Watson Taking a Gamble?

Warriors guard C.J. Watson is set to take the qualifying offer, I learned for sure today, and shun the Warriors’ offer.
Get this, the Warriors, I’m told, had even upped their offer to three years, $5.4 million (up from three years, $4.5 million) and gave him a player option for the third year. Still, Watson, a source said, is planning on signing for just over a $1 million and becoming an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.
Why would he do that, you ask? Why would he pass up more than $4 million of guaranteed money?

Because, according to the source, 1) he feels he deserve more; and 2) the Warriors don’t really have plans for him; 3) why give the Warriors a bargain when they wouldn’t pull the trigger on a trade with Orlando and put him in a better situation?
The reality is that Watson is the third PG behind Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. That is certainly not a good place to be when you had plans on being entrenched as the back-up somewhere (especially when that somewhere could’ve been Eastern Conference contender Orlando).
Watson, according to the source, figures if he’s going to be on the bench for the forseeable future and miss out on a chance to play big minutes elsewhere, he might as well get the money he thinks he deserves (which is obviously above $2 million per year). Plus, there is the very real possibility that Ellis gets hurt and/or Curry struggles as a rookie and Watson ends up averaging 25 minutes and starting 30 games and not being rewarded for it next offseason.
So Watson is likely to take the Q-offer and hit the market next season, banking that he will stay healthy and have a productive season. Watson has not signed the offer sheet yet because the Warriors maybe putting together another offer.

Marcus Thompson

  • earl Monroe

    I think its a bad move for him, guards like him are a dime a dozen.

  • A’s in 2010

    A 3 yr/$5.4M offer would look like this $1.6/$1.8M/$2.0M. So if he takes the $1.0M Q-offer he’s only leaving $600K this year. Next summer he would need to sign a 2 yr/$4.4M to make up for this, I certainly think he can get that next summer. And if he signs in Orlando, that’s tax free. Go for it CJ!

  • Marcus Thompson

    A’s in 2009,

    That’s exactly how the offer was broken down – $1.6/$1.8/$2.0

    I heard Watson asked for $2.2/$2.4/$2.6, which is $7.2 million over three years. But I haven’t been able to confirm that.

  • ECJ

    maybe Watson will get his chance in Golden State afterall..

    ESPN is reporting that Dallas has expressed interest in Both Monta Ellis and Jax.. I think that the Warriors should consider doing a deal that would bring Shawn Marion and Jason Terry over, plus maybe Drew Gooden.

    The Warriors would get some added beef in Gooden, plus a guy in Marion that fits the W’s perfectly. Terry is a great outside shooter, and he gets steals.

    I love Jackson and Ellis both, but Ellis has a bad attitude, and I’m sure the team doesn’t want that rubbing off on Randolph and Curry.

    Jackson is a great all-around player, but he’s not a good “leader”. He’s emotionally immature, and he doesn’t set a good tone for younger players. Plus, his contract is a concern, and shedding it for younger players would be a plus.

    The Mavs need a solid sg, a slasher who can get to the basket. Ellis is perfect for them. They have great depth at forward, and they have 16 players under contract for next season. Doing a 2 for 3 deal helps both teams.


  • Twinkie defense

    Yay! So Warriors get a $1 mil insurance option should Monta (and Curry) not be able to handle the point. That is as it should be… If Monta and Curry can’t cut it we’ll need a better option long-term than C.J. Watson, but at least we’ll have a season to figure that out.

  • Twinkie defense

    PS Stephen Jackson plus Monta Ellis for Jason Terry and Matrix would be a DISASTER! Screw that, I’d rather force Captain Jack to stay than dump two of our best players for that lot.

  • Tdubb

    People keep missing the boat on this Jax and Monta thing. This team can not move forward with these guys as leaders. These two left the bench during a game to hang out! That’s the kind of team mate I want. One camp, one voice not it’s all about me.

    Jason Terry is a class act and the Matrix can ball. The money would be about the same and I believe Marion’s contract probably would be shorter than either Monta’s or Jax’s.

    You have a young core that likes each other and willing to work together. Let the new leader come from that group. If you watched that bench last year and I did, Turiaf, Morrow, Randolph, Wright, Kurtz rarely sat down because they were cheering for each other.

