2009-10 WARRIORS Schedule

Warriors just released the schedule. Season starts Oct. 28 at home vs. Yao-less, Ron Artest-less Houston.
Golden State’s road schedule consists of three (3) five-game road trips, two (2) four-game road trips, one (1) three-game trip, five (5) two-game trips and five (5) one-game out-and-back trips. Additionally, the Warriors will play 20 sets of back-to-back games this season, with 11 of the back-to-back sets falling on the road, five (5) starting at home and ending on the road, and another four (4) beginning on the road and ending at home.

Wed Oct 28 Houston 7:30 PM

Fri Oct 30 at Phoenix 7:00 PM


Wed Nov 4 Memphis 7:30 PM

Fri Nov 6 L.A. Clippers 7:30 PM

Sun Nov 8 at Sacramento 6:00 PM

Mon Nov 9 Minnesota 7:30 PM

Wed Nov 11 at Indiana 4:00 PM

Fri Nov 13 at New York 4:30 PM

Sat Nov 14 at Milwaukee 5:30 PM

Tue Nov 17 at Cleveland 4:00 PM

Wed Nov 18 at Boston 4:30 PM

Fri Nov 20 Portland 7:30 PM

Tue Nov 24 at Dallas 5:30 PM

Wed Nov 25 at San Antonio 5:30 PM

Sat Nov 28 L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM

Mon Nov 30 Indiana 7:30 PM


Tue Dec 1 at Denver 6:00 PM

Thu Dec 3 Houston 7:30 PM

Sat Dec 5 Orlando 7:30 PM

Mon Dec 7 at Oklahoma City 5:00 PM

Wed Dec 9 at New Jersey 4:30 PM

Fri Dec 11 at Chicago 5:00 PM

Sat Dec 12 at Detroit 4:30 PM

Mon Dec 14 at Philadelphia 4:00 PM

Wed Dec 16 San Antonio 7:30 PM ESPN

Fri Dec 18 Washington 7:30 PM ESPN

Tue Dec 22 at Memphis 5:00 PM

Wed Dec 23 at New Orleans 5:00 PM

Sat Dec 26 Phoenix 7:30 PM

Mon Dec 28 Boston 7:30 PM

Tue Dec 29 at L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM


Sat Jan 2 at Portland 7:00 PM

Tue Jan 5 at Denver 6:00 PM

Wed Jan 6 at Minnesota 5:00 PM

Fri Jan 8 Sacramento 7:30 PM

Mon Jan 11 Cleveland 7:30 PM

Wed Jan 13 Miami 7:30 PM

Fri Jan 15 Milwaukee 7:30 PM

Mon Jan 18 Chicago 1:00 PM

Wed Jan 20 Denver 7:30 PM

Fri Jan 22 New Jersey 7:30 PM

Sat Jan 23 at Phoenix 6:00 PM

Tue Jan 26 at Sacramento 7:00 PM

Wed Jan 27 New Orleans 7:30 PM

Fri Jan 29 Charlotte 7:30 PM

Sun Jan 31 at Oklahoma City 4:00 PM


Tue Feb 2 at Houston 5:30 PM

Wed Feb 3 at Dallas 5:30 PM

Sat Feb 6 Oklahoma City 7:30 PM

Mon Feb 8 Dallas 7:30 PM

Wed Feb 10 L.A. Clippers 7:30 PM

Tue Feb 16 at L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM

Wed Feb 17 Sacramento 7:30 PM

Fri Feb 19 Utah 7:30 PM

Sun Feb 21 Atlanta 5:00 PM ESPN

Tue Feb 23 Philadelphia 7:30 PM

Thu Feb 25 Denver 7:30 PM TNT

Sat Feb 27 Detroit 7:30 PM


Tue Mar 2 at Miami 4:30 PM

Wed Mar 3 at Orlando 4:00 PM

Fri Mar 5 at Atlanta 4:30 PM

Sat Mar 6 at Charlotte 4:00 PM

Mon Mar 8 at New Orleans 5:00 PM

Thu Mar 11 Portland 7:30 PM TNT

Sat Mar 13 Toronto 7:30 PM

Mon Mar 15 L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM ESPN

Wed Mar 17 New Orleans 7:30 PM ESPN

Fri Mar 19 at San Antonio 5:30 PM

Sat Mar 20 at Memphis 5:00 PM

Mon Mar 22 Phoenix 7:30 PM

Wed Mar 24 Memphis 7:30 PM

Sat Mar 27 Dallas 7:30 PM

Sun Mar 28 at L.A. Clippers 6:30 PM

Wed Mar 31 at Utah 7:00 PM ESPN


Fri Apr 2 New York 7:30 PM

Sun Apr 4 at Toronto 3:00 PM

Tue Apr 6 at Washington 4:00 PM

Wed Apr 7 at Minnesota 5:00 PM

Sat Apr 10 at L.A. Clippers 7:30 PM

Sun Apr 11 Oklahoma City 6:00 PM

Tue Apr 13 Utah 7:30 PM

Wed Apr 14 at Portland 7:30 PM

Marcus Thompson

  • A’s in 2010


  • DW

    It’s so hard to be motivated for this organization. I know when we see Morrow, Curry, and Randolph we’ll forget about this ridiculous stuff that happened this summer but I just can’t see myself paying for this product.

  • AirplaneRider

    Good. Go away. Better seats for the rest of us.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    Cant Wait! Finally the return of Football and Basketball. This slow steroid drama Baseball stuff is driving me nuts.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    The W’s are probably the most exciting team in the NBA although I may be a lil bias.

