Can Warriors Make the Playoffs?

(Sorry in advance for any such typos. I am typing this from my phone from the parking lot, and I am heading home, so I don’t have time to edit.)

Was having a discussion with my man. He seemed to think the Warriors are going to make the playoffs this year. I don’t.
What tripped me out wasn’t that we disagreed, but that he thought I was “smoking dope” because I didn’t see the possibility. His certainty caused me to at least pause and ask myself: am I just being a cynnical journalist and missing something? So, I spent some time analyzing it. My conclusion:

No way they make the playoffs this year.
I am not dissing to be dissing, just looking at the facts. What’s it going to take, 45 wins to make the playoffs? That’s +16 over last season. Does a healthy Monta, an improved Anthony Randolph and Stephen Curry replacing Jamal Crawford get you 16 wins? I don’t think so. Maybe 10, if Randolph can handle the increased role and Curry is who the Warriors think he is.
Plus, looking at the West, who do try beat out?

Lakers, San Antonio, New Orleans, Portland and Dallas are locks, I think. Denver didn’t do much to get better, but they could be a lock, too (though I wouldn’t be surprised of they slumped this year) leaves three spots, maybe two. The Warriors would be competing with Utah, Houston and Phoenix. And if there is a Cinderella team, it is (on paper) most likely to be Oklahoma City – which NASA direction set and has a couple years under it’s belt working toward it – or even the Clippers, who when healthy has a pretty good mix of veterans and youth.
So, what do you think? I know injuries can change everything. But am I just being a hater because I don’t see how they could possibly make it, or are those who think there’s a chance “smoking dope”?

Marcus Thompson

  • Squall

    Too much has to go right for the Ws to make the playoffs.

    Monta must be a leader and the MVP of the team.

    Jackson must be a shut down defender while still being able to score close to 20ppg.

    Randolph must become one of the top 3 players on the team by the end of the year.

    Maggette must be the 6th man of the year.

    Morrow must be one of the top 3 three point shooter’s this season.

    Curry must make atleast the 2nd All-rookie team.

    Biedrins must avg a double-double.

    Wright must stay on the court for longer than 5 minute stretches and rebound better.

    Turiaf must shoot the ball atleast 5% better and smarter defense.

    Don Nelson must have a solid rotation set by January-February.

    And we can only afford three major injuries (two to guards, one to big men) all season.

  • zeelurker

    This team appears to have comparable talent to the typical Chris Cohen owned team…. which means we’ll be discussing the NBA draft on this blog during the first found of the play-offs.

  • Mr. Spooky

    Here’s the thing I don’t follow when trying to connect the dots in your logic:

    1. You say that there is no way that the Warriors can win 16 more games than they did last year.

    2. You then say that with the addition of a healthy Monta, an improved Randolph who’s getting PT and Curry replacing Crawford you see them winning a maximum of 10 more games than last year if everything works out in the best possible way.

    So, how did you come up with +10 games in the first place? What is that estimate based on?

    If you just say “+10 wins max” with no basis, what is your basis for saying “now way it’s +16”?

    You’re just shooting down you’re buddy’s guesstimate with a baseless guesstimate of your own.

    A couple other non-quantifiable factors to throw into your baseless prediction generator:

    1. A motivated Nelson. 95% of the media thought he was tanking or not trying.

    2. Zero Weeks of Al Harrington drama.

    3. Jackson not playing 40 minutes a night and not being the only play-maker. So he’s less tired and has less opportunities to turn the ball over.

    4. An improved Morrow who’ll get PT throughout the whole season.

    How many hypothetical wins does that add to your baseless win-generation formula? +7? -9? E=MC Hammer?

  • Twinkie defense

    Hell yeah Warriors can make the playoffs. Last year was the aberration. They have more talent than they’ve had since Run TMC, and with some good health could reach 50 wins.

  • A’s in 2010

    Nellie tanked a bunch of games last year, we weren’t as bad as the 29 wins indicate.

