallen down the depth chart. He became a starter for an injury-plagued team but injured himself (sprained ankle) in January and never seemed to recover.

Marcus Thompson

  • Oh it’s too beautiful for words.
    Another first round draft pick: GONE!

  • Kyle

    How does this make us better? I don’t get it.

  • A’s in 2009

    We have absolutely no use for Devean George. He’s a 4th small forward behind Jack, Buike, Maggette.. This is a horrific trade. Morrow and Beli were the only true SGs we had. This roster is more unbalanced than ever.

    I’d rather keep Beli and decline his option than trade for a useless 4th small forward.

    Larry Riley should be fired.

  • George is a power forward for Nellie, A’s in 2009.

    Randolph’s minutes just ook a hit.

  • LT in LA

    I guess this officially puts the Amare trade to rest. Stupid move.

  • manhattanproj

    amare didn’t want to come to the w’s. so having belinelli or not didn’t matter.

    but you would think, w’s could have done better than devean george. draft pick? young prospect? anyone but devean george.

    so the w’s pretty much gave away jamal crawford and belinelli for scrubs.

  • Eric

    another dumb move the have been in a crack fog for years

  • Sparko Smellineli

    is this the “big man” riley was looking to add??? this coming season is hopeless. Fire rowell!!

  • Twinkie defense


  • A’s in 2009

    Steinmetz says we got CASH, to buy out George.

    We traded Belinelli for NOTHING!!!

  • commish

    One great thing about the Nelson era and legacy–at least the last couple years–is he has been able to take potentially value assets (buy high) and ruin their value by not only not playing them but then embarassing them with bitter comments. Worse, he benchs players like Harrington, who I still so enjoy seeing on the banner above I might say, and then trading for a lesser player who he then trashes so we end up with even less. Yes, he is a genius, no and ifs or butts.

  • oaktown

    Boy, I`ve been waiting for us to make a move but D. George? I didn`t know he was still playing. What`s his stats for the last two seasons? There is so much more talent out there or even a younger player with potential. As a warrior faithful I`m losing the little faith I have left. Warrior front office is absolutely GARBAGE!!!

  • mark

    one end of the bench player for another, so who really cares?

  • Derek

    George Sux, Belinelli was garbage, however compared to D. George he’s Kobe.

    D. George is the equivalent to getting a bag or rocks in return, worse than garbage.

    While other teams in the division are improving, it seems the Warriors are doing nothing to improve.

    They could have got much more for Belinelli. This swap was a joke !

  • Jumbo

    Toronto paid for most of Geore’s contract so this was all about saving$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Toronto fans are happy. Warrior fans lose

  • A’s in 2009

    Belinelli played 21 mpg, he was a rotation player, not an end of the bench player. He will be a rotation player in Toronto, if not the starting SG. Can you say the same for George? He is gonna get bought out and his career is likely done.

  • Derek

    George had worse numbers than Davidson who was cut a few days ago !

  • Wilson

    Time to cut ties with the Warriors.

  • Burke

    He plays better defense than Belinelli, which is the role B fell into by default on a team with no defensive stoppers. So he might have a (small) role on this team as a Bruce Bowen.

    It sucks that both Belinelli and Davidson got injured when they would have been prime candidates for garbage time at the end of last season, and might of shown something else. As it is, Belinelli just got beat out by Morrow, plain and simple.

  • Burke

    Another thing — “potential” is only realized with playing time. Belinelli didn’t exactly wow anybody with his playing time this year — he actually played a lot of minutes when he wasn’t injured.

    Next year, he would have been behind so many people he would have been glued to the bench. Hard to realize any potential there.

    Obviously, no other GM was particularly excited with him either, given the meager returns.

  • A’s in 2009

    We Got GARBAGE. How is anyone even trying to defend this move? Why are you trying to defend this move? The front office sucks, period. Kawakami said it perfectly.

    “This is just a dump. A we-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-this-talented-player dump. A terrible, misguided, noxious dump by a team now run by an erratic, tired coach and a GM who does his bidding.”

  • A’s in 2009, stop pushing the buyout story.
    You don’t have that confirmed at all, far as I can tell. George is here to have his monster Tom Tolbert breakout ahead of Randolph.

  • lol at the homer/plant A’s in 2009 thinking Busty will play ehad of DeRozan. Watch a game sometime.

  • A’s in 2009

    I’m a plant for bashing the front office. Okay…

    I know its early in the morning, you should wipe the goo goo from your eyes and have some coffee before you post.

  • Lufty455

    Great move Dubs. Let’s see who else we can trade… humm… Let’s trade Nellie, Rowell and now Riley for Ralph Sampson. We are the Clippers north.
    No more games for me that’s for sure.

