Should Curry Start?

Nellie said it was possible in his post-draft interviews about Curry. Larry Riley said he thought it was likely, especially come December. A few players on the roster have said, as far as they’ve heard, the Warriors want rookie guard Stephen Curry to be the starting point guard.
Whether or not he can, is this a good idea at all? I am having a hard time seeing how this can work.

If Curry starts, whether in the opener or closer to December, doesn’t that mean Monta Ellis is the shooting guard? Isn’t that the same Monta Ellis who couldn’t guard shooting guards, so Baron Davis and Jamal Crawford had to?
Doesn’t that move Stephen Jackson back to small forward, and the Azubuike/Maggette tandem back to power forward, giving the Warriors the very small lineup Nelson said the Warriors’ weren’t good at anymore?
Or, if Anthony Randolph is etched in as the PF, doesn’t that leave Azubuike and Maggette sharing the 10 minutes behind Jackson at SF and the 15-18 behind Randolph at PF?
I agree that Curry will be a better true PG than Ellis. And the Warriors would be better offensively with Curry’s passing skills and outside shot at the point. But I am not convinced it’s enough of an advantage to offset the defensive disadvantages.

Option A
PG Monta Ellis
SG Stephen Jackson
SF Kelenna Azubuike
PF Anthony Randolph
C Andris Biedrins

Option A: The Warriors are bigger, better on the boards and better defensively. The bench rotation works out nicely, with Curry backing up Ellis, Morrow backing up Jackson, Maggette backing up Azubuike, Wright backing up Randolph and Turiaf backing up Biedrins.

Option B
PG Stephen Curry
SG Monta Ellis
SF Stephen Jackson
PF Anthony Randolph (he has to start over Buike, right?)
C Andris Biedrins

Option B: This lineup is quicker. It is also deeper on the bench, with Azubuike and Maggette (which may be a bad thing for the likes of Anthony Morrow or Brandan Wright). But this lineup takes away from the structure and order that Option A provides. One of the biggest complaints players have had is that they don’t know when and where they are being used on any given night. Option B is more of the same.

There is another school of thought, that I don’t totally disagree with: it doesn’t matter anyway. The Warriors aren’t going to make the playoffs. This is a(nother) rebuilding year, so they might as well get Curry experience at the position he will eventually play.
One benefit to Option B, in that regard, is that it allows the Warriors to see soon if Curry is the player they think he is – while showcasing Monta at his strongest position. I agree with Nellie that Monta’s best chance at being a big-time player is at point guard UNLESS he is playing alongside a rare, big PG who can defend SGs. Curry is not that, so these two can’t share a backcourt and expect for the team to be any good, IMHO. I think it will eventually be either/or with these two. Option B allows you to find out sooner rather than later.
If Monta balls at SG, it may make his sizable contract more attractive on the trade market, which could come in handy next summer. If he plays PG and struggles, which is possible, that would more than likely hurt his value. Considering the Warriors may very well finish under .500 anyway, why not go with Option B and get some questions answered?
If Curry can’t handle the PG spot at this level, you can always switch to Option A and see if Phoenix is still interested in adding Curry to that Amare deal come February.
As you can see, I am torn.

Marcus Thompson

  • DW

    <<>> Finally some brutal honesty. This whole will go to prove something we already know and you stated in this column, it’s either Monta or Curry, not both. Nellie will be pushing for more Curry which will alienate Monta even further. We should have traded Monta last summer but his best chance to be traded will be this year because folks were still unsure about the ankle. He will have a whole year this time to prove he should lead someone elses team.

  • Scotty

    Pushing Monta out in favor of Curry is such a terrible idea. All Warrior fans complain about how players leave the team and turn into All Stars. What do you think is going to happen if Monta goes elsewhere? I know it’s a crazy idea, but let’s not trade away a guy who is capable of scoring 25+ pts/game.

