Should Warriors Decline Wright’s Option?

I was at my college reunion in Atlanta when I heard the news about Wright. Hard not to feel bad for the guy. He was determined, and it showed. He had, by all accounts, a great off-season. He was arguably the most impressive player in camp to date. His floating hook was looking unguardable. He picked up 18 pounds over last season, according to the team’s staff, and had grown about an inch. Everybody was impressed with Brandan Wright.

Now, he may be losing more than just most of this season.

The Warriors, I’m told, were really close to officially picking up Wright’s option. They were definitely going to do it, but were waiting as a matter of safe practice. But once he came into camp looking good, it was a no-brainer. Now, not so sure. Of course, this is the very reason they waited, for the just in case, I think.
Do you pick up his option?
If Wright misses six months, he won’t return until March. And even then, he won’t be 100 percent. He will certainly be out of shape and rusty. So you can count this season as a wash. Which means, you are going into 2010-11 with the same questions/concerns about Wright that exist this season, and that’s assuming that shoulder is ever right again.
Do you pick him up for 2010-11 under these circumstances and hope he recovers fully? Or do you cut your losses now and pick up the extra cap space next summer?

Marcus Thompson

  • gnossos

    Of course you pick up the option. Where are you going to kind a long, swift athlete like this? Had he stayed in college he would be in his senior year right now. By all accounts he looks great. It’s like having a lottery pick coming in next season. Conservative treatment of his shoulder didn’t work. Now he needs a true ‘fix’. It’s an everyday surgery. It would be very foolish to let him go at this point. Course, this IS the Warriors.

  • commish

    I couldn’t agree more. Why would you not pick up his option? We have no real power forwards on the entire squad (but many in Nelson’s eyes) so why would we not hang on to a player who was getting much better and could be even better.

  • Earl Monroe

    Big guys with this type of skill are hard to find, they know how good he’s going to be, of course they pick up the option-of course this is warrior management we are talking about

  • Of course you pick up the option! Ya gave up Jrich for him! And of course you cut Diamond Simpson for fouling the guy during practice so you take out Simpson’s for sure. Is he still on the team? I dont care if we went to St Marys.

  • Wrigged

    Decline is a harsh word. As a business man I find it best to be honest with the concerns.

    Why not talk to him about the teams future plan and expectations and ask Brandan how he sees himself with an APPROPRIATE contract?

  • CL

    The type of size and interior skills the Warriors have been lacking for so long is what Brandan Wright brings to the table. Since Wright’s injuries are clearly not career threatening, the Warriors should definitely pick up his 4th year option rather than blow him off.

  • bw

    what advantage would there be to declining it – making him an expiring contract, so you can trade him when his value is at an all-time low?

    no way. keep him and hope he makes a full recovery. it’s possible he won’t. but he had a good off-season, has been gaining size and strength, and is only like 21, for crying out loud! that’s a lot of upside, and not much downside.

  • MountainJim

    Yeah, you pick it up. He probably should have had surgery last year so this problem didn’t recur, but it’s likely that his shoulder is fixable. I think he still has too much potential not to hold on to him.


    more to the point, why dont we decline the warriors this season. such a waste of time in a horrible venue. stop them like the browns were, drop the stadium, and the raiders , for that matter, and rebuild on site and do it right, then bring them back, retooled. its been done before. all we need is a natural disaster, like the hornets had. maybe we can call al davis a natural disaster. or one more season of raider football. oakland deserves so much more.

  • A’s in 2010

    Shoulder is fixable, needs surgery. Injury will keep happening if he doesn’t have surgery. I can see the Warriors not picking up his option, then he signs with another team next summer where he finally breaks out. That would be painful… and predictable. The Warriors ladies and gentlemen!

  • foxblows

    Why was Simpson cut on the weekend? Not even waiting until Monday after tonight’s game. Any relation to Wright’s injury?

  • TheGura

    You have to pick it up. He is an asset.

  • Warriorsscore110

    Even tho I am a big Brandan Wright guy, I say you have to look real hard at declining his contract. Anthony Randolph looks to be the solution at the 4, and Brandan Wright’s expring contract would give the Warriors almost 16million in expiring contracts that the team can either trade for a player with a longer contract, package to move either Jackson or Maggette, or simply let expire at the end of the season. Its something to atleast think about.

  • Kyle

    No brainer – pick it up.

