Game #2: Suns 123, Warriors 101

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a member of the organization talk about how good they are on offense, I’d have that Luis Vutton leather interior in my car.
The Warriors like to point out their plethora of 20-point scorers, and how they aren’t worried about offense. But two games into the season, it is clear the Warriors aren’t so good on that side of the ball. They look disjointed, unorganized and confused.

JACKSON: “We don’t move the ball as well as we have in past years, but it’s the second game of the season, so hopefully it will get better. The chemistry we have is not even close to what we used to have. but I think it’s up to the coaches to figure out what guys to have out there and get that chemistry back.”

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Game #1: Houston 108, Warriors 107

You are all so cliche. Not all of you. Just those who booed Stephen Jackson.
You didn’t even analyze the situation. You took the easy route. You heard a player express his desire to leave and you automatically blamed him. Because he gets to play basketball for a living and makes millions at it, and anyone who has such a set-up should never be found complaining or unhappy.
You didn’t consider that Jackson may have a point. You aren’t acknowledging his right to go for self since the organization clearly takes the same approach. You just condemned him for taking a three-year extension for some $28 million, like signing that extension negated his right to an opinion or to be critical of an organization. You act like the Warriors gave him charity, and beggars can’t be choosers.
So you booed him. How original.

JACKSON: “Fans are so predictable about that. Any time you say you want to leave, that’s going to happen. I was prepared for it. They can do it all they want. I’m going to go out there and play hard for the fans that do support me.”

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Booing someone who just wants to win.

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There was a time when I was certain they wouldn’t win more than 35. But Stephen Curry is better than I thought he would be. I much prefer starting Ronny Turiaf at power forward if it’s not Anthony Randolph. Plus, as Matt Steinmetz keeps saying, the West is down. The top is ridiculous. But Houston, Utah, Phoenix and the Clippers – even the Hornets – aren’t exactly scary.
Eventually, the holes in this team (defense, no top-notch closer, no low-post scoring, young in the wrong places) will catch up to them and they will fade. But it should be. Could be a good first half, though.

So there is my prediction. On the record. Official. Now where is yours?

Let’s see what guy think. Post your prediction. Gimmie the record you think they will finish with. Factor in whatever you like and come up with one record.


Warriors pre-game live chat Wednesday night at 6:30

Join Marcus Thompson II for a Warriors pre-game live chat on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 6:30 p.m. PDT, right before Golden State’s season opener against Houston.
Marcus will bring you the latest news from Don Nelson’s pre-game session with reporters as well as his thoughts on this year’s Warriors squad.


Open Practice at Oracle

Warriors forward Mikki Moore just arrived. He had a flat tire and was late as a result


Interesting lineup on the court right now. Ronny Turiaf is playing PF with the first team and not Corey Maggette. Of course, that leaves Maggette playing PF on the second unit and Anthony Randolph as the center. Acie Law is playing the shooting guard spot and guarding Monta Ellis. Anthony Morrow is playing SF and guarding Stephen Jackson.

The last few practices, Morrow has been matched up with Jackson (at least when we have been able to watch). Jackson has been dogging Morrow, too. Taking him off the dribble every time, getting whatever he wants. Definitely good training for Morrow.


Today’s Monta Ellis’ 24th birthday. Being the lone rookie on the team, Steph Curry had to lead the estimated crowd of 4,000 in a rendition of Happy Birthday. Some kids brought him cake and cards.


Curry Will Start Opening Night

Nellie could not resist the temptation after all.
Two days ago, he announced CJ Watson as the starter for the dress rehearsal game, and saying he wanted rookie Steph Curry to play on the second unit with Morrow. But Saturday after practiced he announced that Curry has won the starting spot for the october 28 season opener v. Houston. He said Curry sees the floor too well and he wants another passer on the floor. He said he locked it up with that final preseason game.

Nellie said they are just going to have to deal with whatever defensive mismatches they come across a result (such as Ellis v. Battier or Curry v. Ariza). He said Ellis will play some point, but Nellie wants him at his strength, which is off the ball.

NELLIE: “Right now, anyone who plays with Curry looks good. I would think Monta should love it.


Exhibition #8: Ws vs. Hornets

Nellie’s got a pretty significant problem on his hands. How does he keep Stephen Curry and Anthony Morrow off the floor?
Morrow joins Corey Maggette as the Warriors’ most efficient scorers. But Morrow has the added benefit of scoring points 3 points at a time. And his scoring – because it stretches the floor – opens things up for others. He scored 18 points in the fourth quarter and finished with 34. He was 3-for-6 with 7 points at the half.
Curry is proving to be the best PG on the team. He had 10 assists Thursday and looked in control until the end (38 minutes may be too much). Unlike Monta Ellis, who sees people when he has to, Curry is looking for people – especially Morrow, which is why Nelson wants them two on the floor together.
But how can he get those two on the floor since he HAS TO play Ellis and Stephen Jackson a chunk of minutes?

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