  • Perry

    Exciting in the regular season, stay in there for 36 minutes, then bow out in the last 12:00.

    Exciting enough to win 38 games.

    Exciting enough to score 109ppg.

    Sure has been a boring off-season though for such an exciting team.

    “Airplane Rider” is nuts…….

    “DW” says he doesn’t want to pay for a bad product and “Airplane Rider” goes on a rampage.

    How can you blame the guy?

    “Optimus”……we’ll give you the “Homer of the Year” Award.

    Those long road trips have been notoriously cruel to the Golden State Warriors over the past few seasons.

    The Warriors are known league wide for their losing road trips.

  • AirplaneRider

    A rampage? No. I simply want the people who do not like the product to stop buying it and go away. It’s a win win situation for me. I don’t have to hear them whine and I get better seats.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    If the Warriors play this 82 game schedule with the team we’ve got now, we’ll win 35 games maximum. Can’t wait until August 25 (when Speedy and Acie are eligible to be traded) so that we can pull off that mega-deal everyone’s waiting for. Oh wait, is there any deal in the works? Probably not!
    Now, if they could somehow get rid of Maggette’s or Jackson’s long-term contracts, it would be a successful off-season (already having dumped Crawford’s contract and being off the hook for his 10-11 season at $10 mil).
    KEEP CHECKING TO SEE IF ROY IS UNHAPPY ABOUT NEGOTIATIONS! Trade Curry, Wright, Azubuike and a future unprotected 1st rounder for him and Martell Webster (Azubuike and Webster are for salary purposes).

  • Wrigged

    35 wins 🙁

  • Petaluman

    FWIW, the 2 month trade restriction is not a hard and fast rule. For example, I think Quincy Richardson was traded 3 times in 1 month. From Larry Coon:

    “85. When can’t a player be traded? …

    …teams cannot trade players under the following circumstances:

    * For two months after receiving the player in trade or claiming him off waivers, if the player is being traded in combination with other players. However, the team is free to trade the player by himself (not packaged with other players) immediately. This restriction applies only to teams over the salary cap. (Also see question number 72 for a special case where players can be traded together in less than two months.)”


  • DW

    >>># AirplaneRider Says:

    Good. Go away. Better seats for the rest of us.

    DW says…
    Right along side Rowell and Flunkster Dude you douche bag.

  • MCJ

    isn’t it time to retire al from the banner? i mean, it’s been what….almost 2 years now.

  • MCJ

    AirplaneRider Says: “It’s a win win situation for me.”

    I guess you’ll take your wins any way you can get them with this team.

  • jscrilla

    Can wait for 32-50 AGAIN…what a gnikcuf joke. MTII your a good guy and a fantastic jouralist…I really wish they’d give you a better gig than covering this joke of a franchise.

  • MountainJim

    Re #10, I’m at a loss to see how trading one of those guys other than in combination with other players would be worth doing. Unless, of course, there’s another team with an old useless player who’s willing to play that player’s salary for this year, in which case I’m sure the Warriors would love to add to their collection.

  • petaluman

    MountainJim, thanks for your comment. I was responding to #8, regarding the 2 month wait, because there are many exceptions to that rule.

    I think it’s highly unlikely that Speedy can be traded until he shows something on the court. If he can’t do that, we might as well hold him to the trade deadline in hops of getting something worthwhile.

    It’s possible someone might take a flyer on Acie, but my guess is that we won’t do anything until the CJ Watson issue is resolved.

