Should Warriors Pick Up Wright’s Option

While Warriors management had already decided it wasn’t going to pick up the fourth-year option on guard Marco Belinelli, the same decision awaits on Brandan Wright. They have until Oct. 31 (technically, I think, it is the day before the season starts) to lock him up for 2010-11 at better than $3M.

I have heard nothing about them not picking up his option. If I were a betting man, my money is on them picking up the option. The Warriors do like Wright and are banking on him to play at PF (though he is looking like Anthony Randolph’s back-up instead of the starter, which he was deemed by Nellie late last season).
But, it wouldn’t hurt to have another expiring contract, and maybe playing for a deal would light a fire under Wright and produce a breakout season. It’s worth considering, but in the end he probably has more value to the Ws on the court.
If the Warriors do pick-up his option, it is probably an indicator that they don’t expect to trade him. Wright was involved in the offer to Phoenix. Assuredly, part of Wright’s appeal to another team is that they would have the choice on whether to pick up the option (as the Warriors do with Acie Law). Of course, the Warriors still could trade him after exercising their option, but Wright would be less valuable.
BW went to summer school in Chapel Hill and wound up playing a lot of basketball. Word is that he is healthy and the Warriors are happy with the strides he’s made. He still fits the Ws style of play and is arguably their best inside scoring option. Plus, Randolph could use the competition.

Marcus Thompson

  • Harp’s Dubs

    Marcus, as always, we appreciate the flow of Warrior information!
    If Cohan is so hell-bent on trimming the roster, I offer these four moves:
    1) Milwaukee Bucks say they want “a scoring three”. Depending on whether Hakim Warrick decides to sign with the Bucks or not, let’s shed Maggette’s contract by trading him and Acie Law to the Bucks for Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Joe Alexander when they’re all eligible to be traded (August 25).
    2) Sign CJ Watson to that 3 year/4.5 mil contract and keep him as our starting PG until Curry’s ready.
    3) Trade Monta to the Grizzlies for OJ Mayo and trade exception money ($7 mil).
    4) Three-way trade with Utah and Miami sending Jackson, Wright and $3 mil trade exception to Utah, Boozer going to Miami and us getting Beasley and Blount from Miami.
    Here’s our new team:
    PG – Curry/Watson/Claxton
    SG – Mayo/Morrow/Bowen
    SF – Beasley/Azubuike/George
    PF – Randolph/Alexander/Thomas
    C – Biedrins/Turiaf/Blount
    Money that comes off the books next year (all third stringers at their position):
    Blount ($8 mil), Claxton ($5.2 mil), Bowen ($4 mil), Thomas ($3.8 mil) and George ($1.6 mil) for a grand total of:
    $22.6 million savings for Ebenezer Cohan!

  • Fierce South

    Why would the Grizzilies trade OJ Mayo for Monta Ellis? Mayo’s contract is smaller hence more affordable, Mayo hasn’t suffered any significant injuries as a pro, and he’s taller than Monta. I’d rather have Mayo instead of Ellis, too, but I don’t see that trade happening anytime soon.

  • OliverStone

    Answer to your question is a resounding yes! IMO AR & BW would be a killer tag team at the 4! Plus even running the floor together could give Nellie the ultimate mismatch he’s always craving!!!

    You say the Dubs like Brandan, however everything I’ve come across indicates Nellie doesn’t? Hope you’re right?

    Finally some info on Brandans summer, thanks for that. Glad he’s healthy & playing alot of ball! Any news on weight gain?

  • Kyle

    Warriors have enough expiring deals: Law, Claxton, George… Those add up to almost $10M. Warriors can’t take on more than that unless they get rid of either Jack, Mags, Monta or Biedrins.

    They also have to plan on giving Randolph a huge contract that he will have earned by that time – need to make room under the cap. So, I don’t really see the value of making Wright an expiring deal. Plus, there’s the whole fact that he looks like he could end up being pretty good. And, unlike in Belinelli’s case, the Warriors are not loaded at his position, so we could really use his help on the court.

    I think Marcus’ point about Randolph having some competition has a lot of merit, too.

