Watson out up to three weeks

Warriors PG C.J. Watson was playing defense in Tuesday’s morning practice when he slipped, and his right knee rolled inward. Watson kept playing. But later, his knee was stiff and hurting. The results from Wednesday’s MRI revealed a sprained medial collateral ligament. He was hoping to play at Wednesday night’s practice, but he’s been shut down for at least a week and up to three weeks.

Watson: “I didn’t think it was that bad at first.”

The injury to Watson, the third of five point guards on the roster, may open an opportunity for either Speedy Claxton and Acie Law. They figure to be rental players, acquired solely for their expiring contracts. But with Watson out of practice, and possibly missing games, there may be a window for the two PGs acquired from Atlanta. Of course, there is always the possibility that Nellie has made up his mind and there is nothing they could do to earn time (ain’t that right, Marcus Williams?).
Oh, you doubt it, too?


Nellie played Monta and Curry together in Wednesday’s evening practice. Apparently, Curry is looking pretty good. He’s comfortable, making shots, looking under control. And Monta, I hear, is virtually unstoppable as a scorer.


The sleeper guy to watch in camp is Brandan Wright. He, I’m told, is really impressive.

Marcus Thompson

  • jscrilla

    Watson injured….wow….should of taken the guaranteed money. Suppose acie law or speedy light it up enough, nobody is going to want to pay watson a dime for sitting on the bench.

  • stormin9

    Randolph / Wright
    Jack / Monta

    Your starting 5

  • Deftoned40oz

    monta unstoppable? curry under control and making shots? well, yea…they’re playing against other warriors…who wouldn’t look good against this defense? ok maybe vonteego cummings…maybe…

  • some guy

    deftoned40oz – just what i was thinking.

    uh-oh BWright looks good in camp? that’s like the kiss of death….. Dajuan Wagner in 06-07 and Harrington the last 2 camps.

  • Earl Monroe

    No matter what its going to be a fun season, just trying to figure out a way
    to watch all the games without Fitzgerald’s commentary- want to keep the
    sound on for Jim Barnett

  • Marques8

    Nellie has his flaws, but picking out guards is not one of them. You really think Marcus Williams is going to play much in Memphis?

  • jS

    I’ve always liked Wright, so that’s really good to hear he’s impressive so far. He’s not cocky nor outspoken, but he’s game is smooth…Hope he plays well this season.

    Curry seems to be more mature during interviews compare to our two “superstars”…i’m tired of all the drama…

    ATTN: Larry Ellison, please buy our warriors!!!

  • Wrigged

    What do you expect? It’s Wrights’ contract year…duh?

  • Wrigged

    Sorry. I forgot the word ‘SLEEPER’.

  • Wrigged

    Who knows, BWright might be able to ‘SLIP’ one for another 3 years? (of sleeping).

    Frankly, can’t blame BW slow development if the coach is one lousy lazy alcoholic.

  • John Starks

    I hope to high heaven Monta comes around. I’m a big fan of Monta and will likely be a big fan of Curry. Having the two of them in the back court will obviously create some defensive problems from time to time, but I’m willing to bet that the benefits of their games together will outweigh the detriments.

    This team is not as bad as people think. The team was never designed to be defensive stalwarts. They were designed to out run the opponent and they will be very good at that…as long as they can hit open shots. Enter Curry and Morrow. I’m still not giving up on this team.

  • JustPuked

    Deftoned40oz & Some Guy are on top of it.

    It’s not hard to look good on offense if your defender is a Warriors. Looking “unstoppable” and “impressive” in training camp is as effective as looking dominate in Summer League when it comes to predicting who’s going to shine in the regular season.

    Apparently…I hear…I’m told…What’s going on Marcus, you’re not breathlessly watching every practice via the lame NO AUDIO “Live” feed via upstream? For Shame, lol, for shame!

  • deano

    Good point @ #3, Deftoned. As for CJ’s injury, it does offer Acie Law another opportunity to show that he is still the SI cover point guard he was at Texas A&M. Maybe he learned something from his lousy performance on GSW’s Summer League team, and has come to camp in shape and ready to dish. One can always hope, or in the case on Warriors’ fans, only hope.

  • Perry

    Summer League, Training Camp……..you guys are right.

    That’s why I’m saying don’t get all excited about Anthony Randolph and his summer league dominance.

    At the same time, don’t get too down on Stephen Curry for his poor Summer performance….

    Belinelli dominated the 2007 Summer League and couldn’t get a minute in the rotation to save his life.

    The West is tougher than ever……….anyone who thinks the West is weaker is smoking PCP.

    The Lakers are set to win close to 70 games this year. Artest defending perimeter players will free up so much energy for #24 on the offensive end. Couple that with the constant improvement of the already talented Gasol…and the rest of the cast and coaching staff.

    Dallas and San Antonio both improved. New Orleans may have improved as well with the Okafor signing. Utah held on to everybody. Portland added a quality PG to their young core. Denver should win 50 +.

    Where do we fit into the picture?

  • Perry

    I wish we could take our players and exchange them for similar players wiht similar games, but the winner versions of them.

    For example, the winner version of Monta Ellis is Tony Parker……….both are quick to the basket, both can score with both hands and finish on both sides of the basket. Parker handles the ball better and is a more traditional PG. But as far as game style goes, they are similar players.

    The winner version of Anthony Randolph is Kevin Garnett. Similar physiques, Anthony can handle the ball better, but Kevin is a more disciplined defender and better low post scorer.

    The winner version of Stephen Jackson is Hedo Turkoglu. Turkoglu has always played on 50+ win teams his entire career. He is a more consistent perimeter shooter than Stephen, both can score in similar ways.

    The winner version of Stephen Curry is Devin Harris. Devin obviously hasn’t developed his Nets team into winners yet……..but if I could have a choice between the 2, I would take Devin any day of the week.

    The winner version of Brandon Wright is Lamarcus Aldridge. While their sizes are different, Brandan is a little leaner and longer……their games are very similar. Both can score in the low block and both are decent free throw shooters.

    The winner version of CJ Watson is Derek Fisher. While Fisher is mostly a starter, I think their games can be similar. Both are not very quick, both are ok ball handlers, but both are not scared to shoot, especitally in the 4th quarter. Derek has a little more range, but CJ’s mid range game is better.

    If only we could have the winner versions instead of the loser versions…….

  • sartre

    Perry, I like your concept here but some comparisons seem a little more of a stretch than others. Also, give Curry a break – the guy as zero minutes NBA experience and who knows how someone with his basketball tools will develop. Of course, Harris is currently the better player but why bother comparing them at this stage? Curry may well develop to a similar level in 2-3 years. All I know is that we picked a young man with great potential.

  • petaluman


    I’d really appreciate a player-by-player breakdown of how they look to you after the 1st week of TC. We’re always interested in anything you have to say about our favorites, but ideally a team can count on everyone on the roster. Do Claxton, George, and Moore look like they have any gas left in the tank? Is Acie likely to contribute more than Marcus did last year?