    It was like that in summer league too! Yes, it’s true we’ve seen many players become allstars after leaving here but I think this one may be for the best.

    And when Maggette, Monta or especially Jax wasn’t on the floor the ball moved, not that damn black hole watch me offense.

    Let’s face it, once Nellie gets his wins, he’s out and the Keith Smart era begins and believe me, these guys will play for him! Rewind this summer. Sometimes addition comes from subtraction.

  • earl Monroe

    The thought on Ellis before the injury was that he was a potential superstar, and Nelson felt he could make him into a point guard, if he is healthy he can be really special, maybe the Warriors believe he cannot be the player they thought he was going to be. Or perhaps they believe Curry is a superstar in the making too.

    Not me, I think Ellis is very special, he has speed and can finish, he has a rare mid range jumper, if you back him up with a shot blocking center, you can hide some of his defensive deficiencies, he can take the big shot. I don’t know about the attitude issues, the moped thing was stupid, but he is young.

    Get rid of Jackson, no problem, but why blow up this team now, after we just went thru a painful season last year,
    I would like to see some patience with the young guys.

  • I’ll bet Ceej would pay money to get out of Golden State.

  • Dunkenstein

    The CBA says that any veteran free agent who has played in the league three years or less (other than a First Round Pick whose first Option Year or second Option Year was not exercised) will be a restricted free agent as long as his team gives him a qualifying offer.

    Since this upcoming season will be Watson’s third season, he will not be a restricted free agent next summer as reported above.

  • me

    Do people like ECJ think before they talk, or write in this case?
    You trade your best players for older players with bigger attitude problems? Marion is supremely talented but a bigger head case than either Jackson or Ellis. Otherwise he would have been more in demand on got a bigger contract this summer. Gooden has put up double-doubles but gets traded every year. And their numbers have really declined in the last 2 years. Terry: another small shooting guard, playing some point, from off the bench…?

  • danikil49

    #4 please don’t suggest something as crazy as Ellis and Jax for Jason Terry….OK he is a decent player, Shawn Marion… if it were four years ago maybe and Gooden…you must be kidding. Please don’t Rowell might be listening.

    Jax I hope they just get rid of him, he is not good for this team. He and Nellie together is more poison than I can stand. I think the people suggesting the Dubs trade ellis are the same people that were suggesting the Giants trade Cain…you are waaaay off!!!

  • something overlooked, even if Watson signs the 1 mill qualifying offer, he WILL NOT be an unrestricted FA next summer. Since he would not have 4 years service in the league he would STILL be a restricted FA and have to do this dance with the Warriors again. This is probably what is holding up his signing the QO.

  • Ewok

    CJ’s message is,

    He is giving 4.5 million to the franchise, just get him out of the organization.

    If the Warriors have any sense of sanity and LOGIC, They should just allow him to leave for a decent trade. If they keep him which is something he deserved and fitting, give him his money! He is not asking Jackson’s money, just respect and recognition.

    I mean if the guy is willing to give more than what he will recieve for a risky stay in the organization for one year, how do we expect him to change his mind after the year is over when he already lost the money he is suppose to get? he will definitely want a bigger paycheck somewhere else.

    And for the life of me, What is wrong with Orlando deal where we can get a first round draft pick?

    Logos, Pathos, Ethos. This organization has no clue.

    Larry Riley should get hot not on making possible trades, but getting him and the rest of organization in one page. Most especially Don Nelson!

    Cohan and Rowell should cut it and cut quickly. IT’S OVER!

    As usual. The fate of this organization has been decided early in the offseason again. This has been going on for years.

    Hooray to The New Clippers of the decade!

  • WTF

    WTF are the warriors doing?! Im looking at the roster and clearly its not going anyone on paper and no where close to the playoffs. SMART #ss up there dont know wtf theyre doing and not knowing what theyre building around. TRADE THE WHOLE DAMN TEAM IN EXXCEPTION OF MONTA RANDOLPH AND AB AND MAYBE CURRY OR MORROW BUT PLEASE tell us what youre doing with our warriors!

