More on Marco Trade

So the Warriors did get some cash from Toronto, which did provide a financial incentive. Not much to dance in the streets about, but cash nonetheless. Every little bit helps these days, no doubt.

Also, Devean George is here to stay. The Warriors want George. They didn’t get him to buy him out. They feel like he might be able to contribute something because of his size and experience (went to three Finals with the Lakers). GM Larry Riley has wanted to add some veteran experience anyway. George, at his best, can stick the 3 and match-up against the difficult threes of the league like Ron Artest and LeBron James.
Of course, they are hoping to get the George from the Lakers. The George that was in Dallas was often hurt and hardly heard from. But if George has nothing left, not much is lost because he is cheap.

It can’t go understated, I don’t think, that the Warriors just traded out of a tough decision, perhaps a lose-lose. If they would have extended Belinelli on the 31st, that would’ve been a sizeable commitment for a guy who wasn’t going to play much. If they didn’t, they could’ve had a distraction on their hands all season. This would’ve been the story going into the season, that the Warriors have given up on Marco. Now, come Oct. 31, no one will be thinking on Belinelli.

The Warriors now have $9 million in expiring contracts (I mistakenly had close to $10M before, but that was because I had Acie Law down for $2.9 – what he’s set to make if the Warriors pick up the option – and not $2.2, which he will make this season). If they decide not to pick-up Brandan Wright’s fourth-year option, that number jumps to $11.7M in expiring contracts.

Marcus Thompson

  • ffgolden

    Keep in mind that $11.7m in expiring contracts will still probably only put them maybe $8m under the cap, a number that shrinks if the cap does too. $8m is really not enough to be a player in the supposed free agency bonanza of 2010 (which might just fizzle anyway, sorry Knicks fans).


    Just another move in the long line of crappy moves that I am expecting this off-season… I H8 Devean George!!!

  • L hamilton

    What good are the expiring contracts if they don’t get someting in return? Does anyone really think that Cohen will add players with this money? This is all about Cohen making montey.

    My personal protest for Cohen’s ownership is that I will not be watching any Warrior games until he sells or they are in the playoffs.

  • A’s in 2009

    PLEASE CUT GEORGE. Nellie will play him at PF, less mins for Randolph. This is like a bad dream and I can’t wake up…. 😡

  • Chris Cohan

    Great Move by the front office!

  • Chris Cohan

    Wow those numbers match Boozer’s perfectly. The Warriors are brilliant!

  • JT

    A’s is right…he’s going to take minutes from randolph! All i know is Monta and Jack better be ready cause if they start off ugly, its gonna get ugly! I support any fan who loves the Warriors but refuses to give them your money! In fact, I SALUTE YOU!

    I’m 100% loyal but games are free on TV. Perfect, even if you do have to listen to Fitz try to sell tickets on another mediocre squad.

  • MGT

    I completely disagree about George’s prospects with the W’s. Having watched him play for Dallas, he looks sluggish and disinterested on the court. And he cannot “stick the 3”: he shot 29% last season and 32% the year before that. I know the team had a tough situation to address, but George takes any minutes away from Randolph–or even Wright–I will be very disappointed with this move.

  • J Canseco

    Maybe they can take some of this extra $$$ and lure Greg Papa back.

  • Sleepy Jae

    I love me some Warriors!

  • deano

    Marcus: You mentioned George’s playoff experience as an attribute. Per the stats, he did not play in any of Dallas’ playoff games last season. Was he injured or was he a DNPCD?

  • Perry

    What’s even more amazing is the uncanny facial resemblance between Corey Maggette and Devean George from “tiny” Oggsburg College in Minnesota……

    They both have a black, Asian face………

    Devean is a role player at best…..but a player who hasn’t hand any significant PT in 2 seasons.

    Basketball is a fickle sport………you can’t just go from not having any PT to being a contributing part of an NBA rotation.

    Yes, he gained his experience with Phil Jackson’s Lakers squads but you can say the same thing about:

    Slava Medvedenko
    Brian Cook
    Kwame Brown

    What have these guys had to show for it? Absolutely nothing.

    Devean can hit the perimeter shot if he’s ready to play and in shape, he’s a decent defender and is a team player.

    But “veteran presence” is hardly what I had in mind with Devean George………more like a “walking DNP”

  • Twinkie defense

    I understand there is not a lot of time in the backcourt with Monta, Jack, Morrow, Curry, etc., but wasn’t there anything better out there for Belinelli? Why the fire sale?