    Houston without Yao, Tmac, Artest are gonna fall out, opens up a spot.

    What have the other teams that missed the playoffs last year really done to improve? 9th seed Phoenix traded Shaq for nothing. LAC is still a team that looks great on paper but won’t get it done in games. OKC, MIN, still way too young, no identity. You can’t improve unless you have an identity. It’s all up in the air.

    I still think we need to make a move, just one nice addition to our team and we will be considered a top 8 team, no doubt.

  • Don Nelson on Thizz

    if your smoking dope then your potna is smoking crack!!!

  • A’s in 2010

    BTW, if +16 over last season sounds difficult, what about OKC? They need to go +22. LAC needs to go +26.

  • Brock Landers

    The Warriors shot at making the playoffs are as good as the Raidaz making the Superbowl.

    My vote: They’re smoking dope!

  • frenemy

    Marcus, I think it’s your source who has been doing the bong hits. Barring a big (positive) trade hard to see how they could win 45+.

  • deano

    All the pieces are there except at PG. It’s all on Monta, IF he has remade himself over the summer and plays point guard like Parker, the playoffs are possible.



    Thats a lot of talent there. If we could flip Azu/Wright/Watson for a great backup big man and good backup PG then we’d be set.


    Marcus, you’ve got a picture of Al Harrington at the top of your page. You may want to update that a bit 🙂

  • Johnstout

    Need another big man. Nice to see you and your boy smokin’ blunts in the parking lot. It’s OK, we’ve all done it. I’m an Oakland native.

  • CL

    The Warriors can make the playoffs but a lot of things have to go their way including good health especially Biedrins, Turiaf, Randolph and Wright and a major improvement on defense and rebounding for the team as a whole. It certainly wouldn’t hurt the Warriors chances if some of the teams competing for the last couple of playoff spots in the west stumble along the way or suffer unexpected injuries to key players. The playoffs are a possibility but hardly a sure thing.

  • SufferedThroughJBCarroll

    Warriors would of won 35+ last year if Nellie hadnt tanked ..With a healthy Monta we would of won 42 to 44…So to say that Randolph taking over the 4 cant possibly get us to 45 wins + and the playoffs is retarded.

  • mylie10

    Marcus, you’re right that alot has to fall into place. Tha’s fair I understand your trepidation on going out on that proverbial limb. But…………

    Monta wil be back to near All Star form. He avged around 20-5-5 when he came back last year.

    Biedrins missed a ton of games, he should be healthy.

    Randolph at 30 minutes a game projects bigger than just what numbers he puts up. Just having 2 bigs on the floor allows Biedrins to be a better defender and Randolph’s help defense is off the charts.

    Curry will be ok, and I am not among those who think he’ll be starting any time soon. But as a back-up he’ll be better for the team than what CJ Watson gives us.

    Turiaf will not be on his own like last year and as strictly a back-up, he’s one of the best in the league.

    Jackson’s game last year had the biggest negative effect of any other player on the team based on the injuries. He had to do to much and now that Monta will be back it will allow Jack to play that solid D we were used to and the ball will be takent out of his hands more.

    Morrow is the X factor along with 2 bigs on the floor. He will have a huge role compared to last year and I think that will be a major improvement that some just don’t see until it’s happening. He spreads the floor better than anyone on the team and we know how improtant that is to Nellie.

    Azubuike’s still a solid player as long as we can confine him to the SF spot. Randolph’s play will force Nellie to keep Azu in his place. Hopefully his stroke is as strong as it was last year.

    Maggette – Although I dislike his game, he is the perfect 6th man for Nellie. The guy’s instant offense off the bench and our second team will be able to score on anyone. Hopefully his minutes will be at the SF spot more than the 4 this year.

    Wright – Many are down on this kid and I can’t understand why. While playing 20 minutes+ he was more than adequate at 14 pts and 6 rebounds per. He blended well with Andris and Turiaf and his length is very valuable. As a 10th man, he’s got major upside.


    Solid starting 5.