  • seems like this bit of reality is lost…CJ WILL NOT be an unrestricted FA next summer. He will not have the minimum 4 years in the league to become one. He will once again be the W’s restricted FA and have to do this all over again. He should just take the guaranteed $$.

  • sonnyg

    I believe that maybe Nelson would like to rid himself of Ellis. And Jackson spouting off has given the W brass an opening to float Ellis’ name out there. Well I’m here to say leave Ellis alone. He will come around and he has talent you won’t be able to replace- all-star talent. I’m guessing Jackson heard his name in some trade rumors and the proud person he is- took offense and reacted by proclaiming his desire to be traded. It would be unconscionable for the GM not to try to trade Jackson after a year in which he hit offensive highs in practically every category. Before he opened his mouth, Jackson’s trade value was probably as high as its ever going to be.

  • Lufty455

    As per Tom Tolbert we are the Clippers north.
    Damn straight we are.
    The Warriors are not a bad team just a lost team due to the drama sent by Nellie, Rowell and company.
    Why can’t Nellie just retire and take his millions back to the islands.
    This team needs a coach who will work on their flaws and make them better.
    Not a coach who will use their flaws against them and burn them to the media and their fans.
    Let’s see how they handle this scenario.
    Maybe this will final push Nellie and company out the door.
    The national media is now taking notice how Nellie and Rowell screwed things up bad here.
    Mullie we need your leadership more than ever…

  • Justafan

    This is the year to “Boycott” until Larry E buys then we’ll have an owner who will clean this S**T up

  • commish

    Why would CJ do that? G, let me count the ways: Chris Cohan, Robert Rowell, Don Nelson, Baron Davis, Marco Belinelli, Stephen Jackson, Al Harrinton….ad infinitum.

  • petaluman

    Still no final word? If CJ was just interested in 1 year, he’d have already signed. He’s still negotiating terms. In addition to the base salary, there’s incentives and player and team opt-outs to be determined.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    Jax really knows how to take a piss on the fans. I really liked him B4 but this is too much. He wants to win a champinship?? Doesnt he already have a ring with SA? What a frickin jerk.

    I liked this team and thought they were starting to build something nice. Now they may have to blow up the frickin team. Thanks Jax!!

  • Marcus, with Jackson, one of the team “leaders”, wanting out, doesn’t it make sense that other players like Watson would soon follow suit? I would not be surprised if Biedrins, Randolph, Ellis all ask to be traded too. Who in their right minds would want to play for a Cohan/Rowell/Nelson team that has no clue, and little hope for a playoff berth, even for more money?

  • Perry

    Jackson or no Jackson,……. Stephen, Jermaine, Freddie or Jesse Jackson……doesn’t matter……..this team is still in BIG trouble……….

    Let’s take a step back and look at what we have left as far as the starters are concerned, where they’re at in their careers and what they should be expected to bring to the table in 2009-2010 (starters only):

    1. Monta Ellis – Coming off of another off-season where once again, his future with this team was in slight question. ESPN.com Insider reporting that Ellis trade winds have picked up again. Monta is a talented player. His ability to finish on both sides of the basket with both hands is only equalled by Tony Parker.

    He can score, that won’t change, he should be the focal point of the offense, he should look to score 22+ppg and 5.2 apg for this team to stand a chance. That would be an All-Star year for Monta Ellis.

    That being said, I think Monta is always on the “trading block” with this organization to some extent. His contract is somewhat marketable because he’s a young, talented player. But those arguments with Don Nelson and disagreements with ownership and management can wear on a relationship. Look for Monta Ellis to perform at the bare minimum, doing his job, but expect no leadership from him in 09-10.

    2. With Stephen Jackson likely to be gone, I start Kelenna Azubuike at the 2 (that depends on who we get in return for Stephen Jackson, or…if we keep Stephen Jackson) – Kelenna is an efficient scorer. That will not change. He can score in a variety of ways, I like when he gets to the basket, would like to see him look to penetrate first. He is a good perimeter shooter. Look for him to shoot 40% from the 3 point line and average about 15 ppg, if given at least 35 mpg. He has a good attitude, he’s a “team first” guy, he will come to work every day.

