Riley Working Magic with Watson?

First, he made an offer to C.J. Watson, one that the Warriors would even agree is a bit of a bargain, though still fair.
Then, he put the word out that the Warriors would match any offer sheet Watson signs in the ballpark. A team would have to jump high, perhaps more than they think Watson is worth, to scare off the Warriors. If they did sign Watson to an offer sheet, that salary cap space is frozen for a maximum of seven days, all so the Warriors can decide to match in the end anyway. So, why would another team sign Watson to an offer sheet?

So, with Watson’s only option being a sign-and-trade, his agent, obviously, goes to work looking for a deal. Riley, weighing Watson against what he’s being offered, has said no each time. The latest offer: a first-round pick (which would likely be a really late first-rounder), cash and a guard on the bench (one that is under contract – so likely Anthony Johnson because certainly it wasn’t J.J. Redick. or Jameer Nelson)
The result, the Warriors are likely going to get Watson at a bargain. Either Watson will play for the qualifying offer, which is just over a million. Or Watson will sign for three years and $1.5 million a year – which is likely below market value (if Watson were an unrestricted free agent).
It’s hard to feel bad for anyone who has $4.5 million in his reach, but Watson could easily be the undisputed back-up point guard on another team. And he probably could land $2-$2.5 million a year.
So, should Riley just let Watson walk, considering how crowded the backcourt is? Is $1.5 million too much for a third point guard? Or, is this good GM tactics? Are you happy about the prospect of having Watson back at this price?

Marcus Thompson

  • A’s in 2010

    OMG… Take the 1st Rounder and RUN! I don’t care how late the 1st is, it’s an asset. Anthony Johnson as a emergency third PG is good. Take that package!

    I don’t understand giving away Belinelli then playing hardball with Watson. Watson will be an unhappy 5th guard next year, just like Belinelli would have been. What is Riley doing???

  • Sparko Smellineli

    MT2 is ALIVE!!!

  • Twinkie defense

    Ryan Anderson or Fran Vazquez?

  • LetWATSONgo

    We are talking back up point guard here. So on the warriors depth chart watson would be behind ellis, curry, law, claxton and probably a chair as Watson couldnt guard a plant …. it would still get by him. Why on Earth would we want to retain the worst defensive player on last seasons roster?

  • Ron

    The hangup was evidently that GSW wanted Anderson…which would be the deal I’d take. Vasquez is 26 now and not even a full starter in Europe…and the IN EUROPE part is meaningful since he’s apt to stay there. The low #1 would be a better return than Vasquez. Ryan Anderson however is a rebounder with a jump shot…a much more skilled Kurz…the guy Nellie would want. Nellie however obviously LIKES CJ. He trusts Watson,who despite not being a veteran,does play like one,is not prone to turnovers or slop. Nellie likely was much impressed by how CJ handled the 7 man team in April.

  • 4ndy

    How r u so sure that Anderson is much more skilled Kurz when you haven’t seen any of them playin’ a minute? Thatz what i call self-fulfilling wish. When i compare Kurz fulltime statistics with Andersons…don’t eat your fist:)

  • Sorry boys, Anderson isn’t a guard (neither is Vasquez for that matter).

    The only back up gaurds on the bench Otis would have thrown out would be AJ, or JJ.

  • MountainJim

    When your PGs are an experiment (Monta), an unproven rookie, a guy you thought you’d be collecting insurance on, and Acie Law, maybe you keep CJ around as insurance for a while.

  • The warriors are dreaming if they think the magic will part with Anderson… Anderson was one of the reasons C. Lee is on the Nets… He is young, A BIG MAN, can rebound, and fits in their system… The 1st round pick and a player was a bit much for watson… The warriors GM should have took that deal… We are talking about a back up pg… Alston was worth a 1st and brian cook (cook < anderson)… What is watson worth?

  • ALsMouthGuard

    ” When your PGs are an experiment (Monta), an unproven rookie, a guy you thought you’d be collecting insurance on, and Acie Law, maybe you keep CJ around as insurance for a while.”
    You are acting like he is a pure PG. CJ is the same player the other two are, but worse. He’s a shooter that can’t pass or defend. I’m not trying to bash him because I actually think he could be a decent back up on a good team. However, the Warriors aren’t a good team and we already have him in two others that are better.

  • JustPuked

    This is a sign Riley could turn into a good GM. The Warriors have a habit of letting talent walk without getting comparable talent in return. Anthony Johnson is useless in Nellieball. Watson is trusted by Nellie. Curry is unproven and a rookie. Ellis will get plenty of minutes but is also unproven at point. Watson will be Nellie’s safety blanket. While I don’t particularly LIKE Watson’s game, Nellie does and that’s what counts.

