Would You Trade Jax for Ilgauskas?

One rumor I’ve heard lately is that the Warriors have talked with Cleveland about acquiring Zydrunas Ilgauskas from the Cavaliers.

(UPDATE: Shoulda been more clear. Warriors, in looking to accomodate Jackson’s desire to leave, talked with Cleveland about trading Jackson for Ilgauskas.) This seems like a move the Warriors would love to make, which leads me to believe Cleveland either isn’t that interested in Jackson (they did sign Anthony Parker and they have Delonte West at shooting guard already) or they want more in exchange for Ilgauskas’ $11.5 million expiring contract.
As Jackson has already said, he would love to go to Cleveland. And a starting perimeter of Mo Williams, Stephen Jackson and LeBron James sounds pretty formidable, especially with the likes of Parker, West and Bobbie Gibson coming off the bench.
The Warriors couldn’t ask for a better return for moving their disgruntled star. Sure, they’d pay more this year. But they’d get Jax’s money off the books and go into the trade deadline with $22.8 million in expiring contracts (Z, Speedy, Acie Law, Devean George, Mikki Moore, C.J. Watson) or have that much come off the cap next offseason.
Of course, the Warriors might have to give up one of their expiring contracts to sweeten the deal for Cleveland, plus probably take another salary off Cleveland’s hands (Delonte West? Daniel Gibson? Anderson Varejao?). The Cavs need to bring in some serious help to keep LeBron, especially if they don’t win a title. Certainly, adding Jax’s extension to their payroll wouldn’t help them land Chris Bosh to pair with LeBron.
If this is on the table (no comment from GM Larry Riley, as is team policy), should the Warriors do it? Or is a possibly retiring center, and maybe a trade exception, not enough in exchange for Jax? What else would you be willing to give up to make the trade happen?

Marcus Thompson

  • A’s in 2010

    Jackson is a good player and he would help Cleveland a ton but yeah I think its time for him to go. Against the Lakers he goes 1 for 9, sits on the floor and sulks because didn’t get a foul call. He’s gonna be like this all year. On a team like Cleveland, he’ll be a third option, in that role he’s an asset. I don’t think we should add much, throw in an expiring contract, thats it.

  • JustPuked

    Do it!

  • jefft

    First, Ilgauskas has a 15% trade kicker. $11.5 million plus 15% if he’s traded.

    Second, there is a 0% chance Ferry will trade Ilgauskas. Not because Ilgauskas has value, but because of sentimental reasons. Difficult to explain, but trust me, I’ve lived in Cleveland for 50 years. There’s no explaining some of the crap that happens with the sports franchises in Cleveland. It’s not going to happen, no matter what Golden State offers. Never.

  • some guy

    Trading Jackson is bad for the short term, but absolutely necessary for the long term. The Warriors need to run the ball through their young players instead of Jack. Maggette at least defers to the others. Jack demands the ball b/c he thinks of himself as the team’s go to guy.

  • leftyodoul

    While I’ve truly enjoyed watching the totality of what Stephen Jackson has brought to the Warriors the last three years, he has serious flaws in his game, which combined with his open disrespect for the role of captain by publicly demanding a trade, make him expendable to me. Whatever we can get back for him, including the simple benefits of an expiring contract, we should take.
    I wish this wasn’t the case, but he clearly no longer believes in this team, and should be moved. I would throw in some combination of Jackson + Law/Claxton/George for Ilguaskas/Varejao and feel like we made off like bandits.

  • kike yanez

    diss is crazy i mentioned this trade a couple months back! leads me to beleave the dubs look at the blogs the comments left by fans…

  • kike yanez

    this was MY THREE team trade! send stephen jackson an rodney turaif to the cavs. then send monta ellis to the rockets.then cavas send big z to the rockets along side monta ellis an the rockets send tracy mcgrady exspireing contract to the golden state warriors! it works cap wise! all contracts match up.

  • Don Nelson on Thizz

    trade jackson for a bag of frito lays

  • J.

    would definitely do this trade! we get a reliable big man that can defend with an expiring contract and get a disgruntled Jackson off our hands! This would be a good move, especially long term. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • architrance

    As a lifelong Cavs fan, this trade will never happen.

    The Cavs need young bigs. Not more wing players. A combo of Shaq/Z is strong, take one out of the equation and you have a 38 year old starting center with no real backup? No way the Cavs let that happen. Plus add Varajaeo to the trade? NO WAY.

