Jax still wants out; Monta drops bomb

UPDATED: Warriors media day got really entertaining once Stephen Jackson took his seat, playfully calling the throng of media “vultures.” If you thought he was going to back off his statements about wanting to be traded, you were wrong.

Jackson stood by them, fairly emphatically, all but overtly questioning the Warriors desire to win. He cited the constant dismantling of the organization that upset Dallas as the primary reason for his discontent.
He didn’t say he wanted out again because he didn’t want to get slapped with another $25,000 fine from the NBA. But he did say he sticks by his earlier comments, his relationship with President Bobby Rowell has changed, and he stands by his statements because “he wants to win.”

Then Monta came out. He was usually dismissive and, thus, boring until he was asked if he could see himself and rookie guard Stephen Curry sharing the backcourt.

“I can’t.”

Why not?

“‘Cause I can’t.”

But why not? Too small?

“I just can’t. I can’t. Can’t win that way.”

Here is the not-from-my-memory-while-riding-home-and-blogging-from-my-phone version:

Can you see yourself playing with Curry in the backcourt?
I can’t answer that. Us together? No.
Why not?
Can’t. We just can’t.
Too small? Too similar?
Just can’t.
You know they (the Warriors) say you can, right?
(Do) they say we can? Yeah. They say we can. But we can’t.
You wouldn’t want to give it a shot?
I just want to win. That’s (pause) Not going to win that way.

Monta went on to say if coach Don Nelson – who has been saying all offseason he wants to play them together, is hoping to re-create the Ellis-Baron Davis tandem, it ain’t happening because, and I am summarizing here, Curry ain’t Baron. He doesn’t have Baron’s experience and size to make it a productive backcourt.

It’s different when you’re trying to compare me and Stephen, when you’re trying to go back to when me and BD were playing, it’s a different situation. You’ve got a nine-year veteran who’s been in the game, who understands the game, knows how to play the game, and he’s a big body. You can’t put two small guys out there and try to play the 1 and the 2 when you’ve got big 2 guards in the league. You just can’t do it. OK, yes, we’re going to move up and down fast, but eventually the game is going to slow down. You can’t do it.”

Curry said he could see the two playing together, but it depends on the matchups, intimating he believes there are circumstances the pairing wouldn’t work. But Nellie said Friday that as of right now, four of the starters are set: Jax, Ellis, Randolph, Biedrins. That leaves two most-likely
options: 1) start Curry in the backcourt with Monta; 2) start Azubuike and move Jax to SG, and let Curry back up Monta.

Nellie had said all along that Jackson and Ellis would be the backcourt. He backed off of that on Friday.

Do you look at Curry as a starter?
I don’t know that.
Who’s your starting point guard?
I don’t know that. It’ll all be determined as we go along.
Monta going to get a good look at that spot?
Oh Monta will be a starter.
At the point?
I don’t know that. What I do is we’re going to be very small in the backcourt this year. Our 1s and 2s are going to be small, so we’ll have to compensate defensively for some of those things. And do some scheming defensively to help cover that.
Morrow fits in that? He’s not too small.
Morrow’s 6-5. Not a big 2-guard.
You said last year in an ideal world you’d play Jackson at the 2.
We’re not going to do that any more because of my draft pick. So now we’re just going to be small there. That’s what we’ll be. Jack will be a 3.

Clearly, Nelson has at least hopes of Monta and Curry sharing the backcourt. And after once naming Monta the starter, he is now non-committal. But …

Option 1 is a major concession on the defensive end. Option 2 leaves Curry in a limited roll (as Monta figures to play a boatload of minutes), which is hardly what Nellie has been suggesting since drafting Curry. We also know now starting Curry won’t be a well-received strategy by the franchise player, which opens the door to more discontent.

What’s funny, Monta said he thought everyone was now on the same page. Nelson and Riley went to visit him in Memphis in June to accomplish that. And before camp starts, the coach
and the star player are already disagreeing on philosophy?

