Media Day

Back from vacation, headed to Media Day, the official kick off of the 2009-10 season. Any burning questions you want answers to?

Warriors 2009 Training Camp roster
7 Kelenna Azubuike G 6-5 220 12/16/83 Kentucky 3
15 Andris Biedrins F/C 6-11 240 4/2/86 Latvia 5
10 Speedy Claxton G 5-11 170 5/8/78 Hofstra 7
30 Stephen Curry G 6-3 185 3/14/88 Davidson R
8 Monta Ellis G 6-3 180 10/26/85 Lanier HS 4
19 Devean George G/F 6-8 235 8/29/77 Augsburg 10
1 Stephen Jackson G/F 6-8 215 4/5/78 Oak Hill 9
2 Acie Law IV G 6-3 202 1/25/85 Texas A&M 2
50 Corey Maggette F 6-6 225 11/12/79 Duke 10
22 Anthony Morrow G 6-5 210 9/27/85 Ga. Tech 1
33 Mikki Moore C 7-0 225 11/4/75 Nebraska 11
55 Shaun Pruitt F/C 6-10 245 11/22/85 Illinois R
4 Ant Randolph F 6-10 210 7/15/89 LSU 1
20 Diamon Simpson F 6-7 240 9/8/87 St. Mary’s R
21 Ronny Turiaf F 6-10 250 1/13/83 Gonzaga 4
23 C.J. Watson G 6-2 175 4/17/84 Tennessee 2
32 Brandan Wright F 6-10 205 10/5/87 North Car. 1

Marcus Thompson

  • Greg

    Ant Randolph F 6-10 210 7/15/89 LSU 1

    I guess they didn’t care about getting the latest measurements. I’ve heard several times that he’s grown to more like 7 foot and 225.

  • upintheredwoods

    The 2009/2010 Warriors look like a truly awful team. My question for the Warriors management would be: Are you seriously going to enter the season with this group???

  • Fantom

    why do they keep wasting more draft picks and risking more and more to trade yet another draft pick- aren’t draft picks the future hope – and they are being squandered.

  • JohnStout

    You know what we want to know. What’s up with Jax and all of the point guards? Any chance of moving him and a couple of them?

  • JohnStout

    When is Chris going to sell the team so that we can get some decent ownership?

  • John Starks

    1. Can you please have someone remove Al Harrington from the banner? Seriously, that’s just retarded. Is it that hard to contact the IT dude?

    2. Can you please ask Cohan when the new mascot will be arriving? Also, plese ask Cohan to remove Thunder from the logo. It’s lame.

    3. When will the team be changing it’s name to “Oakland Warriors”?

    4. Are the refs going to be biased against the Warriors again this year?

    5. Since the Warriors don’t seem to be making a move for any major free agent signings, when will that happen and who will it most likely be?

  • Mikki Moore is just Jermareo Davidson with even worse hair and a collection of snakes…Speedy Claxton has always been injury prone and was history when we threw him in with Dale Davis to get Baron…..we go round and round more than Nascar…..who is Shaun Pruitt, another Kosta Perovic…and who wins the Marcus Williams I will Sit at the end of the Bench and collect my paycheck for doing nothing Award, this year?


    If you can just ask Jack about how he feels he might be received on opening night ever since he made his comments about wanting to be traded? Or if he cannot comment on the issue for fear of another fine from the league, how does he handle the situation in regards to the fans and the FO?

    Also I know you will probably get some canned responses from Jack but it would just be good to hear if he is at least thinking about the fan reaction. I actually don’t fault Jack for getting his money and wanting to go somewhere competitive because it was due more to the ineptitude of the FO in making a bad decision as opposed to Jack working the system in order to get an extension. Thanks MT2!!

  • Willy

    Beidrins at F and C?
    Moore at C only?

    Does it mean anything?

    I don’t remember ever seeing Beidrins play F. Maybe I just don’t remember?

  • Lufty455

    Why is Rowell so quiet now??? Having issue with his number one signee??? Well Nellie take care of the situation like you took care of Crawford, Baron, Al, Mullie, Webber, just to name a few… Can’t wait to see these two guys fail. They both suck as a matter a fact the whole organization sucks. I am tired of all the drama coming out of OAKLAND these days. This was once a proud organization like the Raiders, like the A’s… Now where are they!!!! Boycott all the games until they get their act together.