    Why would we deal away a center and go from a position of great strength to one of great weakness, while loosing financial flexibility?

    If anything the Cavs are looking to trade Z for a starting PF then move Andy to backing up Shaq.

    But if you want to throw in Ellis and Biedrins we can talk.

    A deal I could see the Cavs doing would be Shaq for Biedrins+Ellis+Wright.

    Want $22M in cap relief?

    Pipedreams GS.

  • OliverStone

    Anything beyond a bag of hammers is a plus!

    It’s not a question of talent, it’s a question of the mental health of the team! There’s no turning back from the path Jackson has put them on.

  • Jim


    I’m still laughing. But it’s so true!

  • architrance

    On second thought, Z for Biedrins+Wright is the only thing I see the Cavs wanting off your team.

  • Mwg

    No F Way! They close the year with 10 wins!
    Why does GSW Worry about salary cap and no one else does?

  • Mwg

    You guys don’t realize what Jacks does. Do you ever actually go to a game, or do you watch Hannity all day.

    Keep Jackson, and we get 36 wins, lose him, you have 11-20 wins and are the worse glueless team in the West.

  • architrance

    1. Williams – Gibson
    2. West – Parker – Green
    3. James – Moon
    4. Varejao – Wright – Powe
    5. Shaq – Biedrins

    You guys could help us win ships for years.

  • colonel

    Ilgauskas has nothing left as a player, this would probably be as bad as AH for JC. Ilgauskas would do as much good “playing” for the Warriors as Freddy Sanchez did the Giants. That has to be weighed against Jackson’s attitude. Can Ilgauskas help accelerate AR’s development? Or AB’s? I think (imho) if Jackson goes, Monta should go soon after. Trading from a position of weakness – a Cohan-era specialty.

  • MountainJim

    Today. This morning. Do it Riley.

  • fotd

    Do it.

    Then make sure we have an owner next year who won’t just pocket the expirings.

  • Jakuza

    The Warriors surely would like to do it…but the Cavaliers definitely would like to have more in return for Z and his expiring contract. I say this is all just smoke and no fire. This deal is nixed before it even gets on the table.

  • Dumb bastard

    If the Warriors can also get Daniel Gibson and Delonte West (in addition to Ilgauskus) in exchange for Stephen Jackson and Brandan Wright…I think the Ws are close to accomplishing their goal of assembling a team of Combo Guards and Shooting Guards. Way to Go Warriors!

  • duh duh man

    Get it Done!!! Throw Speedy into that trade and call it a day. You get cap space and get rid of someone who doesn’t want to be here. This is the best the Warriors could hope for, and Big Z might have something left in the tank. It gives biedrins and turiaf some help down low…and we know how don nelson likes big men who can shoot a little. I think this deal gets done around the beginning of dec, after the Cavs see they are as good, but still not good enough. Then trade Monta straight up for Boozer in jan. But only after Curry proves he can play, and you get an agreement in place with boozer, and viola you have a balanced competitive team.

  • Ron

    This is just another symptom of a front office that thinks like low budget losers. I don’t know what the “filler” will be but in the big picture…Z is no different than a sack of junk expirings, we’d basically be paying $10 mill to be rid of last year’s top scorer/top asst man. Kind of a deja vu in that the A Jamison trade was just a giveaway of our top guy for spare parts. No other team is gonna CONSIDER “dumping” 2 guys who started + scored 18-20 for zero “keeper” assets. Don’t kid yourself we follow up by scooping up a major free agent. This is about downsizing payroll…this is another case of trying to clean up previous bad ideas,and settling for whatever quick fix can be had.

    #6 wants to add to the rubble and also give away Turiaf and Ellis? Huh? WTF? Huh?

    The point would be we aim for…PITY?

    What player would WANT to be on a team that was that content to roll over and take it in a bunch of deals that fail to get half value? We’d have NO shot at a FA who’s not badly overpriced and we’d have several of our players looking for an escape plan.

    #10 is pretty much right…Z has little left and can’t do fast break. Might serve as a big man coach at least. We’d be better off getting a decent KEEPER backup PF and a batch of garbage expirings.