  • Last season Watson was the 23rd best 2 point jump shooter in the NBA. (Click on my name to see the breakdown.) He also shot 40% from three point range. He is a reliable offensive scoring weapon in the Warriors’ current system and he shouldn’t be given away for garbage.

  • DJ

    Give away Beli for nothing, but turn down a first round pick for CJ. God this franchise is retarded.

  • Miguelito

    Whatever the outcome, it still works to the Warriors’ favor. Watson + (plus the expirings of Claxton, Law, George + whoever else) might be enticing enough for that trade deadline difference maker.

  • fergus

    did any of you goobers watch the Warriors last year???
    CJ Watson was one of the few bright spots. And yes, while he is the archetypal back up point guard, he usually ended up being the best pg on our team game by game last year.Certainly, he’s the most dependable.
    Monta will not ever be a PG, and Curry is a rookie. Acie Law is certainly not better than Watson, just cap filler in the trade, and we all know Speedy well enough already, right? You are gonna depend on him and Acie Law over CJ???
    give me a break…give CJ a decent contract so he’s happy being here, and hope some day we acquire a good starting PG.

  • D

    the magic insisted on andersen in order to give up courtney lee so there is no way they give him up for watson. gsw are just trying to juice the magic and they will lose out in the end. they will have 5 pg and 3 will ride the pine. if i were watson i would sign qualifying offer and be a nightmare for them for a year and then leave. next years draft should be pretty good and u turn down a 1st rounder for a guy that may be your 3rd pg? some teams get it and some don’t. i would love to turn a nbdl guy into a 1st round pick.

  • Petaluman

    Orlando has already traded away their 2010 1st round pick. I don’t think you can trade 2 straight years, so the earliest 1st rounder they can offer us is 2012. Considering where they are likely to draft, I’d prefer Ryan Anderson or CJ.

  • ALsMouthGuard

    Orlando isn’t giving Ryan Anderson for CJ lol. Am I missing something?

  • deano

    I hope the Warriors keep CJ. He was better than Monta Ellis at point guard last year. I agree with JustPuked, there are small signs that Riley is a competent GM. Now we need a big sign, like trading for a real point guard.

  • PhilB

    Why would the Magic be interested in CJ (not even a pure point) when they already have backup in Tyronn Lue? Obviously I’d take Ryan Anderson for CJ in a heartbeat but Rashard Lewis needs a backup. Take what you can get Warriors and don’t overpay for a 3rd string guard!

  • Petaluman

    The most likely reason that the Magic are interested in CJ is because they prefer him to Lue. The most likely reason CJ is interested in the Magic is because they offered him the minutes that go with being the #2 PG.

    I don’t expect the Magic to part with Anderson. I don’t think we want Anthony Johnson or JJ Redick, though.

    We’ll probably end up with CJ – his choice of contracts. He’ll go into TC as the back-up PG. If we were right about Curry, he’ll move ahead of Watson in the rotation eventually – maybe this year.

  • A’s in 2010

    Orlando doesn’t owe any future picks, Petaluman.

    And speaking of that, we owe a 2011 1st to NJ, so getting a pick from ORL would be a plus it give us the flexibility to trade picks.

  • Petaluman

    From HoopsWorld:

    “Memphis Grizzlies: … Receives Orlando’s 2010 first round pick from the Kyle Lowry trade on 2/19/09.”


  • A’s in 2010
  • Petaluman

    A’s in 2010,
    Thanks for the clarification. I’m still not surprised if we pass on the deal. Orlando wants us to take a player we don’t need or want with a bigger contract back. They might have better luck offering a TPE and the 1st, but I don’t think they’re willing to go that far.

  • TheGuru

    If I was Watson I’d go to over seas and tell Riley to stick it.

  • J-Walk

    Riley is holding all the cards in this situation. I’m glad to see he is acting like it. If the Magic really want Watson then they can have him for there price if there willing to give something up. If C. Anderson is the price (which I think is fair)then that’s the price. Otherwise they can buzz-off and quite acting like some player in Europe who hardly plays and may never hack it in the NBA is legit compensation. Even with a number 28 to 30 pick 3 years from now. If you want him ORlando then get off your high horse and give up something we want. Good for Riley.

  • commish

    where was “wiley” Riley when he let Marco go for NADA!! As many astute fans have said and alluded, Nellie likes CJ and we may end up this season with NO viable PG if Monta and Curry bomb at that difficult to play position. Please!! don’t give Riley credit for anything yet. He is still Nelson’s muppet puppet.

  • A’s in 2010

    People already forgot that Monta put up 42 pts, 9 asts, 9 rebs in his final game before he was shut down. Enough worrying about Monta, he’s back. We don’t need CJ insurance. Monta, Morrow, Jack, Curry, there’s barely enough mins to share between those guys.