Here are the transcripts from today’s flammable interviews, courtesy of my man TK:

Monta Ellis interview

Stephen Jackson interview

Marcus Thompson

  • joesez

    Move an existing or open a new NBA franchise in San Jose.

    5th most populous metropolitan area in the USA, and the wealthiest per captia in the USA yet we have ONE NBA franchise.

  • http://eyemsick.blogspot.com/ Bigmouth

    Your new Warriors slogan: No we can’t!

  • eric

    I’d trade Monta in a minute..what has he done? Has he even started a new season?

  • eric

    He is not in any position to make demands or say what will or won’t work

  • Mr B.

    Look it. Let’s make sense of this whole scenario. This could be a win – win for everyone.

    Straight up trades (numbers may not make sense initially).

    Since Ellis wants to play with Barron, trade Monta for Eric Gordon of the Clippers.

    Trade Jackson for Boozer.

    Everyone is fat and happy.

  • Justafan

    Boycott, can you say NBA League Pass… no more Money for Cohan

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    Great way to start the season by telling the fans that they cant win. Classic moves from Monta and SJax. They need to get Jax off this team. This guy will be a cancer this year and Monta follows hit coat tail.

    With the Raiders sucking so bad I was looking fwd to the start of the Warrior season. So much for that plan.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    These guys need to hire publicists or somethin. They definitely shouldnt be talkin for themselves.

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks

    Talk about spittin in Rowell’s face…..

    Interestingly, Jackson negotiated his contract extension last year without an agent and directly through Warriors’ president Robert Rowell. Now, Jackson says there will be no talks with Rowell unless his new agent, Mark Stevens, is present.

    “I’ve got to work for him,” Jackson said, referring to Rowell. “I’ve got to respect him. At the same time there’s no conversation that’s going to be held without my agent being there. Those days are over. We’re going to talk, my agent’s going to be there and we’re going to do it right. All that other stuff, just to have casual talks, I don’t think that’s necessary. Because I’m not going to be fake. None of that.”

  • OptimusPrime aka Rod Brooks


    Can you get a comment from our other captain Andris about being suspended from the Latvian team for drinking and partying too much.

  • citznkane1

    Beidrin’s suspension: http://www.goldenstateofmind.com/2009/9/28/1058104/biedrins-conditionally

    Well, how many of YOU haven’t done the same at some time of your life. People in glass houses…Cast the first stone….

    Imagine if Singletary was the W’s coach and face of this organization? This shows the contrasts of these two sports organization and the type of reporting the associated Beat writers will do. We expect so little of this W’s organization now and have reduced it to a a “joke” (like Paris Hilton – we never expect anything good. Consequently, this is what the media will focus on – the conflicts, failures, misdeeds, etc…. A major culture change will need to happen within the organization, followed by the media’s new story line, and eventually the fans will have new expectations. See what’s happening to the 49′ers? It’s night and day between the organizations. Tragic.

  • Perry

    I can’t believe “squeaky clean” Andris letting loose in Latvia………

    I wonder how the girls are over there?

    Anyway, shouldn’t be a suprise, we’re in for another 50 loss season with or without the Monta and Jackson fiasco.

    Even if everything was “roses and peaches”, even if Monta and Jackson were in love with the organization……we would still lose 50 games in 2009-2010…….we just don’t have the players to be a winning team, period.

    Let’s just look ahead and deal with the obvious situation:

    Trading Ellis and Jackson

    I say we call on Portland and Dallas to address our needs.

    Lanarcus Aldridge is unhappy with the way his contract negotiations are going. Very similar to the B. Roy situation….

    It took Kevin Pritchard and the Blazers brass almost 2 months to decide to give B. Roy the 5th year.

    Lamarcus is a franchise cornerstone and Portland owership has a tremendous amount of financial flexibility. Difficult to see him traded, but the possibility always exists.