  • JoeinCleveland

    Jackson is a good offensive player.. Don’t get to see him too much out east, how is his defense? And he is a SF , can he play SG? Or do you guys think Lebron will move back over to SG? Z is a good player still, struggles on defense and vs. power front court players as evident in the magic series last season but he can still hit the open jumper and is a solid FT shooter. Andy would be left to back up Shaq and he’s just about worthless on offense. Not sure the Cavs will do this for another perimeter player. I think the Cavs will bide their time and wait to see if Amare or Bosh become available by the trade deadline and see if they can package Z and some players and draft picks for one of those type of front court players.. Cavs could use a scoring PF and put Andy on the Bench. Maybe Z , JJ and draft picks would get it done.

  • Just a fan

    Jax needs to go now. Addition by subtraction. The W’s need to pull the trigger if they can dump the contract for an expiring. What a stupid idea to give him that contract!

  • Ron

    –also, in terms of nasty contracts, Varajo is a bit worse than Jackson. West? He’s a NUTCASE combo G…Boobie? He’d battle for 5th string PG. Clev gets a score-pass-defend guy for basically a pat on the head and we ought to consider making the deal worse for us? As for Jackson, I’d have traded him off a year ago,not extended him. If we get to unload bench ballast, Claxton, George, that’s fine. Expanding a desperation deal to actually add MORE assets and get back more guys who,soon, we struggle to unload, is too much.

    GSW HAD a good thing going and the clowns are trying to derail that. I don’t have much confidence in this front office/coach to make a move that is actually some gain. Damage Control seems to be the plan for now.

  • Marques8

    This would be very smart. You would actually get an expiring contract who could help and fits Nelson’s offense. The Warriors don’t need another little guard though.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    If you guys watched the Laker game on Wednesday you should realize that this team is going nowhere this year anyway. It’s going to be a mess. If they can unload Jackson’s bad deal for a big expiring, they should do it now because they’re not going to see many opportunities to do it.

  • jeff

    First, Ilgauskas has a 15% trade kicker. $11.5 million plus 15% if he’s traded.

    Second, there is a 0% chance Ferry will trade Ilgauskas. Not because Ilgauskas has value, but because of sentimental reasons. Difficult to explain, but trust me, I’ve lived in Cleveland for 50 years. There’s no explaining some of the crap that happens with the sports franchises in Cleveland. It’s not going to happen, no matter what Golden State offers. Never.

  • 15/70

    As long as no one young is included and no bad contracts, this is a no brainer. This team is not going anywhere with Jax as captain leading a young team. I don’t like the influence he has had on Monta and think it’s best for him to go ASAP.

  • deano

    The Cavs do not need Igauskas, but why would they want Jack? They already have a pretty good SF. They need a better starter at SG, which Jack most definitely is not. Since Jack “only” makes $7.5MM this year, the Warriors WOULD have to give up other players making a total of $4MM this year. But that’s not the deal-killer. Jack is. This rumor must have come from Mars.

  • Sir Olove

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, !!!!!!!!

    Varajeo, would fit in quit nicely!

    Beidrins, Turiaf, Varajeo,

    Randolf, Varajeo,

    We could also move Randolf to the 3, and go extra large.

    After we get banged around by LA tonite the deal goes down. If it is in fact true that is.

    I love it.

  • deano

    Marcus: I think I mis-read the rumor. You said only that GSW was talking to the Cavs about getting ILgauskas. You offered Jack as a hypothetcal trade piece. He cannot be what the Cavs want; but who might they want to fill heir need for a shooting guard?

    Ellis’ $11MM salary would be a good matchh for Z’s, but the Cavs already have a coulpe of quick little guards — none as good as Monta, but I would expect the Cavs to be more interested in a big SG who could guard Kobe. There’s nobody on the Warrors who matches that description.

  • ken

    This will never happen. Jackson doesn’t play good defense and that’s a staple with Cleveland. Cleveland isn’t weak at his position. Big Z is the BEST 7″ pick and pop center in the league. He can complement Shaq very well, not to mention he can still rebound. Jackson takes too many bad shots. When he’s on he’s money, but when he’s off he’s no good to anyone. He can pass and get rebounds, but Cleveland has enough people who can do that, plus Cleveland would have to take on his contract which would be death to their future intentions. This sounds good but would never happen. If Jackson’s contract wasn’t so bad he would’ve been gone in the summer time.

  • Sir Olove

    No one can guard Kobe. May be Ariza.

  • Wrigged

    Z for SJax? Not a bad dream.

