Jax Wants Out

I wasn’t able to get a hold of Stephen Jackson, but I did confirm with a team source (and another NBA player) that Jax wants out of Golden State. He’s even hired an agent to find him a trade.
After proclaiming aloud that he didn’t think he’d be with the Warriors next season — before a crowd at a Protege block party in New York, no less — he told Dime Mag that the Warriors know about his desires to bounce.
Here are the highlights of his Dime Mag interview.

On when he made the decision

“It’s not about a decision I made. It’s just things are in the air right now. I really can’t get too much into it right now, but I’m just looking to go somewhere where I can go and win a championship.”

On where he wants to play
“Either Cleveland, anywhere in Texas or out here with Al (Harrington) in New York.”

On being in Nellie’s system
“I loved it. It gave me a chance to show everything I could do on the court. It was great for me, but at this point, I’m 31 years old. I have four or five years left, I want to be in a situation where I can continually be in the playoffs and get another ring. So that’s where my mind is at now.”

Marcus Thompson

  • Sassan

    I remember how smug Rowell was when he signed Jackson (called it a no-brainer and a bargain) while people like Matt Steinmetz were scratching their heads that why the team intentionally turn a great trade-bait to another anchor around their neck. Like one of Nelson’s old quotes, It was a no-brainer alright. You had to have no brains to give Jackson that deal.

    Let’s see how Bob Fitzgerald turns on “Captain Jack”.

  • Mr B

    Dubs always rebuilding. Now what? What’s next for this pathetic franchise that has the nerve to charge the outrageous season tickets that they do.

    Guess I have not missed anything with the Dubs. Same ol same ol.

  • commish

    Dudes, Jackson is just angling for another extension which Rowell will bend over and give him a heartbeat. Jax is smarter than Rowell and Cohan combined. He learned from the best–Nelson, who screwed Mullin out of his job so he could be king of the crap heap.

  • NBAbler

    The Warriors are young and cannot afford to lose Jackson’s veteran leadership. This man is the heart and soul of the franchise. He leaves it on the court every night, a role model for the young guys. They should do whatever it takes to keep the Captain. Renegotiate to make him the Warrior for life he said he wants to be.

  • tony

    looks like Nellie and the Mavs are already ready to work on something http://www.dallasbasketball.com/home_display.php

  • Danzster

    Really, weren’t you wondering what had happened to the Drama of the Dub’s? This was in the cards from the moment Rowell decided to become the Warriors version of Al Davis. The next chapter begins with Jax discovering that nobody is willing to take on his contract and he has jumped out of the plane without a parachute…..oh, wait, I guess thats what the
    guaranteed $35M contact was about…..I did not see that coming!!!!

  • bob friedlander

    jack ass led the league in t’s and turn overs-if the warriors can find anyone dumb enough to take his blotted contract good riddance

  • jeff

    Didn’t Jackson lead the league in technicals too? I hate watching him turn on the refs, crying like a baby, when the game is on the line. He’s by far the worst in the NBA at the crybaby game. On every shot he cries for a foul, and it gets worse as the game goes on. I have this image of Jackson dribbling the ball off his foot after charging into traffic with no vision of the defense, then jumping up and down under the basket, literally jumping up and down like a five year old, complaining to deaf ears that he didn’t get the call, while his man is running the floor and scoring an uncontested layup. Between the turnovers, the technicals, the hoisted three point attempts, and the constant whining…who needs the ugliness of his game. Sure, beautiful plays at times, but has anyone ever seen a guy give away games at the critical moment like Jax? My wife and I used to yell for them not to give the ball to Jackson at crunch time. I recall how nice it was watching the playoffs, after watching every Warriors game this season, without having to witness a guy working the refs the whole game in the most negative and counterproductive of fashions. Leave! Best thing that could happen to the Warriors. And take the worst attitude on the NBA courts with you! Whatever it costs!

  • Mike in Atl

    Commish agreed. What I want to know is why so many are of us (fans) are calling for Jaxs head. Do we not realize that without Jax we will return to the complete rubbish team we were under, dare I say it, St. Jean. Jax is the only leader on the team. Everyone else is a follower and most aren’t very good followers. Without Jax we would be winning 10 – 15 per season. Don’t dump Jax, just get us some help!

    Marcus any word on Amare?

  • Earl Bait

    Good bye Jax. If he doesn’t want to be here, get gone. What kind of leadership is jumping ship CAPTAIN. What a joke. I hope he joins Al, so they can rip up NYC, and NYC can rip them up too.

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  • http://www.greenpitch.org Ste

    Can anybody tell me what this will do in terms of salary cap ? does it mean that the warriors could get a star quality player or is this season just over before it even begun ?

  • earl Monroe

    We can stop with the talk about Jackson being a leader, leader’s do not handle situations like this, leaders do not lead the league in turnovers,
    leaders do not take horrible shots at inopportune times. Period. (of course, the other “leader” Nelson, allows him to do all this )

  • Lufty455

    The real problem is with the coach. He sucks period.
    Fire his ass and Rowell for this mess they have caused.
    Damn this is like the Webber rookie era.
    How can all of this drama unfold in just 2 years time?
    Send Jackson and Ellis to Memphis for Gasol and Gay.



  • petaluman

    I know it’s small potatoes compared to the Jax rumor mill, but it’s being reported that we signed Mikki Moore for the vet’s minimum. I asked your opinion on him earlier without receiving a response. How about one now?