    Remember, Baron Davis, Pau Gasol…these are both guys who were stolen by the Warriors and Lakers respectively. Both situations were desperate, both New Orleans and Memphis needed to get rid of these players when they needed to…….and the aggressive GM won…..in this case it was Chris Mullin and Mitch Kuptchak respectively.

    Larry Riley should be on the phone to Kevin Pritchard in Portland and Donnie Nelson, Jr. in Dallas, talking about 1 of the 2 following scenarios:

    1. Stephen Jackson and Acie Law to Portland for Lamarcus Aldridge and Jerryd Bayless

    2. Stephen Jackson and Anthony Randolph to Portland for Lamarcus Aldridge and Travis Outlaw. Same day, turn around and trade Monta Ellis to Dallas for Jason ‘Jet’ Terry

    Scerio # 2 really benefits all 3 teams in my book. Portland would lose a key SF in Outlaw, but would acquire a 20+ppg 3 to pair with N. Batum at that position. With Aldridge gone, AR has a chance to develop with a quality PG in Andre Miller and a great player in B. Roy, likely to get easy baskets and average close to 15 ppg.

    Dallas gets a young, talented player in Monta Ellis who still has some upside, in exchange for an aging, but reliable veteran in Jet Terry.

    The Warriors acquire their new 1, 3 and 4 in 1 fell swoop. Here it is:

    1. Terry
    2. Azubuike
    3. Outlaw
    4. Aldridge
    5. Biedrins

    2nd unit:

    1. Watson
    2. Morrow
    3. Maggette
    4. Wright
    5. Turiaf

    Now is the time when an aggressive GM with an agenda can really behoove this organization. I don’t think Larry Riley even has the balls to pick up the telephone.

    The only question is, with Aldridge’s 1 year remaining, can the Warriors afford to re-sign him?

    Would he want to re-sign with the Warriors?

    It would be a similar situation, contractually, to a Chris Bosh scenario…….

  • Dunkin on Warrior dumdumbs

    You know what? I’ve been a fan of these 2 players since Monte was a rookie who showed flashes of brilliance to the mega trade that got rid of Warriors workin class stiffs for Jax and Harrington. What bothers me the most by these comments is that i understand where Jax is comin from, watchin the team he felt could go all the way after the 2007 playoffs to the folling year being dismantled piece by piece. Ive been in night clubs with those guys many times B4 and there was not a closer nitt group than Jackson, Davis, Ellis, Harrington, and Barnes. (Didnt see J Rich 2 much)But lets not forget “Big Shot Jack” This was a team that traded for you knowing you were bringin bagage and/or impending Jail time or league supension which cost us THE FANS and your team 7 games in which we started 0-7 and how do we repay you for this. Try 7 mil a year. How do you repay the team and your teammates that dubbed you Captain Jack? By sayin you dont want play with them anymore. Spittin in the face of the fans that have embraced you and cheer for your triumps althogh we cringe at the bad decisions(Bad shots and turnovers). Come on man! Lead these pups to the promise land if you’re as good as you think you are or would you rather be a role player and ride Lebrons coattail to another championship like you did Duncan and Robinson. And as for our other esteemeded Captain (who voted you in?) 2nd round pick outta high school, signs big contract, repays team by getting injured in off season mopad accident then lies about the whole ordeal(those loses from october to February are on your head also buddy!) and tells the coach with the most wins in the NBA what wont work in his backcourt. Am I missing somethin? Hey Monte you would’nt even know what the playoffs taste like if it wasnt for him. I and the rest of the Warrior faithful were suffering through losing seasons when you were in elementary school brotha and we dont get payed for it! You and Jax SHUT YOUR UNGRATEFUL PIEHOLES AND PLAY!

  • Earl Monroe

    Jackson and Law for Aldridge and Byless- what world are you in?
    Pritchard would be a laughing stock if he made this deal.
    Even if the numbers worked out, this is just pie in the sky stuff.