  • Max

    Well, as a Cavs fan, I see that Z is expendable….BUT not for Jax. He’s overrated and selfcentered. He’d be a cancer in the locker room. I say just hold on to Z…plus, that’s pretty crap to do Z like that. Who wants to play for the flippin Golden State Horribles? That entire franchise is crap, from top to bottom.

  • I don’t see the Cavs dealing Big Z unless it’s an absolute can’t miss deal. I don’t think the Warriors can offer such a deal. Z has been here forever and the Cavs will be one of the only teams with a 7’3 guy off the bench. That’s a matchup nightmare. Plus, Shaq is going to be playing limited minutes in the regular season so it’s a good situation with Z in Cleveland right now. The final reason why this won’t happen is $$$$. There’s no way the Cavs will take on more salary unless it’s a superstar talent. I don’t see S-Jax anywhere on that list. Sorry.

  • Cavs fan

    The Cavs certainly need Z. Z has been the heart and soul of this team through the dark and gloomy years between the Price / Nance / Daugherty days and the Lebron days. If they trade him now, it certainly better be for that final piece, and not this thug.

    No thank you on Stephen Jackson. His contract is stupid long, and for all the other reasons previously mentioned above.

  • jer7o7

    LOL. ofcourse.

  • the kunk

    Z is the Cav’s arguably best shooter. Think of the looks he will get when Shaq is in the post. And Z could assist well to a Shaq…I think we will see them both on the court at time, playing big with Anderson.

  • bill

    jackson for Z cant work straight up. GS has to add another contract to make the salaries work. Cle has very little incentive to make this kind of trade unless GS can really sweeten it, like say adding Anthony Randolph as the additional contract to make it work. now does GS do it?

  • Earl Monroe


    I know exactly was Jackson does:
    Leads the league in turnovers
    Shoots and extremely low percentage
    Holds the ball too long
    Plays matador defense

    Other than that its fine.

    Any way they can get him out of here, please do it, the Warriors are rebuilding
    Nelson has admitted it, if its another losing season with growth for the young guys so be it, we do not need to be teased with barely not making the playoffs and Jackson playing 40 minutes a game, lets look at this long term

  • Air France

    make that trade happen.

  • Dinner Bel Mel

    The only way a trade like this goes down is if the Warriors include Turiaf and a draft pick. The Cavs MUST get a competent big in return for Ilgauskas, or they have no one to back up Shaq. Also, the Cavs would probably like to deal Gibson, but he is a player the Warriors CAN’T take back, an undersized shooter. If the Cavs don’t get the perfect deal, they usually pass.

  • petaluman

    Jackson is his own worst enemy wrt being traded, particularly to an elite team. First, by pushing for and accepting a contract extension last year, his contract became a lot harder to trade. Second, by the way he made his pitch for a trade, all the good will he’s built up around the league the past couple of years as a successful character reclamation is gone. He’s back to “thug Jack” in the eyes of many.

    I’m not worried about Steven’s preseason play. Many were worried about the 49ers’ Nate Clements, too. However, I sure wouldn’t consider trading for him until I saw what he brought to the court in regular season play this year, in terms of performance, professionalism, and leadership.

    However, the NBA players have a different perspective than we do. I can’t imagine Cleveland would trade for SJ without Lebron’s being on board. So if it does happen, it would speak volumes about how Jackson is viewed by the guys he’s playing against.

  • Gizzm

    Jackson is only good when he’s the 3rd or 4th wheel on a contending team.
    No way he continues his Stack of Crap habits/gameplay if he goes to Cleveland w/King and the Diesel. This would be a major win for Jackson, he got his cake and ate it too. The Warriors are left with a disgruntled Big Z, and another 28-54 season here we come.

    Doesn’t it seem like it was ages ago Jackson was hitting 7 straight 3’s in Game 6 vs. the Mavs? Gah.

  • KennySeagle, Emperor of the North

    why would cleveland make this deal????

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • Ed

    I would stay away from this trade. I know we need a big man but Ilgauskas is 34 and is close to the end of the line. Rumors has it that he is thinking about retiring next year.

  • Brian F

    If the Warriors would use Z’s expiring contract (combined with the others) to go out and try to sign a free agent then I would be all for this trade. But seriously, how many of you really think that Cohan/Rowell is going to do that? Anybody remember trading Richardson’s huge contract for Wright and that (I think it was) $10 million dollar trade exception? Yeah, so do I…..The only thing worse than being a Warrior fan is being a Raider fan. Two of the worse ran franchises in professional sports located in the same city. Damn, how lucky are we.