  • D

    what is j-walk talking about. high horse? u are acting like this guy is some kind of stud or something. they are holding nothing but another one way ticket to the lottery. they were offer 1st and player. they want 1st and anderson for cj(fair deal?) they saw that cj and the magic were in love with each other so they got too greedy and like i said they will lose out. they don’t want or need him. their roster is all guards and small forwards. he should sign the one year and make their gm look like what he is……a fool. i would have taken the pick and ran.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    TO: Dreamers
    FROM: Kenny Seagle
    RE: Wut Ur Gonna Get 4 CJW
    DATE: 18AUG09 2210 Hrs
    Drop the beers, buds, or wacky pills iffin u think we get #1 pick 4 cjwatson. (& kenny will lap up that crow need be ‘ight????)

    kenny thinks thats kind of over price stupidity other teams depend on warriors 4…. capisci????

  • Petaluman


    Hoopsworld on remaining affordable FA bigs:

    “Donyell Marshall: According to the Hartford Courtant’s Nick Carboni, Donyell Marshall took a “Sportscaster U.” course at Syracuse’s Newhouse School. That is pretty much the extent of the news Marshall has made this offseason besides not being re-signed by Philadelphia.

    Lorenzen Wright, Mikki Moore and Juwan Howard: These guys aren’t getting much interest, which is sad. Wright has always had good instincts as a rebounder while Moore plays solid defense. Howard has been focusing on charitable pursuits this offseason and has not gotten much attention either.”

    There’s not a difference maker in the bunch, but we’re more likely looking for a veteran to give us some depth and 3rd string minutes at the 4/5 slots at a minimum-ish contract for 1-2 years. What do you think of Mikki? Has there been any talk yet of who the Warriors are considering for that spot, assuming that trade talk is dying out?

  • Warriors NYC

    ESPN is reporting that the Magic signed White Chocolate…another opportunity bites the dust. Looks like we are stuck with CJ. I half hope Riley wants to keep CJ because he is trying to move Monta for a big and is slotting SC/CJ at the point.

  • Fierce South

    Magic just signed Jason Williams, so they probably gave up on CJ Watson.

    Maybe Riley should have taken that 1st rounder from the Magic.

    Even if Watson comes back to the W’s, he may well find himself at the end of the bench out of the rotation by the end of the season.

  • Perry

    “Warriors NYC”…….how the hell do you know they’re “shopping Monta for a big?”

    This organization ain’t shoppin’ shit, fool.

    Your NY source is smoking PCP.

    A move should have already been made by now……..not by the trade deadline in February 2010.

    The time has passed, the train has left the station……our roster is set for 2009-2010……there are no moves in the making.

  • Perry

    I may have misread your post…….”NYC”……looks like you’re just “half-hoping” they move Monta for a big……….

    My fault if I misread…..

    You know how this organization is………no moves will be made.

    Here is a move I would love to be made:

    Ellis and Randolph for Devin Harris and Brook Lopez

  • Perry

    “D” and “Commish”…….I like your guys’ non-homer approach……..

    Good posts.

    The way some of these guys are talking about Riley…….you would think they were talking about Jerry West or Mitch Kuptchak.

    Riley is not shrewd by any stretch of the imagination.

    He is the 2nd coming of our long lost friend, Garry St. Jean.

  • Ken

    Some of the top All-Stars were late in the first round or even late in the second round, such as Ginobili.

  • D

    the deal might still be possible with the magic. otis smith did say nothing is dead but like i told someone the other day. curry HAS to be developed so you HAVE to give him playing time and they are stuck with monta. $55 million big ones. no one is giving up a quality big man for this guys contract. so you already have your point guards whether u like them or not. watson is the 3rd guy. you can’t turn down a 1st for your 3rd guy i don’t care if it’s late.

  • D

    i want to add something else. there is still a possibility that the magic and gsw have something in place and may be working together to force cj to sign a deal that the magic like. i could be wrong i just don’t see how the warriors could turn down a 1st round pick.

  • Groundhogday

    The Magic might still pull the trigger on the proposed trade: CJ Watson FOR AJ+1stRound+cash+TradeExemption. BUT now they don’t have to. Riley completely overplayed his hand.

    Four small combo guards under contract: Ellis, Curry, Law, and Claxton (plus a log jam at big guard), and you want to keep Watson? All this talk about liking Watson was a smoke screen. Maybe he signs a one year qualifying contract, occupies a roster spot that is sorely needed for another big and leaves next year for nothing.

  • D

    watson is signing the qualifying offer. i knew their greed would bite them in the rear. who in the world would give a first round pick now for a guy that could walk at the end of this season? maybe the warriors would but i meant a real team with a real gm. now all he could be is a filler to make a trade work or just another expiring contract. the guy goes from a first round pick to a filler. REDICULOUS!!!