    Solid 2nd team that might be better than some of the teams in the league. You could definitely win some games with that 2nd team as your starting group.

  • jeff

    nuggets are a lock

    the hornets are not.

  • RN

    If Stephen Jackson plays 30-35 effective minutes and quits arguing with the refs, if Curry has a decent to good rookie year, if Maggette stays generally healthy, if Monta is back to his pre-injury form, if Morrow comes close to leading the league again in 3 pt % taking a significantly higher number of shots, if Randolph continues to blossom, if Biedrins stays healthy and consistent, if our team defense can improve a bit, if Wright can take a step forward in progress, if Nellie takes advantage of a deep bench and doesn’t overplay guys and wear them out…….the W’s will have a decent chance of making the playoffs.

  • Burke

    I don’t think there is any reason to totally discount the idea the W’s will make the playoffs. Other teams might get the injury bug this year. I’m holding out hope. It’s by no means certain, though. I’ll sit on the fence and say a 50% chance.

  • Perry

    Not only do I not think the 09-10 Warriors will not make the 2010 NBA playoffs…………but,…no other Pacific Division team but the Lakers will make the playoffs. Only the Lakers will represent the Pacific Division, I guarantee it.

    Let’s face it….a 17 game improvement would put as at 46 wins and would make most Warrior fans happy. That would be a winning record and it would be considered a monumental improvement by all standards.

    46 wins in the Western Conference means a 9th place finish and missing the playoffs for the 3rd consecutive season.

    That being said, I don’t think the Warriors make the playoffs in 09-10.

    I’m not going to provide a player by player description and my reasonings……..I’ve done that a million times before.

    Here is what I’m looking at for the 2010 NBA Western Conference playoff picture:

    1. L.A. Lakers
    2. San Antonio Spurs (They win that tough, Southwest Division)
    3. Denver Nuggets (In a little bit of a slip from last year, they still manage to win the Northwest Division, after some tough stretches throughout the season)
    4. Dallas Mavericks (A 2nd place finish in the Southwest division after a successful season with a tough scoring quartet)
    5. Houston Rockets (A 3rd place finish in the Southwest division, no Yao Ming certainly changes the landcape. Aaron Brooks, Trevor Ariza, Luis Scola and T-Mac)
    6. Portland Trailblazers (A 2nd place finish in the Northwest Division)
    7. Utah Jazz (A 3rd place finish in the Northwest Division)
    8. New Orleans (A 4th place finish in the tough Southwest Division)

    I would love for our young Warriors to be there too…..but there are just too many questions and not enough credibility.

  • Perry

    Correction on my last post, first sentence, it should read, “Not only do I think the Warriors will not….”

  • harlan

    I wouldn’t call N.O. a lock this year – depth issues

    The Warriors will beat the rockets by 25 plus on opening night

    I think it’s imprtant to avoid long losing streaks and steal some wins on the road, and lay better within the division.

  • petaluman

    It only took 42 wins to make the playoffs in 2007. If Ellis and Randolph can be successful at the 1 and 4, respectively, and we avoid any critical injuries, I think we have a chance. Several of the elite teams of the past decade (SA, Dallas, Phx, Hou) are aging, and could be susceptible. Lots of other teams are also integrating new starters into their roster.

  • Tdubb

    I had this conversation yesterday and it starts with one thing “Leadership” in the locker room. If there is a carry over from the summer league in which Randolph, Morrow and Curry used their youth, enthusiasm and hard work ethic to bring the team together. Then playoff’s, yep. Not that crap from last season when veterans left the bench during a game to hang out? If it’s two camps in the locker room forget 45 wins but if they come together the talent is there.



    If no injuries, Nellie can mix and match to his hearts content. They still need a JYD under the boards. I hope there is a hungry beast from the invitees at camp.

    Every playoff team has a focal point, the guy players follow and coaches support. Name that Warrior and you’ve got that playoff answer!

  • Wrigged

    Lots of if and the Head Coach is a 70 year old egomaniac alcoholic who calls for his own coaching day off from time to time. Too tired of Coaching.

