Exhibition #3: Ws vs. Lakers

It is kind of weird being at the Forum. This iconic place, that I used to watch so much on TV, with all its glitz and glamor and history, is a straight-up dump! It’s like running into that girl you used to have a crush on in high school, then you see her later and she’s … not the girl you remember from high school.

They had the limos dropping off big-timers in front of the Forum Club. They brought back Jeffrey Osborne to do the National Anthem. The crowd was electric, from start to finish. Derek Fisher made a pre-game speech about coming “home again” that started a small frenzy.
Other than that, it was kind of sad. Sorry, my nostalgia gene isn’t as strong as most sports fans. It did seem to be a good reunion for those who frequented the place. The Forum Club was off the hook after the game.


Some of you already think I am the opposite of a genius. Today, I certainly gave you more fodder. I sit down at my courtside seat to start writing, then it hits me. I left my computer in the hotel. What’s more, my cell phone battery was in my computer bag. And of course my phone was dead. Yup, genius.


Corey Maggette started on Friday. So in three games, he’s started Azubuike, Morrow and Maggette. I have a feeling Curry is going to start tonight against the Suns.


Still, I wasn’t as mad as Stephen Jackson, who was so peeved that he was relieved from action. Jackson was in a heated match-up with Kobe in the first quarter. They were yapping, playing hard, etc. Jackson picked up five four fouls in fewer than eight minutes, which led to him popping off at the mouth and getting a T. Moments later, he picked up foul number five.
He checked out of the game. Next thing you know, he was gone from the bench. He never returned. I was told Nellie gave him the rest of the game off because he was frustrated and emotional.
So when I got Nellie after the game, I expected him to downplay it. I expected him to say he wanted to give his guy a break. It was no big deal. He wanted to play the youngsters anyway.

NELLIE: “I’m not going to comment on that.”

Red flag.
Of course, by the time I got to the locker room, Jackson was gone and his teammates were hush. Something’s up, I think.


Steph Curry was 1-for-7 with six points. In three preseason games, he’s shooting 8-for-32 from the field (25 percent), including 2-for-11 from 3-point range.
He said it was a matter of coming off the bench. Curry said he’s so used to warming up, then starting, which keeps his rhythm going.

CURRY: “You might miss your first shot, but you still have a rhythm.”

Tonight, Curry was visibly irritated by the shots he missed. He slapped his hands. He shook his head. He frowned. You could see his shooting woes starting to irritate him.
After the game, he showed much less concern.
He said in the first game, he said he took some shots and he knew they had no chance of them going in. Now, they feel much better, he said, even though they still aren’t dropping.

CURRY: “It’s starting to feel better. I’m missing more close than I was.”


Marcus Thompson

  • Oaktown Lar


    Thanks for the report. Dubs fans can only hope that you are right that “something’s up” regarding SJ. I’m not known as a glass half-full type of guy, but anything would seem to be better than what we have right now.

  • nabeil

    Stack Jack was my hero and i loved this dude but he is far from it dont let the door hit you man…take yo punk a** somewhere else.

  • Longyear

    there went jackson’s value. i can’t wait for the fallout from this. i wonder what cohan/rowell are thinking right now?

  • samuraaaaiiiiiii

    Hopefully Curry gets out of his shooting slump sometime soon. He should be proud of his 8 assists and 0 turnovers though. I’m also starting to wonder what the coaching staff is going to do about Law… He’s playing great out there, hitting 3s, defending bigger people, getting to the rim…

  • joe

    StackJack is really helping himself get traded.

    They guy’s got his contract money but can’t control his temper in the preseason so the GSW can trade him for someone of value.

    He’s a head case. I’d love to see Jackson end up in Memphis and they’re dumb enough to want him.

  • Earl Monroe

    You just had to go old school and write your notes by hand on paper?

  • Earl Monroe

    Also like the 8 assists by Curry, the shot will come around

  • Tdubb


    What’s up with the play of Acie Law? Listening to the radio it sounds like he’s trying to make some noise on the court. Is CJ Watson in trouble? And it appears Speedy Claxton is just a trade waiting to happen?

  • Chris Cohan

    We run the best team in the league off their own court. Monta plays like a superstar and this is all you can write? Were you really at the game? Or at Kawakamis house taking leasons in how to hate!

  • feltbot

    Cohan, is that you? Feeling all right, buddy?

    I too have been a huge fan of Jax, and what’s going on is making me ill. I think he’s obviously been frustrated by how he is treated by the refs when he goes head to head with the best in the league. He views himself on their level, and thinks he should get equal respect. Delusional, but that’s not a bad quality to have in a player. Unless it gets to this level.

    I’m hoping thats what this was, and not part of some larger agenda to get off the Warriors. I’m probably the last one left, but I’m still hoping. He’s a terrific player.

  • Swopa

    What I want to know is how MT2 sent out those Twitter updates from the game with no laptop and a dead cellphone…

  • Thanks Marcus,
    Did Nellie send Stephen Jackson packing? If not, will we see Spreewell/PJ Act 1, Scene II? Or Stephon Marbury II.

    Stephen Jackson sure isn’t making it any easier on the W’s front office to appease him. So I say pay out SJ’s contract but send him home and let him watch the NBA season and playoffs from home. Don’t buy him out, and let some other playoff team sign him sign with a contender for pennies on the dollar and tons of opt out clauses (no risk). Just pay him out and send him home for 4 years. No playoffs.

    How any team would take him now, particularly a championship caliber team, would be beyond my comprehension. Cleveland? Why risk a lot of downside? New York Knicks? They just got rid of Marbury! San Antonio Spurs? No way.

  • Ken s.

    That moron Rowell got straight hussled by S-Jax! Rowell is single handedly destroying this franchise and gave Jax a severely over inflated contract and not that Stephen got his guaranteed cash he is going to act like the petulant Jack arse he is in trying to force a trade.

    S-Jax knew not team in the league would pay him 1/2 of what Rowell wasted on him and now wants to get traded.

    S-Jax is going to kill this team in the lockerroom and doom the Dubs to many more years of Failure.

    Bang up job Rowell, you freaking weasel!

  • Ken s.

    Sorry for all the above typos! I dont type well when I am upset.

  • The wise

    If its true that we can get big Z for stephen jack the ship his ignorant foul mouth rear end packing right now, and lets waist no time.

  • A’s in 2010

    Stephen Jackson has officially quit on us.

    I hope Curry gets the start this time. Curry/Monta vs Nash/JRich, Randolph/Biedrins vs Amare/SmallFrye, should be fun. Too bad Captain Quitter will be there.