  • TrueWarrior

    This trade is a joke point blank. Marco could have been used along with Claxton and Law maybe include a draft or Wright for a serviceable PF like Lee in a sign trade situation. When you trade a player, you trade to make your team better, please explain to me how does George make our team better? I don’t care about the concept that Marco wouldn’t have played or earned enough minutes because it really seem irrelevant. The bottom line is Marco is a better player than George, so when you trade a player you expect an equal or better player for your team. George doesn’t help us win and let me add that we don’t know what is going to happen in training camp or the regular season. We might face injuries that would have required Marco to play. This trade is purely done to lessen the cap for this year and next. Basically the organization is saying that we don’t care about this season and we will rebuild next year. Marco was an asset or chip card that we could have used it to get a serviceable PF.

  • Justafan

    more cash for Cohan……Boycott

  • Peter

    Good work. This club will never contend while Cohan is the owner. When owners have to make cash moves they cannot compete. I’m not talking about an effort to get under the luxury tax, but this is a “stop the bleeding” move. Devean George was at best a gravy trainer who was in the right place at the right time with two hall of famers to get him open looks. He was an above average defender 92 injuries ago. This is all about cash. He won’t play ahead of Jax or Buke. And the experience thing is negligible when it’s the 12th man and when he never was an integral part of any team.

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  • Because he sucks a$$, Twinkie.
    Because he sucks a$$.

  • Q ball

    How could everybody miss this quote: “match-up against the difficult threes of the league like Ron Artest and LeBron James.” Are you kidding Marcus? You’ve got to be joking and I’m just too slow to see it. I mean seriously, there’s no way you could convince George’s own mother that he could match up against most 3’s in the league, let alone LeBron. Besides isn’t that what Steven Jackson is here to do?

  • Ex-fan

    Marcus, you wrote “Now, come Oct. 31, no one will be thinking on Belinelli”, but I think you’re missing something. The fans will be; he was our recent first pick and we were excited to see him develop and help us out. And when he has some solid games for Toronto and shows off his well-rounded game and hoops IQ, we’ll know that he was given away for nothing. This is the price we pay for following the most stupid and poorly managed team in all professional sports.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Four moves to improve our team and help Cohan’s wallet:
    1) Milwaukee Bucks say they want “a scoring three”. Depending on whether Hakim Warrick decides to sign with the Bucks or not, let’s shed Maggette’s contract by trading him and Acie Law to the Bucks for Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Joe Alexander when they’re all eligible to be traded (August 25).
    2) Sign CJ Watson to that 3 year/4.5 mil contract and keep him as our starting PG until Curry’s ready.
    3) Trade Monta to the Grizzlies for OJ Mayo and trade exception money ($7 mil).
    4) Three-way trade with Utah and Miami sending Jackson, Wright and $3 mil trade exception to Utah, Boozer going to Miami and us getting Beasley and Blount from Miami.
    Here’s our new team:
    PG – Curry/Watson/Claxton
    SG – Mayo/Morrow/Bowen
    SF – Beasley/Azubuike/George
    PF – Randolph/Alexander/Thomas
    C – Biedrins/Turiaf/Blount
    Money that comes off the books next year (all third stringers at their position):
    Blount ($8 mil), Claxton ($5.2 mil), Bowen ($4 mil), Thomas ($3.8 mil) and George ($1.6 mil) for a grand total of:
    $22.6 million

  • MGT

    @Harp’s Dubs:
    I like that you’re thinking in terms of a combination between the basketball and financial aspects of the game, but come on: with a few notable exceptions, GMs aren’t pron to getting hoodwinked on the regular the way they used to. If only the real world were so easy to navigate as NBA Live and the ESPN Trade Machine.

    1)While Milwaukee might possibly go through with a trade that would ditch Bowen and bring in Maggette, they need Thomas (having lost Villanueva), and won’t be quick to give away #8 pick Alexander–whom they love paired with Jennings in an uptempo system.

    2)I have absolutely no problem re-signing Watson, but he’s best suited playing 20 mins/game; nothing against him, but he’s not the guy to whom you want to hand over the keys to the car.

    3) Memphis LOVES OJ Mayo. They think he’s better than Monta as both a scorer and a playmaker. I need to see Monta play a healthy season before I can say for sure, but Mayo’s situation in Memphis is a classic ‘he means more to us than his league-wide value suggests’ situation.

    4) It’s a similar situation with Beasley in Miami. The kid may look a touch lethargic at times, but his skill set is almost as complete as Randolph’s (ok, mebbe I’m a little AR4-biased). So even though Utah would love to get out from under Boozer’s (or AK47’s) contract, Miami is really just looking to add someone without giving up anyone from their core.

    One financial ? for you: are we still paying Adonal Foyle?

  • great…Devean George will quickly turn into this year’s version of Marcus Williams….in one case we give up a first round pick for a warm body on Nelson’s bench and in the other we give up a fun talent in Belinelli for a tired min-version of Maggette…..oh god….another suffering year for a deathbed franchis