    3. Corey Maggette – It’s no secret how much I like Corey. If he’s healthy and if he gets the PT, look for Corey to score heavily in this offense. He should be the # 2 guy after Monta in scoring average and look for him to be at about 19 ppg. Corey always has those inexplicable “DNP”s that have plagued his career.

    It’s just a matter of staying healthy…….his work ethic and focus are all in the right place on the basketball court. We all know that he doesn’t look to pass first, ……he is a scorer……but you know what you get with him when healthy.

    4. Anthony Randolph – In a major career leap, Anthony begins playing significant minutes this year. He is not the focal point of the offense, but he should look to be the focal point of the defense. If Anthony played with a traditional PG, he would have the opportunity to up his scoring average because of all the easy baskets he would get.

    I would like for him to show more discipline on both sides of the ball this year, because he can play on both sides of the ball very well. Just don’t get your hopes up too high with him…….that’s all I’m expressing …… give him a chance to develop a sound NBA game.

    It will take some time. A successful season for AR in 2009-2010 is 14 ppg and 9.6 rpg. Anything less than that, ladies…..and pretty much chalk up Anthony Randolph as exactly what he was………a questionable #14 pick.

    5. Andres Biedrins – The calm, soothing presence on a team full of chaos. Andres is one of the best rebounders in the NBA, capable of big rebound games. I would like for him to continue to get open by getting easy baskets and playing pick and roll with Monta Ellis. That would help both of them out.

    I don’t expect him to be a focal point of the offense, so he will look to get easy baskets as he’s done his entire career. You know what you get with Andres, one of the best young Centers in the league……..he sure plays with a lot more passion that Andrew Bynum or Greg Oden…..I’m glad Andres Biedrins is a part of this squad.

    Still a lot of questions with the starting 5, let alone the rest of the squad. Too many questions in my book to legitimize themselves as anything more than 10-15 in the Western Conference.

  • earl Monroe

    Watson’s value is going down daily, and by the end of next season will be less,
    seems like he is just an insurance policy for Nelson’s bevy of guards.
    Hard to imagine the Warriors adding and extra million to sweeten the pot for this player. (well not really, funny who they choose to give money to)

  • deano

    This story will evaporate as soon as training camp bgins. The odds that Curry is actually ready to play point guard in the NBA are very slim. The odds that Nellie will give a non-performing rookie playing time are even slimmer. If/when CJ signs, I’ll bet he plays a lot at PG, almost as much as Ellis.

  • earl Monroe


    It has been written both that Watson is an unrestricted free agent after next season and that he is a restricted free agent after next season, which is it?

  • moto

    mr.monroe, watson can only gain a replay next summer of his restricted free agent status by taking another qualifying offer, but it will be the last time he’d have to defer getting unrestricted freedom. the collective bargaining rules differentiate between players with three full years or less of experience and those with more, and the coming season gets watson through that third year. if more clubs have $$ under the cap and luxury tax limits next summer and think he’s worth signing, he could still get an offer that the woe-yrs decline to match.

  • Justafan

    wasn’t he from the d league?, good luck ok on the more important things like ” Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sell s the team!!!”

  • randolphforpresident

    Wow perry do you even read what you write? You have no idea what you are talking about. Anything less than 14+ points and 9+ rebounds for Randolph and he was a “questionable” 14 pick? Hey buddy, do you know what Andris’ career averages are? 8.4 pts and 8.2 rebounds a game. In his second year, he averaged 4.2 rebounds and 3.8 PPG. He was the 11th pick. Now you say that if AR doesn’t average at least 14 and 9 next year he is a bust. Not only are you an idiot, but you are also a hypocrite, congratulations.

  • Lufty455

    Fire Nellie and Rowell please now…. we are a complete joke of a team.
    Hire Mullie as GM again.

  • G. Saint Jean

    Marcus – no posts in 12 days? You’re killing me. Training camp opens in, what, three weeks?

  • Perry

    You know what just amazes me more than anything is that we’ve had so many draft picks, so many 1st round draft picks, so many opportunities to make this a winning franchise over the past 12 or so years and we struck out on every opportunity.

    You look at other teams striking it rich with little known players that end up becoming stars: Dirk Nowitzki (remember when everyone was laughing at Dallas when they traded for him with Milwaukee?); Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker (drafted after Jason Richardson and before Gilbert Arenas).