  • A’s in 2009, you’re a silly homer if you’re not a plant. DeRozan is no less than a billion times better than Marco Bustinelli. Get over it.

    Should have been on MY Bandwagon years ago if you wanted to wax indignant now. They burned you bad.

  • Lufty,

    Clippers South looking good these days.
    Griffin will play at least 10 minutes per game more than Randolph, we have to assume.

  • Chris Webber

    If Riley considers George “veteran help” then the Warriors are in serious trouble.

    Nelson wasnt satisfied destroying this team the first time around. He’s making sure to finish off what he started back in 94-95

  • Mike

    I keep hoping there’s a future draft choice from Toronto included. I guess they’re making room for CJ.

  • derezee

    sign of the apocolypse? marcus, c’mon man. this kind of diversion does not smell like you. spend some time in Hawaii recently?:

    “If they didn’t pick up his option, Belinelli certainly would’ve been unhappy all season, increasing the potential for distraction and potentially hurting team chemistry.”

    no offense, but Nelson beat Belinelli into a deep enough depression long ago that if he had the potential to be a distraction or hurt team chemistry, he’d have done it already. and that’s not even reading between the lines – Marco’s been pretty earnest about his confusion over Nelson’s handling of him from the get-go.

    that sentiment makes zero sense and frankly sounds like some BS that TC Firehouse might slip under the door while we’re sleeping. there’s actually NO rational reason to make this trade, regardless of your opinions on Bellinelli’s talents…

    …unless Riley just plain likes Bellinelli enough to do him a solid and send him some place he’ll be happy, playing alongside his buddy Bargnani.

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  • deano

    I’m happy for Marco. He gets to play with another Italian (ethnically, anyway) in Bargnani, and in a more European city. Marco will get much more playing time. This is a great trade for Toronto, since Marco was just starting to become productive. Another Warrior gift to the rest of the NBA. So, we get the Lady Bing Trophy, right?

  • Burke

    The real reason they traded Belinelli is that by NBA rules, you can only have one player with a blatant mouthguard fixation who tirelessly sucks on it while it sticks halfway out of their mouth. That spot is now taken up by Curry.

  • Perry

    Belinelli will be a rotation player in Toronto, maybe even a starter ….especially with the departure of Anthony Parker……that frees Belinelli up for significant and contributory PT next season.

    Toronto has done a pretty good job this offseason, I got to hand it to Colangelo who I have been bashing for the last few months.

    You get rid of Kapono’s ridiculous contract, you keep CB4 happy enough to at least entertain the thought of sticking around, you retain Bargnani who is a better player than most NBA fans think, you add Hedo Turkoglu who will fit perfectly into the starting 3, you make a push for a back-up PG in Watson to spell Calderon because there is no more Carlos Delfino and Marcus Banks and Roko Ukic are questionable and you add Marco Belinelli, a young and talented offensive facilitator.

    Lot better than our FO………

    This Warrior organization is an abomination to the league……..they should be ashamed of themselves…..

    The 09-10 Raptors should look like this, in my opinion:

    1. Calderon
    2. Belinelli
    3. Turkoglu
    4. Bosh
    5. Bargnani

    2nd unit:

    1. Ukic/Banks
    2. Jack/Douby
    3. DeRozan/A. Wright
    4. Evans/ Bonsu
    5. Voskuhl/O’Bryant

    Their starting unit would run circles around our starting unit, just with Turkoglu, Calderon and Bosh alone……

  • Jimbo

    No one’s saying/hearing or exploring anything about a potential trade for Boozer. Riley seems to be stocking up on expiring contracts for some reason. The numbers could work if you package Brandon Wright, Claxton, George + the some cash to the Jazz for Boozer’s 12-something mil. The Jazz get a 4 prospect with upside in Wright who’s a change of pace to Millsap’s bruiser style, and a couple expiring contracts to buy out. That’s the hope I’m clinging to anyway. Starting lineup: Monta, Jack, Randolph, Boozer, Biedrins. With Mags, Curry, Morrow and Buike off the bench, I’d be sufficiently hopeful to watch.

  • petaluman

    There’s good news and bad news in this trade. We got bigger, and DG can play on the perimeter – good. We traded away a young player with potential for continued improvement for one who is way past his prime, and never more than a role player – bad.

    If George is bought out with the “cash considerations”, we just cleared another roster spot at no cost. It would be another money-motivated move, unless followed by a FA signing.

    If we keep him, I wouldn’t expect him to play that much. He’s not much of a scorer, but he’s strong enough to match up against the bigger 3s and some 4s. I suggested some time ago that we might have better luck finding a 3/4 than a 4/5, but I was hoping for someone with more to offer than DG, like Matt Barnes or Linas Kleiza.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    I like the trade….