    No hope for a change there. No play offs.

  • Ken

    I appear to be the only person who actually watched the Warriors games last season.

    The Warriors would have won at least 10 more games LAST SEASON with two simple things:

    – One afternoon’s instruction on how to in-bound the ball in the last 2 minutes of the game.

    – Andris spending 10-20 hours practicing layups and dunks. He missed seriously about 20 or 30 last season, which equals 40-60 points in close games.

    This without improved Randolph, improved Morrow, Ellis playing rather than recuperating, and the addition of two actual PGs – Curry and Law, rather than zero real PGs.

    The stock market is up over 50% over its low point 5 months ago. This is not because the stock market or the economy is really great now, but BECAUSE IT WAS SO BAD BEFORE.

    Last season, Nelson intentionally benched starters to allow young players to get more experience. A lot of the season was experimentations for the Warriors.

    I think it is not unreasonable to think that the Warriors could easily win 30 more games than last season, without being a particularly great team, and without being a team that has any chance at the Finals, simply because last season was so poor.

  • fotd

    “No way” “Can’t see the possibility” Those words are way too strong.

    “Not likely,” doesn’t snag readers but, if you are being honest, HAS to be the correct phrase.”

    The West no longer dominates the East and so it may not take more than 42 wins to place eighth in the West’s playoff race. Add to that N.O. and Houston taking steps backward this year. Portland doesn’t know what Greg Oden is going to give them and Andre Miller isn’t a lock to be better than Steve Blake. Dallas has age issues. Even San Antonio has to gel to reach the lofty expecations.

    The Warriors have a young team. It is the kind of team that has so many variables it can make huge strides. Probably not to the playoffs. But you’ve got to see the possibility… If not, a puff or two might do you some good.

  • Oregonguy

    For me “Can they make the playoffs?” is the wrong question. They can only control their games, not what happens in other games. 46 wins–a fine year–was not enough for Phoenix, 48 wins–a six game improvement over the playoff team of a year earlier–did not make the playoffs. Some years 38 wins gets in.

    For me the question is “Am I getting good entertainment following the Warriors?” This year that answer is almost certainly going to be yes.

  • If they don’t win 45, Nellie is a loser from 2006-2010. Thank god we’re paying him “what he’s worth.”

  • John Starks

    Sure, the Warriors can make the playoffs. I’m less concerned about the skill of their players than I am about them being able to close out quarters and/or games. Last year (and years previously), they would pick a quarter (usually the third or fourth) and go ICE COLD from the field. They would shoot like 2-20 or something like that and go completely scoreless for several minutes. That’s not going to beat anybody. In most of those games where they went ice cold, they had the lead or were very close going in to the third or fourth quarter. Fix that dry spell problem and the Warriors will instantly be contenders. Question is: how DO you fix that?

  • John Starks


  • Ken

    Clearly he is one of those who does not read the comments… I don’t think that Tim K reads the comments either…


    Like a couple peeps have already said, I don’t think the dubs make the playoffs. Everyone has believed the hype a little too much this off-season on what we have as a squad. I’m not saying that this team won’t get better but in order for the Dubs to make the playoffs this year they have to do 2 things.

    1.) Come out the gates on fire. They have to be to be at least 5 games over .500 a quarter of the way through the 1st half of the season in order to even have a shot at the P.O’s. If they come out as they usually do and have a couple of series where they lose 5-6 in a row they are done.

    2.) The entire team has to play out of their mind!!! I mean everyone has to play at an All-star level even to just sniff the P.O’s b/c they have no room for error.

    The last point is why I think they can’t make the playoff’s this year and like the people who have said they Could, they provide a lot of IF’s. No one has a crystal ball that can assure monta regaining his form, or beans developing a Post game, or Jack not getting way too many minutes and having nothing left in the tank. Or even Nellie playing Devean George WAY TOO MUCH!!!

