Would You Trade Jax for Ilgauskas?

One rumor I’ve heard lately is that the Warriors have talked with Cleveland about acquiring Zydrunas Ilgauskas from the Cavaliers.

(UPDATE: Shoulda been more clear. Warriors, in looking to accomodate Jackson’s desire to leave, talked with Cleveland about trading Jackson for Ilgauskas.) This seems like a move the Warriors would love to make, which leads me to believe Cleveland either isn’t that interested in Jackson (they did sign Anthony Parker and they have Delonte West at shooting guard already) or they want more in exchange for Ilgauskas’ $11.5 million expiring contract.
As Jackson has already said, he would love to go to Cleveland. And a starting perimeter of Mo Williams, Stephen Jackson and LeBron James sounds pretty formidable, especially with the likes of Parker, West and Bobbie Gibson coming off the bench.
The Warriors couldn’t ask for a better return for moving their disgruntled star. Sure, they’d pay more this year. But they’d get Jax’s money off the books and go into the trade deadline with $22.8 million in expiring contracts (Z, Speedy, Acie Law, Devean George, Mikki Moore, C.J. Watson) or have that much come off the cap next offseason.
Of course, the Warriors might have to give up one of their expiring contracts to sweeten the deal for Cleveland, plus probably take another salary off Cleveland’s hands (Delonte West? Daniel Gibson? Anderson Varejao?). The Cavs need to bring in some serious help to keep LeBron, especially if they don’t win a title. Certainly, adding Jax’s extension to their payroll wouldn’t help them land Chris Bosh to pair with LeBron.
If this is on the table (no comment from GM Larry Riley, as is team policy), should the Warriors do it? Or is a possibly retiring center, and maybe a trade exception, not enough in exchange for Jax? What else would you be willing to give up to make the trade happen?

Marcus Thompson

  • Gizzm

    Jackson is only good when he’s the 3rd or 4th wheel on a contending team.
    No way he continues his Stack of Crap habits/gameplay if he goes to Cleveland w/King and the Diesel. This would be a major win for Jackson, he got his cake and ate it too. The Warriors are left with a disgruntled Big Z, and another 28-54 season here we come.

    Doesn’t it seem like it was ages ago Jackson was hitting 7 straight 3′s in Game 6 vs. the Mavs? Gah.

  • KennySeagle, Emperor of the North

    why would cleveland make this deal????

    ANY QUESTIONS???????

  • Ed

    I would stay away from this trade. I know we need a big man but Ilgauskas is 34 and is close to the end of the line. Rumors has it that he is thinking about retiring next year.

  • Brian F

    If the Warriors would use Z’s expiring contract (combined with the others) to go out and try to sign a free agent then I would be all for this trade. But seriously, how many of you really think that Cohan/Rowell is going to do that? Anybody remember trading Richardson’s huge contract for Wright and that (I think it was) $10 million dollar trade exception? Yeah, so do I…..The only thing worse than being a Warrior fan is being a Raider fan. Two of the worse ran franchises in professional sports located in the same city. Damn, how lucky are we.

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  • Chris Z

    No way Cleveland does this…I’d rather have Gibson and Hickson at least they are young with upside…Z is just gonna retire.

  • robo

    Unless Cleveland comes up with something better, than this deal will happen – the season just needs to get going. And barring significant injuries to either team, it will be Stephen Jackson, Devean George, and Acie Law for Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

    Why? If the championship series were to start tomorrow between the Lakers and Cavs (with Stephen Jackson), who would win?

    Mo Williams vs. Derek Fisher Cleveland
    Stephen Jackson vs. Kobe Bryant Lakers
    LeBron James vs. Ron Artest Cleveland
    J.J. Hickson vs. Pau Gasol Lakers
    Shaquille O’Neal vs. Andrew Bynum Cleveland

    Daniel Gibson vs. Jordan Farmar Tie
    Anthony Parker vs. Luke Walton Tie
    Jamario Moon vs. Lamar Odom Lakers
    Darnell Jackson vs. Josh Powell Tie
    Anderson Varejao vs. D.J. Mbenga Cleveland

    Yes, Cleveland. Does Cleveland win with Big Z? Nope, because there’s no one who can help LeBron defend against Kobe and Artest/Odom. Stephen Jackson can defend Kobe.

  • Kyle

    I would hate this trade. We still have to watch the W’s this season. I would much much much rather watch Jax than Z. Z would also mean less Beans and Turiaf who are both way more athletic. Z looked terrible at the end of last season.

  • joe

    Trade Jackson for a ham sandwich.

    GSW are not going to send him home to sit out a trade,they’re too cheap ad proud

    Some time this fall Jackson will lose it and be suspended without pay. Now that’s just what the Cohan ordered.

  • A’s in 2010

    Ugh.. did anyone watch what Jackson did against LAL??? 5 fouls and a tech in 8 mins in the 1stQ. He’s gonna be like this all year, we don’t want this. Is there anyone out there that still wouldn’t do this trade?

  • http://www.ibabuzz.com/warriors David

    This would be another stupid trade for the Dubs. Trade Jackson I’m for but get something in return. Z has already hinted this will be his last season because of his sore feet, and then we’re gonna run and gun with that guy ? CMON !!!! No direction in this organiztion. Since Nelly has been here we’ve had a lot of players that want out. I say get rid of the real cancer (Nelson) before we lose are best young talent, Randolph, Curry ,Morrow.

  • Earl Monroe

    By any way possible

  • Forget SJax

    get rid of him any way possible..especially for cap relief..trade him for ilgaukas whos in his last year of his contract..buy him out if he wants to go back to cleveland..as long someone takes sjax horrible contract out of our hands then lets do it..it will free up more cap space

  • AdonisLibog

    The Warriors MUST PACKAGE Biedrins+ Randolph+ Stephen Curry for Cavs to accept and part with Z + Gibson + Varejao + Jawad Williams and involve Grizzlies in a three team trade for which Cavs will receive Marc Gasol while Grizzlies will receive from Warriors Zydrunas Ilgauskas + Stephen Jackson. To match salaries, it can be worked out. Only with this scenario will the Cavs agree to the trade and the Warriors would have gotten rid of Stephen Jackson, while getting Varejao and start rebuilding.The Grizzlies would also be in a better position with Z’s expiring contract.

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  • Dubs

    Jackson and Turiaf for Z. Cleveland gets an upgrade at the 2, Turiaf backs up Shaq with tons of energy. Warriors move cancer Jack for an expiring. Sucks to lose Turiaf but its a sacrifice I would make to move Jackson. He’s going to be a problem with selfish play, complaining to the refs, and no hustle on defense. If he’s not in a good state of mind he will not be good for our young team. There’s also the ridiculous 4 years left on his deal we would get out of. Cleveland still might pass unless we can somehow get Lebron to lobby for Jack. If Jack is in Cleveland he is happy and productive (like when he came to the Warriors) and he is a big upgrade over West.

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  • lance hague

    the cavs should only make this move if the warriors thru in a big, next year’s first round draft pick, and an expiring contract.

    stephen jackson 7,650,000
    andris biedrins 9,000,000
    speedy claxton 5,209,454 (expiring)
    2010 1st round draft pick
    zydrunas ilgauskas 11,541,074 (expiring)
    anderson varejao 6,300,000
    daniel gibson 4,088,500

    the numbers add up 21,929,574 cavs to 21,859,454 gs. let’s make it happen!!