    I expect him to be 3rd string at both the 4 and 5 spots. He won’t play much unless AB, RT, AR, or BW are hurt. However, I think he’ll be a big help to our young bigs.



  • http://kenstuart.blogspot.com Ken

    I think that Morrow’s 47 points made Jackson feel that his starting position might be precarious at Ws. With Curry and Ellis both being likely to play, that leaves Morrow, Jackson, Maggette and Azubuke all contending for one #3 position.
    With Randolph and Biedrins playing together, both now 7 feet, that allows three smaller, faster, high scoring players in the remaining positions – with the usual disadvantages of being a midget team…

  • Ewok

    This is a classic text book case of a bad management system where ego and biased interest prevailed.

    Every business college should study the warriors as a case study to pass a college requirement.

    The Warriors organization, not the fans, is simply Bad business, plain and simple.

    Look at the names of the great players and managers, and talent scouts we let go, the players who became disenchanted with the organization not to mention the disenchanment we have now other than Jackson!

    There is no corporate loyalty among all participants. True this is a business and nothing should be taken personal but loyalty still has its room for appreciation.

    The Problem is very clear, the sources of these problems were never addressed properly and Cohan and Rowell are the living proof of a rotting system.

    Their style of management is too rigid and offers no flexiblity.

    Rowell should be embarrased to the bone that his instincts about Jackson proved to be a disaster, and Mullin was right all along.

    Rowell fell for a bum, street deal! and he does look like a freaking goat now.

    One obvious organizational flaw is that everyone is evdiently and clearly, not on the same page!

    Look how many guards we have competing for minutes! How many small forwards (all of them with marquee salaries) and very few big guys. This is clearly the result of poor vision, poor participation, poor planning and poor leadership.

    On top of all these, we draft a point guard after giving Monta all these assurances… We created a traffic jam we couldnt fix. That’s Warrior leadership at best.

    Sell the team Cohan. Take Rowell with you. You have hurt a lot of people in your leadership, do you ought to hurt more in the future? Running a sports organization is different.

  • yeeezy

    trade jax & law to charlotte for gerald wallace.

    charlotte gets and point gaurd.. and we pretty much swap SFs

  • yeeezy

    or jax & law for T.Prince

  • Ewok

    How about this, Bring back Antwan Jamison if we can afford him.

    I like to have Joe Smith back also but this organization didnt see it that way.

    My prediction,

    Jack and Monta will be traded. That seems the direction and that’s the reason why we took Ellis and just today, i heard of signing Miki Moore in the frontline, also as of press time, that’s the reason why CJ Watson is staying.

    To make the the story short, All these Monta accolades in the past were nothing but Kabuki show.

    Terrible organization, terrible vision.

    I now include Don Nelson in the goat list.

    I think we should have Kevin Mchale as the next coach and that should come with a New Owner and GM.

    Bring Back Mullin.

  • http://eyemsick.blogspot.com/ Bigmouth

    My friend suggests Jax plus Acie Law for Howard. The salaries work and both teams get rid of their respective headaches off the court. The Mavs take on more years with Jax, but Law’s expiring contract cushions the blow.


    SAMI keep your homerism to yourself and bring something to the discussion if not just be quite and how about typing in normal letters and NOT CAPS like a 5 yr old. Unless Rowell is telling you to do this and in that case SCREW YOU ROWELL!!! YOU TO FITZ!!!

    Fitz you suck just b/c you are not honest about the dubs and don’t give callers the opportunity to place thier displeasure with the team b/c your too busy trying to force the company line down the throats of the listeners.

    Ohhh and ROD, I expected more from you man but maybe you are getting some side action from the dubs to help fitz out.

  • earl Monroe

    Joe Smith? Under what circumstances did Joe Smith leave the Warriors the first time? Have we forgotten that?

  • randolphforpresident

    Its pretty funny how all these people calling for the Warriors to “bring back Mullin!” never mention some of the absolutely terrible signings he made. Big contracts to Adonal Foyle, Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy and then Corey Maggette to top it all off before he leaves. You give him 100% of the credit for getting the Warriors to the playoffs in 2007 and completely ignore all the major mistakes he made.

  • Ewok

    Mullin was no perfect guy, not a perfect manager.

    But his way of managing seems to have a similarity or a parallel to his basketball career as a player.

    At the beginning, he made mistakes, but he slowly matured, and became wise with his decisions. During the last few months before his termination, He was actually making the right decisions based on what was available in his realm and limited power.

    But his biggest backstabber was his mentor, Don Nelson. Rowell has an insatiable vendetta on him over his strong jealousy over Mullin and you got an owner who is totally inept and don’t have a clue.

    This organization is full of Great White Sharks!

    Just How do you work in these circumstances?

    Mullin was a unifying factor. He got them to the playoffs.

    Look at the Warriors now. Barely started the season and they are already on the way out as the New Clippers of the decade.

    If only i had the money, i would buy this franchise.

  • Lufty455

    I hear they are selling season passes… who the heck is buying them now???? I bet there will be a lot of open seats this year and next. Nellie, Rowell great job!!! You guys really hit the lotto this year.
    Both of you guys deserve to be fired for this crap.
    Enough is enough, no more Warriors game for me until they get Nellie and Rowell out.