    All these variables for a positive outcome have to break just right for the warriors to even make the playoffs which is why i think they win 38-41 games. Still not enough to make the playoffs but just enough to appease the STH base and keep people invested in the team. Plus it helps to keep the kool-aid drinkers drinking since they will be able to say, “See i told you they would get better. Aren’t they ENTERTAINING!” Like I’ve said before i would take Wins over entertainment any day of the week b/c entertainment is just another marketing tool to sell to the fan base the sucky product on the court.

    Perry good comments on this post. I actually want to know what you think of Beasley going to rehab now. I just ask cuz I thought you mentioned maybe trading AR for Beasley awhile back. I might be wrong but just wanted to know our thoughts now after finding out all the Beasley probs if you would still make the same trade. Not trying to flame just wanted to get your ideas on Beasley’s issues and whether or not AR now seems like the steal of that draft besides D.Rose.


    I’m sure it wasn’t straight up but as part of a package deal to bring beasley.

  • Perry

    Hey “Mr.FJG_Son”…….hope all is well…….

    Good post.

    The thread was “2009-10 Warriors Schedule” and the blogger was named, “J.” He’s the guy who asked the bloggers who they would rather have? AR or Beasley?

    Rod Brooks then responded with his usual eloquent flair and pinage, and I responded by saying I would take D. Rose, but not Beasley in an AR deal.

    I have to be honest in saying, I’m not a big NCAA guy. I don’t really follow these guys in college.

    What I’ve seen from Beasley so far is a lax, lack a daysical, non-competitive player. As far as skill, I think he’s a bit over-rated and he seems to be so reliant on other teammates to get him involved, instead of vice versa.

    I love D. Rose,……..I knew he was going to be a player after they came to Oracle last year early in the season, I think it was November. D. Rose scored 19 points in the 4th quarter to help Chicago beat Golden State. From that moment on, I said, “This D. Rose is an NBA player.”

    D. Rose can take over a game, he has the pedigree to be the guy who calls his own number when the time is needed, but also defers to teammates when necessary. That is what you look for in a guy who is taken in the lottery.

    I don’t see Beasley as having that same inner make-up. Beasley strikes me the same way that Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum strike me, ……..guys who are in good situations, with decent teams (except for Beasley) with great players on their team already (# 24, D. Wade, Brandon Roy)…..they seem timid and not willing to work hard. They seem like they are not INTO the game,………..if that makes sense.

    In order for Anthony Randolph to become a player like D. Rose, a winner, a guy we can count on to close out games for us…….I think he has to become a Kevin Garnett type player.

    He should start with Defense……..establish a tone, …….get the rest of the team involved in establishing a team defense philosophy. He should begin becoming a leader on the court……..he should start showing examples of being a leader (e.g. pulling guys aside; calming down a little bit, instead of whining about everything).

    If AR can become a KG type player……not saying he has to be as great as KG, but just establish himself as a leader on both sides of the ball (offense and defense), then AR has a chance to be a steal just like D. Rose.

    D. Rose is the winner of that draft class. AR is a hell of a talent, he’s a hard worker and at #14, he could be considered a steal. But he has some work to do,…..start paying attention to how KG approaches the game, then work hard to emulate that.

    I’m hard on AR, no question, but that’s because there are so many great players in the league…..it’s hard to crown AR as a great talent just yet. Guys like him come a dime a dozen in this league…..but how many of them really blossom into winning, NBA talent?

    Very few.

    I would love for AR to come out next year and prove how great a player he can be………….I would love nothing more than to watch this guy finishing Alley-Oop after Alley-Oop, taking it Coast to Coast, shifting dribbles from his right to his left, then finishing.

    We have some good young talent. Now they need to learn how to win together. It won’t happen next season, probably won’t happen for another few seasons. But let’s see some improvement next year and I’ll be more willing to give these guys the benefit of the doubt.

  • Optimus Prime

    This young Warrior team hasnt begun to scratch the surface. This team is very young and talented. A core of Monta, Stephen and AR will suprise A lot of people. They are also one of the deepent teams.