    After all the jail blazer stuff you think they would touch Jackson?
    Especially after he said he did not regret going into the stands in Detroit?

  • Earl Monroe

    I CAN’T take it !

  • Earl Monroe

    Ellis for Terry straight up? Really now?

  • Perry

    There should be no reason in Hell why we should get “fleeced” or “ripped off” in a deal involving Monta Ellis.

    Our 3 most marketable contracts on this team are:


    All 3 players should net us nothing less than a player equal to or as good as that particular player.

    Monta Ellis should net us a player equal to or greater than him as far as talent, if the contract figures match up.

    Monta is still young, talented, he’s one of the best guards in the league in FGP%, he has an excellent mid range game and he finishes at the basket with both hands as good as Tony Parker.

    Monta’s contract is reasonable by most standards, it’s not overly-accentuated……..I think he is making the amount of money that a player like him should get in today’s NBA, nothing more or astronomical.

    We should only get ripped off on unmarketable contracts like Maggette and Jackson.

    Monta, if traded, should net us a or players that are equal to or as good, hands down.

  • Dunkin on Warrior dumdumbs

    Ok i just read all the comments and have a couple of issues with some cats. first and far most Don Nelson makes a mess everywhere he goes? Wheres that? Dallas? Mark Cuban handled that all on his on or do we not remember what dallas looked like before nelson got there? even with jamaal mashburn j kidd and jimmie jackson runnin up points but not goin anywhere. Nellie made them a contender that went to the finals and built the team by hand piece by piece or did you think they were mainstays in the west because of Avery. lol! Get outta here. How soon we forget the last time we had a winning season that guy was coaching…. um ….. oh yea stupid! NELLIE! the freakin winningnest coach in the NBA with or without a title. I dont always agree with his decisions but they work dude! And lets not forget we could have still made the playoffs in 2008 if the west wouldnt have had a ridiculous run where it took 50 wins to make it. we won 48. and last year you can attest our bad season to the 2 idiots that are makin all the noise right now and we still developed 2 great rookies in marrow and randolf and picked up another stud in the takin Curry argubly the best player in the draft. the front office had nothin to do with our season even though i wish rowell and al davis would take a vacation in the bermuda triangle . and as for YOU KNOW YOU’RE RIGHT above not pullin the trigger on the Amare’ deal was a smart move because there was no garauntee he would resign after next year so YOU KNOW YOU ARE WRONG! do your reseach! PEACE

  • deano

    Before we break up the team, let’s see how they play together during the pre-season. As for our Captains, I would like to see Nelson dump Jack, Monta and Biedrins for Turiaff, Randolph and Morrow. Go with the forceful hustle guys.

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  • Mr B.

    Reading the transcript from the interviews, I kinda understand where Ellis is coming from. Basically a PG playing the 2 is tough in this league. You can have a 6’1 or 6’2 PG but a SG at 6’2 185 to 190 lbs, that is tough. They have to deal with guys like Brandon Roy at 6’6 230? I don’t care how much you benchpress, physics come into play. Ron Ron is a 2 Guard at 6’7 260.

    What is interesting in the articles is the way it is either said or translated. It seems sensationalized. But when you read between the lines, it makes some sense.

  • steve

    Guess there is no reason to try and go to Suns home opener to see my Warriors. Disappointing.

  • LRG

    So he is not apologetic about going into the stands with Ron Artest in Detriot? Just goes to show that Jackson is a classless thug, and all the people who root for him degrade themselves and the game of basketball. I personally will never set foot into Oracle again as long as this worthless piece of crab dons a Warrior uniform.

  • http://yahoo MJ


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  • Mr B.

    Time to trade Jackson. He’ll pull the same weird act he did last night until the Warriors trade him. I was hoping this guy would at least be a professional but there is no such thing in the NBA anymore.

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