  • Perry

    Yes,…….they abosultely should.

    BW is an NBA player, he’s disciplined, can score and defend in the low block and can shoot free throws.

    I’ve heard other Warrior fans call B. Wright a “wimp” or say things like, “he doesn’t have an NBA motor”……..

    Last I checked, when BW and AR were on the floor together for brief stretches, both players ran the floor well on the offensive end and got back on D to defend the post and block shots………

    BW is a basketball player.

    AR isn’t exactly “hard” by any stretch of the imagination either, if you call BW a “wimp,” AR should be called a “cry baby”………both aren’t exactly “tough” or “hard”…….so don’t get carried away, Warrior fans.

    But I do feel like BW is the next to go, unfortunately………Nelson will decide this one just like he did with J-Rich, Al Harrington, Barnes, Pietrus, Crawford, Belinelli and less recently, Tyrone Hill and Chris Webber.

    BW is the next to go, unfortunately. I may be wrong and I hope I am ………but I think the writing is on the wall with Nelson’s dictation of organizational objectives.

    Nelson’s fingerprints will be all over this one.

    Nelson has “0” eye for talent……….I don’t care if he’s won 1500 games.

  • petaluman

    I’d like to see us pick up the option on Wright (3.4M) and Randolph (2M), as it seems unlikely we will with Law (2.9M). We’re woefully thin at the 4 (pun partially intended), and they’re both still fairly cheap. That would put us around 55M for 10 players in 2010-11.

    In the (unlikely) event that we pick up a quality big with some years left in him, though, BW’s option could be dropped. I’m curious to see what Hakeem Warrick eventually gets. He’s got a longer resume than Wright and a lot of the same things to offer, but may well sign for less than 3.4M/year.

    In general, this should be a very interesting Halloween around the league. With money being so tight (expect several teams to go with 14 man rosters – league minimum is 13), I’m expecting a record number of early terminations on rookie contracts.

  • Anthos

    AR not hard yeah right that man goes hard 2 tha rim all day and is not afraid 2 go up for a block BW is soft as a cupcake

  • deano

    Marcus: I will continue the unanimity and vote “Yes” for extending Brandon Wright’s rookie contract.

    Clearly, he has taken to the NBA more slowly than Anthony Randolph; but Wright was the MVP of the ACC Tournament his freshman year, and he has shown glimpses of that level of talent since he’s been with the Warriors. We should keep him.

    Hopefully, Nellie will find 10-20 minutes a game for him as back-up to Randolph. At this point, Wright needs more game time than he’s had so far, even if Nellie isn’t convinced that he has earned it.

  • Valr

    No brainer—definitely YES!

  • JustPuked


    Thanks for the confirmation on Wright playing hoops at Chapel Hill.

  • A’s in 2009

    BWright, he’s alive!

  • A’s in 2009

    And yes, picking up his option is a no brainer.

  • OptimusPrime

    Although I like the idea of a players playing 4 a contract, I think the Ws should pick up the option just on the basis that $3m is a bargain for a skilled frontcourt player

  • Fantom

    The only silver lining to the Bellinelli trade is if by saving money they are able to get the big player they want without trading Wright. I see Wright as a strong player minimum, maybe a star- he’s very young and had a unique set of abilities, then got injured a couple of times and healed slowly, but if he isn’t injured he can be excellent, I think and he and Randolph are potentially an exciting pair to back open another up, play instead of or with Biedrins at times, etc.
    I hate this Bellinelli deal. I think Bellinelli should have gone into the year as starting or backup point guard and that he will become a European good shooter, god passing , player- already was irritating people with his defense. Even if he were to be traded, it would have been better to do so later, when Curry develops and Bellinelli was seen as a strong asset. The warriors have too many players but not enough assets- that’s a complicated idea set that management doesn’t seem to grasp. (Despite my confidnece that DEon Nelson is able to ahdnle complex ideas, he sesm to like to waste assets- whcih works better with Mark Cuban than with Cohan- and I’m sure he has a rationbale for it and am guesing whait it is, but wonder what others think.) Warrior’s thinking was that they didn’t want to commit next year’s 3 million and if they weren”t clear on that,it made sense to trade him, especially given that they didn’t ene intend to play a lot, that Morrow is developing, and moos t of all, not only is George cheaper, but Toronto is paying a lot of his salary as part of the deal. I don’t really like Georges’ game, I think he’s overrated, and he certainly can’t be an asset later- except as an expiring contract, would not fetch a late first round draft [pick, which Bellinelli could have become with a few months of strong playing,even as a backup- maybe especially as a backup- where he played against easier players less apt to exposé his ball handling or to crowd his 3 pointers