    I think they have a very good shot as long as they stay healthy

  • Optimus Prime

    Perry, you took a 2page backslide just admit that if it was up to your idioutic as wed have a rehabbin Beasley on the NBA prodigee of AR.

    BTW, Im fairly sure that you can get your posts down to 2 paragraphs. I know we are on a blog and all but no one has time to read your manifestos

  • Optimus Prime

    …rehabbin Beasley instead of the NBA prodigee AR

  • jim gone fishing

    Marcus, My only hesitation is that Bill Simmons called the Warriors orgasmically exciting (until you remember they have no distributor). If nothing else, I hope we are in for a return to an exciting, dangerous team unlike the mess we had last year. Curry and the Anthonies are good signs. Who knows what Monte will bring at this point. I think our main hurdle anyway is to keep the “veterans” Jackson and Magette, and Ellis to a lesser extant, from setting an early A-dog me-first dominance over the team.

  • Rod Brooks is an idiot.

  • deano

    Mr. FJG/Son: That’s a good prospectus at # 33, but I think that the Warriors’ prospects are even a bit more uncertain.

    The key player is Monta. Nellie and LRiley demonstrated this when they made that extraordinary trip to Jackson this summer. The play of everyone depends on Monta, if he is to be the starting point guard.

    It will not be enough for Monta to simply regain his former form, as spectacular as that was. He had Baron then to support him. Now he is on his own. Monta must provide not only what he used to contribute, but also what Baron contributed.

    Monta must remake himself by developing the passing, vision and leadership skills that a point guard needs. The further develpoment of Randolph, Morrow, Biedrins and Curry depends on Monta’s performance at PG. The advaces those players have made over the summer will be wasted if Monta cannot run the offense well.

    Personally, I have no idea if Monta is capable of all that will be expected of him.

  • Perry

    “Optimus”…….I would love to admit it…….if only I could understand a fucking single word you’re trying to write……

    You show your lack of education every time you post with your herrendous sentence structure….

    Go back and read your own post, idiot……nothing you wrote makes sense……….

    This is what you wrote, “Just admit that if it was up to your idioutic as wed have a rehabbin Beasley on the NBA prodigee of AR.”

    Uhhhhhh, what was that, “Optimus?”

    Can anyone on this blog read that sentence and make heads and tails of it??

    Or am I the fucking retard?

    Just go back and read your own post, Optimus, and you will see what I’m talking about, freakin’ homer loser.

    Don’t try to turn people against me……..it was YOU who came out and made the stupid Beasley / AR trade question………..

  • commish

    Dude, who is “your man”–Feltpot?

    The only things less likely than the Dubs making the playoffs in order are:

    1. Nelson getting fired
    2. Rowell getting fired
    3. Cohan selling the team

    The Warriors will make the playoff when all of those things happen, not before. As long as money is the bottom line for the owner, as opposed to winning, and that trickles down through management from top to bottom; and given that we have a coach needs a radically new strategy and liver, no, no playoffs for this dysfunctional organization.

  • some guy

    judging from all the unreasonable anger in the majority of comments, i’m guessing that all these accusations of posters being ‘high’ is way off base.

  • petaluman

    I’m curious if you or anyone else here has an opinion on Mikki Moore as our veteran big FA target. Not much “beef” there, but he’s hard working, active, and a decent shooter. As a career backup, he won’t need many minutes. I think he’d make a good mentor and practice foil for BW and AR.

  • Perry

    I think Mikki Moore is just about as talented basketball-wise as Rony Turiaf. He’s active, defensive-minded and has a halfway decent offensive game.

    I think both players can get open pretty well, they move well enough without the ball that they are usually in the right place to receive the ball and make an easy basket.

    He’s exactly like Turiaf…..only difference is that Turiaf was drafted and Moore came out of the D-League and Turiaf played for the Lakers.

    I think Moore would be a good back-up to Biedrins/Turiaf…….but I don’t think he gets much PT at either the 4 or the 5.