  • MCJ

    I think you make some very good points, but I also think Nelson will play whoever matches up best (in his mind) against whoever happens to be playing. there will again be no consistent reps, no plan beyond the moment, and this will inevitably cause friction with whoever is on the short end of the minutes stick. i also fully believe Nelly will continue to ride his vets into the ground, 1 because he knows what he’s getting and 2 because they make the most $. that means maggette over kelenna at the 3, maggette over wright at the 4, etc. the major minutes will go to jack, monta, and maggette. the players most likely to suffer will be wright and probably morrow, but morrow’s become a fan fave so it will be tough to hold him out. same with randolph. if he doesn’t start at the 4, there will be a HUGE revolt from the fans.

  • SufferedThroughJBCarroll

    I don’t want to have to watch Maggette play the 3 in Nellie Ball ever again..Stick him at the 4 20 minutes a game.

    My rotation

    C- Biedrins (28) / Turiaf (16)/ Wright (4)
    PF- Randolph (28) / Maggette (20)
    SF- Jackson (24) / Azubuike (18)/Maggs (6)
    SG- Ellis (16) / Morrow (18) / Jack (14)
    PG- Curry (24) / Ellis (24)

  • fotd

    The idea Monta may be showcased at his best position in a year that doesn’t matter anyway, or that Curry will be shown to not have what it takes, with the intent of dropping one or the other before next year explains best Riley’s recently professed love for CJ.

  • Petaluman

    Count me as a believer in players earning minutes. Based on SL, Curry is not going into TC as the presumptive starter at PG.

    By all accounts, he’s a bright, skilled young player, so I would definitely not count him out. However, I think it’s fairly likely that he won’t get any starts this year except by injury or sickness. It’s just too big a jump from Davidson to the NBA.

  • A’s in 2010

    Nellie has found a way to screw up the opening night starting line-up three years in a row.

    Last year we wasted 6 games with the DeMarcus Nelson experiment. I know Ellis was out, but c’mon CJ should have started. Nellie also started Maggette, playing him 40 mpg and burnt him out early on.

    The year before.. Nellie started Pietrus at PF, you guys remember that? The starting forwards were Azubuike/Pietus, I know Jackson missed the first 7 games but the obvious starters at the forward spots should have been Barnes/Harrington. But whatever.

    Then the year before that.. we saw the worst opening night starting line-up, ever. Dunleavy at PF with Murphy at center. Thankfully, that only lasted one game.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    curry should NOT start– yet. he can flip between 1/2 depending on if montavious is on court…. and lets keep those minutes up 4 amfeny morrow…. any thing less then 20 mins per game is a joke 4 the best pure shooter we have,,,, capisci????

  • zeelurker

    Everyone always makes a big deal that Monte must be paired up with a big PG for defensive purposes. I call BS to dispel this myth. Think about it… as long as Nellie is coach, how many starters actually play defense anyway? I sincerely doubt Curry’s lack of size playing next to Monte will make much of a difference on defense compared to the lackadaisical efforts of BD and Crawford, the last two guys to start next to him.

  • Twinkie defense

    I vote for Option C:

    Monta Ellis
    Anthony Morrow
    Stephen Jackson
    Anthony Randolph
    Andris Biedrins

    Curry can earn his time, Azubuike needs to come off the bench, Jack needs to play the three spot, and Morrow is breaking out.

  • jlight

    For the life of me, I cant understand why everyone is so ready to give up on Monta. The man has worked hard every year hes been in the league to improve his game.I dont see why this year would be any different. For me, he has shown the pg abilities to run the team, just not consistently because he wasnt ask to do it, (and I’m not talking about those I need to get my game back from last year.) I think he deserves a fair chance to see what he can do, before we ship him out for Devean George Jr.

  • moto

    (7)folks should let go of kvetching over deNelson starting last year. Watson had a torn elbow ligament in his right (dominant/shooting) arm and thanks to the brilliant personnel work the options were Nelson or M.Williams. this year so far, if ellis is hurt or has foul trouble (he rarely defends hard enough to land there) the options are law/claxton, both of whom may or may not be more useful than williams, the needs-training curry, or watson, so it might not be such a bad thing the other offers didn’t work out for the former d-leaguer, at least until they know more about curry.