  • OptimusPrime

    George will get more playin time then Bellinile would have, he adds 2 the front court and he is expiring. What’s the problem?? U think George is overrated and Bellinelli wasn’t??

  • tl32tl32

    They should extend Brandan. This team has lacked a good PF for decades and now they have 2 in Brandan/Randolph. Keep him!!!!!

  • niko88

    I don’t know that BW is a “wimp” but I do know that so far he seems pretty fragile. He hasn’t had that much time on the court because he keeps getting injured. It appears that AR had put some muscle on his frame over the summer, it’d be nice to see BW do the same. Picking up BW’s option is definitely the right thing to do, no one questions his talent, just his passion and physicality/toughness.

  • Fantom

    problem is upside and skills. Bellinelli had more of both.

  • WarriorCraig

    Harp’s Dubs, only in your dreams would any of those proposed deals go through. It just baffles me when people throw stuff like that out. Seriously, how do any of these moves benefit the other Teams? Please ask yourself that… Remember, there are two teams involved in a trade and not just the Warriors. As been stated already, OJ Mayo has a better contract and a bigger upside than Monta, plus he’s not injury prone. Maggette? Well have you seen his contract? Plus his inability to pass or play defense makes him nearly impossible to trade, especially to a Eastern Conference team. As for Wright, I cannot believe the Warriors are even considering not picking up the contract.

  • itsagreattimeout

    BWright is underrated! Before his injury he was playing amazing basketball! Extend him!!

  • Csub

    Nelson isn’t perfect, and he sure effed us up back with webber, but people have made way to much about jrich, crawford, et al. What has jrich really done since being dealt? I liked him but he’s not a make or break player.

  • Eric

    nope let him go has not produced the tarde for wright was dumb anyway 20 + point s for a unknown?

  • Eric

    nope let him go has not produced the tarde for wright was dumb anyway 20 + point s for a unknown?

  • Rod Brooks calling George > Belinelli.
    More playing time than Belinelli would have gotten?

    So… GEORGE is in Morrow’s way now????


  • JustPuked

    IF Belinelli = Bust AND George > Belinelli THEN George > Bust


    George = Bust

    George > Belinelli does not compute.

  • petaluman

    I know DG is listed as a G-F, but he’s also listed as 6’8″ and 235 pounds. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Morrow is the better player overall, but at 6’5 and 210, he’s going to be used differently (MB was listed last year as 6’5, 192 pounds).

    They also are known for different skills. Those who believe that Nelson only worries about offense probably don’t expect to ever see Devean on the court – he just might be the least skilled offensive player on our team.

    My guess is that he won’t play much, and it’s going to be against big 3s and occasionally 4s. His job will be to keep them away from the basket, get some boards, and use his fouls if necessary. I’d hold off on buying that George jersey.

  • Wrigged

    A fragile back up PF that would cost a penny pinching scrooge a cold $3mil?

    In your dream!

  • earl Monroe

    The jury is still out on Wright, way too much potential to give up on him, of course they’ll pick up the option on him, he has shown flashes of brilliance.


    Talented, athletic 6 ft 9 guys don’t grow on trees. Even in the NBA. Keep Wright. No brainer.

  • A’s in 2009

    You had to know it was gonna take two years with BW when we drafted him, to basically give up on him now would be such a fail.

  • Perry

    BW and AR together at the 4, AB and Turiaf together at the 5 and Corey and Kelenna together at the 3……….are good enough to be part of a winning team.

