Summer League: Day 5 & 6

Anthony Randolph should quit right now. He should turn in his summer league jersey and take a seat in the stands. He doesn’t belong in summer league.
It’s not that he got 42, but how he got it – doing whatever he wanted. I lost count, but he had several dunks. None better than his throw down over some dude name Zeller, with the foul.
Steph Curry: “I’m definitely watching SportsCenter tonight.”
I really wished the Warriors played the Clippers. I want to see him and Blake go at it.
Nice perspective from Keith Smart afterward:

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Summer League: Day 4

* The Warriors had the full roster tonight and they smashed on Detroit handily, by 28 points. Stephen Curry, Anthony Randolph and Anthony Morrow combined for 61 points on 21-for-44 shooting (47.7 percent). The Pistons finished with 69 points on 24-for-66 shooting (36.4 percent).
Curry’s looking like a volume shooter. He was 7-for-19, which isn’t bad, but isn’t exactly efficient. He’s still missing some good looks. Morrow is no doubt the better shooter right now, in my opinion. Curry may have more range and be better at making shots with a high degree of difficulty, however.

* Randolph had a fat gash under his left eye. He sat out the entire fourth quarter. Am I the only one thinking he probably needs to shut it down? In three games, he’s totaled 65 points, 31 rebounds, 9 blocks and 5 steals. Is he benefitting from this?

* After the game, Curry met with Warriors owner Chris Cohan and president Robert Rowell behind the closed curtains in the makeshift locker rooms

* Cartier Martin continued to ball. He may not be available for the Warriors, who don’t have a roster spot open at this point. All the Warriors have is a training camp invite, but Martin might get a contract.

* Speaking of contracts, Jermareo Davidson may be playing himself outta one. His deal is only partially guaranteed. He only played 2:50 Monday, which probably means they are down on him right now.

* I keep hearing Drew Gooden’s name linked to the Warriors. Not from the Warriors end yet, so I wouldn’t put much stock in it.


Summer League: Day 2 & 3

Sorry this is so late. The Warriors were off today. They did practice and had team meetings.

* Morrow practiced and is expected to play tomorrow. The plan is for him to play these last three summer league games, then take part in Tim Grgurich’s camp here in Vegas. That should give him ample 5-on-5 action, management figures

* Curry practiced. His ankle didn’t appear to be bothering him. After practice, he went to a TV station in Las Vegas and pulled off three TV interviews: channel 5, channel 7 and Comcast. I wonder how the vets are going to handle Curry Mania when the season begins.

* Jared Jordan, the point guard out of Marist, is no longer on the Warriors summer league squad. He left the team, likely to pursue another opportunity. Common summer league musical chairs. That bodes well for Acie Law.

Day 2

* Steph Curry is quite the crowd favorite out here. There was actually a small ovation when he checked back into the game after he left three minutes early with a sprained left ankle.
By the way, the ankle is not serious, but I think it is serious enough that he may not be 100 percent during this summer league. He is already not the most athletic, and you can tell he still needs to get into NBA shape. So this ankle, which had him extremely frustrated as he limped off the court because he tweaked it again, only adds to the disadvantage. It was most evident on that last play of regulation – his airball fade-away jumper.
But that fact made Saturday’s performance impressive. His shot still has been off. He missed a lot of gimmies. But he found a way to impact the game, and he made some big plays. I think it’s a good sign that he can be productive despite adversity.

I will do better tomorrow. I need some sleep!


Anthony Morrow Live Chat Monday @ 1

Guard Anthony Morrow wanted his turn to converse with the fans. Now he’s got it. The second-year guard agreed to go live online. Monday at 1 p.m. you will have a chance to chat with him directly. On Monday, go to contracostatimes.com/warriors (or come back here on Monday and I will have a link set up).

By the way, Morrow will not play tonight, which seemed to irritate him. His left ankle is still bothering him and the Warriors don’t want to rush him back. He stepped on a teammates foot during a defensive drill. He tried to keep playing but it was hurting too badly. He gave it a go today at shootaround and was ruled out. He is hoping to play Monday.


Summer League: Day 1

Steph wasn’t too impressive. He should have dominated Will Conroy, but didn’t. It wasn’t because be couldn’t. He just didn’t. Trying to get some experience as a true point.
That is the thing about playing point, perhaps the part you can’t teach: PGs need to do what it takes. First they have to aptly discern what it takes, then know how and be able to do what it takes.
Curry can shoot. He can pass. He can get to the basket. But that won’t make him a point guard. It’s knowing when to do either that will.
I have not concluded he doesn’t know that. But I did walk away thinking that is where he is going to have to grow.
In the third, for some reason, he was really aggressive on offense. Was that his natural scoring ability coming out or did he see something and take advantage of it?
In the fourth, especially late, he wasn’t looking to create. Was that by his design of a result of fatigue? Did he miss an opportunity to step up offensively when his team needed him to?
He clearly has some tools to play the position. I want to see if the sum of those parts equal a PG.
No question, though, he should be able to play this year.


Really want to see Morrow and Curry together. Morrow will probably play Saturday, Monday at the latest. He is kind of a big deal here. Everyone talking about how he was discovered here last year.


Something interesting: the uniforms had an advertisement for NBA Live ’10 on the upper right. These uniforms are really practice uniforms, reverseable mesh. But that is how money has impacted things. Don’t be surprised if a team sells space on their real uniform. It’s already being done in the WNBA (Phoenix and LA).
I can definitely see a Symantec or Kaiser logo on a jersey.


Cartier Martin has the best chance of making the team.
But, to be sure, there are no Morrows in this bunch.


Ronny Turiaf showed up. The only Warrior I saw on Friday


Oh yeah, Randolph is a beast. He is so competitive. He got a little sloppy in second half. His best move of the night: crossover dribble on a baseline drive, pull up just outside the key, bounced in contested fade-away. he showed handle, control and decision making.
What’s more, he showed some leadership. Controlled his emotions. Encouraged Curry at halftime. Made hustle plays. If he ever gets a back-to-the basket game …


A couple things I heard tonight: 1) Warriors not interested in Carlos Boozer; 2) Warriors will NOT sign a big-time player who won’t re-sign – especially if it involved giving up Andris


Didn’t get much from Jermareo. He was sucking wind hard. He was limited in his workout because he was rehabbing from injury. It showed.
Acie Law, on the other hand, looked like the best floor general tonight.