  • JonL

    im wid option C…i like C b/c u gotta play Morrow a lot of minutes. They start Peja…n i think right now Morrow maybe better if he gets those minutes.

    Option C:
    Monta Ellis
    Anthony Morrow
    Stephen Jackson
    Anthony Randolph
    Andris Biedrins

    Trade Stephen Curry to Phoenix..make them p/u Maggettes contract (instead of goose) n throw in Law Claxton and George…BAM!! salaries match…they get a scorer, curry and expiring contracts to trade for a big which theyre gonna need.

    Option D:
    Monta – CJ
    Jack – Morrow
    Randolph – Buke
    Amare – Wright
    Beidrens – Turiof

    I was a HUUUGE! Curry fan in college n loved the fact we drafted him, but were not that far from the playoffs…look how big our team is gonna be…we have length. Amare doesnt have to pleay center n we have one hell of a second string. I like CJ…what do u mean CJ didnt play defense? R u kidding…compared to who? Jamal or Baron…Cj wasnt terrible…he tried…he’s young n trying…isnt that what a youth movement is about? We can cut Wright out of the rotation n trade him if Phoenix wanted him n I dont know what Amare’s thinking…if that trade happened…we have the better team. We got a legit 9 player…u can play amare at center n randolph at 4 to get morrow n buke minutes…im all for that if they take curry n maggette, y not? I say playoffs…n were still young…lets see what these young folks can do! THEY NEED TO STOP DRAFTING YOUNG TALENT N LET OUR EXISTING YOUNG TALENT PLAY! what the heck is the point to continously draft young players if you got a good core already.

  • A’s in 2010

    I just hope there’s no more BS to start the season this time. You know Nellie will come up with some new gimmick like starting Devean George at PF or something.

  • earl Monroe

    Admitting to rebuilding is the best option same as it is for an alcoholic
    admitting he has a problem with alcohol, unless its said one cannot move
    forward, well said Marcus.

  • Chris Webber

    Nellie gushed over DeMarcus Nelson last summer and had him as the starting PG at the beginning of the season. That ended up turning out great.

  • Perry

    “SufferedThrough”……..why the hell would Maggette not play the 3? ……..He is a 3, retard.

    “Put him in at the 4 20 mark”……..whoever said that you know how to manage personnel and playing time, “SufferedThrough”…….should be taken outside and beaten within an inch of his life.

    I don’t even understand your stupid rotation…..you got Corey at 3 different positions. You won’t play him at the 3, but you’ll play him at the 4…….

    You’re giving Brandan Wright the 3rd string at the 5 and you got Corey backing up Randolph at the 4………I think you actually like Joe Barry Carrol. I think your favorite Warriors of All Time are Erick Dampier and Adonal Foyle………I better not see you post again, “Suffered Through.”

    I don’t know how the hell you keep a guy like Corey Maggette out of your starting squad…..it just boggles my mind how much you guys hate Corey Maggette.

    Kelenna is an efficient player, shoots a high percentage, is a better 3 point shooter and more durable player than Corey (injured less frequently).

    But Corey has proven himself as a reliable scorer in this league for years running, he gets to the basket and to the line better than any other player on our squad, when he’s healthy.

    He should start, period.

    With the Clippers, Corey consistently averaged 20+ppg.

    Last year, missing 50 games and with less PT, his career scoring average took a hit, but we all know that Corey, Stephen J. and Monta are our most potent scorers and they should all start.

    You need guys that can take the ball to the basket……….who the hell else can do that consistently besides Corey?………Jackson can’t even dribble, Monta is a little more timid now since the injury…….Morrow is a perimeter shooter, Azubuike is a good player and can take it to the basket, but he tends to be more perimeter-oriented and doesn’t have that same “get to the basket” mentality or get to that Corey has, consistently, throughout the game. ALso, Corey, when healthy, gets to the line 8-11 times a game…….he’s always been one of the leaders in that category along with guys like Paul Pierce and D. Wade.