  • D W

    This D W believes the W’s will improve their win total. Will they have a winning record? It’s hard to say. Teams that will fall below us are Sac, Minny, and Memphis. Others who could also fall below us are OKC and the Clippers. That leaves one more team that could be shaky….Phoenix. Sold on ownership, Kerr, and Nash, but not on Gentry. A winning record depends on both staying motivated against the inferior teams and outplaying the Suns. If one or neither happens, then forget it. Let’s continue to bash the C-R reign.

  • Ste

    I’m so very disappointed with this Warriors off season and I know the stats make no reason to believe that this season will be any better than last year – but hey who knows, maybe this will be the year of surprises.

    I’m giving Nellie one more year – and that’s it !

  • Fitz and Brooks (Airplane Rider and Optimus, supposedly): You’ve gotten so incredibly worked up about selling your festering wares, you’ve lost sight of the prize. I know it’s risky biz these days and everyone’s trying to move product at all costs, but supposing a real owner comes in and DOESN’T boot you both off of any and all Warriors detail…

    Won’t it be better?

    Come on.
    Try to play it straight for once.
    Not infomercial BS.
    (holding breath)

  • Nellie’s .506 Career Warriors record ripe for team excuses. We specialize in mediocrity. Best line yet: Hey, Doc Rivers had a losing record before he won a championship! We just need KG!

    Uh huh.

  • If the Ws win 36 games or less, Nellie is a career loser with the Ws. He’s already NEVER winning a championship and the smart odds are, he’ll never coach in the playoffs again.

  • earl Monroe

    Marcus, I like how you wove in serendipity into your last article

  • AirplaneRider

    I find it funny that when the paranoids (like TK and other posters here) hear anyone who actually likes the team, they think they work for the team. Yeah, I’m sure I’m on the Warriors payroll telling you to not go to games. Ah huh. That’s just what they want. You guys have your heads so far up TK’s ass, that you come off as baffoons to most normal Warriors fans.

    If you hate the team, then why do you follow them? I think a lot of the loudest whiners are band wagon jumpers left over from 07. I really wish you would go back to cheering for the Lakers.

    The Warriors are my team win or lose. You fair weather fans can do us all a favor and get lost. And if the Warriors make the playoffs this year, you better stick to your guns and remain Warriors haters.

  • AirplaneRider

    “Chris Cohan” is a notorious Lakers fan (I actually suspect it’s TK). It really chaps his hide that Nelson has a winning record with the club, a club that only has a mediocre roster. If we had a lesser coach we’d have no shot at the playoffs. Nelson gives us hope because he knows strategy and always gets 100% from his players. That’s all you can ask of a coach.

  • earl Monroe

    I am a warrior fan, that does not mean we cannot criticize them, the same way Nelson rags on his players, we rag on him when he acts holier than thou, when he knows damn well is a re building year and refuses to play rookies extensively, because he want the win record so badly. Playing time for young players is the best way to learn.
    If Nelson can only coach vets and be happy when he is winning, then is he truly a coach? His record implies he is not a very good teacher. Would we consider Wooden a great coach if his winning percentage was near 50%?

    I live outside the bay area and will continue to pay for the NBA ticket to watch all Warrior games, I may be in the minority and perhaps an old fool, but I enjoy the games even if they end for me at 2 am. Even if I disagree with Warrior management that does not change the fact that I enjoy the game of basketball, and enjoy great memories of warrior basketball.

    I don’t always agree with Marcus or TK but we are all entitled to our opinion in this country its our right. I don’t think TK is any more paranoid than any one else in the general population, he just calls it the way he sees it, all this negativity has come about because of the last two loosing seasons, paranoia was created by Nelson, Rowell and Cohan, not Tim Kawakami. Marcus also states his own opinion often, which to me is appreciated, so if people want to go off on Nelson or warrior ownership, go ahead its your right, just as its your right to state how great a season we are going to have next year, because given a choice I want them to win.

  • Perry

    We should send “Airplane Rider” and “Optimus” to Palestine and Gaza to negotitate a truce between the Jews and the Arabs………..

    These guys must be the 2 most patient and understanding guys in the world…………..

    If anyone can bring a stop to a 15,000 year religious war……….it’s our boys, “Airplane Rider” and “Optimus”…………the 2 most patient and understanding guys in the world. Forget the UN, forget Presidents, past and present, forget the Pope, forget Mother Theresa………..get me “Airplane Rider” and “Optimus,” front and center……….

    Most “normal” Warrior fans are tired of losing.

    What do you want from us?

  • Sure Airplane Rider. Sure.
    You were already outed, officially.

  • Nellie’s .506 is career with the Ws, Bob.
    His latest (3 year) stint: 119-127

    Stop lying.

    Next act from the plants: try blaming the players and Mullin again.