    12 years and nothing to show for it.

    It makes you wonder if the players we drafted are really that good: Monta, Andris, Jason, Troy, Mike, Gilbert, Anthony………..

    It took Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson (2 cast-offs from another team)………….to make us into a playoff squad………..we couldn’t do it with our own players….

    That should tell you something about our organization, ownership and management.

    Same thing now,…….we can’t do it with our current players…….we need to look at a blockbuster, franchise-changing trade.

  • Petaluman


    From http://www.hoopsworld.com/Story.asp?story_id=13829

    “Curry Learning From The Best

    Golden State Warriors rookie Stephen Curry wasted no time in seeking out the best advice he could find as he prepares to make his debut as an NBA point guard after spending his college career primarily at the two. This week he’s been in New Orleans, working out with All-Star (and fellow North Carolina product) Chris Paul.

    “To come in and learn from an All-Star and Olympic gold-medal winner is pretty special,” Curry told John Reid of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “You see how hard he works, and I picked up things and competed with him one-on-one. I just feel like it’s a head start for me to start my career off right.”

    “I’ve known Stephen for awhile,” Paul said. “He grew up in Charlotte, and I was down in Winston-Salem. We’ve been working out all summer, and I think he’s as prepared for his rookie season as he can be.”

    That’s high praise coming from arguably the best point guard in the NBA . . .and the Warriors have to be thrilled to know the young man who is their floor leader of the future is spending time in the company of the best.”

  • Perry

    “Petaluman”………….I saw the same thing.

    I think Curry is ready for the NBA. I think he’s made to score and he can do it in a variety of ways.

    My only question is, “Is he a difference maker?”

    Is he a Chris Paul?

    Is he a Chauncey Billups?

    Is he a Tony Parker?

    Is he a Devin Harris?

    Is he a Derron Williams?

    Is he a Steve Nash?

    Is he a guy who makes his team better?

    If so, it will be a wonderful surprise.

    If not, you’re looking at a 38 % shooter who will either shoot you out of the game or have a big game here and there……….not make his teammates better, fall into the trap of feeling like he has to be the “pressure packed scorer”……….a role that Stephen Jackson has adopted on this team.

    Stephen Jackson has always felt that the weight of the world lies on his shoulders to be the leading scorer, shot taker, shot maker on this squad. That’s a pretty insecure feeling when you’re not and never have been a # 1 option, ever.

    We all know Stephen Jackson is a 3rd option on a great team……….

    I think Stephen Curry has # 1 option pedigree………you talk about size and his lack thererof and I talk about Allen Iverson, Steve Nash and Tony Parker.

    Let’s just hold out hope and see what happens……….we’re Warrior fans for God’s Sakes….what the hell else can we do?

  • A’s in 2010

    Marcus! The Warriors made a trade, swapping a 2012 1st for the 2011 1st to NJ. Fred Kerber says “The Warriors are discussing some sort of trade (not with the Nets) that would involve their 2010 first round draft pick”. Something is up.


  • Perry

    You know “RandolphforPresident”,……you failed to mention that Andris has improved his PPG and RPG with each progressive year in the league.

    Last year’s RPG was 11.2……good enough for top 10 in the NBA……that’s more like D. Howard, Al Jefferson, D. West A. Stoudemire when healthy territory.

    Also, his production has gone hand in hand with his increased PT. The more MPG he gets, the more he produces.

    He hasn’t developed the PPG aspect of his game as quickly as some bigs………but compared to over-rated talent like Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum……Biedrins comes out ok.

    Couple that with the fact that he plays a position that’s difficult to fill in the first place and he’s in his early-mid twenties.

    Improvement is the way Andris establishes himself in the league……..Monta was on that path too but last year’s fiasco dropped his stock a little bit in that department.

    So, “RandolphforPresident”…….you tell me this,….

    Tomorrow morning when you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror, come back here and post with the answer to the following question:

    How does it feel to look at a douche bag?

  • lavalovers

    Marcus? Are you there? Do you still cover the Warriors? we miss your blogs…….

  • Gary Sinota


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