    Where we fall short is our back-court. Our back-court players are all scorers first, then distributors and facilitators last.

    CJ Watson and Stephen Jackson are the only back-court players that have any remote ability to see the floor and pass the ball.

    Monta Ellis is our most efficient back-court player. He shoots the highest FG%.

    Stephen Curry and Stephen Jackson will probably end up being our least efficient back-court players, mostly volume shooters. They should be around the 41-42% mark, …….I bet there will be some games where Curry and Jackson shoot less than 40 % from the field…………what do you “experts” think about that?

    We don’t have a difference maker in our back-court. We don’t have a guy that can create his own shot and put the pressure on the defense in the 4th quarter.

    These are how guys like Kobe and Brandon Roy make their living. They can create, take and make their own shot at any point in the game, morning, noon and night, day game, night game, in Puerto Rico or Alaska, off 3 hours of sleep, doesn’t matter, these guys can take over a game during the most critical junctures.

    Unless Monta comes out this year and shoots his usual 47% from the field, and averages 22.2 ppg and 6.7 apg……….our back-court, while our most deepest positions, are still are weakest.

    Having a good guard, PG or 2, makes such a big difference. Look at Paul, Bryant, Roy, Billups, Parker, Nash in his prime, Derrick Rose……….a good guard is what makes the key difference.

    Maybe we already have one on the roster, who knows?

    I sure am yet to see it…….Monta is talented, I love his game……..but he is not yet a 4th quarter assassin…………Stephen Curry can score, but is he a Brandon Roy or Derrick Rose type player?

    We just have to wait and see because it sure looks like we are going into 2009-2010 with the guys we currently have on the roster……….no big moves or big names in store for us…….brace yourselves, Warrior fans…….please don’t expect much……..we still have 41 games to play on the road………..always a difficult task for a young, inexperienced team……prepare yourselves for 45 losses in 2009-2010……….the Western Conference is too good and too tough………………..

  • TheGuru

    We won’t win until we play defense at the gaurd position. Monta at the point will be a disaster because he won’t play defense. Jackson at the 2 won’t work because his feet are slow and in space most 2 gaurds will go right by him. Bowen would be a good pickup. I would package Wright with some expiring contracts and attempt to get West from the Hornets. Randolph and Wright are to much alike.

  • deano

    Guru @ #32: This is way late, and probably won’t be read, but I agree with you that a Monta-Jack backcourt would be a disaster. The Riley and Nelson statements that this is their plan have been the worst news of the summer. The plan would hurt the Warriors at three positions, since the small forward play will suffer if Jack is not the starter there. My only hope is that Nellie often blows smoke at this time of year; and that he is trying to hide the desperate need we have for a true point guard, as a means of increasing our leverage in seeking a PG.

  • TheGuru

    We just have to prepare for another season with 30ish wins and draft in the 8-12 range. Looks like we are staying with the current roster. I still would attempt to get West from the Hornets. Wright,Claxton, Law for West. Hornets have to make a move. They are in salary cap hell.

  • Justafan

    Boycott Airplane and Opt and the Warriors this year

  • alan9449

    No way you give up Wright. I understand the Marco dump because of the glut of talent…especially Morrow. To give up on Wright who is extremely promising/young at a position of need is just stupid.

  • Ron

    Wright,per minute was as good scoring as Randolph,Morrow,Azubuike….ALL of whom averaged 21-22 pt per 48 min…or,the same as D Rose did.

    With just 4 players at C+PF…not picking up Wright’s option would be quite stupid and quite typical. The ability to shift Randolph to SF at times and have Wright at PF…2 long but very mobile,versatile players really sets up a lot of things

    George is this year’s version of the burned out Webber we had or the useless THud. He is…sadly….supposed to be the “beef” guy Riley was gonna get…but rather than pick any of a half dozen good PF or F/C options…Riley overpaid for a has been tweener so he could declare victory based on penny pinching a few $.

    How ironic with all the fuss about Rubio a “big” PG…..as a skinny 6-4 (at most),we gave away a BIGGER PG who can actually shoot.