  • Nellie’s gotta go 45-37 this year to break even for 2006-2010.

  • JustPuked


    We have the worst owner in professional sports but I love my Warriors. As a TRUE fan, I must do anything possible to rid our team of Chris Cohan, and as a Warrior addict, I’ll follow the team through thick and thin, no matter what.

    I’ll still watch every game and I’ll actually go to a bunch this year. Through work and friends jobs, I’ll get to attend some games for free. On those occasions, I won’t spend a dime that could potentially help the Warriors owner. No parking, no merchandise, no concessions, nada.

    Between Cohan and Davis, Oakland is saddled with the worst 1-2 punch of sports franchise owners in the country. Anyone that thinks there’s nothing wrong with the Warrior franchise & front office makes Pollyanna a street savvy hopper from Eastmont.

  • J

    Hey Marcus,

    Would you trade Anthony Randolph for Michael Beasley? Who do you think is better? Or will be better in the future?

  • earl Monroe

    who lead the league in turnovers last year?

  • Justafan

    I love the warriors just not the Mngt, the PR dept, the tv and radio morons and the coach. save your money untill Chris Cohan sells the team.

  • Justafan

    oh and the owner!!!

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks


    I like Beasley a lot. Granted I havent see Beasley A LOT, but the few games I saw last year. I thought he stood out.

    I would still go with AR because I think he is better defensively. Also I think AR has a higher ceiling.

  • Perry

    The winners in Beasley’s draft class were the Chicago Bulls with their selection of Derrick Rose…….

    Rose is the 4th quarter go to guy, Rose is the difference maker, Rose is the winner.

    Anthony Randolph for Derrick Rose any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    Anthony Randolph for the folllowing people any day of the week and twice on Sundays:

    1. Carmello Anthony
    2. Pau Gasol
    3. David West
    4. LaMarcus Aldridge
    5. Yao Ming
    6. Kevin Durant
    7. Dwight Howard
    8. Tim Duncan
    9. Combination of Brook Lopez and Devin Harris (Stephen Jackson included in this deal)
    10. Al Jefferson
    11. Rudy Gay

    Not for Boozer or Stoudemire……..but any guy on that list above, I wouldnt even hesitate for 1/2 of 1 second to make the deal.

  • Tony Christopher

    Hey if Bob really is posting here(which I completely doubt), I have a simple message for you. Greg Papa, an adult, truly exposes you for the child you are. I really hope you get some national job so I don’t have to listen to your ridiculous, contradictory and condescending arguments. You are a headache maker.

  • Perry

    Put KG on my list too……..

  • Perry

    I think AR is the most valuable trade commodity we got……..

    We should use that to our advantage and package together a big contract (e.g. Jackson, Ellis, etc.) and ship them somewhere for a difference maker.

    Find a super-star, call the GMs, start proposing some deals, find out who is shopping, find out who is questionable………….are the Blazers going to extend Aldridge now? How long will that take? Is that going to be like Roy’s extension and the delays that accompanied that?

    Is Toronto willing to maybe let Bosh walk next year without getting something in return this year?

    Is David West a part of the future of the Hornets? What about all of the front line help they seem to be pursuing?

    Are Al Jefferson and Rudy Gay a part of their respective teams’ futures? Do the Grizzlies have enough young talent now to maybe shop Rudy Gay?

    We should be asking ourselves this.

    This is how those blockbuster deals get started.

    Here is a deal that works well:

    Monta Ellis and Anthony Randolph for Devin Harris and Brook Lopez.

    Here’s who we start in 09-10:

    1. Harris
    2. Jackson
    3. Maggette
    4. Lopez
    5. Biedrins

    New Jersey would never make that deal because they’re short at the 5 where Lopez plays…….but you never know.

    Even though Lopez is not really a 4……a front line with him and Biedrins should just about grab every single rebound there is.

    If Randolph is as “GREAT” as Warrior fans think he is…….then GMs around the league should think he’s “GREAT” too, right?

    That means that other GMs should offer some pretty good talent for AR.

    You’re telling me we can’t win 50 games with Devin Harris at 25ppg and 6apg, a front line of Biedrins and Lopez and young bench play from Curry, Wright and Morrow?

    We would easily improve our team with that deal.

    New Jersey would probably get worse though……they’re short pretty much everywhere, including 2, 3 and 5.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks


    Monta is just as capable as Harris. Dont you think Monta can give us 25ppg.

  • Deftoned40oz

    this blog sucks ass. last post august 4th??? hope marcus is on vacation. i mean write something! shit. defenitely no coincedence kawakami and lauridsen get a good 5x the responses…