    Here is how it should be:

    1. Ellis
    2. Jackson
    3. Maggette
    4. Randolph
    5. Biedrins

    2nd unit:

    1. Curry
    2. Morrow
    3. Azubuike
    4. Wright
    5. Turiaf

    CJ is an insurance policy for Curry. I think CJ will end up playing more than most fans think because I think Curry will struggle shooting.

    Curry is a volume scorer and there will be games where he shoots less than 40%.

    Don Nelson has proven that he trusts CJ in the 4th quarter and CJ is not scared to take shots in the 4th.

    Everyone knows Nelson loves playing Stephen J. at the 2,……….that will not change.

    Stephen is one of our best perimeter defenders…..there is no way that we push Monta to the 2 to take on the likes of #24 4 times a season. Not to say Jackson can stop #24 or anything…..please don’t get me wrong. But Jackson is a more disciplined defender.

    “A’s in 2010” or “A’s in 2009″ or A’s in 2056″…..whatever the hell your name is…….I hope there are no more gimmicks either. I thought your comment about Devean George starting at the 4 was funny and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if our over-weight, heavy drinking coach plays that card…………

    And what the hell were you doing up at 2:15 AM on Wednesday anyway…….”A’s in 2010?” ……….A man your age needs his rest.

    But doesn’t it seem funny to you guys that Devean George is a similar player to Al Harrington, both are perimeter-oriented bigs, more comfortable shooting the ball from 28 feet, than playing with their backs to the basket……..and now, we acquire him while we let a better player in Al Harrington go………..I just don’t understand this organization and I think Don Nelson is very confused about managing personnel.

    We just keep going around in circles with our personnel decisions, that’s why we’re a loser organization.

  • SufferedThroughJBCarroll

    Maggette can’t play the 3 in Nellie Ball you moron..He can’t pass or dribble in the open court..The offense would come to a stand still..That’s why Nellie’s always played guys like Maggs and Antawn at the 4…

    Know your history and hoops before coming at me WEAKSAUCE.

  • deano

    Marcus: This is a great article, and the comments have generally been insightful. You focus on the Warriors’ main problem: they do not have a proven point guard. Without one, the whole team suffers and everyone’s development stagnates.

    None of the point guard candidates inspires confidence, least of all Curry. To think of him as a starter is wildly unrealistic. As of now, the starter has to be Monta; and I agree with fotd @ #5 that the back-up insurance will be CJ, not Curry. Curry will be the third option at PG.

    I agree with you Marcus that it’s either/or for Monta and Curry. They cannot expect success playing together. Both need minutes at point guard to decide who stays, and both will also need minutes at SG to up the trade value of the one who has to go.

    There should be minutes at SG for Ellis and Curry because it would be a bad idea to give Jack any minutes there. He lacks the ball-handling skills and quickness to be successful at SG, either offensviely or defensively. Buike would be a better choice at SG, and he should be given a shot to compete with Morrow to start.

    Jack can be very efffective at SF, and deserves to start there. Maggette is a nice change of pace sub at SF, even though the offensive flow stops when he gets the ball. The tradeoff is that he can get his own shot and usually either makes the shot ot is fouled and makes the free throws.

    We seem to be most solid at center and power forward. That is quite a departure from Warriors history since the 1975 World Champion team.

    The success of this squad is all on Monta’s shoulders. If he can flouish at PG, I think we have a good shot at the playoffs. If he doesn’t, the burden falls on Curry or (probably) CJ. That is not reassuring.

  • Perry

    Nelson never coached Antawn, stupid………..

  • Perry

    He might have coached him in Dallas……

  • Perry

    He did coach him in Dallas……..

  • GR

    Is anybody in the media ever going to address the fact that it makes zero sense for both Monta and Curry to be on this team? and that we could get nothing in return for whoever we trade, and would still be a better team?

  • Justafan


  • jsl

    Nice post, Marcus. But I’ve an Option C:

    Basically, don’t play Monta and Curry together. Let ’em share the point. Get back the lost first in the MW trade by shipping Watson.

