Cohan is “Interested in Selling This Team”

UPDATE: I forgot to add the Amare trade is still possible. A team source said the reports of the deal overstated how close the sides were, meaning no deal was ever official, also meaning the Warriors never reneged on sending the No. 7. But I am told the deal is still possible. Yes, Curry is still off the table.
My guess is it will happen, if at all, towards the end of this month, maybe even August. Phoenix will realize this is the best offer it can get.

I have learned from a few of sources that owner Chris Cohan IS INDEED interested in selling the franchise, which TK first reported on Friday.
The unconnected sources confirmed Cohan was in negotiations with Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison recently. But Cohan and Ellison’s group couldn’t reach an agreement. Cohan is “still interested” in selling the team. One source said “he is tired of losing” and another said he is “looking to cash out.”
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Cohan Cashing Out?

My colleague is reporting that Warriors owner Chris Cohan is considering dumping his 80 percent stake and turning the Warriors over to another suitor.
There has been rumors of him selling for years, but Tim Kawakami’s source convinced him this time is legitimate, which leads me to believe something is there. It certainly makes sense for Cohan. He’s got IRS troubles, loot is dancing out the door like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, and their predicted success on the court is at-best futuristic. Now might be the time to cut his losses. It may take a long time to get more than he could get right now.
While his departure may cause a parade in the streets, the change of ownership is no small deal. It could potentially set things back. A new owner could mean new president, and maybe even new general manager and coach. And all that could mean new roster, new direction on the court.
Is it best that everybody just calms down, be still and see where this current thing is going? Or do you want him to sell, even if it means starting completely over?


Lots of Movement, None by Warriors

Ron Artest to the Lakers
Rasheed Wallace to the Celtics.
Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to the Pistons.
Zach Randolph to the Grizzlies.
Shaq to the Cavaliers.
There seems to be a lot of activity going on and none of it involving the Warriors. Is that good or bad? Should the Warriors have been involved for any of these players, or is it good that they are standing back and watching how things play out?
Not that they aren’t making phone calls, or even offers (the new regime is apparently as hush as the previous one about this stuff), but none of the current moves have seemed out of their jurisdiction. They certainly could have gotten Zach Randolph. They could have made an offer to Rasheed Wallace, who is getting the mid-level.
One would have to figure the players being talked about now are the best of what’s out there, considering they are getting the offers first. Since the Warriors aren’t likely going to get anything much better — Stoudemire talks have gone stale, Bosh is out as he plans to join LeBron in 2010, Boozer is staying in Utah — should they be looking to get any of these guys? Or is going for the Boguts of the league later on in the summer, or sticking with what they have, a better option than jumping in now?