  • Chris Z

    No way Cleveland does this…I’d rather have Gibson and Hickson at least they are young with upside…Z is just gonna retire.

  • robo

    Unless Cleveland comes up with something better, than this deal will happen – the season just needs to get going. And barring significant injuries to either team, it will be Stephen Jackson, Devean George, and Acie Law for Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

    Why? If the championship series were to start tomorrow between the Lakers and Cavs (with Stephen Jackson), who would win?

    Mo Williams vs. Derek Fisher Cleveland
    Stephen Jackson vs. Kobe Bryant Lakers
    LeBron James vs. Ron Artest Cleveland
    J.J. Hickson vs. Pau Gasol Lakers
    Shaquille O’Neal vs. Andrew Bynum Cleveland

    Daniel Gibson vs. Jordan Farmar Tie
    Anthony Parker vs. Luke Walton Tie
    Jamario Moon vs. Lamar Odom Lakers
    Darnell Jackson vs. Josh Powell Tie
    Anderson Varejao vs. D.J. Mbenga Cleveland

    Yes, Cleveland. Does Cleveland win with Big Z? Nope, because there’s no one who can help LeBron defend against Kobe and Artest/Odom. Stephen Jackson can defend Kobe.

  • Kyle

    I would hate this trade. We still have to watch the W’s this season. I would much much much rather watch Jax than Z. Z would also mean less Beans and Turiaf who are both way more athletic. Z looked terrible at the end of last season.

  • joe

    Trade Jackson for a ham sandwich.

    GSW are not going to send him home to sit out a trade,they’re too cheap ad proud

    Some time this fall Jackson will lose it and be suspended without pay. Now that’s just what the Cohan ordered.

  • A’s in 2010

    Ugh.. did anyone watch what Jackson did against LAL??? 5 fouls and a tech in 8 mins in the 1stQ. He’s gonna be like this all year, we don’t want this. Is there anyone out there that still wouldn’t do this trade?

  • This would be another stupid trade for the Dubs. Trade Jackson I’m for but get something in return. Z has already hinted this will be his last season because of his sore feet, and then we’re gonna run and gun with that guy ? CMON !!!! No direction in this organiztion. Since Nelly has been here we’ve had a lot of players that want out. I say get rid of the real cancer (Nelson) before we lose are best young talent, Randolph, Curry ,Morrow.

  • Earl Monroe

    By any way possible

  • Forget SJax

    get rid of him any way possible..especially for cap relief..trade him for ilgaukas whos in his last year of his contract..buy him out if he wants to go back to cleveland..as long someone takes sjax horrible contract out of our hands then lets do it..it will free up more cap space

  • AdonisLibog

    The Warriors MUST PACKAGE Biedrins+ Randolph+ Stephen Curry for Cavs to accept and part with Z + Gibson + Varejao + Jawad Williams and involve Grizzlies in a three team trade for which Cavs will receive Marc Gasol while Grizzlies will receive from Warriors Zydrunas Ilgauskas + Stephen Jackson. To match salaries, it can be worked out. Only with this scenario will the Cavs agree to the trade and the Warriors would have gotten rid of Stephen Jackson, while getting Varejao and start rebuilding.The Grizzlies would also be in a better position with Z’s expiring contract.

  • Dubs

    Jackson and Turiaf for Z. Cleveland gets an upgrade at the 2, Turiaf backs up Shaq with tons of energy. Warriors move cancer Jack for an expiring. Sucks to lose Turiaf but its a sacrifice I would make to move Jackson. He’s going to be a problem with selfish play, complaining to the refs, and no hustle on defense. If he’s not in a good state of mind he will not be good for our young team. There’s also the ridiculous 4 years left on his deal we would get out of. Cleveland still might pass unless we can somehow get Lebron to lobby for Jack. If Jack is in Cleveland he is happy and productive (like when he came to the Warriors) and he is a big upgrade over West.

  • lance hague

    the cavs should only make this move if the warriors thru in a big, next year’s first round draft pick, and an expiring contract.

    stephen jackson 7,650,000
    andris biedrins 9,000,000
    speedy claxton 5,209,454 (expiring)
    2010 1st round draft pick
    zydrunas ilgauskas 11,541,074 (expiring)
    anderson varejao 6,300,000
    daniel gibson 4,088,500

    the numbers add up 21,929,574 cavs to 21,859,454 gs. let’s make it happen!!