    Have Jack and Morrow split the two, with AM getting most minutes. (My bet is that AM will be noticeably improved on D this year; otherwise, he should lose minutes to KA.)

    Maggette and Jack share the three; KA fits in here too. (That’s 96 minutes for AM, KA, Jack and Maggette to share — minus a few minutes for when SC and ME are on the floor together.)

    AR and BW at the four. ‘Nuff said. (Ideally, they should get some minutes together.)

    Goose and Ronny split the five.

    Other guys are bench and odd men out.

    That’s a 10-man rotation, that’ll break down to 8-9 with injuries (where the bench comes in). It would be a very fast team. You’d largely avoid the problem of playing SC and ME together, except in spots. (I’d let ME start from the get-go, and change only if/when SC clearly takes over the point, and I DO think CS will prove to be a point in this league.

    How’s this for an option? Of course it cuts against Nelson’s SNSB, but sooner or later he’s just GOT to tumble to the obvious fact that his style has been a disaster and we’ve got the talent to be much better.

  • Ron

    Ellis,Watson and Curry each have considerable PG TALENT. There was a lot of unfinished business last year and while we saw some of a LOT of stuff…not much got resolved. I’d assume Biedrins and Ellis start. Beyond that? I think 6th man is Jackson’s best niche. I want Maggette to draw some early fouls. I want times where both Azu and Morrow are on the floor and other times when both Randolph + Wright play togather. I don’t want ANYONE playing over 35 min…and a lot of guys playing 20-25 min. I’m fine with the occaisional small ball. We got LONG guys who run like SF’s….so we don’t gain a lot from overdoing small when it’s really the speed that matters.

    Without Jackson/Craw dominating the ball at season’s end (out inj) Ellis had a game…42pt,9 reb,9 asst and a few games later Watson had 38 pt 7 reb,9 asst. I don’t know is you expected Oscar Robertson but I’d say those are real CLUES these guys can play point if Jackson lets them have the ball sometimes. The Other guy….Curry…managed to make the NCAA top 20 in assists though nobody on his team was much of a scoring threat but him. If he had just TWO decent scorers to feed….who knows? He couldn’t get an assist for passing to himself or he’d have averaged 10 asst,easy.

  • earl Monroe

    If Curry starts, and it works it will be a very exciting team offensively,
    defensively? not so good, so unless we outscore the other guys
    consistently, its rebuilding

  • Perry

    Good posts all around………

    If Curry starts and all goes well…………it will be a VERY exciting season.

    Thing that scares me about S. Curry is his low shooting percentage. On a team like the Golden State Warriors, a volume scorer who takes 25 shots a game and makes 9 of them, is the last thing we need. We have a guy like that, his name is Stephen Jackson.

    The Golden State Warriors are known league wide for their 4th quarter scoring droughts……..you need guys who shoot a high percentage in the 4th quarter (e.g. Ellis, Azubuike).

    Curry can score, he can score in a multitude of ways, that’s what excites me the most.

    I look at Stephen Curry as a slower version of Devin Harris. Both can hit the 3, both can shoot from the perimeter and both can get to the basket. Devin is probably a little more explosive in the open court, but Curry may be more creative in the half court.

    I would love for Curry to have a big season…….

    Rookie of the Year?…….Not so sure…..I think Griffin, if he’s healthy, and some of the other 2s (e.g Harden) may have a good chance.

    But who cares about Rookie of the Year?……Get me a player that can play in the NBA.

    Curry can play, it’s just a matter of how involved he will be in the rotation and how well he shoots and distributes the ball.

    Take the ball to the basket, Stephen C., that’s the way rookies should establish themselves in the league…….don’t be perimeter oriented.

    Open your game, make guys play you honest, make guys sag off you a little bit, give you some daylight to shoot the basketball.

    That would help Anthony Morrow as well.

    So many perimeter oriented young players now at days……..you have to establish yourself as an aggressive player in the NBA.

    Make the officials take notice of you and your game, let them know that you are aggressive, you get to the basket, you draw fouls, you put the pressure on the defense.

