Off Day in La La Land

Monta practiced full bore today. He is probable for Friday’s game. He showed no signs of that ankle sprain that forced him out of action last night. No limping. No favoring. On one play, he got into the lane dribbling to his left and, with a defender on his hip, pulled up and nailed a floater fading to his left. Moments later, going right, he stuck a fade-away jumper from deep. Neither were plays you’d expect to see from a guy with a bad ankle.

Kelenna Azubuike, who missed Wednesday’s game with a sprained right ankle, also practiced and didn’t show any signs of hobbling. He will be a game-time decision. C.J. Watson participated in the contact portion of practice, albeit wearing a brace to protect the MCL sprain in his right knee.


The team announced that forward Brandan Wright is tentatively scheduled to have surgery on his left shoulder surgery tomorrow in Florida. Dr. James Andrews will perform the procedure. Not until after the surgery will his recovery time be known. The Warriors won’t sign him to an extension until then either, which makes sense since surgeries are never a guarantee.


While Steph Curry was getting manhandled by the bigger, physical Lakers, guard Acie Law was taking advantage of the physicality. He seemed to invite it, forcing his way to the basket, a la Maggette. He wound up 11 of 12 from the line. It was probably his strongest performance as a Warrior, as he guarded shooting guards — including Kobe — as well.

LAW: “I took advantage of the situation. Whatever I can do. I just want to do whatever (Nellie) wants me to do. Last night, Buike was hurt, so I got a chance to play. I just wanted to show what I could do. Whatever it takes.”

Of the Warriors four PGs, he is clearly the most physical. Maybe that is the one advantage he needs to get some minutes? Doubt it. Nellie’s going to go with C.J. Watson’s scoring ability every time.

Marcus Thompson

  • Brytex

    Thank goodness Monta if fine. I almost threw up when I read he came down hard on the ankle and had to be helped off. I mean, seriously…TWO MINUTES into the SECOND PRESEASON game!!!

    All I ask is they stay within ten for the next Lakers game.

  • crickets

  • give the lakers their 2009-2010 championship rings while we’re at it already. its in the bag.

  • Tdubb

    In a response to one of my earlier postings Sartre made an excellent point about the W’s not having a lockdown defensive presence amongst them.

    When Jackson was in San Antonio and Indiana isn’t that what he did? Someone told him to shoot. JUST SAY NO!

    Goose, AR and Ronny are shot blockers so I say it’s the scheme. The NBA forces everything to the baseline but I know when I grew up playing the help defense was always in the middle. You don’t have to be a great one-one defender if you only allow your man to go one way and everyone else knows it.

    I’ve ask several pro coaches about this concept and they all say the players are to good to let them go middle. Not sure….Any thoughts anyone?

  • feltbot

    Yes, he is.

    (I love the hint of “Crazy Nelllie” gives us with this piece. Imagine an NBA coach not recognizing the worth of Acie Law.)

  • freez

    if you force things into the middle, it’ll crowd the defenders and leave open shooter or open lane for slashers. with the baseline, it’s like another defender and you force them to move laterally. since when have the warriors been a ‘defensive stopping’ team?
    not since never… trade jax might as well start the rebuilding for the 100000000000000 time