    We also have Devean George who most likely will be the insurance policy at 4 in case BW has problems. I just don’t see Moore fitting in at the 4 or the 5 on this squad.

    Mikki Moore is a hard-working player and a good asset to most NBA teams……..on this team, however, I think our more critical need is for a real super-star caliber player.

    We need guys to play ahead of our current players….not behind them……..what I mean is, we need guys that are good enough to start ahead of our current players…….not a bunch of “practice dummies” to help players in practice.

    Otherwise, we’re just collecting a bunch of second and third stringers that will make the Warriors as irrelevant as they’ve been in the past.

    If no super-stars are availabe, if we don’t have the ability to attract any All-Star talent……I say just stand pat with what we have and forget about adding a back-up for our 2 most solidified positions…….the 4 and the 5.

    Some of our best players play at the 4 and 5 (e.g Biedrins; Randolph)……….our problem is that we don’t have a creator in the back-court who can create his own shot on offense…….that’s what we’re missing.

    Not to shoot down your suggestion, Petaluman…..Mikki Moore is a decent NBA player……..but what’s your thought on my feelings?

    Do you think maybe we should aim higher?

  • petaluman


    I’d like to see our young talent get a chance to develop. I don’t think it’s wise to only have 4 bigs on roster for an 82 game season. I don’t see George as a 4/5, rather as a 3/4. Riley mentioned using him against big 3s like Carmelo and Artest.

    Moore would be the 3rd option at both 4 and 5. He might not even be active in every game. However, if AR, BW, AB, or RT are injured, we’ll need another big.

    My guess is that any remaining big FA not named David Lee is available for around the minimum contract. Picking one up won’t prevent us from engaging in trade talks.

    However, I think the chances of us successfully putting together any trade yielding us a real difference maker are very low until mid-season at the earliest. In the meantime, we’ll give Ellis and Curry a chance to prove themselves and Law and Claxton a shot at redeeming themselves.

  • earl Monroe

    When people in here start calling people out about grammar and spelling,
    its like the pot calling the kettle black, and then when that person doing the
    calling out actually misspells words, it just downright ludicrous.


    Good take on Rose, Perry, I agree that we can only hope that AR takes it to the next level in the vein of KG. That would be the ultimate coup for the warriors but is there a little part of you that feels somehow the FO will screw it up and we won’t be able to sign AR just like what happened with Arenas once he hits that next level…God, I shudder to even think… But just to add to your Rose points, the fact that he was really tested this past season in the Plyoffs is just going to make him grow as a player even faster. So as long as he stays outta trouble with that gang stuff next year he’ll be an All-Star.

    Ohh and Rod Brooks aka Optimus, you gotta get the facts straight or at least read the post before saying anything. Me n Perry had that conversation a couple of months ago and I’m sure he’s tell’n the truth on who actually wanted beasley for AR. That is why I asked if it was him that said it b/c I wasn’t sure…

    In terms of Mikki Moore, jst like Perry and Petaluman have covered he is a decent player but not a fit for this squad. Moore is way better suited to help a veteran team making a PO run than a younger team trying to find itself. Plus the drop off in his production this last year was really wierd. I only say it b/c I picked him up a couple times of waivers in my Fantasy league but in doing the research this was one of his down years. Maybe it coulda been b/c of the move but even on the short bench in Boston, where he coulda gotten loads of PT he didn’t and never really caught his stride. Personally, he is just an energy guy and nothing more. I’m not sure what he could teach AR other than being a good free throw shooter, since he shoots something like 80% from the stripe, but that’s just my opinion.

  • jvcglue4fl

    Can the warriors make the playoffs? Sounds like to much drama is stirring up for the warriors to make any kind of impression this year. How can a team win if there is already division. Jackson wants out, so that not a happy player and Monta cant gel with Curry according to him. so those are our two best players with their heads somewhere else instead of making it work. The warriors have potential but when you have unhappy players where they dont want to be or doing what the dont want to be doing, you lose games. They are more worried about trades or losing the spotlight.