    It’s so much more threatening when you have a guy who can take it the basket and also hurt you from the perimeter.

    Be aggressive, Stephen C., establish yourself in the league.

  • Perry

    I’m not one to put up links and URL’s or anything……you guys know me.

    But here is a nice article about what fans and media think about our Golden State Warriors:


    You might be surprised at how popular we are around the league.

  • deano

    Perry and Earl: Where would you have Curry start? At PG or SG? Either way, if Curry starts, Morrow or Ellis or Buike sits; and I think that those three players are, at least now, far better than Curry. Starting Curry puts too much pressure on a completely untested rookie, and would be an insult to the veteran who would be benched. Curry deserve minutes at both PG and SG, but only as a reserve.

  • Perry

    I agree, “Deano”…..he shouldn’t start…… I agree that he could play either back-court position as a back-up……..I know you want him as 3rd string PG. I think you might be right about Nelson going with Watson to back-up Ellis at the 1, then leaving Curry as the insurance…….just based on Nelson’s coaching and personnel management history.

    I know you like Jackson at the 3.

    What I’m looking at is:

    1. Ellis
    2. Jackson
    3. Maggette
    4. Randolph
    5. Biedrins


    1. Curry/Watson
    2. Morrow/Curry
    3. Azubuike
    4. Wright
    5. Turiaf

    Thing is, Morrow is odd man out in this debacle……..balancing the PT between so many hybrid guards leaves Anthony Morrow as the popular, perimeter shooting, undrafted guy that everybody loves, but may not play that much.

    A lot of times in this league, specialist players like 3 point shooters who may not have been drafted, don’t get a lot of PT. The Lakers had a player named Mike Penberthy, a former UPS driver, who helped them win the 2000 NBA Championship in Jackson’s first year.

    Penberthy was discovered in Santa Barbara at the Lakers practice facility. He was a 3 point specialist. He got some significant PT in the Finals, but his number was not consistenly called in the rotation, for obvious reasons.

    But when you look at specialists like Steve Kerr, John Paxson, Jason Kapono, ……..Kapono and Kerr both came from Division I schools and were drafted, Kapono got a good size contract and all 3 were consistent rotation players.

    The stigma of being undrafted stays with players, in my opinion, and may hurt Morrow.

    I know you like the 2nd unit to look like this, “Deano”:

    1. Watson
    2. Morrow/Azubuike
    3. Maggette
    4. Wright
    5. Turiaf

    “Deano”…….I know you’ve always called for a traditional PG for this squad………

    How do you think your guy, Andre Miller, will fare in Portland?

    Also, who do you think would be best suited to play PG outside of our current players?

    Guys like Jameer Nelson? Randy Foye? Raymond Felton?

    Or would you go with more proven talent like B. Davis?

    Hypothetically speaking.

  • D W

    No rookie stereotypes, please, Nellie. If Curry has a great camp, he should be treated like any other player. If he deserves to start, then do so. Not only would team’s on-court play improve, but the team’s off-court reputation might become less laughable. Won’t hold my breath on the latter, MT-II.

  • deano

    Perry: You know the bloggers very well. With regard to your post @ #27, I think that it is Curry, not Morrow, who is the “specialist” and who will get the short minutes.

    I think that Morrow is rapidly becoming a great, all-around player. In addition to being a great shooter, he is fast, active and scrappy. He streaks in and out of the lane and collects rebounds and loose balls. By the end of this next season, I think he’ll be the Warriors best SG and a force on defense as well as offense.

    RE Andre Miller, I think he’ll do very well with the Blazers. As for point guards who might help the Warriors, I don’t know who we could get. Until Ramon Sessions is signed, he is still a possibility. I think it is a lot more likely that he becomes a quality point guard than Ellis, Curry or CJ. I love Baron for what he did for the Warrors, but the contract he signed with the Clippers is for too much and for too long.

    One guard I’ll try to follow is Ty Lawson. The smart guys in Denver, who made the trade for Billups that regenerated the franchise last season, gave up a future #1 pick for Lawson. I wish the Warriors had taken him. He would have helped the team more than Curry, since we already had Ellis and Morrow.