  • citznkane1

    Would Rowell and W Management use the injury as a “low-ball” bargaining tactic? Their track records shows incredible arrogance on contracts especially when they think they can “muscle” a player. Baron’s extension got nixed for “business reasons” (too old, too much, too long), and Ellis threatened contract voidance (too young, too arrogant, too uppity). Also, “stupidity” has played a role in contracts: Maggette (a panic overpay after Baron’s unexpected departure), Jackson (Rowell’s new ex-best friend), and Nelson’s extension (keeping the circus around under the guise of stability). Somehow it wouldn’t surprise me a bit for more misguidded macho managment demonstration: low-ball Wright and gain his resentment while a Warrior, extend in a badly thought out PR trick Nelson as a “sign” of creating more “stability”, and finally, making a huge multi-player deal about January to move out the growing pack of disgruntled players, and, essentially, put the W’s back at the ground floor of “rebuilding” with another bunch of NBA cast offs and journeymen players. The W’ have become the NBA’s “pro-level farm club” the place talent comes to, show promise, and achieve their true excellence elsewhere. At the moment I can’t help but put the words “soon to be ex-Warriors” in front of Stephen Jackson, and Monte Ellis. Regretably, the opening months will be speculating who else will join them. Wright’s injury depletes an already marginally thin pool of talent as to wonder if we can even be better than the Clippers in the Pacific Division. In short, I have no confidence in this organization as this team is capable of only making mistakes or turn reasonable decisions into bad decisions later. Choas or the expectation of choas is the “norm” here. Until that changes in ownereship, management, and coaching, every bit of misfortune this season is only magnified by the perception and expectation the “W’s can’t get it right.” (AKA “Clipperdom”) If I was Wright, I seriously consider a short contract so as to cash in (like CJ Watson) with another team later because this organization with its current management team is going nowhere and will doom the career of any young NBA talent especially if they have any aspirations other than to collect a pro size pay check.

  • feltbot

    There won’t be any negotiation, the fourth year amount is fixed. The choice is either to pick it up or not.

    I initially felt that the Warriors wouldn’t pick up the option now, but I’ve since come around to agree with the other posters who think its still a cheap price to pay for a lottery ticket. Given another year to work out and develop, BW may come back for his fourth year actually ready to contribute in a serious way.

    At the least, in another year he may be quite a trade chip. Which is what this decision may come down to: is BW better trade bait as an expiring contract, or as a promising prospect with a cheap contract?

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  • zeelurker

    Definite maybe.

    If the team thinks the problem is chronic, it’s probably better to let him go. It’s not worth having a player who will never physically be capable of playing a complete season.

  • Mike

    I think they already did. It was reported in the SF Chronicle or on Yahoo somewhere I was reading.

    But, If It Were Up To Me,, HELL NO This guy is a bust and we could find somebody much better to back up Randolph through a trade with his expiring contract or over free agency. He is oft injured and cost the team a valuable player in J-RICH in that stupid trade. I Hated That Trade and Wish We Still Had J_Rich cause the Core Would Still Be Intact and We Would Be Better Off. Bollocks!!

  • deano

    Definitely, GSW should pick up Brandon’s option. Mikki Moore is not the long-term solution at back-up power forward. Even if he was, the Warriors would be throwing away a future trade chip if they did not extend Brandon. Plus, GSW should finally show respect Brandon’s effort, size and skill. And if they are going to extend his contract, GSW should do it right now. That would give the kid a boost, and maybe create some rare goodwill.

  • Hysterical presentation.
    Mikki Moore with the hit!

  • itsagreattimeout

    Couldn’t have said it better than Deano!
    That’s exactly what I was thinking!
    Good to hear from you Marcus! Hope you’re havin fun out east!

  • George W

    I think # nineteen said it wright

  • PJ

    I’ve had this same injury and surgery on my shoulder. It is a very common operation and while it is a long rehab (6 months) it is 95% successful. It is not the same as a knee surgery. Once he has the operation he will likely not have another shoulder injury again.

    So absolutely pick up the option.

    By the way lots of players have had this operation and they always come back without problems (Chris Webber, Chauncey Billups, etc)

  • some guy

    of course you pick it up. the price is still cheap enough that it equates to a below average big man like Najera or Reggie Evans. as long as Wright continues to get stronger, he’ll at least be a good back up PF. not someone you depend upon, but a good back up player at a decent price.

    even if he gets injured again, insurance covers the costs for Cohan.

  • jsl

    No brainer: Pick up the option, and do it NOW.

    This kid’s gonna be good, and the surgery in these cases almost always works; it ain’t like an ACL.

    True, we’ll lose him for a long time, but if he’s back by March. . . . .

  • jae22p

    anybody that calls wright a bust doesn’t know basketball.