    “But, combined with Claxton and Law, he gives the Warriors just shy of $10 million in expiring contracts. That is a significant chunk of currency to spend on the trade market in their search to add a difference-maker.”

    ….looks like Riley is loading the bases. Belinelli wasnt going to play anyway.

  • Mike

    George is no more an expiring contract the Belinelli, and he can’t be packaged in a trade for awhile, so this actually gives the Warriors less ammunition for a trade. Since Morrow emerged, Belinelli had no role on this team, and it’s a straight salary dump.

  • Dear plants and idiotic KNBR stooges:

    No trade for Boozer involving the perhaps NOT insured Claxton contract until August 25th and George cannot be traded in a package for 2 months. Utah doesn’t want the slop the Warirors are peddling, per Bucher.

    Claxton costs over $5 million since he played at the end of last season. He’s not a free $4 million. Utah wants to send Boozer somewhere for NOTHING, not expiring contracts that still keep them over the luxury tax.

    Keep holding your breath.

  • Mike’s on point.

  • Larry Riley makes ROd Brooks’ head explode:

    “We’re looking forward to adding a veteran with Devean’s experience to our squad,” said General Manager Larry Riley. “He is obviously a proven winner and has been on several very successful teams during his career, which is something we feel is important when you look at the youth on our roster. He is a versatile player and someone who we feel can contribute both on and off the court.”

  • PhilB

    Wow…didn’t Marco has some trade value? They just traded him for a bag of Lays potato chips. Unbelievable.
    And please don’t tell me they want to package George’s contract in a play for Carlos Boozer. Carlos is not the answer at PF. He consistently gets OWNED by Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and bigger PFs, especially after the injuries.
    Only silver lining I see in all of this is that Anthony Morrow should get more minutes…

  • oaklandgorilla

    I’m a big Warriors fan and i agree with this trade. We are too stacked with guards. I still think we will have a good team. Belinelli will be a good player for the Raptors.

    Checkout this new forum… http://www.ramendays.com/forum

  • jscrilla

    “increasing the potential for distraction and potentially hurting team chemistry.” Unlike wayward mopeds and banishments of team greats. This team has as much chemistry as I do as a social science major…..none! I loved watching Bellinelli but I do have to say he seemed like an walking injury during his time. More time for Morrow is ESSENTIAL! Obviously what stings is what we got for him…nothing. It is an expiring contract but under 2 mil…big woop.


    Like a lot of people on here have already said, this is purely a financial move. D.George is a horrible pick up and won’t provide anything in terms of skill or b-ball iq. I don’t care if he is a vet he is trash and is just gonna take time away from AR. Who doesn’t think George is gonna get more playing time then he deserves b/c Nellie thinks he can remold him? I just don’t get it, why do some people on here think that this is just a smaller move in a larger scheme to get a FA. What justification is there for that other then someone pull’n it out of der arse?

    COHAN is not going to be spending any money for the next couple of years if he retains the team b/c of the dwindling cap. There are a couple of people saying that the warriors will only be having a roster of 14 this yr. Plus when we have had contracts that we can use for trades or to make a move and have them used?(Example 9 million trade exemption that was wasted).

    I have to come to grips with the fact that any move from the dubs is going to be a cost cutting moves..period, end of story. There is no Boozer, there is no Odom, no Bosh, no AMARE…None of these guys are not coming here. Anyone who doesn’t think that is just foolish and I have some swamp land that I think you would be interested in.

    Ohh and so much for our own over-valuation of our players. Remember we can value them at whatever we want, but the league decides what they are actually worth, case in point Belli for George straight up…Good move Riley, your gonna be great at this job. It doesn’t even seem like belli could have netted us at least a 2nd rd draft pick or maybe Riley was told not to try to keep cost down?

  • Flappy

    Warriors make one bad move after another, year after year.

  • deano

    PhilB: Right on. Marco was at least a trade asset. Now we have fewer players to offer in trade for a point guard, which we need a lot more than a fourth small forward.

  • ….sad…..bring ’em in…..let ’em ride the bench….play them when everybody else is hurt,…..if they are showcased, show a little, go down to normal basketball innjuries, then you never see them again…and then you trade them for a washed-up wreck….i got an idea! how about Biedrins for somebody’s rusty Studebaker? And Anthony Randolph for a jar of licorice….sounds like the thinking of the puppet Riley, the demented Nelson, and the idiot of idiots, Rowell….my god…

  • 49erJ

    d.gorge is an aging vet with no skills left i would have took grant hill instead he can at least give u 10 or so off the bench jus by gettin to the line i guess riley gets the money for “searching” for a good deal huh.