  • Wilson

    Let’s wait and see whether Curry can play at this level. I know we are all looking for stuff to talk about during the offseason, but we don’t have nearly enough information yet. Was his bad shooting in summer league a temporary phenomenon, or a permanent problem? He appears to be an excellent ball handler, but is he fast enough to penetrate against NBA defenders? Y’all have fun discussing this, but I’ll wait until I have some real data.

  • Harp’s Dubs

    August 25th is right around the corner – the day both Law and Claxton can be traded. Let’s hope to God that Riley can package Speedy’s sizeable contract with some other player(s) to get some help.
    The three biggest problems for the Warriors team (not front office) are (in no particular order):
    1) Mega-contracts given to Jackson and Maggette
    2) Unsure position of Monta Ellis
    3) Questions about two skinny, but good and promising players (Randolph and Biedrins) next to each other. Their games simply don’t complement eachother.
    Trade Monta, Speedy and Jackson to Houston for McGrady and Aaron Brooks.
    Trade Curry, Randolph (gulp) and Maggette to the Timberwolves for Al Jefferson and the rights to Ricky Rubio (only if there’s a guarantee he’ll play for us this year).
    Trade Azubuike and Watson to Portland for Travis Outlaw.

    Warriors in 09-10:
    PG – Rubio/Brooks/Law
    SG – McGrady/Morrow
    SF – Outlaw/George/Cartier Martin
    PF – Jefferson/Wright
    C – Biedrins/Turiaf/Jamal Sampson

    I really hate parting with Randolph, but Minnesota may be willing to make that trade based on the Rubio situation and that Love and Jefferson don’t have compatible games. Love and Randolph would be a great tandem as would Biedrins and Jefferson. Minnesota gets that small forward they need and can pair Flynn with Curry in the backcourt.

    I hate losing Monta to Houston, but as I mentioned before, his game poses lots of questions. Jackson goes back home to Houston. We get McGrady’s huge contract for one year, then get tons of cap relief next summer.

    Watson and Azubuike are great players to have off the bench for Portland, as they continue to build an awesome team (my second favorite in the league). They prefer Batum starting to Outlaw, so they go ahead and make that trade, though it gives them a bevy of PGs now with Miller in the fold.

    Perry – I know you like to explore what people consider unexplorable, and these moves gets you one of your studs (Jefferson), along with considerable cap relief for future moves next summer.

  • Perry

    Great work as usual, “Harp”……..great work…….you like the same type of players I like:

    Josh Smith
    Travis Outlaw (great suggestion)
    Al Jefferson

    I like the starting squads you’ve proposed throughout your blogging career.

  • Perry

    “Deano”…….you’re absolutely right……the Billups move was the move to make.

    The 3 moves of the century are:

    1. P. Gasol
    2. Garnett
    3. Billups

    Few acquisitions have had bigger impacts than those guys.

  • earl monroe


    I say what the hell-(its not like the other alternatives are so great)
    let him start and lets see what we have right away,
    its not that serious a deal. Nelson will go with a freaky lineup anyway,
    and the one quality I like about Curry is that he definitely has basketball IQ.
    He will not have to generate his own shot as much as he did in summer league,
    so once he gives it up, he may get it back for some open looks.

    The only issue with Curry is on the defensive end-(like Nelson cares anyway)
    Maybe we just play more zone.

    We should bring in Paul Westhead and let him run the same offense he ran at
    Loyola Marymount with Kimble and Gathers. Now that would be fun.

  • toneranger

    All this fantasy trade talk is meaningless babble. We have 10 good players. We need to let them play together while emphasizing unselfishness. Monta can blow by anyone. If he would occasionally drop the ball off to Randolph or Biedrins when he is doubled it would be wonderful. He could also kick it back to Morrow or Buike or Curry for open threes. Curry could do the same. Winning teams pass to the open man. If this simple concept could become the Warrior’s mantra, things would be so different here. The outside shooting on this team may be the best in the league. Just share the ball people. Hello…